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Episode 27: On Building a Thriving, Sustainable Brand with Elana Loo

Episode 27: On Building a Thriving, Sustainable Brand with Elana Loo

Building a business can feel a lot like running in a hamster wheel and making yourself a carbon copy of every other entrepreneur in your niche. It is so easy to loose sight of who you are and what alignment looks like for you.

Enter in, intentional, mindful, environmental Goddess – Elana Loo.

Elana Jadallah is a photographer, educator, strategist and environmental advocate based on the Big Island of Hawai’i and the coast of Maine. As the Founder of ElanaLoo.com, a site dedicated to sharing regenerative and sustainable concepts for life and business, she and her partner Aaron Haynes work with creative entrepreneurs, providing brand photography, social media consulting, conscious travel guides, and other digital resources. She’s shaped her platform around creating positive changes for the planet, while encouraging others to create a life they’re proud of and inspired by each day.

Elana is very passionate about our environment and the key theme in this episode is sustainability and the mirror our planet provides us with the way that we show up online. Are you being intentional, mindful, and sacred with your planet and your business?

Inside this episode, we discuss:

All about today’s guest, Elana Loo [9.01]
Building a community and personal brand in an intentional and soulful way [14.06]
Bringing mindfulness, soul and sustainability into social media [18.11]
Going from nothing is working to ease and clarity in your marketing [34.40]
Navigating challenging moments – Elana gets vulnerable about a personal challenge [36.24]
Elana’s parting wisdom to an aspiring entrepreneur [47.44]


I ask myself..Am I going to be proud of this in a decade or two? [20.46]
We are scared people and our businesses are sacred [21.10]

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