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Episode 119. Energy & Strategy: Behind The Scenes of a $102K+ Cash Day

Episode 119. Energy & Strategy: Behind The Scenes of a $102K+ Cash Day

We are going to be having a super important conversation today about scaling. I’ve been having this conversation privately with so many different clients. It’s in the air right now. It’s in the field. And it’s something quite honestly that we need to talk about. 

Right now, in the business coaching space, we’ve done this thing where we’re either team one or the other team. Energy, mindset, manifestation, and vibe team or strategy, business plan, launch plan, and batching content team. I am really seeing this more and more. 

Why You Need Energy & Strategy

I feel like going down the rabbit hole of this is the one thing or this is the one thing and quite frankly, if you’ve been in my universe for any amount of time, you know that I am very, very adamant about teaching, about coaching on and really underscoring the importance of both energy and strategy, the feminine and masculine. These two pieces infrastructurally support expansion at a massive level. 

Whether you are scaling to your first six-figure year, you are scaling to your first six-figure month, or you are scaling to your first six-figure day, which we recently celebrated this month here at CSI, our first six figure cash day, which was super, super exciting. But no matter what level you are at in your business. You might be thinking that’s so far off for me but trust me, you will benefit from tuning into this conversation about applying energy and strategy in your scaling plan to enable you to grow in a way that is sustainable, in a way that is supportive, and in a way that allows you to hit whatever number you want to hit in your business. 

I always feel so deeply when I am supporting women who are powerhouses in their feminine creative channels. Downloaders, absolute wordsmiths creative powerhouses. They get a download, they want to execute on it straight away, that is how they roll. It is so so beautiful to support that. I just I love supporting women who are so connected to the power and the potency of their message of their feminine of their creative energy, who do a lot of the embodiment work. 

So the way that I really like to think about energy and strategy, and what I find is that when that energy, when that level of clarity, of creative life force is supported by infrastructure, by pricing strategies by a product suite that naturally ascends and differentiates based on where your clients Hell is at in their business or their life, what kinds of services they need, when we have the infrastructure to support all of that energy. That is when we can collapse time and play in the realm of the quantum. That is when we can truly start to take stuff off to the next level. All of a sudden, you’ll wake up and be like I am actually living in my vision board. 

Reverse Engineering Success

Here’s the thing. I actually almost named this live stream something else. I almost called it reverse engineering success because here’s what I want to say. The thing that I am the most obsessed with about our 100k cash day, 102k cash day this month, is that it was not just 102k cash day. I literally worked three hours that day. 

I know you might be watching this, and that might be really triggering for you. It might feel far off from where you are, I’m holding space for that. I’m allowing you to feel what you feel around that. I am sharing that because I made a very conscious decision as I was scaling my business and setting my sights on what I knew that we wanted to bring this business to. How I wanted to serve, how I wanted to lead, I knew, especially as a mother of a young child, that I’m not available to sacrifice my life and sacrifice my happiness, sacrificed my family and sacrificed my health, on the altar of my business. 

When we are talking about strategy and infrastructure to support the energetic expansion. We’re not just talking about systems and back-end processes and automation so that you can flow freely in your energy when you go to market, right. That’s one way that strategy and infrastructure instructor supports energy mindset, vibration, frequency, etc. 

Why You Need To Be Intentional When You Design Your Business

We are talking about the intentionality that comes from designing your business, reverse engineering, whatever goal that you have for yourself, whether that is 100k cash day, whether that is 100k cash month, whether that is 100k cash or a 500k cash month. No matter what that goal is for you. If we are not intentional, crystal clear about our internal availability of how we are going to reach that goal. If we are throwing ourselves at the feet of a number for the sake of feeling relevant in the industry, my love’s I would suggest, we’ve forgotten the way. 

What is important in the conversation about what success means to you, that you want to bring light to what is important. I’m just sharing a behind the scenes breakdown of the energetic components and the strategic elements that have allowed us to just collapse time at warp speed over here 102k cash day in the business, just massive momentum and growth and collapsing time collapsing month-long income into a single day, and just making this stuff happen. 

