Episode 155: 4 Keys to Consistent Six-Figure+ Cash Months

Episode 155: 4 Keys to Consistent Six-Figure+ Cash Months

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born to Rise podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder, and today we are unpacking the four keys to consistent six figure cash months. I have I recently did this as a guest training and I was like, You know what, this is such a fire topic that we really need to do this as a podcast episode. In the business we have sustained between 100k to I think our highest cash month was like 204,000 cash to between 102 100k cache runs for around the better part of a year, nearly, I think 10 Maybe 11 months. And so in this episode, I really want to break down for you the how behind that. How do you start to hit that level of consistency in the business? How do you start to increase cash flow and not only like hit these one off really high cash ones, but actually sustain it. So inside of this episode, we are going into really tactical practical strategies for making sure that you are on track to scale and now I just want to say this like if your goal is not to have 100k Cash months, apply this to whatever your next income bracket is what I’m going to be sharing our again, the both the inner because you guys know if you’re here, if you’re listening to boring rides, you are here for both the inner work and the tactical, masculine structural strategic, like how does this shit add up work to hit the numbers that you want to hit whatever those numbers are for you. So this is not about me telling you what your goal should be. This is about you getting really clear about the desire that you have and making sure that you have a real strategy behind supporting you to get there. So that’s what we’re going to be going into inside of this episode. Before we dive in any further I want to let you know that if you are somebody who is in the process of scaling to 100k plus cash months, and you are desiring a community of sisterhood and support, I invite you to send me a DM on Instagram to inquire about seven sisters my inner circle mastermind This is the container for women who are at the multiple six or even seven figure level right now who wants to scale to seven figures cash to multiple seven figures cash per year. This is the container to do that. Seven Sisters is my intimate mastermind combining one on one coaching and small group coaching with other powerhouse industry leaders. It is such a vibe. We are on a waitlist currently, but we are accepting new applicants to the waitlist. So if you want to know more about seven sisters and explore if this is the right fit for you, if you are at that multi six figure level, send me a DM and I’d be so happy to share more info. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, cool. As I mentioned, I recently did this as a training in somebody else’s group. And this topic, I mean, it was super popular. Really, really it’s a question that we get asked all the time, it’s like, not just how do you hit a certain level in business. And it’s interesting, I was going back in my phone for something and I saw, I did a similar training, I think it was June of 2020 August of 2020 on hitting consistent 50k Cash months. Since then we’ve obviously scaled up we have sustained six figure cash months for the last 10 to 11 months in the business. Our highest cash month was 204,000 cash. We’ve had multiple cash months over 200k. And I feel like this is a really big topic of conversation that it is time to demystify in this space of like how the hell do you even think about not only hitting numbers like this because there is a difference in the conversation between how do I hit 100k month or 150k month or whatever the number is? And how do I sustain those months so inside of this live today, I’m going to be unpacking both the tactical structural components. And also because it’s both you know, it’s both you know, if you’re watching this if you’re hanging out with me here on Instagram, or on the podcast, you know, it is about both the internal calibration that’s going to support you to be able to sit hit and then sustain that. Okay, the first piece and this is something that my clients the first key. And by the way, if you’re tuning in live on Instagram, say hello, let me know that you’re watching the first most important thing no matter what the number is that you want to scale to Okay, whether that is 100k Cash months, whether that is 30k Cash months, it doesn’t actually matter.

Why having an unshakeable mindset is so important to hitting consistent 6-figure months

