Episode 106. Why Taking Care Of Your Audience Builds A Sustainable Business

Episode 106. Why Taking Care Of Your Audience Builds A Sustainable Business

Hello, Radiant Entrepreneurs, I am so freaking fired off to share with you guys what I’m going to be talking with you about today. Who saw my post yesterday about the fact that we have now done $233,000 in sales in the last two weeks? Which is just insane, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing. Some of you found this story really inspiring. 

I want you to pay attention to this, I want you to pay attention to what I am going to share with you today. Because frankly, yes, that number is freaking amazing. Yes. Is it possible for you apps a freaking lutely. But what I need you to know. And what I need you to pay attention to is what I am going to be talking to you about today. 

Why Big Results Are Possible For You

First and foremost, I hope that when you read about other women’s success, when you read about what is possible that it lights a fire and you have the evidence of what gets to be true for you. And if you read this in my post yesterday, you know that this is just in me and just pouring through to all of you. This is possible results this big, excuse me are possible for you to program your brain with that. Tell yourself that know that let yourself feel that. Let yourself believe that let it get into you.

It’s possible for you. Okay, it’s so freakin possible for you. If you find that reading massive success stories like this, both excite you and trigger this feeling of like, Oh my god, I’m so far behind. Oh my god, I’m never gonna get there. Oh my god, that just feels like worlds away. Guys. Not that long ago, less than two years ago, this would have felt impossible for me, this would have felt so freaking hard. But you keep going in the direction that you have set out in keep believing. Keep holding the vision, keep knowing and believing that it’s true keeps showing up to execute day in and day out. And you will get there. 

But here’s what I want. I’m like digressing a little bit. But here’s really, really, really what I want you guys to know. What I want you to take to heart. What I want you to pay attention to. The reason that I am able to support my clients to get amazing results. I had a message from another client this morning, who just hit a 12.6k day. My clients are continuing to smash it. My business is absolutely exploding. All of this is happening as I’m working very, very, very few hours. And income is massively scaling $233,000 in sales in the last two weeks. That’s what’s going on over here at CSI HQ. How is this happening? How is this able to happen if you want to see a tactical strategic breakdown? Go watch. How behind $120,000 week that was the name of that video. 

Here’s what I want to emphasize. Here’s what I want you to know. So how are we able to do this? Every single person, I am not exaggerating every single person who is coming on board who is saying yes to up-leveling, who is saying yes to scaling, who is saying yes to going from where they are now making at least 5k months between five and 20k months in scaling up to 20 to 60k consistent cash months. That is the rocket ship that the Rise Mastermind is all about. 

The Benefits Of Prioritizing Your Audience

Everyone who is stepping inside of that container has said to me some version of the exact same thing, which is this, –and this is what I want you to pay attention to because this is the moneymaker in your business– Cait, I almost signed on with somebody else. I almost took this program. But you know what, I had this experience with you, I watch this training of yours, or I read this testimonial of yours or I was in this other program. And this is how you showed up for me. And it made me realize that you care, you care about me you care about my results, you care about the experience that I have, you care about where I’m going and that is what made me sign up with you. 

I am literally giving you the words that my clients who are onboarding with me are telling to me, this is the X Factor, okay. And it is something that I’m literally gonna burst into tears. This is something that I am so passionate about. And it’s so important, your people and how you take care of them, how you treat them, how you love them, how you make them feel and how you prioritize them. That is the most important thing in your business and not just because it is the thing that makes money. 

It’s the thing that is going to make your business sustainable. In the long run, it’s the thing that makes that quantum tipping point of ease in your business start to really flow because guess what? People know you. People have a sense of who you are. People have an experience of you, they know what to expect. And when you have these words associated with your legacy, when you are real, you are genuine, you actually care about me, you don’t just see me as $1 sign, you don’t just see me as another person in your program or freakin sticky note on your wall. 

You see me as somebody that you are excited and invested in taking under their wing. And that is literally I’m giving you these words from the mouths of the clients who are signing on and stepping into these containers. The how behind these massive numbers is because of the quality of experience that these people have is because of the feeling of being held, of being seen, of being known, of being championed. 