The biggest win for me, besides having this epic financial result, was that day I worked three hours. I’m speaking to the importance of being really clear in the vision that we set for ourselves what it looks like to rise in our business, what it looks like to elevate to the next level. Are we also incorporating this essential conversation around how we want to rise? Are we willing to just sacrifice and work Work, work, work, work, work, work ourselves into the ground in order to hit a certain number to feel relevant and no imposter syndrome and able to market? Or are we choosing to lead our businesses from a place of inherent belonging inherent deserving, and boundaries protecting our time and how we work because what happens is when we do that, we then get creative inside of the time that we have. 

Put Boundaries Around Your Schedule

So the first suggestion that I want to encourage you to look at, and the piece that I want to highlight in terms of strategy is exactly what I’m defining right now, which is to have boundaries around your schedule. This might feel counterintuitive. You might say but Cait, I have so much to do –to which I’m going to say listen, Sister, I understand. We are in the middle of preparing for our biggest launch of the year. We are hosting a VIP retreat next month. We’ve got so many different clients and programs. We’re in the middle of onboarding our first employee, our first full-time employee, which is a massive milestone over here. 

There’s a lot going on over here. And yet I know that it is essential for me and I think this is true for all of my go-getting ambitious ladies who like to work, who love their business, who could spend so much time in it. It is so essential to put boundaries and parameters around your working day. Are you available to work 10 hours a day? 12 hours a day? 13 hours a day? Because if so, guess what? 

I don’t know which scientific principle this is, but you know that scientific one that says the matter is going to expand to that space it has to expand to. The same is true for your time. Your tasks will leak into and expand into 12 hours in the day, if you let them. If you only had one hour today to work, what are the most important tasks, the needle moving tasks? 

Those are going to look like for you, you’re being visible to your audience, showing up serving, and selling whatever that is to your people. So your marketing, your client service, your client delivery, those were those three hours that I spent on this day. And one of those pieces was checking my Instagram DMs, where I had a DM from a client who I’ve been having a relationship with, engaging with, going back and forth with who knew she wanted to sign up for a program. She knew she wanted to do it. She messaged me ready to go, let’s do the thing. So knowing what your money-making activities, your business-moving, needle-moving activities are. That has to go within the confines in the structure of your working day. It is really hard  to maintain a high energy essence, when you are allowing yourself to just check your phone all the freaking time be on Instagram doing nothing, wasting time, all day long. 

Structuring Your Business Around Your Life

For me this I learned this lesson the hard way becoming a mom. I mean, not the hard way. But when I became a mom, I was like, Oh shit, the stakes are high right now. It’s not just me like dicking around wasting time on my phone, it’s me losing out on time to be with my family. Time that I can’t ever get back. So I am super adamant and clear about that. 

My business strategy is set up so that I have my team doing everything else that I don’t need to be doing. Absolutely everything else so that I can show up in my zone of genius in my business. So that I can serve my people in the highest possible capacity. So that what I am spending my time on is directly impacting service and sales. That is the essence of how I’ve structured my time. 

The strategy behind that allows us to grow at an exponential rate because I’m not wasting my creative life force, my energy in areas that don’t actually move the needle. Everybody wants to hack, everybody wants the quick steps, everybody wants the super easy way to do the thing. 

Let me just distill this, this isn’t a hack. This isn’t a secret key. And this isn’t a silver bullet. But it is the damn truth. If you want to be making big money in your business, we need to be selling something and serving our people in a consistent way. We need our people to know that there is a way to work with us, that there is a way to receive a transformation. 

The Strategy Infrastructure Behind $100k+ Cash Days

Which brings me to my second point about strategy infrastructure in the how behind $102,000 cash day, for the month. So far we’re at like 133k or something cash.

What I want to say about being able to have something to offer, to have something to sell is, first of all, that you have offers or a product suite. It doesn’t need to be a physical product, it doesn’t even need to be a digital product, your product could be a service package, a mastermind, a mentorship, of retreat, some kind of experience of working with you. 

So don’t think product and think, I don’t have a notebook, I can’t do this. You can. Do you have an offer suite that reflects the stages and phases of growth and access to you? If I sold only private coaching, for example, and I sold them at what I sell a three-month group program for,  there’s no way I would be having the business model that I have right now. I would have to completely shift things around. 

A Look Inside My Product Suite

But I have a product suite and a pricing structure that reflects number one, the amount of access that somebody gets to me. Number two, it makes sense in terms of all the other offers I have in my office. I have my educational bread and butter programs about marketing and about sales, both of which have a very heavy psychological mindset and an energetic component, but one is focused on marketing one is focused on sales. Then I have my mastermind containers where you get access to all of the information, tools and trainings that I’ve delivered. Plus a Live coaching component. Then I have one on one which is creme de la creme. You get the whole kit In kabootal. 

