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If you’ve ever dreamt about boldly building your online platform, attracting in your perfect tribe who’ll follow you to the ends of the earth, and making a metric ton of money in the process, then this is the online business course you need to make it happen.


You’re drowning in a sea of Facebook groups, struggling to stay afloat as you fight the tide of 10,000 promo posts. It’s a coach-eat-coach world out there, and you don’t have a clue what to do to stand out and grab the attention of anyone who might be scrolling on by.

You haven’t quite figured out how to articulate the value of your work yet, even though you know you can truly help people and change lives. Are you a mindset mentor? Personal transformation coach? Empowerment guide? Branding guru for boss babes? Let’s spin the wheel and see what you’ll call yourself today!

You’re changing your Instagram title like every other hour, as you silently pray that this bio is the lucky one that’s going to make ‘em all flock to you, so you can finally start making some real money in this business of yours.

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You’ve gotten a few clients, of course, but if we’re secretly whispering our truths out loud, you kiiind of feel like it was just a fluke. How are you supposed to sustain this when you’re not even sure where those first few followers came from? Did your mom send them? Will they ever hire you again? Do you even want them to???

And your marketing feels more like you’re taking a stab in the dark rather than being strategic. So far your wins have been random, not rooted in any kind of system or structure. You wouldn’t know how to repeat them if you tried. It’s like every time you want to drum up some new clients, you’ve got to head back to the drawing board again, and it’s getting really old.  

You’re like the best student of what everyone else is doing, as you watch the trends like a hawk and try to go recreate them for yourself, but you’re just not getting the oomph you’ve been hoping for. How are you ever supposed to pull ahead and become the leader of your niche when you’re following everyone else’s drum?

But you’re not about to give up, give in or throw in the towel though.
Being an entrepreneur is what you’re meant to do. You can feel it in your bones.

You just need the structure you can sink your teeth into, the exact steps to take in order to break free from the pack, and the strong, intentional container to do it without the struggle.


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An online business course for women ready to sell out their programs, rise to the top of their industry, and make alotta money simply by being their dang selves.


  • Stop watering down your message to fit the little miss goodie two shoes coach archetype, truly stick your flag in the ground and take a stand for the mission you came here to fulfill. You WILL NOT be ignored. You WILL NOT be scrolled past. You WILL NOT be forgotten. After all, you didn’t just come to play, bae. You came to win.
  • Grow an Earth-sized following and create programs that sell out because people are obsessed with YOU — your brains, your mission, your personality. Heck, even your dog!
  • Masterfully articulate your point of difference, unique selling proposition, and value with magnetic ease rather than hustling to prove your worth. Because once you’re crystal clear on what you do and why you do it better, the competition becomes irrelevant.
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  • Own your corner of the internet. Whether you’ve got your sights set on becoming a sought-after coach, or you want to design the websites that dreams are made of, you’re ready to do it boldly, profitably, and without apology.
  • Show up on livestreams with a message you breathe like fire and mission that moves you and your audience to tears.
  • Create perfectly aligned offers that essentially sell themselves, because they’re generated from a place of bodacious authenticity and unapologetic power.
  • Become the lighthouse instead of the tugboat as you finally stand tall in your essence and shine your stuff fiercely, magnetizing clients straight to you without needing to work so hard for it.
  • Create clear frameworks that distinguish you in the market and grow your cult-like following. Admit it — you’ve always wanted to be a little notorious, haven’t you? This is your chance.
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Simply put? Nail Your Niche is an online business course that will help you own who you actually are in your space instead of trying to be everyone else. Because you’re an original, and you deserve to be paid for it.

During Nail Your Niche, I completely pivoted my business. The program helped me create $4K a month in business and sign 6 clients in my first month doing something I am so passionate about and not to mention good at. 

In a short time, Nail Your Niche helped me get clients, own my strengths, all while staying true to myself and not breaking my bank. Cait’s insights are to the point! If you are someone who wants to put in the work, I can’t recommend someone more qualified than Cait. She will change your life.

Sara Kas

Instagram Strategist for Entrepreneurs

During my time working in Nail Your Niche, I created and launched my first group coaching program, raised my prices for my 1:1 coaching, and started attracting my dream clients through my new and niched down message! In 10 weeks I signed 15 new clients – 10 new group coaching clients and 5 1:1 clients resulting in over 10K in sales. Cait’s energy alone is worth the investment and I could not recommend her more!