What matters is that you have an unshakable mindset and decision around that that number being available to you, number one, and being something that you are coming for number two, I viscerally remember you guys being early in my entrepreneurial journey, I’m talking like, within the first four months of starting my business, and saying to a business coach at the time, I’m gonna have a million dollar business. Now, at the time, I might as well have said, like, I am ready to colonize Mars, or I’m gonna be like the first person to I don’t know, cure cancer, like it felt so distant. And yet the decision was so crystal clear in my mind, and why am I mentioning this as a key as an essential piece in order to not only hit but then sustain is that your brain, neurologically the pathway in your brain, you are so much more likely to sustain and move into an identity and a level of success that your brain believes is meant for you, if you have a story of this is impossible for me. If you have a belief, if you have an underlying mindset that says, well, wouldn’t that be nice, but that doesn’t happen for people like me, you are automatically setting up the journey to get there to be so much harder than it needs to be. Your mindset needs to be unshakable in the knowing that you are coming for that thing, even if it feels far off, even if it feels quite distant. And I will tell you, I remember with a business coach that I had at the time mapping out my first like $500,000 year, and we didn’t have a $500,000 a year in my first year in business and this is something that I think is such an important distinction is like and my clients have heard me say this before being so committed, unshakable unwavering, decided, Hey, Jen, decided on the outcome, but detached from the timeline detach from how long it’s gonna take you if I was like, I am so unshakable in this knowing and this decision that it’s going to happen for me at this time. And I’m going to be making, you know, 100k months, by the end of this year, and I know in this space, especially guys that can feel so freakin like, if you’re not a millionaire in four seconds, you’re like slow, which is just ridiculous. We did not scale to seven figures in four seconds, we did not it took us nearly three years to hit that mark. But it doesn’t actually matter. And I say to my clients all the time, if you knew that you were going to 100k Cash months, and you knew like without a shadow of a doubt that that was happening for you? Would it really freaking matter if it took 10 months? Or it took 36 months? Would it actually matter? If you knew that in 36 months? Or whatever the number is like, would you freaking care? Would you be in it to win it for the long haul? Or would you be like, No, but like I’m late or I’m slow or she did it faster. And there are a lot of people who would get caught up in that.

What is the revenue number that lights your soul on fire?

And I think that this is where you need to decide and go first you need to have that unwavering knowing that the number that you have. And this is where setting your goal in the right place not just being influenced by what is trending in the industry or what it seems like everybody’s making now but like, what is the number that lights your soul on fire? Why do you want that number? Why do you want a million dollar business? Why do you desire to hit consistent six figure catchments? If that is your desire? Can you anchor into that desire so deeply? That you are here for it no matter how freaking long that it takes? Because I will tell you this. If you are like yes, I’m here for it and you have a launch and it doesn’t go to plan. And all of a sudden you’re not on track for 100k Cash month you’re on track for a 14k Cash month, guess what can happen. You can start to feel off track. You can start to feel behind, you can start to feel like an imposter. You can start to feel like it’s not happening for you. You can start to feel like who am I who was I to even think that I could hit that. And this whole cascading spiral of thoughts that is going to shake you shake you in your execution make you feel like you’re late make you feel like you’re not on time make you feel like you’re missing something that can send you on a tizzy. But if you are like cool, I am unwavering. I’m obviously here to troubleshoot what isn’t going the way that I want. But I am decided even if I do have a 14k Cash month this month, I know where I’m going. And that doesn’t it that means that it doesn’t matter what is happening right now because I know where I’m going and what is happening right now is supporting me in that process. So if you desire to hit consistent six figure cache months, the most critical thing, the foundational piece this like base layer of the wedding cake if we’re building like a juicy abundant Six Figure Kashmir wedding cake, the foundational layer of the wedding cake is being so unshakable and your knowing that that number is available to you possible for you, and that you are committed to that happening no matter how long it takes, no matter how unlikely it seems that that’s going to happen, no matter how much the how isn’t clear to you, like I said, the gap between me making this decision you guys anchoring into this unshakable mindset. And when it actually happened was yours was not days, it was not weeks, it was not months, it was years. If I hadn’t if I had allowed it taking longer, or me scaling slower than other people to mean that it wasn’t going to happen for me, I would not be here, I would not be teaching this training because I would not have achieved this result. We’ve got to be willing to double down and anchor into what we desire and stick with it until we get there no matter what. So that is the foundational most important thing. If you are just joining welcome I’m so glad you’re here we are talking about the four keys to consistent six figure cash months. If this is your first time joining me live, let me know my name is Kate skatter. I’m a multiple seven figure business owner for female entrepreneurs on the rise. We have sustained six figure cash months to multi six figure cash months now for the last like 1011 months. And I’m sharing with you how we’ve done that not just hit it not just who got it, but like how do you sustain? How do you maintain? How do you only go up and up from there. The second piece you guys to this first key if you’re just joining us now that we just talked about is developing and cultivating an unshakable mindset are you so committed to the result and detach from the timeline can you allow yourself to move through the phase and the stage of it feeling like it’s not happening of it feeling unclear of it feeling uncertain how it’s going to happen in order to move through the growth required to sustain a new level. Because true sustainability and business is not just about hitting a one off fancy high cash month it’s about truly setting up your business model in a way that can sustain that. The second key we’re going to talk about is very tactical, very practical. But again, we must build from the foundational base layer of the wedding cake and I’ve seen too many coaches and entrepreneurs who are like all about the strategy but they lack this confidence this conviction this knowing and shit goes everywhere. Because without if you have the strategy but you don’t have the fuel to execute it. You might as well just like do something else honestly the mindset that energy work really freakin matters. Hi Sonia, I’m so happy that you’re here.

