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Episode 161: Built to Scale: Create the Systems and Support to Reach Millions

Episode 161: Built to Scale: Create the Systems and Support to Reach Millions

Welcome to built to scale. So excited to share this with you because honestly, I can’t think of a more important conversation for women who want to be able to scale to a certain number and also be able to take time off. So this conversation is called built to scale scaling and the infrastructure and support to help you reach millions. The caveat is that not all millions are created equal. So let me just pause before I dive in, because I have so much I want to share with you, if you’re a note taking kind of person, you might want to do that. You can also re listen back to this. If notes aren’t your thing. But I really want to encourage you to like treat this like a live training that you’re showing up in paying for to actually extract some value out of it. Because there’s going to be a lot of nuggets here, decide there’s going to be something available to you and watch that happened. What kind of support system you presently have. Do you have any sort of team? Do you have personal support at home supporting the business? Like what does support look like for you right now? And frankly, what’s your relationship with support, one of the things that I think is so important to remember and to recognize, and this is where I want to start our conversation today is that not every dollar is created in the same way. Not every million is created in the same way, you can have a six figure month or a six figure year or fill in the blank to whatever number you are scaling to, you can do that in so many different ways. You can do that. flying by the seat of your pants, making it all up as you go along, creating every system as you go. That’s one option that is available. There’s plenty of people who do that. And there is also another way. And this is what I want to talk to you about today, which is what it looks like to feel deeply, deeply supported. And every single level inside of your business. So we’re going to talk about what those different layers of support look like. Beautiful phrase is I have a team of six super strong, supportive fiance at home beautiful. I opened up to receiving support last year when I almost burnt myself out. Yes. And this is such a thing that can happen, right? We experience success, we experience momentum for a lot of us who find ourselves in entrepreneurship as super capable driven women, we we get shit done, right, we’re really good at making stuff happen, we’re really good at turning it on, we’re really good at generating results for ourselves. What can happen, not for everybody, but what can happen is that when we are so hyper competent, we can do one of two things.

Number one, we can tell ourselves the story of nobody can do it as well as I can. So this is a block that comes up when it comes to team or whatever. Also the story of nobody can do it as well as me. So let me just keep everything on my plate. Anybody who’s gone through the hiring process, you know what I’m talking about, right? That feeling of? Yeah, I desperately need team, I desperately need help. But nobody’s going to be able to do it quite the way that I can do it, nobody’s gonna be able to quite get it exactly how I want it. Has anybody felt that? Drop it in the comments, let me know. So all of this stuff that we might not even know is there comes up when we look at hiring support, I want to say in this conversation, we are largely going to be talking about hands support. So I’m going to make a distinction right now, there are two kinds of support that I believe are required. Like, I’m just gonna say you straight up need, and frankly want in your business in order to grow unless you’re like, I’m going to make six figures, seven figures, whatever it is any costs, including burning myself into the ground, including resenting and hating my life not having a life, which, like, I’m so sick of this conversation because I work with a lot of women who have hit a million dollars or who are well on their way there and they’re like, Hey, I am burnt the fuck out. I don’t want to do it like that. I don’t want to just hit a number for the sake of hitting a number. I want to feel good. I want to feel spacious. I want to feel like as my income grows, so does the space in my calendar and I feel like that is 180 different from where I am now. So again, this conversation is about intentionality and about what we really need, and what we truly want in order to scale to the numbers and the bigness that we want, without feeling like we are running ourselves into the ground.