Business Coach For Network Marketers

Before Nail Your Niche, I had a lack of clarity around who I serve. My WHY was crystal clear, but my WHO and HOW we’re fuzzy. I lacked the awareness around my innate gifts and skills and how to directly communicate that to my ideal clients.

During the 10 weeks of Nail Your Niche, I completely booked out my 1:1 practice. I currently have 4 clients, all that signed on during Nail Your Niche, totaling over $6400 more than before I was selling my 1:1 service.

Nail Your Niche gave me the unshakable confidence that I can and will attract clients to sustain me financially, who fill me up energetically, and that I can serve them sustainably from my own niche.


Embodiment Mentor

Before Nail Your Niche, I was struggling to find clients and feeling lost. I had invested in myself time and time again, but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was at a breaking point and really vibed with Cait’s energy. 

Inside Nail Your Niche I have signed my highest package, hit my highest month of sales, been asked to speak as a guest expert in masterminds, and built out a new offer. I have so much more clarity in who I serve, how I communicate my offers, and what makes me different. Nail Your Niche helped me uncover my uniqueness and tremendously increased my confidence in expressing it. I have grown so much and have a lot more direction in how to make consistent sales. I can’t recommend this program enough!

Lauren Taylar

Website Designer & SEO Strategist

Nail Your Niche gave me the structure and framework to go from an idea in my head to a concrete business. I made my very first sales during my time in the program. I gained more clarity about my business and goals, and confidence that I really am an expert in my field. Cait’s energy is infectious and motivating. 


Pediatrician, Mama and Mamahood Consultant


Here’s the course we’re charting together inside Nail Your Niche


What gives your business the legs it needs to stand on? Identifying the problem you solve for people in the first place. In Module 1, you’ll get crystal clear on what your audience needs from you the most (hint: it’s not what you’ve been hammering on about) — and how to capture their attention, from a place of service, that leads to conversion.


Knowing what you do isn’t enough. You also have to understand the psychology of why your audience wants to work with you, so you can articulate and express the deep, lasting transformation that you deliver. In Module 2, you’ll learn exactly how to do this for every offer you create.


Nobody is the only person in their niche. If you want to stand out and get noticed, you’ll need to uncover your X factor and pinpoint the people who will be drawn to you like a Cait to a chunk of burrata. In Module 3, you’ll learn the keys to seamlessly communicating your X factor in every piece of content and copy you create.


In Module 4, we’ll reach up and grab everything we’ve done so far and then anchor it down into a tangible framework that you can guide your clients through to get them results.


In Module 5, we’ll take that framework and use it to build out your 3 tiers of signature offerings, so you can serve your audience at every level, and bring the cash in with ease.


Providing value is everything. In Module 6, you’ll learn everything you need to know about not only attracting your people but how to lead them to success.


Your growth should never stop. In Module 7, you’ll dive DEEP into never-before-told thorough leadership secrets you need to be seen as the leader of your niche. Along with using digital and live platforms to scale your business further to create more impact.


Selling is your golden ticket. In this never before seen module on selling, you’ll learn how to make your offers and plan your launch calendar like a 7-figure CEO.


Learn how to create your irresistible signature offers and design programs that will have your people lining up around the block.



Learn how to strategically set, increase, and diversify your pricing at every layer of your.



How to become the most unshakable powerful version of yourself and the most magnetic brand there is.


Because when you stop obsessing over what everyone and their mother is doing online and start pointing that spotlight towards what matters — AKA, YOU, sis — that’s when you open yourself up to possibilities that are so fire, you need oven mitts just to handle ‘em.


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Valued at $10,000

These 30-minute trainings are the bedrock of Nail Your Niche. This is the unshakeable, unbreakable structure that walks you step-by-step through the process of honing in like a straight-up laser beam on what makes you the mother flipping boss of your industry. Once you get this right, get ready for sold-out programs, an off-the-charts Insta and Facebook following, and much bigger paydays.


Valued at $1,000

You’ll expand far and wide through the trainings, but sometimes the breakthrough comes in those quiet moments when it’s just you, a pen, and some seriously profound self-inquiry questions that guide you through the lesson and catalyze you into action.


