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Episode 128. Stop Waiting & Become Your Own Pattern Disruptor

Episode 128. Stop Waiting & Become Your Own Pattern Disruptor

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. Today we are having an important conversation, my love’s, about breaking patterns, this is one that I want you to integrate, I want you to let resonate, I want you to let land in your body and your cells, let it move something in you and be available for the shift that is here for you in this message. 

Holy smokes, I literally feel like I have my finger plugged into a socket of the cosmos channeling this message for you so strongly today. That’s all I need. Be here now, be here for this message, do not miss what I’m about to share with you because it will change, it will alter the trajectory of the decisions that you make today, it will shift how you show up. It is such an important message that I want you to hear. If you are listening, if you are present, you can be doing other shit, but I want you to be dropped into what I am about to share with you. Here we go. 

Unpacking The Story You’re Telling Yourself 

I have been witnessing something that I find very fascinating. That something is the way that we tell the story about what is happening to us, what’s happening to us in business. But you can apply this to anything outside of you, right? What’s happening to us in business, what’s happening in our lives, what’s happening in our relationships, apply it to any external area, it doesn’t matter. Notice the story that you are telling yourself and the conditions that you are placing upon what you are allowed to do based on the situation you find yourself in. 

For example, one place that I’m seeing this occur is women who are describing or who are talking about being in this place of being stuck. Being either stuck at a certain income level, or having plateaued their income or being in a particular place with their business not feeling like they have access to another level. Not feeling like they are at the place that they want to be. 

And yet this cat and mouse energy of I can’t make a new decision. I can’t shift out of this. I can’t be in a container I can’t allow or support it. This is one of my favorites. I can’t do coaching until I figure this out. Right? 

How many times have you done that? I’ve probably done that before in other areas of my life feeling like no, no, no, I just need to get it all perfect over here. Then I can take the step to rise to my next level. But I’m here right now, so I can’t do that yet. Is this resonating? Have you done this? Have you witnessed this? Whether you are a business coach, a health coach, a stylist? How many times have you witnessed either other people in your world or yourself placing conditions upon what is available to them? 

Why You Are The Pattern Disruptor

We describe the pattern that we’ve been stuck in, the thing that we’ve been feeling like we just can’t get out of. We’ve been saying Yeah, but when this shifts, then I’m going to really make moves. When I get out of this slump, then I’m going to really see myself take off. When I just see this much money come into my business, then I’m going to invest in myself. What I feel like I have more energy, then I’ll make time to prioritize my health. When my relationship is going better. Then I’ll invest in getting support with my relationship thriving. 

We really have it so backwards. My love. You are the pattern disrupter, the pattern is playing itself out and as long as you are telling yourself the story of the pattern is the way that it is and I am at the mercy of the ebbs and flows and what is happening to me circumstantially what is happening in my business. My hands are tied until I see the pattern shift. 

Every time that you do that, every time that you outsource what happens to you, a story that becomes of your business of your relationships, health, whatever area that you are in that you are looking for transformation and that you are experiencing transformation and every time that you outsource that to the pattern shifting first, you are wasting a lot of time and you are giving up your power. You are the pattern disrupter, I am the pattern disrupter. I am the pattern disrupter. I am the one who changes the frequency and the trajectory of what gets to be true. 

For me, the pattern shifts when I do write that down. The pattern shifts and we forget how freaking powerful we are. I’m feeling so lit up by this. You know how Neo in the Matrix, when the whole matrix collapses when he just goes like this the first time and all of the bullets fall? How freakin epic that movie is, I love that movie. All of the trilogy, I can’t wait for the new one. 

The reason he realizes that is literally the awakening that he has. I am the pattern disrupter. I get to choose this is not just happening to me and I am here as a passive by standing witness to what is going on, I am an agent of no pun intended with the Matrix, I am an agent of change. I have agency to shift the pattern. My perception and participation in what is going on here is the thing that is going to build the momentum that I want. I don’t have to wait for momentum to come to me in order to make the shift. 

Applying Pattern Distruption To Your Business

So let’s apply this to your business. Beloved, if you are telling yourself I’m feeling kind of stuck at this certain level, and I’m watching, I’m consuming a ton of free content from all these incredible coaches, from all these incredible people on Instagram or on their podcast or wherever it may be. But I’m not yet at the place where I can invest in support. I’m not yet at the place where I can do something different because of this pattern that I’m in. But I’m feeling really inspired. I’m feeling really lit up. I’m feeling like there’s a lot of wisdom here for me, but I can’t yet do anything because my hands are tied. 