The importance of establishing monthly recurring revenue

The second key to sustaining consistent six figure cash months you guys say it with me monthly recurring revenue if you are watching this on Instagram type MRR in the comments let me know you’re with me let me know you’re paying attention monthly recurring revenue Okay. Otherwise known as MRR, MRR and we’ll talk about this from a strategic product suite standpoint, we’ll talk about this from a cash flow standpoint, basically. I mean let’s just get basic AF right now how we hit these high cash months as we have that amount of money coming in cash into the business every single month, month after month. That is how we get there. In order to hit that we need to either a combination of things right we need to have payment plans that are set up to bring cash into the business month after month. Year after year. We need to have cash that is contracted coming into the business or we need to be live selling live launching bringing new money into the business. Right our company is a combination of both we launch we sell programs and products evergreen we have a podcast where we you know sell evergreen offers we have passive products for sale on our website we have evergreen containers I have my High Level Mastermind my inner circle Seven Sisters, where depending on the spots that we have open people can join every time I have a couple of other evergreen offers. We just announced by the way of Voxer VIPs. If you’ve been wanting to like get my private support in your business, you want to send me a DM about that. But I have offers like that right that are evergreen where people can come in anytime but the bread and that is like I treat new sales as icing on the cake. The strategic way that we have set our business up for these high consistent cash cash months is through monthly recurring revenue. So having offers with payment plan options that stack up month to month to month to month having income coming into the business so that we do not need to be making new sales every single month if I was starting from zero every single month to hit to 100k my nervous system to be quite honest with you would probably be a little wonky, it would probably feel really pressurized it would probably feel really stressful. So if you are somebody who’s like hearing the term monthly recurring revenue or MRR for the first time right now and you’re feeling like, oh my god, I’m super overwhelmed. Do not try to hit 100k month next month, focus on building up building out your offer suite so that you have offers that allow you to develop MRR that allow you to build up monthly recurring revenue work on building up your monthly recurring revenue to 10k a month and then 20k a month and start to stack from there are monthly recurring revenue, depending on when people drop off of packages and when people you know contract ends in terms of when containers run I run a year long mastermind, which accounts for a large percentage of our MRR. Then I have my six month rolling mastermind I have private containers. I have leap year, which is our amazing year long experience giving you live access to all the coaching courses, programs that I run masterclasses trainings, everything throughout the course of an entire year, all of these different offers. So you’re seeing there’s a diversity of offerings, there’s a diversity of things that I’m selling, and a diversity of ways that I’m serving at different tiers and at different levels. But unless somebody pays in full, all of that is going into an MRR bucket, there is monthly recurring revenue from multiple stacked payment plans from different offers that stack up to give us a baseline of like minimum 70,000 cash every single month. So we are already like seven tenths of the way there every single month. If our goal is 100k Cash months, is this making sense for you? Is this starting to like click so if you are again, try starting from zero and looking at like 200k Cash months like my God, that sounds super stressful, or I’d have to have like the hugest launch every single month in order to hit that that’s actually not the case. What you want to really focus on the most important thing that you want to focus on next is looking at what offers Am I selling right now? Do I even have offers that have a monthly payment plan option are all of my offers like a one month container? If that’s the case, it’s going to be really hard for you to stack up monthly recurring revenue because you’re constantly going to be have to have to be selling something new. So you really want to look at what containers Am I selling and offering? How can I create experiences that allow people to get more longevity? And this by the way, not just from an MRR standpoint for you as the, you know, business owner, but also, from the standpoint of your clients? Like, do you have containers that allow somebody to plug in for a deeper and more longevity oriented space of support?