So if you want proximity to not just all of those different pieces and components, The Sisterhood of the mastermind, the live group coaching component, the ability to source your wisdom and be Live coached in a container like that plus access to all of those different tools, teachings, trainings, that is going to be up here. 

So it’s super, super important that whatever your offer suite looks like, that you have a tiered pricing system that reflects the level of access the level of content, the level of transformation that’s being offered inside of a particular container. I hear from clients, I’m feeling really frustrated. I’m trying to sell a $200 offer, for example, in a small setting, or to my audience of this amount. We need to look at this. Again, it goes into that reverse engineering piece, how do I want to reverse engineer my way to $100,000, month, year,  day, whatever it is? You could sell $100,000 package in the course of a whole year, if your goal is a six figure year, you could sell $25,000 packages, there’s so many different ways. 

But what’s important to look at in your business model is how are you going to get there? What’s the reverse engineered roadmap to hit that goal? If we have multiple offers, we want to make sure that the pricing of those offers makes sense based on the tier of access, the tier of transformation, the duration of the container, the infrastructure of the container, all of that matters so much when we look at pricing out our offers. 

Having the opportunity for people to work with us and receive transformation at different stages based on how much support they want. And if you were a coach, likely that’s going to look like based on the level of access to you and to a live coaching component. That’s a really important structural and strategic piece. 

Why You Need Energy To Support The Execution Of Your Strategy

Now, I say this to my strategy junkie clients all of the time who like to jam out about pricing, product suite launch strategy, they’re into that whole thing. So for all my people who are like team energy, team mindset, team whoo, team manifesting, team journal, the IT team, it’s a done deal. But maybe who have been lacking some of these other pieces about pricing product suite, reverse engineering our way to the numbers that we’re calling in, having boundaries with our time so that we’re not just leaking into oozing into all areas of the day. And most importantly, the strategy and the structure of defining the numeric and financial success that we’re going for in the context of what matters in our lives.

Without the energy to support the execution of our strategies and structures, everything starts to crumble. I’m gonna say that one more time, you can write that down. You can take that with you write it on a post it, put it on your computer, remember that without the end, to support the strategies that you have put in place, to execute on what you have set forth, the whole thing starts to crumble. It is so essential that when you, for example, price your services and you show up to market that you are sending in the value that you provide. It is so important that when you get out of bed, no matter what, if you wake up in a good mood, you wake up in a bad mood that is not the emotion of you. 

The Confusion Around Energy

I think a lot of people like to misinterpret this thing of energy. A lot of people think energy means being high vibe, being in a good mood, being in any of those things. No being in powerful energy does not mean being in an emotionally happy mood. Being in your powerful energy means being connected to your power being connected to the deeper mission and the heartbeat of your work the values that you hold the essence of the container that you are selling. 

And if you’re having a hard time getting connected to that, we have an energetic mismatch, some fuses inside are not connecting. And it is critical that that is repaired in order for the marketing steps of your strategy and the execution pieces. We can’t expect that strategy of Lvestream or podcast or post on Instagram or any of the normal places that we market, your email marketing –if the energy inside them is not attuned. If we are not speaking to our people, if we are not connected to the mission, the message, the heartbeat, the living pulse of the work that we are putting into this world. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt, that a huge reason that we are already at 133,000 cash for the month so far, that six-figure months are our norm, that our clients are thriving, and several hitting six figure months of themselves, which is super, super exciting. I know that the reason is not just one of these pieces or the other.

How To Live & Breath Your Why

We have a strategy and an infrastructure and tiers of offerings that allow us to do this. When I say us, I mean myself and my team to support clients to rise at so many different tiers. But I am living and breathing my why. I am living and breathing the essence of not just the features and the call numbers and blahdy blah of the programs. But like why I have put these offers in place in the first place. Why I am passionate to my core and my bones about supporting women to rise. Why I believe that having the tools and the infrastructure not just journaling prompts but truly having marketing savvy and strategy and launch planning this morning I was walking through a six-week reverse-engineering launch plan with the client was coming up. 

