born to rise female entrepreneur podcast - ep 96 - 12K cash months

Episode 96: Behind the Scenes: From Zero to $12k Recurring Cash Months

Episode 96: Behind the Scenes: From Zero to $12k Recurring Cash Months

Behind the Scenes: From Zero to $12k Recurring Cash Months

Today, I’m going to share the behind-the-scenes story about one of my VIP clients who literally is crushing it. We’re going to talk all about what she did without going into crazy detail about her. We’re going to talk about what is working in her business and, specifically, how she went from zero – like no offer,no brand, I don’t know what I’m doing and in the middle of a huge pivot trying to figure things out – to $12k recurring contracted cash months for the next year. And she is on the way to double that as we speak!

This client had a successful career before she decided to become your own boss and be an entrepreneur. She had a background in media – which is actually one of the core pillars of the work that she does now. This somebody who had a successful career, a family, and was in this phase of totally pivoting into entrepreneurship from zero. 

Now, here is what we did to get her super dialed in and get these amazing results within 30 days.

Identify Your Skill Set

We looked at what this woman’s skill sets are. What’s her natural talent? What is her zone of genius? What are all of the pieces of her and what was really interesting? 

What’s really interesting is that she has a lot of different parts of her personality, and therefore a lot of different parts that wanted to come through in her brand.  She’s got this executive media side, she’s got this mother’s side, she’s got all of these different aspects of a business. 

What is so important to keep in mind is, when we are growing and scaling a business, we are never just growing and scaling one of our unique skill sets, right? We are all multi-passionate entrepreneurs; we all have multiple parts of our personality, we all have multiple things that we are super good at. 

I see it happen for so many people – that they can’t build a brand or can’t build a business that encompasses all of these parts of themselves. It is 100% possible for you to create success by bringing all of you to the table. 

So jot down all of your skill sets and zero in on your zone of genius. 

High-Level Mapping

Next, we really looked at mapping the high-level vision of what she wants to build. What does she want to create? What’s the scope of what she wants to cover? Once we developed her zone of genius, we want to use that to create this big picture vision.

Nail Down Your Priorities

The next thing that we did was identify the most strategic way forward based on what her priorities are and then build out an action plan to support that.

After nailing down her main priority for her business, we’re going to develop a strategic action plan that is built on honoring that priority. In order to build out a successful business plan that actually works, that actually moves the needle forward, you need to understand the scope of what you want to do. 

And you need that support to identify what the priority is in everything that we want to do. What’s the priority that we want to go with first?

Too often, I see business owners at multiple stages of business want to write a book, build out a passive course, have this offer, launch a mastermind, offer a retreat, etc. – all at once. When we set that big picture vision to execute on everything simultaneously, guess what’s gonna happen? 

We’re going to feel really freaking overwhelmed. We’re going to feel paralyzed and not able to take action; we’re going to feel stuck, we’re going to feel stagnant, we’re going to feel resentful. We’re going to feel self-doubt and like all of that negativity start to spiral in and creep in. 

So what we did instead was really look at what the priority is. If the priority is nailing cash flow, then what we do is take action to secure that cash flow as soon as possible so that we can build out some of these other priorities and initiatives. 

That is exactly what we did. We set up an action plan that combined what she wanted to bring forward first. 

Moving Your Brand Elements Into Buckets

We identified which element is the most profitable straight out the gate. We identified that this is the element, service or offer that needs the least amount of preparation. It’s right there ready to rock and roll. All we have to do is get some language around it, energize some contacts and start to actually make it known that this is a service that we offer. Simple, right? Once our buckets were established, we could clearly see okay, boom, this service. This offer is perfect for this audience in that part of the world. 

By establishing our main priority and mind mapping it, we actually have a profitable business that makes sense. We can now allocate time and resources to build up these other priorities and brand elements. 

Strategically, we really looked at, okay, boom, these are some of the things that we really want to do. This is the lowest hanging fruit and this is the most actionable and profitable right there. We were able to see the pathway to the cash flow priority that we have. We were able to make some transitions to be able to set up her personal needs that are going to be fulfilled by this. 

This is the priority. All of the actions that we took, all of the visioning, all of the offer creation, marketing strategy, and visibility strategy that we have for these other buckets and paid pieces and pillars of her brand, took a back burner. And I’ve taken a back burner because we are being guided and we are letting our strategy be guided by the priority that has been identified. 

Why Your Priorities Matter

When you don’t prioritize your brand elements or offers, you stagnate. For example, you might have a ton of potential elements on the side developing out – but because your priority was not mapped out – every single thing in the business is sitting there but not actually moving the business forward.You are just dreaming, scheming, planning, doodling, journaling – but never getting anything accomplished. 

If we don’t set clear priorities in our business, we are always going to feel like we’re not good enough, like we’re not prepared, like we don’t have the information., If you are not setting clear priorities and objectives in your business, you’re gonna always feel like you’re behind, like you’re missing something, like somebody else has a secret that you don’t know about. This is what happened if we’re not doing that work of setting those super, super clear priorities. 

Be committed to following through with one thing at a time. This is an essential piece of the process that I just broke down for you. Make sure we’re focusing on one thing at a time. We cannot set the master vision of what we want to bring forward and then proceed to freak ourselves the fuck out by thinking we have to take action and implement all of those elements at once. 

You need to organize your elements by order of importance, led by the strategic priorities you identify. Do not organize your elements based on your vision of what you want or your vision of everything that you want to create. Now, you can do this all by yourself, but it’s super freakin helpful to do those with a mentor or with somebody that you trust, who’s guiding you in your process. 