The two necessary types of support you need

So there are two core types of support that you want in your corner on this journey. The first is head and heart support. The second is hand support. So head and heart support, this is your coaching container, this is your mentor, this is the mastermind that you’re a part of this is the space where you grow as a leader. This is the space that nourishes you at the deepest soul level that calls you higher that elevates your skill set because you are in a relational dynamic of being supported because you are in a relational dynamic, of being mentored of being held, especially if you are a coach for other people, especially if you are working intimately with other humans, you not having the support but needing to be a vessel to pour into people. It’s like number one, where you support it. And like my philosophy with this is the more held and supported that I am on the head and heart level. And you know, we can actually extrapolate this and I work on some of this with clients. Like we can extrapolate that to home as well. I do this a lot with private clients like where are we looking at my high level masterminds? Like? Where are we looking at home support, what kind of support would make you feel the most luxurious, so we’re specifically talking about hands and head heart as it relates to business. But you can apply this as well to your home, okay, and all of the different ways whether that’s childcare, meal prep, lawn mowing, like laundry services, you name it, you get to have all the support you want. And as women part of our job is stripping back all of the layers of noise that say, oh, a good woman, wife, daughter, sister, mother, whatever doesn’t do that doesn’t hire that doesn’t need that. That’s so extra that’s so needy, blah, blah, blah, no sister, our job, especially if we are women who want to create a big impact in this world. The murderer has to go the story of Superwoman cut that shit off. There’s no story of how does she do it? I’ll What’s your secret? Anytime you want to know, I’m on a little bit of a tangent here, but I’m gonna bring it back. Anytime somebody asked me that on a podcast because I get asked this question all of the time on podcast interviews, like how do you do it? Okay, it’s so how do you do it on my answer every single time? Do you want to know what it is? Do you have a guess? I don’t, I don’t do it all by myself. I am so intentional with surrounding myself with so many different layers of support. The idea of being self made and I get it like you didn’t have outside funding, you didn’t come from a wealthy family like beautiful, celebrate the shit out of that bracket. Sister, I am all for it. Take up the big space on what you have built and acknowledge that you stand on the shoulders of the women who come before you who stand around you, who support you all of the time.

Why you need to be held and supported as a business owner

The idea the myth of the exclusively self made woman is so toxic because it leaves everybody else wondering what am I doing wrong. So head heart support. Get yourself a coach, get yourself a mentor, find yourself a mastermind, join several of them like be held and supported I have at any given time, at least one one on one coach, personally of two, and a mastermind container that I’m a part of find yourself support, it is vital it is necessary. And if you want to feel your capacity expand as you hold more and more clients you being held on an energetic level on a strategic level on a frequency level is so essential. So that’s one kind of support. The second kind of support is hands. This is your team guys. This is your and of course like your mentor, your mastermind, your community is part of your team. But I’m talking specifically the people who help you inside of your business to do stuff. Now, a big myth that I think a lot of women have when it comes to team is either like I need to hire a team of 10 or 20 in order to get something done or I just need to find someone that like I vibe with and then hire them and then all my business was will be taken care of or they get to a point of like I’m so overwhelmed and so stressed out I have more work than I can carry. I just need to hire somebody fast. And then they come on board and then everything will be easier. And where I see a big like choke a big crash collision is the gap between mean, oh shit, I’m so overwhelmed. But I actually have had no, I’ve given no thought to how I’m going to onboard my team, how I’m going to train my team, how I’m going to lead my team. Because here’s the thing as a seven figure CEO, you are not just coaching clients. And I don’t say just coaching clients as if that’s not like extraordinary. But you are not only responsible for holding a container and holding space for your clients, you are also leading a team. And I view myself first and foremost initiative to happen for me probably about a year, maybe two years ago, from looking at myself primarily as like a business coach and a coach in general. And now looking at myself as a CEO. Part of my role as a CEO, is being a leader to my team, being a leader to the women who back the mission and the vision of Cait Scudder International. And part of that is also mentoring and being the creative visionary for our programs, being the facilitator for our communities like but all of that falls under CEO and it is a total mindset shift when you start thinking about yourself as a CEO, and a leader of a community as of not just your Instagram audiences, your community but like your people, versus Oh, yeah, I just like pay a VA to do some graphics. For me like such a different mindset. Can you feel how different that is? One of those is like built on sort of the bandaid reactionary solution. And I’m curious for you guys, when you experience your team, if you have a team, even if it’s one person who helps you 10 hours a month, like, do you? Are you operating from a place of thoughtfulness and proactivity? are you operating from a place of reactivity? Oh, shit, I need this. I need it now. Right?