This is why I teach in such depth and detail and specifics inside of the containers and programs that I teach. Because when we have the breakdown, when we have scaffolding an infrastructure that supports us to fully get clear, so we can exhale and then tap into the deeper energetic why the deeper purpose of all of the containers that we sell, that is when we become magnetic. 

Why Vibes Alone Aren’t Sustainable

One thing that I am really, really, really passionate about guys so passionate about is bringing to the forefront to have the conversation the reminder that if your energy, if we’re relying on your vibe and your magnetism and whatever to do the work of not having your infrastructure set up, you are working too hard. You’re working too hard. And overworking and working too hard and just trying to do it on vibe is unsustainable. You start to draw from and deplete the very inner life forcethat is meant to sustain you. We don’t want to deplete and draw from your energy reserves, when we could be putting scaffolding in place to support you so that your energy is free to be magnetic and potent and compelling. Embody leadership in motion. 

But we do not want to have to depend on you and you alone to create every single thing that you do in the business. So I want to ask you to really reflect on if you have these components in place inside of your business. 

Do you have strategy and structure and offers and processes that support you to have stuff organized and ready to go? This is what scaling smarter, scaling supported, scaling in a sustainable way looks like. 

Are you energetically turned the F on by what it is that you’re selling? Are you energetically living and breathing what it is that you’re offering? Are you energetically embodied and attune to the fact that there is nobody else who can teach or lead or guide in the way that you can? Or do you really believe that? If you don’t, we’ve got to look at the energy. 

You Can’t Have Strategy Without Energy And Vice Versa

One of the things that I am just so passionate about bringing to the conversation. It’s really interesting. I was saying this to a client this week, when a client comes to me thinking that they have a strategy problem, 9 times out of 10 they have an energy problem. When they come to me thinking they have an energy problem, 9 times out of 10 it’s a strategy problem. So I just think it’s so essential that we are putting these two pieces in dialogue with another. We can’t have one without the other and frankly, we can’t have sustainable success without both of these. 

So I want to ask you to reflect on whether you are going for your first six-figure year, your first six figure month, your first six-figure day I want you to reflect on.

Where are there gaps or leaks, or last-minute loose ends in your strategy? How is that causing you to work too hard? How is that causing you to work too many hours? How is that causing you to bleed out your energy, your life force because we don’t have infrastructure in place? Because we don’t have a product suite? Because we are kind of winging it in our launches? Where is their strategy leaky? 

And then I want you to ask yourself, how is my energy right now? Not just right now in this moment, but am I connected to my message? If I am not energetically tuned in and turned on by the thing that I am supposedly selling, the space that I’m supposedly going to be holding for people, how do I expect anybody else to be energized by this? How am I expecting any sort of win and momentum when I am energetically miffed about the thing? Because again, it’s not just having high vibe energy, it’s also knowing how to market. It’s also building hype. It’s also having a strategic flow of all of these things. How am I setting myself up from an energetic perspective and a strategic perspective to win, to support, to truly be connected as a conduit for the leadership that I am here to embody and be? How am I letting that shine through in my business? 

The last thing that I want to leave you with on the energy piece is really understanding that the narrative and the story that you tell yourself, I put this in a recent post, a quote that I shared the other day, which is we can only rise to the levels that we imagine possible for ourselves. 

There are years of my life that if you told me that I would make $102,000 in one day, I would be like, You’re lying. What? Like what are you even saying is that even possible? Like hell to the No. That was literally three times my teaching salary in one single day, I would have said there’s no way, Yet that was years ago. 

Even four years ago, when I started my business my goal was to make six figures in a year revenue. That was my goal. It felt far away, but I had to stretch and expand my capacity to believe it was possible. And this is what I want to say to you, we rise to the levels that we believe are possible. 

How Your Energy Can Direct Your Trajectory

So if energetically you feel like you are clinging on to stories about it being wrong, feeling guilty for being affluent for having resources, for having impact, for having a successful business, for being visible, in your wealth, in your power in your leadership. If there is a story associated with that, that is keeping you from your full expression and your full expansion. Energetically, we have an issue. Because we are unintentionally reinforcing a glass ceiling, an upper limit. The invitation here is to allow yourself to dream bigger than you ever thought possible. Why not you? I can generate $102,000 cash in a single day. Why not you? Really sit with that.

I could not have imagined that possible years ago. And yet. I’ve consistently gotten myself in rooms and surrounded myself with other women. I’ve invested in containers and mentorship and support that allowed me to even fathom such a thing being possible. We can only rise to the level or levels or the realities that we even dream and deem possible. 

