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Choosing Response Over Reaction In Times of Crisis

Heya, friends. How we doing? We breathing? 

The world feels upside down crazy right now, as governments, workplaces, and families organize to protect and pivot in the midst of these unprecedented turbulent times. 

For many of us, daily life seems to have come to a screeching halt, with flight routes and schools closing, quarantines being mandated, and schedules turned upside down. 

It’s felt a bit like the twilight zone here in LA, especially yesterday when we lost power on my street due to an electrical blowout.

Today, my invitation to you is to search for the golden opportunity hidden within these times of inconvenience and uncertainty. 

Where is the gift inside of this disruption?

The gift in slowing down.

The gift in being required to look at our daily lives differently, and with ever more care.

With the spread of an invisible virus, we as a collective are being not only asked but required to slow down, to introspect, to shift.

Not just as a business owner, but as a creative soul, here on this planet to lead a legacy of love.

Here at CSI, we’ve made some difficult decisions in the past few days. We made the call to cancel our sold-out Bali retreat next month, as we put the safety and wellbeing of our participants front and center.

This was not an easy decision, yet it was a necessary one, and something that I know a lot of other small business owners are facing, as studios close, events close, and (I suspect) more travel restrictions arise.

Here’s my take on this:

Making unplanned shifts to your business calendar, especially shifts that may bring a negative financial impact, feel scary. 

They just do. They bring up cause for contraction.

Yet it is our work right now — as creative, purpose-driven leaders —  to strengthen our own inner resilience enough to tap into the reservoirs of trust and creativity within ourselves, and the mindset that you will not just be okay through these times, but will thrive.

Your community needs your creativity now more than ever.

Your community needs your leadership now more than ever. 

Your community needs your programs and products now more than ever.

On Friday, I shared a Q & A livestream on all the things COVID19 and your business inside my free Facebook community, The Radiant Entrepreneur,

One woman asked, “I want to offer X program right now, but I don’t want to be seen as capitalizing on the chaos.”

My response?

This is the time, now more than ever, that the population you serve needs your work. If you’re afraid to serve and to sell, you take away the opportunity for them to receive the support they need and are searching for.

Remember: Everyone is in the same boat right now, sister. 

At home. On their computer. Juggling work and home and health. Craving community, connection, and inspiration. 

I believe we all have such an exquisite opportunity right now to shine brighter and serve deeper. 

That starts with our own willingness to take care of our mental and physical health first and foremost, and then, to open our digital doors and share our gifts for the world.

Here’s what I’m doing right now to show up in service for my community:

1. Inside my free Facebook community – The Radiant Entrepreneur – I’m offering a free live stream every week, and a vibrant community of over 2400 entrepreneurs to connect and commune with. This week, there will be an opportunity to share your offers and business in this time, and the opportunity to support other business owners in need. Click here to join The Radiant Entrepreneur.

2. I’m checking in with my VIP and Mastermind clients every day, and calling texting my friends and family daily around the world.

3. I’ve created Pivot With Grace, a high-touch low-cost coaching container for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for deeper support and creative catalyst to maintain and expand their businesses through these times. To learn more about Pivot with Grace, and the payment plan options available, click here.

4. I’ve opened up extra spaces in my calendar in the next 2 weeks for Discovery Calls, for entrepreneurs looking for deeper 1-1 support through this time. If you’re a business owner wanting close personalized support, schedule in your complimentary discovery call today.

Fam, remember: We can do hard things.

We were born to rise through adversity.

Times like this, I truly believe, arise to give space for a new kind of grace, resilience, and creative expansion to emerge.

Times like these offer a kind of collective recalibration back to what most matters – our health, our loved ones, and the fleeting preciousness of this life.

You’ve got this.

Loving you something fierce. If there’s anything further I can do to support you during this time, email me at

xox Cait

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