I am somebody who believes so firmly and fiercely and I’ve been saying this as we’re marketing leap here you guys like this is a space where you get to make one decision and arrive for a full year no more like flitting around hopping from coach to coach program to program wondering how should I market here or I wonder what would help me over here like you get to make one choice and land and the the amount of momentum that you unlock as a client. When you make that decision and you commit to a program for a longer period of time, you are allowing yourself to experience so much more momentum and results than if you were constantly every five weeks changing program to program. So there’s huge benefit for you as a business owner to set your offers up to have you know longer term in like 468 10 month containers. But there’s also tremendous value that you are giving to your clients. And I say this as somebody who’s invested now in the containers that I’m a part of for anywhere between two and four years in a row consistently investing in these programs. There is so much value when you are in a long term space. So there’s value for you as the client there’s value for you as the business owner. Okay, so I want you to really see that as a win win you creating offers that let your that allow your clients to plug in for a different yes Jen, you know, you were in a 12 month container with me like when you let yourself arrived. There’s so much momentum that you unlock it’s it’s profound, and it can’t frankly be replaced. There’s there’s not you know, it’s not to say that there’s not value In shorter bursts programs are absolutely our we’re launching one next week and I’m freaking so excited to share about it but that program is also included inside of leap year for a discounted price a further discounted price. So there’s so much benefit that you unlock when you step into a room for a longer period of time. Okay, so monthly recurring revenue, look at your offers we ask yourself do you have offers that allow monthly recurring revenue to come in? Are you comparing high cash months when you are live launching everything? And can you start to really work on building up your MRR because then everything on the top is going to be gravy okay?