Why Too Many Priorities Can Hurt You

Are you trying to build this business by having ten priorities at once? Even three priorities at once is too many. We need one priority to be driving the decisions that we make. 

You need to define what those priorities are. If you do not know your priorities and try to build a business by making everything urgent and important, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s just the way that it is. And it’s something that you learn the hard way.  

I just want to show you there’s a better way and how to avoid that inside step to get the result you want. 

Now the third piece I want to highlight is that I did not provide this woman with an Ikea box of build-a-base stuff filled with every generic thing she needed in her business and let her assemble it herself. There was no “Here are all the pieces. You don’t need to modify it. It’s just all there for you. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Ready go.” No. 

We dropped into exactly what she needed, based on the previous experience that she had, we dropped into exactly what she needed based on the previous assets that she had, the previous contacts. We identified a strategy for her that was tailored for her. We followed through on that one strategic priority that made sense for her business. 

I am all about free education. I deliver videos and pull behind the scenes that really give tangible, actionable breakdowns left and right. I’m so committed to doing that. I’m never gonna stop doing that. But here’s what I want you to know, I am giving you this information, but it is your responsibility to go away and implement it. It’s your responsibility to go away and execute it. 

Executing Your Vision

Another key piece that second-guessing caused this success to happen so quickly is that this client unapologetically executed. When we are executing our priorities, we are making sure that we prioritize the most important actions or the most leverageable actions. The most leverageable actions are the actions you can take in order to move your business forward. 

So much of the time, we create or formulate an amazing strategy. And then we spend time doubting it, second-guessing it, wondering if we’re going to be able to implement it, wondering if it’s going to work for us – doing all of these things to distract ourselves. We are moving our time, our energy, and all of the things that we possess that actually enable us to create a successful business away from the thing that is going to build the business we want.

A lot of business owners spend time in self-doubt, creating mindset issues when they don’t actually have a mindset issue. They have a follow-through issue. They have an execution issue. They have an implementation issue because they feel stuck, because they feel some sort of a block, whether that’s energetic, whether that’s not fully grasping the strategy, there’s some kind of block that stops them from following through. And that is where most results fall through the cracks. 

Getting Clear On Priorities

That did not happen in this instance, because we got so clear on what that priority was, we defined it so clearly. Her responsibility was aligning her actions to match the follow-through of that definition.

Depending on your priority, you’re going to take really different steps; you’re going to make different decisions with your time, you’re going to make different decisions with your money. And these choices are a personal preference choice or a value choice. Depending on your situation and your cash flow, there’s no right or wrong answer. 

Identify what you want your brand to do and what’s the most leverageable action that we can take to get you to that first goal. Her first goal was five figure recurring months. Guess what? We smashed that within 30 days; because we were clear on the priority, we developed a strategic action plan, and she executed that action plan. 

We analyzed what really worked, repeated it, and that’s on its way to working again in the same way.

Top Takeaways

Number One: Define where you want your brand to be going and the core objectives and initiatives you want to bring forward with your brand. 

Number Two: Find your wheelhouse, find your zone of genius, find all of the different things that you want to see come to fruition.

Number Three: Identify and understand your top priority. What is my most leverageable action to get to profitability first? If you have a lot of cash to play with, what do you invest in first?

Do not skip that fundamental first step of defining what actually matters, where you’re actually going and what your priority actually is. You can align your actions and your strategy to meet the priority that you’ve set – only once you have set it. 

So many entrepreneurs miss this. We get caught up in the freakin noise of what everyone else is doing on Instagram. All of this other bullshit that does not impact you at all until you let it, and then it does in a negative way. 

You need to clearly define where you want your brand to go, your priority, what your Strategic Action Plan is to get there and make sure that you are following through in energy and execution. That’s what we got to do. 

That’s a simplified version because every business is different. No business is clear cut and can just replicate this copy, paste bullshit. No, you’ve got to apply it to you. 

The End of The Story

At the beginning of this whole story, this woman, this client – was so on the fence it’s not even funny. She was so in her head. She couldn’t see 50 steps down the line. She wondered, “How am I going to do this? What’s going to happen next?” But we worked through all of those stories, all of those mental blocks, all those emotional blocks, all of those mindset blocks of her wondering, “Is this going to be possible for me? Is this something that I can really do?”

So, I’ve given you the clearest breakdown of how this person was able to achieve these amazing results in such a short period of time. This possibility to create that kind of revenue, to have these kinds of results, to create the foundations and the sustainability in your business that you want is possible for you!

When you have these pieces in place when you understand the scope of starting either from ground zero or if you’re starting with a business that’s already at 2k, 5k, or 7k, but you’re not able to scale beyond that – you’re already steps ahead. 

Even if you are starting at zero business offers and you’re not even sure how you want to package all of your gifts together, this is possible for you too. This is exactly what happened with this client. She did not have offers built up; she did not have something that she could put anywhere and say, this is what I’m selling. 

We determined that together. We set out what is the full scope of what we want her business to accomplish. We identified that top priority. We set out an action plan for her to execute and follow through with. Now here we are.

Just remember that on the other side of that doubt, on the other side of that fear, are these massive results just waiting for you. So this is my invitation to you – if you have left that fear and that doubt and that curiosity and that really just being in this place of inaction guide you now is the moment that you get to decide that something else is going to guide your decision making this something else is going to fuel you forward. 

So if you are a female entrepreneur, you are not yet hitting consistent five-figure months in your business, and you want that to change, and you’re looking for the weekly accountability and personalized support to help you get there, this opportunity for you.

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