What not to do when you’re hiring and looking for support

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that I see with entrepreneurs when it comes to team and hiring hand support is this feeling of I’m so overwhelmed, I have so much going on. I’m like too busy to think about the my team, I just want somebody who’s awesome. And who can just do it. Right, we don’t even take the time, a lot of the time to define what it is, like, forget about role descriptions, blah, blah, blah, I don’t have time to do that. So I just want someone who I can have a quick conversation with and come in, and then they’ll just like make my life easier. And then there’s this huge disappointment, or this huge feeling of oh my god, this person is not going to work out, or this big letdown of like, oh my God, here I go again, I’m all on my own, I have to do it myself. And then this like Superwoman complex kicks in, where we don’t delegate, and we are paying for a team, and then we start to resent it, because we’re not using it well, on and on and on. If you have not hired anybody yet, I hope you’re taking notes and paying attention. Because see, these are some of the things you want to avoid some of the things you want to not do. One thing that I see is a lot of entrepreneurs pushing, either bringing more hand support into the business off, because they feel like I’m not a systems person, or I’ll do it later. Like I haven’t even hit six figures yet. Or I haven’t even hit multiple six figures yet. Like I’ll do it when I’m making consistent 20k months, right? It’s the same thing we do when we’re hiring a coach, like, I’ll get support when I have my first 10k month or my first 100k month or I’ll join that big, you know, stretchy investment when this blah, blah, blah. And listen, I’m not saying you need to hire a bunch of people all at once. I don’t actually believe that’s true. And I will walk you through my own hiring journey. I’m super happy to do that. But the story of it’s going to cost me a ton of money. I have to hire all these different people up front. I you know I hear people talking about an OBM or this or that so let me just hire everybody and then the feeling of overwhelm of like, oh shit, I have no idea how to lead these people. I have no idea what I actually need. I have no idea how to delegate properly. These are some of the things that stop entrepreneurs from really being able to scale and I want to just say, you guys, I am coming to this conversation having made every mistake in the team building book.

In 2018 19. I vividly remember being in Croatia I was on holiday with my family with Toby’s family actually. And like having like Happy Hour drinks being out to dinner I was traveling the world we were like super close to hitting multiple six figures. I was living the dream right on the outside it was like you’ve made it K you’re just like wow, so inspiring. I was showing up late to our happy hours because I was like fiddling around in the black back end of Click Funnels like trying to figure out how the fuck to like set up an order form and it It was then that I realized, okay, this is not what I want, I can keep going. And I can scale to a million. But I don’t want to do it this way, because this doesn’t feel good. And it might look good because I’m traveling and who would survive, but like, behind the scenes, everything felt hard. And so I proceeded to do exactly what I’m telling you guys, I was like I need help. hired people quickly, didn’t take the time to think about their roles ahead of time got super frustrated, some people I kept for nine months too long, with like, high, you know, mid four figure investments that ultimately didn’t work out and I had to let them go. And that was a huge wake up call. I say mid four figure monthly investments, I should say like over well over $40,000 in team that didn’t work out probably more over the years, probably more like 60,000 in team stuff, investments that didn’t work out. So I’m coming to you having made a ton of these mistakes, and learn the hard way. And that is why this is such an important topic to me. Because as you guys know, I love talking about mindset and energetics. I love talking about marketing and strategy. But frankly, if you are missing this piece, if you are missing this piece of sustainability of true scale, it’s like you’re building on a Sant like that parable of you know, building your house on sand you’re building, you can have the best marketing machine in the world, you can have the most compelling presence, you can have the most sexy offers. But if you don’t have support, and again, I am not saying a team of five, I’m talking about depending on where you are in your business, one person to support you. And then as you grow and as you scale, adding on another and being strategic about what and not just people support is one part human human support, and one part systemic support. So again, during this period in 2018 2019, you guys, I was reinventing the wheel, every contract I was sending out myself, every invoice like everything was painfully manual. And since then, we have and I you know, it was I knew this was a gap and I paid somebody to fix it. Even though I had no idea what I was doing and how I was delegating. And when it didn’t come back in a way that we could use. I really had to learn the hard way, like why am I rushing this?

Why you need to invest in your backend structure

Why am I so willing to invest in coaching and mentoring, but I’m not willing to invest in my back end, I’m not willing to invest in structure. And frankly, that is a big thing that I see with a lot of business owners and you know, business coaches alike of which I am one, we have some reckoning to do with that, like, we value and prioritize the value of coaching, we speak about and talk about and know and see the ROI of coaching. And yet, we’re not we’re not having a big conversation about like back end systems and support and hiring a team because A, I think a lot of business coaches get scared that their clients will think, Oh, I either hire a team or I hire a coach. And it’s like, no, you hire both, you need both. You obviously don’t necessarily need to do everything at the exact same moment. Every single coach, you want to hire every single team member you ultimately want to have you do it in stages in a way that makes sense, separate conversation. But we get scared about that. And it’s not as sexy. It’s not as fun to talk about. And yet, I am such a believer and advocate for true sustainability. When it comes to scaling. You guys may or may not know that I am 37 and a half weeks pregnant right now I could literally go into labor on this live stream. And one of the things that I’m the most proud of is having such a robust maternity plan, knowing that my team is set up to not only serve our existing clients in containers so well, that our clients and containers have clear visibility on what’s coming. That Are we still have launches planned, my team is going to launch without me and lead a program without me actively present. I’ve been super present in all the prep leading up to it. But this has only been able to happen and where we still are hitting six figure months, every single month and we will when I’m away on maternity leave and the how behind this is by setting up your systems. So I want you to ask yourself the following questions. Where are you currently repeating processes you personally where are you? Personally if you don’t have a team? And if you do have a team? Where is your team doing this? Where are you currently repeating and processes that could be automated, delegated or deleted.