Why it’s so important to have marketing that moves people

This the third thing third key to unlocking consistent six figure cash months you guys is having marketing that moves, marketing that moves people are you singing something original Are you speaking something fresh you guys are going to hear me talking about this a lot. Because we are launching as I just said, the next live program which is part of leap year called compel which the tagline of that program is marketing that moves. So you’re gonna hear me talking about this topic a lot but I’m going to dive into it for you right now in a really juicy way what is been happening in the online industry the shifts that we have seen over the last couple of years and in some ways I feel like I feel like a grandma in the online industry because I’ve been here for nearly five years what was working in 2017 2018 you guys is so far away from what is happening now and what is working now I feel like we saw this huge shift and when I entered this space it was all like click funnels that and optimize the sales process this and countdown timer that in squeezing with urgency like it was such a different space much more bro marketing impacted frankly a lot less crowded and a lot of those tactics that were based in like fear that were based in scarcity that were based in Hurry hurry hurry that were based in your broken let me fix you a lot of that was working until it wasn’t until people started to feel like wow this feels terrible wow this is a horrible experience like it feels really shitty to be on the receiving end of this or it feels really not like the vibe and and the what is good we’ve gone from almost like bro marketing space to this very like blush marketing space where everyone’s brand was like pink and white in 2019 to now the like the like a miss deaky sensual black and gold like everybody you know, there’s trends that happened in the online industry then this is not just about like, what branding is sexy. Now this is also about what moves and what works in the online space. And we have seen a real shift away from a lot of the more like bro marketing things to a lot of the bro marketing things being dressed up as like blush marketing things to now, frankly, just a lot of regurgitation. And I have so much love for this industry. I love the coaching industry, I love online business, I think it is profound, I think we have so much potential at our fingertips inside of this space is is not like some like Bash on the industry livestream. Because I think there’s so much beauty and like anything beautiful. There’s a shadow side. And one of the shadow sides is I think that marketing has gotten really lazy. And a lot of people expect that if they just copy what they see somebody else doing, or they make their brand look like somebody else’s. Or they use the like, tactics alone, that a successful coach is using that they watch on Instagram but don’t actually pay and get in the room with and have conversations with that it’s all going to explode for them. And then they get frustrated when that doesn’t happen. Right? Can we just like, have a moment of acknowledgement and recognition here like that happens and that happens a lot in this space. What I mean by having marketing that moves and why that is so critical to being able to unlock consistent six figure cash months is that if you are not leading if you are not finding a leading edge in your voice, in your presence in the way that you communicate and what you are ushering forward. And this is in terms of your voice. This is in terms of the vision that you hold and the movement that you are leading. This is in terms of the the visuals that you use and the way that you visually narrate, story tell compel, there is you’re missing people and you’re falling through the cracks and you’re probably wondering, like, why is the shit that used to always work not working for me? And I would venture to guess that part of the reason there is that the There is not a level. And this might sound really harsh, and I don’t mean this to sound harsh. But if you are noticing that things are falling flat, if you’re noticing that things aren’t working the way that they used to, if you’re feeling like, Well, why am I just not getting the result that I wanted? I would ask you like, is there movement? Is there something original? Is there something fresh? Is there something different about your marketing? Or are you just either copying and pasting what you’re seeing externally, or copying and pasting what you did in your last launch, and expecting it to work the same, the space is changing. And I don’t just mean that Instagram is now favoring reels, half the world is on tick tock like, you know, podcasting is a thing, I’m not even talking about the the platforms themselves changing the algorithms changing, although all of that is happening as well. There is, I believe, a sophistication and evolution happening inside of the hearts and minds of our ideal clients and customers hear in the online space, people do not want to be squeezed and sold based on fear and scarcity and time running out and blah, blah, blah, they want to be connected with people are making buying and purchasing decisions based on resonance, based on the feeling of connection. This is something that frankly, in our company, this is a shameless brag, I’m so proud of this. One of the things that we consistently hear from clients who stay in our world, you know, year after year, over and over from clients who refer clients to us and have, you know, their friends and their colleagues and their their peers come into programs with us, because they have a great experience. They hear like, we feel so valued in this space, we feel like you actually give a shit, that level of connection, not just in your marketing, but in the way that you move through your offers, that has a longevity impact on the way that your programs are able to fill and therefore the cash that’s able to come into your business. So if you are expecting to just copy and paste the exact same launch plan, launch after launch are expecting to be able to just replicate what somebody else is doing. I would humbly not so humbly suggest to you that there is a lack of movement in your marketing, because there’s a lack of originality, there’s a lack of unique, ushering forward and that is what our job is, it’s no longer enough to just be great at what you do. It’s no longer enough to just be a good marketer, or even a great marketer, you need to have both. And you need to be bringing something into the space that is fresh, what is going to cut through the noise when you hear and I want you to think about like literally take a moment, close your eyes. Think about the the last time you heard somebody’s voice in the online space, or you saw the way that they were showing up and you were like, Well, shit, that person is an OG, that person is an original, that person is not just regurgitating, I will not mistake that voice for another voice. Because that voice is unique. I will not mistake that person’s creative expression, because there is something completely new going on there. And you don’t even have to agree with it. You don’t even have to be on the same page with it, their visual expression, their colors that they use, whatever it might be like not your thing. But it magnetizes you because there is something real about it. That is what I am talking about. If you have not mastered this marketing that moves piece or you’re feeling like your marketing has been falling flat. You’re like scratching your head and like where are all the people? Why is nobody paying attention? Why is nothing working anymore, then this is the area to focus on. And if it is your area, okay, like I said, we’re going into this, this is the next programming leap year. If you’re not already in leap year, I can link the link for you. It’s actually in our bio right now.

