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Episode 64: Behind the Scenes of Growing My Business While Pregnant

Episode 64: Behind the Scenes of Growing My Business While Pregnant

Is it really possible to grow a tiny human — and a 7 figure company at the same time?

You betcha — but not when you let fear run the show.

In this podcast episode, I break down the limiting beliefs I held (like stage 4 clinger held) onto around starting a family before getting pregnant. How I’d built the wrong business, had to scrap everything and start over, or worse, give up my business altogether. That’s right, ya girl had serious doubts.

In this episode, I hold nothing back and let you in behind the scenes of how I radically turned my mindset around — and made a few strategic, crucial changes to my business — to allow for ease and expansion of both my business and my growing little girl! Pop those headphones in and dive into this one!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about: 

Why Getting Pregnant Doesn’t Mean Scrapping Your Entire Business Model (and what it DOES Require Instead) [4:38]

Running a Business from a Cerebral v. Body Based Place [8:59]

​How to Eliminate Rushing, False Urgency, and Stress [10:24]

How to Grow Organically With Ease [20:48]

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