Valued at $1,000


Valued at $5,000

When you sign up, you’ll instantly unlock an entire bonus vault worth of juicy content and trainings to support you book out your programs, magnetize, and scale. There’s no reason that hitting 6 figures has to be a pipe dream — especially not when you’re given a clear roadmap for making it happen.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

Bingeworthy Content Masterclass
Rise Mindset Mastery Album
Smash 6 Figures Under a Year Masterclass
3 bonus juicy guest expert trainings with Amanda Lauren Kass, Sara Kas, and Becca Martin. 

No need to grab your calculator. I’ve got mine right here.
This adds up to $17,000 of value all rolled up into one business-growing, platform-building online business course.

But it only costs a smidge of that.

I’m so ready to nail my niche!



Wait, Cait! Is this bish the right bish for me?

Inside Nail Your Niche, I re-aligned my business model and increased my prices, plus signed a dream client on a new service I had never had the courage to offer before. Cait also helped me see my true value and stopped me from playing too small. 


Brand Designer & Strategist

I loved Cait’s knowledge and understanding of business, mindset and strategy – and how these all fit together. Inside Nail Your Niche, she takes research and information and shows you what’s relevant and applicable to your business model. She gives you confidence and a spirit of “go for it!” WITH a strategy and a plan! Since Nail Your Niche I’ve gotten clearer on my unique offering and how to better define the types of clients I want to work with, and created a visibility strategy to get in front of the right people. I would most definitely recommend Nail Your Niche to others – she backs up her teachings with research, case studies, and examples. Cait walks her talk and these days that is such an important factor in choosing who will help you take your business to the next level.


Online Marketing Consultant

Nail Your Niche helped me position myself at the top of my game to work with a new level of clientele, which is amazing! The program also helped me to reverse-engineer my business model and piece together the missing parts, which has brought me immense clarity in my business. I would recommend Nail Your Niche to anyone who wants a boost forward in their business!


High Performance Coach

Because when the world sees what a beauty you are, it will quake in your presence. And then throw money at your feet (aka, hire you, woman).




Hypothetically, let’s say you’ve read this far, but you haven’t made the move to purchase Nail Your Niche yet. It’s time for you and I to get really, really real about what that means for you.

Listen, if you can’t get a grip on what makes you the bomb dot com in your industry, then how in the heck can you expect anyone else to get it either? It’s time for you to show up, buckle down and do the dang work to discover WHY you are infinitely hireable, payable, and followable — and that’s what Nail Your Niche is here to help you do.

This isn’t another basic B business-building online business course full of information you could get with a quick Google search or an hour-long webinar. Snooze.

This is the key to unlocking your own magic, packaging it to sell like crazy, and turning you into a living, breathing magnet that attracts an insanely loyal community who can’t get enough of the stuff you put out.   

If you don’t fully own your power, your purpose and your platform the way you’ll be guided to inside Nail Your Niche, then the next 3 months, 6 months, a year will flash by, and you’ll be telling the story of how you tried to make it as an entrepreneur and you just couldn’t. And I know you dread the thought of being that person who quits, because that’s just not who you are inside.

You don’t need to feel like an outsider or a copycat coach any longer, and you don’t need to fail your way forward either. Not when there’s a clear path to walk laid at your feet.

Will you take it?

Tell it to me straight:
Who exactly is this Cait Scudder person, and why should you trust her to help you Nail Your Niche?

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured 7 figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving mama and wife, Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider among several other publications.

Find her inside her free Facebook community, The Radiant Entrepreneur, where she shares weekly free trainings and content for her community of boss babes, or on her website at

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Still have questions? Let me put 'em to bed.

Q: What is Nail Your Niche?
A: Nail Your Niche is a self paced online business course for entrepreneurs who want to master the art and the science of owning their niche. It’s for women who are ready to stand out, get more visible and make more sales.

Q: Is Nail Your Niche right for me?
A: It doesn’t matter where you are right now, beauty. What matters is where you want to be. Do you want to elevate the eff out of your platform, make major bank as a standout star in your industry, change the world with your mission, and turn a fledgling business into a thriving one? Then there’s no doubt Nail Your Niche is right for you.  




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