Where are you doing stuff that is just like, frankly, not efficient? And you might be like, Oh, okay, like, it’s fine. I’m just like, that’s how I like to do it. I’m just like creative. I’m on a whim, blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, Cool. Do it your way. 100% We don’t do everything this and I want to say this as well, because maybe this is an objection you have like, to building a team and to building out your back end into building systems. And I don’t just mean human systems. I also mean this, like, actual project management systems and Oregon file organizing systems and workflows. Like, you might be like, Oh, that sounds so fucking boring. And I don’t want to do that. And I liked the thrill of recreating, and I’m, I believe me, I get that more than anybody. I hate and I never I will tell you guys right now, we run a multiple seven figure business guys, I never go into clickup. clickup is similar to Asana, which is like a project management system, my team operates out of it like clockwork, but I never go in there because I don’t like I don’t frankly, like it, it feels boring to me. However, it is super valuable. So if you are thinking like, Oh, this is like, trying to make me super rigid and fit into a box, no, you still get to be the kind of leader, the kind of woman, the kind of CEO that you want to be. This is about being educated and actually knowing how to make it easy to show up in your genius, because if you’re like, Oh, it’s just easier for me to do it real quick. That tells me that there is some like, there’s so much more efficiency that can be had in your business, when you are operating from your zone of genius, when you are operating from exclusively the place of where does your company require your time, energy face, you in the physical, you in the present where in your company currently requires you and you alone, your skill set. So for example, for me, those areas are coaching my clients, creating our content for our programs, and doing some of our marketing.

So recording solo podcast episodes, I can delegate that I can delegate all the parts on the production, the distribution, the data collection, like all of that I can delegate, but coming up with the idea and actually sitting down to press record, that comes from me, coaching our clients like inside of containers, we have very intentional stages of our different containers, we have intentional support that we bring in via support coaches via the support of our team we have sought, we offer the full support of our team on so many of our different offers. And when it’s my time to teach or to coach, nobody else can do that. So I want you to ask yourself, what elements of your business require your time and expertise? Like Absolutely. And I encourage you to make a list of this. Another way. Another way I’ve led this exercise before is make a list of every single thing you are presently doing inside of your business. So what does it look like on the day to day? Where are you spending your time this is really helpful from like a time and a calendaring system audit, like if you feel like you’re working too much, what are you actually doing? What are you actually doing? And you might find, oh, I’m like repeating a bunch of work that my team is doing. I’m micromanaging. Or I’m wasting a bunch of time in a scroll hole on Instagram or whatever it is, like where are you actually spending your time? What are the tasks that you’re doing? Circle the ones that apps are freaking really so again require your time energy face being presence. So again, for me, coaching and mentoring our existing clients, creating content for our new programs, and existing programs and things that I generate and some of our marketing.

Those are the things that the business actually requires of me and me alone and then feed back to my team on everything else. So looking at what else then remains on that list that you are currently doing that you did not circle. That may be something like and again depending on your stage of business who knows what that is. Sending contracts, answering emails, managing your own calendar setting to call times responding to inquiries in your in your contacts To forms, whatever the things are sending out reminder emails to your clients sending your own emails in Active Campaign or flow desk or whatever you use, setting up anything on the backend building out sales pages, designing sales pages. Again, this is going to depend based on what your businesses, but this is such a useful exercise. This is called I call this, the delegation on it. So like, where are we holding on to weigh more, and just like, you know, if we’re like holding on to this is ironic, as I’m like, 50 pounds over my normal weight, when we’re holding on to a bunch of extra weight when we’re feeling like bloated physically, it can make us feel sluggish and slow and not our best and not that confident. Right? When we’re doing the same thing in our business, when we’re holding a bunch of extra tasks. We feel heavier, and the business feels sluggish, and things start to slow down. So where can you identify, boom, these are the things required of me. Everything else we want to look at and move through the filter of what can I delegate here. And this may not be instantaneous, okay, you may be like, oh, I want to delegate the designing of my sales pages, I don’t currently have someone that knows how to do that. This is an area that I want to hire for.

