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Episode 13: The Heart of Bold, Brave Leadership with Kate Maree O’Brien

Episode 13: The Heart of Bold, Brave Leadership with Kate Maree O’Brien

Friends!!! Episode 13 of the BTR Podcast is the definition of woman power.

Today, my guest is YouTuber and Women’s Leadership Powerhouse, Kate Maree O’Brien. Kate is a visionary and voice for bold women’s leadership, transformation, playing it big, and living from truth. She has created a global company specializing in empowering women’s leadership and leads trainings and workshops all around the world. She is the owner of multiple companies and runs an international team of over 12 full time team members from Bali.

In today’s episode, Kate and I have a transparent, ruthlessly honest conversation about her, where she started, how her personal challenges shaped her business growth, why the challenges she faced made her stronger, and Kate’s golden advice and approach for moving through the muck and rising up. This is an episode you want to listen to with the volume all the way up. Plus, she has the best Kiwi accent ever!

In other *VERY* exciting news, Kate is hosting the first annual SHE Conference in Gold Coast, Australia from August 16-18, 2019.

This is going to be the most EPIC women’s leadership event in the Southern Hemisphere in 2019 so if you’re in Bali, Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, do not let this pass you by. The lineup of speakers at SHE is going to be off the hook, and it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with inspiring women in the fields of business, personal development, and leadership.

Click here to learn more about the event and grab your spot now before spaces sell out!!

Here’s a closer look at this episode:

  • The interesting story of how Kate’s business began.
  • Kate shares her experience with self-doubt, the internal dialogues she struggled with and how she moved through all of it.
  • Her story of verbally and visually speaking powerful messages to women about embracing their bodies and making it a process of embracing her own body as well.
  • The journey of Kate and Henare, her husband, navigating everything in their life and business together.
  • Her perspective and advice for women stepping up in their lives but are currently feeling frustrated about not seeing results.
  • Kate’s recent experience of going through a threshold and what we can learn from it.
  • How she has learned to let go and trust her team.
  • Changing your thinking and mindset from negative to positive and allowing yourself to be creative.
  • Her own practices to crack her own capacity, expand beyond her comfort zone and get herself moving to the next level.
  • How she worked through moments when she felt desperate and stuck.
  • Beautiful, powerful and inspiring words from Kate.

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