If we think about how true this is in so many other areas outside of business. Things like travel, I could never do that. That’s too dangerous or I could never go there like that. I don’t speak English or I could never do this thing. All of the stories that we have. I remember the first time I went to Costa Rica having a big story of like, I’m going to get lost, or I don’t speak Spanish fluently enough, right? Don’t do this, it’s going to not work. If I said that story long enough, I would have never moved to Costa Rica, I would have never worked in a local community for years, I would have never become fluent in Spanish, I would have never built relationships with that community. All of that would have been true based on the story, the belief, the narrative, that I was telling myself. 

This is a component of energy and energetics that I don’t think we talk about enough in business. The narrative of what we believe perceive or conceive as possible, in our energetic field is only going to expand to the degree to which we think we can expand to if we tell ourselves it’s unsafe to expand beyond. If we tell ourselves, it’s impossible to generate X amount of income. If we tell ourselves that X amount of visibility is going to mean haters, and it’s going to be dangerous, and we’re going to feel overwhelmed. We’re going to create every opportunity to not get the very thing that we want. 

So why not be honest with yourself about what you, number one, what this isn’t about. You don’t need to have 100k a da.y. Again, go back to the beginning of this conversation of defining success on your terms. I am not about making X amount of money for the sake of making X amount of money.

I am so clear, and so deeply grateful. I’ve healed my relationship with money in such a massive way. Money is a tool, it’s a blessing in my life to facilitate the ongoing and perpetuation of other blessings. Money is not for money alone. Money is for momentum opportunity to build beauty and sustainability in my world for my why. I am clear on that. But if I had an energetic story of it’s not safe to receive at this level, you better believe I wouldn’t be showing up.

To do that. I would feel too scared to earn at that level. Trusting yourself to be an energetic match for the money that you desire is so important. I so appreciate you being here love. It is really, really, really important  that we think about how we are defining what gets to be possible for us how we are telling ourselves a story about what energy is safe to be embodied in our beings. As we show up as we sell as we serve. It is so important. 

Am I going to do Reels or do a trending audio, or am I going to write a bomb ass email strategy  about infrastructure. It’s about bones. It’s about how we are supported by these masculine principles in our business so that we’re free to exhale and allow our creative flow, that feminine component, that essence to really lead. 

Do you have boundaries around how many hours you’re available to work? Do you have products suite and a stage and phase of your offerings that make sense to your pricing structures? Are they all kind of random? Just because I think I should price it at that. Are they intentional? When we have these two pieces of energy and strategy working together. That is when we tap into the slipstream of momentum. That’s where we can truly generate however much we might want to and tie that in with the bigger conversation of what success means for us. 

I am so grateful for you. It is so beautiful to be here with you. I am obsessed with sharing behind the scenes conversations, musings and unpacking things behind massive days and I truly hope you have gotten something beautiful out of this. 

The Rise Mastermind 2022

The waitlist doors are officially open for The Rise Mastermind 2022 which feels so momentous and so beautiful. I am so excited. The Rise Mastermind is my year-long container, Live coaching container for business owners who are established wand ho have been generating consistent income in their businesses. They are ready to elevate and truly rise not just an income level, although that is where we are going. The intention is for experienced business owners who are ready to calibrate to 20k to 60k months. That is the sweet spot that is the vibe that is the place that we are elevating to. But also to rise in leadership, rise in unlocking your voice, rise in your internal comfort with being seen, rise in your capacity to dream about what else exists beyond your business. 

This is a space to hold your bigger. This is a space where it is so safe for you to take up airwaves for you to relish and relax into your ambition where it is safe for you to dream as big or as small, as loud or as subtle as on the mountaintop. Who do you want to become? How do you want to lead? What movement are you here to create on this planet? How do you want to be remembered and known? What is the legacy trying to be born through your work?

That is what Rise is all about. So if you are an established business owner, you are ready to feel the expansion and the rise into your next level of leadership of income of impact of service of being seen, I invite you to join the waitlist, 

There’s a secret whisper in your soul. It knows that you are ready to be compensated for your magic. Come and join us. The link is in my bio, sign up for the waitlist and you’ll get all the details from there. I love you so much. I so appreciate you being here. And I will talk to you all again really soon.

Lots of love everyone.

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