We’ll put it in the show notes of this podcast episode. But even if you’re not in leap year, you should join us for compelled because compel is 100% focused on building out marketing that moves we are looking at the vision so the movement that your company stands for the bigger vision that you are communicating through your digital brand, the voice that you are bringing through through your written word, the spoken word. This is something by the way that like my clients have been asking me about inside of my masterminds for years, like how do you storyteller and write in a way that connects people with your brand? How do you write captions that convert? How do you speak in such a way that causes people to like stay with you for longer periods of time whether you have a podcast whether you do live interviews, so compel is such a tactical program and we’re going into all of those things. So if this feels like what you need, send me a DM and say compelled deets. We’re Announcing the program and opening up doors for Early Bird on Monday. But if you want early, early details, send me a DM I’m more than happy to share those with you like, again, if you’ve been feeling like marketing is falling flat, this is such an important area. So again, you want if you want to unlock those consistent six figure cash months knowing how to communicate with people, not just once, not just have one good launch. But to do it time after time and to be able to sustain, you need to know how to connect with people. You need to know how to cut through the noise and truly be able to connect with your audience on a level of resonance. That makes a yes to anything that you’re putting out so easy for your people in your community. That is what makes consistent six figure cash money as possible. Okay, guys, and the last key. So we’ve talked about the first key if you’ve joined us midway through an unshakable mindset and devotion to the result with detachment from timeline. The second is monthly recurring revenue, really making sure you’re setting up your business to be stacked in such a way that supports the high cash that you want without needing to reinvent the wheel month after month. The third is marketing that moves people the skill sets and know how the tactical practical skill to leverage the platforms at your disposal, through written Word through your creative visuals and branding, and through your spoken word, to move people to action.