How many times have you been there? How many times have all of us been there? We play cat and mouse with our readiness, with our worthiness with our ability to be agents of the change that we want to see. I’ve done that. And every single time that I have done that I have wasted so much time. We forget that the quickest way to get from one place to another is not to go about focusing on point A but to be focusing on point B. I’m going to say that again. When we feel like we are far away from whatever it is that we want, whether that is a new income level in your business, whether that is an expanded reach of your audience, whether that is a certain kind of energetic frequency that you want to tap into, but you’re just dabbling. 

You don’t have a committed practice, you don’t have a circle of other women that you are around who are helping you calibrate to a new level, you don’t have a mentor or somebody in your corner like all of these times that we wait. We wait for conditions to change, we wait for what we desire to walk towards us. 

How To Be The Pattern Disruptor

Meanwhile, forgetting that you have legs, you can walk, intentional step after intentional step towards the thing. You are the pattern disrupter. We do not wait for the pattern to shift in order for that to be your sign that you are ready. You shift the pattern by telling yourself and telling the universe not through your words, not through what you journal in your notebook that nobody sees, but through how you act, how you behave, how you show up, how you invest, how you commit, how you decide. That is the lightning bolt that drops in and changes everything. That is the pattern disrupter. 

It is so interesting because the universe is not waiting for you. It’s not going to just sit there and make the first move because you feel like you needed a personal invitation. How would you show up if you knew that you were always invited? That you had the power to initiate to be in the game, to put yourself out there, to put yourself on the line, to be so clear about your ability to disrupt the pattern, make the changes that you want to see. Make the up level shift out of the stuckness, whatever the up level is that you are currently working on. 

How would it be for you to remember that you possessed? What would it be like for you to remember that all you had to do was raise your freaking hand, step up to the platform and go for it? How would you speak? How would you act? How would you invest? How would you decide?

You are the pattern disrupter. You are the one who gets to set the stage for what gets to happen from here on out. So whether you are telling yourself, I’m ready for my biggest month yet, or, I’m ready to be done playing small and unlock a new level of power in my message, or, I’m done reaching the same 100 people, I’m ready to go bigger with my audience. Whatever your desire is, stop waiting for another invitation for another piece of evidence from the universe that you are not yet ready, you’re not yet welcome. 

How To Support The Frequency & Energy You Want To Bring In

What would it be like to give yourself that permission first? What would it be like for you to step in and step up to the potency and the power that you possess right now, the pattern shifts, when you decide that it does? I see this so much of the time, I literally would say it’s dozens of times now, that women who invest in programs with me it is so common, it is actually more uncommon that this doesn’t happen than common that it does happen. 

It is so common for women to say to me, boom, I’m in. I’m doing this. Let’s go. Pay in full. Game is on. Whether they do pay in full or payment plan doesn’t matter. But just this committed energy, and then for them to send me a DM within one or two days being like, boom, I just signed my biggest client all in. This money just came in from out of nowhere, boom, this thing happened. 

This is what I mean by being the pattern disrupter. When you make a potent, clear, aligned, powerful decision that is from the place that you are going, everything around you from a cellular level, literally reorganizes itself, it reorganizes itself to support the frequency and the energetic of what you are bringing in. 

Can you feel the difference? Can you feel the difference of this kind of lean back eating popcorn looking at the story of our business passing by? Wow, that’s amazing. She’s killing it. She’s killing it. She’s killing it. She’s killing it. I can’t do anything about my situation yet. I’m like, not where I want to be. But I can’t invest in a program because I’m not there yet. But they’re all doing great. 

Can you feel the passivity of that, can you feel that just acceptance of like, man, it is what it is, versus boom, here I am. I know where I’m going. I know who I’m becoming, I know the support that I want to surround myself with to get there. I know the mentorship that I want in my corner to get there. I know the presence and the potency and the Clear Channel of articulation that I am going to show up with not to get there but already being there. Can you feel the difference between those two energies? Guess which one is multimillion-dollar energy? Guess which one is the energy of a CEO who can evolve and shift and grow and expand and hold a bigger business, a bigger platform, a bigger level of potency? Guess which one? It’s not the popcorn eating laid back Gee, I wonder when it’s going to happen. 

