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The 3 Most Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make (& How to Avoid Them)

I get it. Today’s online marketplace feels crowded. Like streets of Dehli crowded. And if you’re like a lot of new or newish entrepreneurs, the overwhelming noise in your head, filled with mental chatter of ALL the reasons to not start, feels real and loud. In fact, that noise is what STOPS most mega talented entrepreneurs from moving forward.

But I don’t have my niche yet!

I don’t know diddly about strategy!

Who the hell will actually buy anything from me?! I don’t even have a website!

Having personally taught and coached now hundreds of rising women leaders how to grow their brands and businesses online, I’m bringing to you the top 3 mistakes I see fresh entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them. Whip out that notebook and take some notes!

Mistake #1: Trying to Be All Things to All People, And Not Playing From Your Zone of Genius

Yes, I’m talking to you, multi-passionate, aspiring biz babe. You’re a yoga teacher, akashic record reader, Ayurvedic consultant with a side of online branding and maybe an essential oil business on the side? Who also is fluent in Spanish, is a decent copywriter and occasionally still works as a translator from time to time?

Here’s what you need to know: Building a brand is not freelancing. Less is more. When you approach solopreneurship as a scramble to make money, you dilute your power and dimish your ability to build a powerful, potent brand. You do not actually avail yourself to more sales when you list off ALLL the things you can do.

Ask yourself this: What is your zone of genius? What lights you up? What are your core strengths as an entrepreneur and leader? When you build your brand based around your zone of genius, you make it SO. MUCH. EASIER. For your dream clients to find you, fall in love with you, and buy from you.

If you need some help tapping into your zone of genius, I’ve got you covered. Take your Zone of Genius quiz today to learn your zone of genius and how to leverage it to grow your brand like wildfire!

Mistake #2: Messaging That Makes You Sound Like a Crusty Old Professor, Not Yourself

Not to rag on crusty old professors, but let’s be honest.

People don’t ACTUALLY buy from some polished, posturing, impeccable image of perfection. They want to know, build a relationship with, and yes, buy from YOU – the real you, the human you, the you that can be felt and seen. So many new entrepreneurs today work on their messaging ad nauseum, thinking it has to “be perfect” in order to land with people.

When in fact, just the opposite is true.
If you’re language doesn’t sound human and relatable, it won’t connect or convert as well.

Ask yourself this: Is your messaging – in your social media, in your emails, in your digital presence REAL? Do you showcase your vulnerability as much as your expertise? Because remember, people don’t buy your perfect and your polish – they buy from your person.

Mistake #3: Chasing clients

Remember that TLC song Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls? (Don’t we all?!) Lots of us could use a little refresher from the classic 90s wisdom.

Don’t go chasing your leads. Stay in your lane.
Focus on adding value, and showing up consistently online.

If someone likes a post you made on Instagram, and you Facebook stalk the crap out of them for 4 weeks before they eventually block you, it really, really isn’t a good look.

Your priority is NOT to chase all the people who start to engage with you, especially as you begin to build your social voice. Keep your focus on adding value, showing up and spreading educational and aspirational content from your zone of genius, and the rest will follow.

xox Cait

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