Why you need to have no qualms about selling

And the fourth and final thing is having no qualms about selling. This is something that might seem so redundant and so basic. And yet it’s something that so many of my clients, so many people in my world, frankly, like it’s something that’s so easy to forget, is like, Oh, you want to be selling daily? Are you selling daily? You want to be making sales daily? Are you selling daily? You want to be making sales weekly? Are you selling weekly, you want to be signing new people into your programs? Are you talking about them? I think that there has been something that has happened. And this is related to you know, the movement shifts in the online industry that I’ve been speaking to, there’s a level of, I want to say entitlement. And I feel like this is like coming across as really like negative but I don’t mean it in that way. But I do I I think it’s important to like call ourselves in a little bit as an industry. And just call a spade a spade. I feel like it’s become trendy to think that, you know, we should just like manifest get in the bathtub with a glass of champagne and like have cash like fall through the ceiling on our face. And yeah, I’m here for that. I mean, that sounds fucking phenomenal. And if you’re not selling, do not be in a pouty mood about not making sales. I think that having the mindset and again, this comes back to like execution. But it also comes back to what is your expectation? If your expectation is well, I’ve been in business this long and people should just buy I should just like show my face on stories once and like everyone should come flocking and if I don’t then again I’m like shit and we go into this like really hectic whirlwind of a space are to make consistent cash, we need to be making consistent sales and to make consistent sales we need to be consistently selling. Now that does not mean that every you might hear that and think wow, that sounds exhausting. Let me tell you guys, I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, I got a lot going on. We serve over 55 clients inside of all of our different programs right now. I am not but I am selling something every single day. And it doesn’t mean that I’m live active doing this huge pitch every single day. But I am sharing valuable content with our community. We have multiple methods of selling, we sell live and again all of this we’re going into inside of the marketing program inside of compelled we sell live, sometimes on Instagram stories or in a post or in an email that goes out we have evergreen content, like the podcasts where I’m talking about different offers through really dense like value rich, nutrient dense content. That also includes a pathway for somebody to ascend to a different program. So even if there’s a day multiple days a week that I’m not live selling on Instagram Stories, for example, the business is always making sales, the business is always selling and I have no qualms about adding in those powerful calls to action, giving my people a really clear pathway to take the next step in order to work with me and join up the program that’s going to be the best fit for them in their business. Because that is the lifeblood of making sales is selling and so if you have a qualm about making sales and you’re feeling frustrated with the level of cash that you’re is coming into the company month after month, that is an area that I want you to look at what is the tweak that you can make there to be more devoted and consistent with your selling. And you’re going to notice that there’s a direct correlation between your consistency with selling and your consistency with cash. So to recap my love’s if you have been here if you’ve been listening, I would love to hear your biggest takeaway. Share them in the comments. If you’re listening to this on the podcast, send me a DM and let me know what your biggest takeaway is.In today’s episode, I’m discussing the very important topic of hitting consistent 6-figure cash months. If you want to grow and scale your business consistently, this episode is a must! I share and unpack the 4 key practical strategies to hitting consistent 6-figure months. I would love to hear the nuggets for you. I’m going to recap the four keys to unlocking consistent six figure cash once again for you number one, cultivate an unshakable mindset gets so devoted and so committed to the outcome that you are here, you’re in it to win it for the long haul. No matter how long it takes, you are decided that is the foundation that’s the base layer of the wedding cake number one, number two monthly recurring revenue, look at setting up your offer suite with offers that serve people over a longer period of time that have a payment plan option that allow you to receive monthly installments monthly payments from one offer and then another offer and again do not try to do this all at once let really perfect and and I don’t mean perfect like as in be caught up in perfectionism but really devote your energy and attention to making the experience the client experience of inside of that offer phenomenal so that you have high retention so that you have high referral rates so that you have really, frankly, clients to get results like this is how we fill a ton of our programs without even launching them because our people get amazing results. They rave they come back they send their friends, make sure you’re prioritizing that. And the monthly recurring revenue installments are going to elevate your cash flow so that when you live launch, or when you sell something on top of that, you’ve got a really juicy base that you are working from you’re not starting from zero, you’re starting from multiple five figures already. Okay, from there. The third thing is marketing that moves really unlocking your voice and your visuals, your brand and the presence that you convey online in a way that captivates in a way that is truly compelling. That is so essential to being able to fill programs and build a movement around what you are here to do. And lastly, do not be afraid to sell sell every single day. Do not hold back the more consistent you are with selling the more consistent your cash flow will be. Guys it has been so beautiful to be here with you today. I hope this livestream has been helpful for you. I hope this episode has been helpful for you. If you are wanting to plug into a deeper level of support, there are a few different options available right now number one, I’m sharing this first because this is the most time sensitive, there is currently a VIP Voxer package that is available one time only. That if you are somebody who has been craving more intimate support, a space where you can have one on one support with a multiple seven figure business owner who’s literally in your back pocket to support you with all the things send me a DM about Voxer because right now the Voxer only packages 45% off, I promise you that that will never happen again. So that’s something that if you are like I want you privately Kate but I don’t want to you know invest the the full six figures plus for your full full package is a freaking steel you guys. And the level of support you get as a private boxer client is so high. I’m there Monday through Friday, available to coach you in all the things in boxer. So that’s the first thing. The second place to plug in currently is leap year, which is my year long container which includes live access to all of the programs that I run all of the courses in my resource library, all of the live trainings and master classes and me as your mentor for an entire year. You get access to a private Facebook group all the programs we run it’s it is so juicy and the total value of that is like it what you get inside of leap year is like 60% off that if you’ve just bought everything ala carte, so, so much value inside of that container, if you’re looking for a place to plug in, especially if you’re like establishing to get to that six figure or that first like 150k year 200k A year that’s a really great place to do that. The third thing if you’re like I want to start with one and then expand from there, then join us for compel. We are like I said launching that next week. If you specifically have needed help on marketing like this is just the most no freaking Brainer offer. There’s so much important work that we’re going to be diving into inside of that program that is really designed to help you create a brand and a presence for yourself and spruced up. Like this is not just for new brands you could be a friggin seven figure business owner and feel like shit is not moving for you right now. Marketing moves compel it is the place to be. So if any of those fields of interest send me a DM if you’re like, they all sound great, which is the best for me, send me a DM I’m so happy to chat that through with you. And again, it’s just been so awesome to be here with you guys today. So thank you for tuning in. Send me a DM also and let me know your biggest takeaway from this episode. And I will see you guys on here again soon. Lots of love everyone. Bye

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