Look At The Experience You Give Your Clients

So I want you to just take a freakin step back. I want you to think about what is the experience that I’m creating for my people? If you have two clients right now, if you have one client right now. And you are looking at how am I going to sign more clients? How am I going to get more eimeria? How am I going to get more people inside of my programs? How am I going to book out my practice? I want you to keep asking that question. 

And at the same time, I want you to ask the question, How can I make sure that this one client these two clients, these four clients have the best possible experience? How can I make them feel like the value and the priority that they are? How can I pour into them and give my 110%? And I’m not talking about like martyring yourself and over-delivering and having weird boundary stuff like no, no, no, no, no sister. I’m talking about treating your business like a business, treating your people like people. 

Too many coaches out there, especially really high-level business coaches treat their students and enrollees and clients like, frankly like Chanel bags to tote like Oh, look at this thing that I have. And frankly, that makes me want to throw up. What we need to be doing in business. And if you have ever learned from me, if you’ve ever been inside of a program, you guys are in my free community. I’m so glad that you’re here. I want you to know this and take this and believe this and let it sink into you and let it sink into the way that you operate your company. 

Why You Need To Take Care Of Your People

Care about people because people notice and people feel the difference. And when they have a choice and they’re looking at two different programs. They’re looking at different people who are at really similar levels. Guess where they’re going to lean? They’re going to lean where they feel loved, and they feel champion and they feel supported and they feel known, and they feel seen. That’s where they’re gonna go. 

That will make you money over the long term. And more than that, it’s going to feel so freakin Good for you, it’s going to feel so freakin good for them. And it’s going to yield long-term clientele long-term business relationships, not a quick win in your bank. Okay, not just like a quick number. Because what happens when we focus on those quick numbers? What happens when we focus on those quick gains is that they then go away because they have a bad experience. And then you have to work twice as hard three times as hard every time you go to relaunch a program, because you haven’t built any long term sustainable pipelines, you haven’t built any long term sustainable relationships, even built any long term client traction, because everyone’s having a bad experience and leaving. 

The way that you build long term longevity and sustainability and ease. In quantum raising your income levels you guys is to care about your people and serve them freaking well. And you heard it here first. I literally want to trademark this entire live stream. Because this is what no one’s talking about. And this is what matters. This is what matters like this is what will make you money long term without the hustle is by actually caring about your people. And it’s not just about what’s going to make you money quick. It’s about what is going to sustain your business. 

So I want you to think about how does this apply to you? How does this apply to your business? How does this apply to the company philosophy, the protocols, the way that you treat your existing clientele? The way that you treat onboarding clients? How does this trickle down into the way that you serve them? How does this trickle down into the way that you run sales? How does this trickle down into the way that you market? How does this trickle down into the way that you serve? 

Because I don’t know about you, having $233 of sales in two weeks? But you know, what feels really freaking amazing, is to have the reflection from so many women have. I am signing on with you because you care about me. And you care about where I’m going. And I trust that and I feel that and I’ve seen that and I’ve seen that with where your clients get to and where they go, I’ve seen that in the way that you show up. That’s the support that I want to invest 10s of 1000s of dollars into that’s the support that I want in my corner championing me for this entire year. That’s what I want. 

And you know what? To me that my clients feel that and they know that and that’s the experience that’s being amplified. That is the biggest marker of success for me. And I want you to apply this to your business I want you to think about how do I get to take that to into my company. 

I hope this was helpful. I hope this inspired you to really get into the heart of what matters in your business you guys know that I say all the time like my jam is helping heart-centered entrepreneurs as it starts from here smart, profitable, sustainable business is an inside out job. Yes, we need to have the strategy, watch all my videos I jam about strategy all day every day. I freakin love it love me a spreadsheet, love me a quarterly plan. Love me all that stuff. 

But you know what, you can rip it up and throw it in the fire if you don’t have this to actually fuel it because this is what makes all your strategic plans. This is where you execute from. This is where you act from. This is where you implement from and if you don’t have this, you’re just you’re barking up the wrong tree you’re building the wrong business, you’re not doing it in a way that’s going to last you or your clients in the long haul. So I love you guys. I love you so much. 

I love you all have an amazing rest of your day. Remember to focus on here and watch the freakin growth happen. I’ll talk to you soon. 

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