Don’t misunderstand my words. I’m not saying being laid back in your feminine receptivity is bad. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m talking about not being passive in your life. Do not be passive with the results that you want. Do not be passive with the desires that you have. 

Why You Can’t Wait For Things To Shift –You Have To Shift Them

You are a queen, you are a pattern disrupter, you are capable of shifting the course and the trajectory of what happens to you, the money that you are available to make, the level of clientele that you are calling in. The way that you show up the way that you lead. You in your energy determined that you are the pattern disrupter. Do not wait for the pattern to shift as your cue to act. You shift your frequency and cue everything around you to get on board. 

I’m going to repeat that last piece. Do not wait for the room around you the pattern around you the income level around you to shift in order to be able to make the investment, play a bigger game, put yourself in a circle that pulls you forward and calls you up. Do not wait for those external circumstances to shift for you to feel like you now have your sign and your symbol and your pat on the back to go for it. You decide now. You lead with that now and you change at a cellular level. 

Everything around you, the women around you, all around you the clients who are drawn to you it is a different frequency. Your frequency commands a level of presence of potency, that cannot be looked away from. People will be magnetizing, they will be drawn. If you have been outsourcing your power to circumstantial patterns shifting, in order for you to make bold moves, consider this your invitation to flip the script. 

What bold move have you been avoiding? What big decision have you been backing away from? What have you been negotiating like a game of chess in your brain? When this happens, then I’ll make that big. When this happens, then I’ll do that. 

What about now? What about shortening that length between A and B by fixating on B and the woman who is hanging out at point b? What does she do now? I’ll tell you what she does. She goes live with power. She invests in support. She gets herself in the room. She shows up for herself. She invests. She is there. She puts herself in the room. She knows that she is worthy now and she stops waiting for conditions around her to change first. She makes the first move. She sets the stage. She shifts the energy of a room and witnesses and watches as everything falls into place the constellation of circumstances around her actually change. That is how she does it. 

I know somebody needed this message. I really just hope and pray that this landed so deep in your heart you can feel this. That you let it move something in you you let it work in you and that you take it to your core. What do you need to do? What Band Aid Do you need to rip off? Who do you need support from? What spaces can you actually get yourself into? Get to your next level now? 

Stop telling yourself you’re not ready. Stop telling yourself that you need x much more in the bank, that you need x much more in income, that you need to hit this or that in order to be the kind of woman who does that. No, you are the pattern disrupter, my love. You are the kind of woman who does that first, who does that now, who does not wait, who leads herself, who leads as the woman she is becoming and in so doing shifts everything around her. 

If this resonated for you, please share it. And if you want to be in this frequency, in this energy, in this place of expansion and uplevel I have some really exciting stuff for you. 

You can send me a DM I have two spaces right now open for the rest of 2021 and then we are closed for the year of Seven Sisters. This is my inner circle mastermind for multi-six and seven-figure business owners who are scaling to seven or multiple seven figures. If that describes you send me a DM say seven sisters and let’s have a chat. Prices going up in 2022. I’m so very excited to meet our last two ladies this group. 

Let me just say that that is not quite you yet and you’re scaling up to the multi six figure level. Send me a DM we are opening very soon doors to my signature year-long mastermind. I’m so freaking excited about it it is going to be five a year and if you want more of this level of fire amplified by like a good Julian. No matter what stage of business you are at you need to get in the room for bigger. We already have my team to send me a message today. We already have like 475 or something people who are signed up it is a part where you can click the link in my Instagram bio, it’s totally free October 27 to 29th be there, live the energy. It is literally going to be so freaking lit you will leave cellularly transformed. That is my promise to you. 

We’re doing an epic giveaway as well of one day VIP day in person with me I’m going to fly you out here you can get all of those details when you sign up at the link in my bio. So a few opportunities to shift the pattern get in the room get the support that you desire and deserve. 

Don’t freaking sit on the sidelines wondering and wishing how all these women are doing it. Wondering and wishing how you get access to some of this frequency. No, you decide, you lead, you make the choice to put yourself in the room that you are worthy of it that you are ready for it and you go and everything around you shifts. If this resonates for you if you want to be in the room if you’ve been following me forever and wondering how you can work with me. Consider this your very clear invitation. 

I love you guys. I am just holding the vision of your fullest biggest expression and expansion. Send me a DM for more info on any of the things I’ve just mentioned. And I will see you in the room. October 27 to 29th for our live bigger event, not sending you all so much love. 

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