Why you need to go slow and identify the hands-on support you need

So again, this doesn’t have to be reactionary. In fact, I would encourage you to go slower with this. And to let yourself really identify what hands support in your business really wants to look like. So identify what else is on that list that you have not circled. That’s going to help you see where we can start to take stuff off your plate. I also want you to ask yourself and do this as part of your audit. Where are you repeating processes that are that is not necessary, that are starting to feel heavy for you. And you may or may not feel like they’re heavy now, but let me tell you, she’s going to get old real fast. So let me tell you, let me give you an example. I used to find that we I mean, god there’s so many different examples, everything from like how we send out contracts and invoicing to onboarding new clients, I used to keep a onboarding message like it just in my Sent folder when I had Gmail and like send out all the emails to clients manually. So I had to check and pay attention to they signed their contract, did they pay their invoice, then I would dive in to my manual Sent folder, copy the templated message, change the name send it out, so clunky, so inefficient, right. And it was a process that I was repeating that could easily with the right SOP standard operating procedure easily have been delegated set up a system. So I never had to do that again. And yet. That was one of those items for me. Non techie came over here. And I’m still super non techie. I told myself, it takes me two seconds, I’m just gonna do it. That adds up over time. Same thing with Oh, like, let me just edit this contractor, let me just change this thing by myself, adds up over time, even something as simple as let me just keep creating all of this content.

Now for those of us who I and I identify as this who identify with that, like super creative type of CEO, who’s generating new content, who feels the best when they’re in creative flow, when they’re channeling new information, new wisdom, the idea of like storing content, or tagging content, or whatever feels boring, feels heavy, feels like it disrupts the creative flow, again, not something that you have to do or build out or reinvent the wheel for. But I found myself around that area. If you’re just joining us now welcome, if you’ve been with us, I was talking about a time 2018 2019 Where I was generating like 10 new pieces of original content per week. And we were saving none of them. I wasn’t doing anything to repurpose, to tag to organize to systematize our content now, I create when I am inspired, I create when I have something fresh and original and powerful to say and we have built out a process in a system in our business inside of air table. And again, I’m not going to get into like super deep into the weeds today. But I want to give you some tangible examples. You know what I’m talking about where you’re repeating processes for us, one of the processes it can be something as tactile is like onboarding emails, and it can be something as essential in your business like content creation. I was repeating that process. I still repeat that process. I still generate new content. But what we do that’s different is we are so organized with all the emails that we send for launches. We measure what our top performing posts are We know and have marketing, like huge database built out inside of air table. For every single post that I create. If we want to repurpose them, boom, all team has to do is pull them. They’re saved, they’re categorized, they’re systematize is one of the templates that we include in an upcoming program about back end systems that we have. But this is an example of like, where I felt like I could never stop before. Everything was contingent upon me producing and producing and producing it was just like, it was exhausting. And it’s not sustainable. And so this is just an example of where having the right system in place, it actually does not detract at all from you being in flow, you being creative, you being in your feminine, it supports that process. What it does is allows you to take your foot off the gas and not just have to push, push, push, and go, go go. One of the things that I freaking love to say it’s like a mantra. Efficiency is sexy. Efficiency is feminine, we think about the conversation of being operationally efficient, or having a tight back end as like, boring. Take me to the marketing baby, take me to how to be a magnetic speaker take me to how to like magnetize sales in my sleep take me to like, you know, sold out sexy launches take me to like using the power of orgasm to manifest my dream life. Like we want to talk about that stuff. And it’s great. I’m here for it. Let’s talk about all of it. And the people who are running seven figure businesses doing that shit, also have this shit sorted. They may or may not be talking about it. But that’s what is going on in the backend.

What kind of support do you actually desire in your business in order to scale?

What support do you actually desire in your business right now? What does ideal support look like? Feel like in your business right now? That might be wanting and desiring more head and heart support. Maybe you’re like, Well, I’ve got the team stuff sorted. But I realized I’m trying to do this all alone or I’m, you know, in between coaches, mentors, whatever and I’m, I’m ready to be held again. Maybe you are realizing support feels like getting some clarity, even around what kind of help I need in my back end. Maybe you’re like, I want to hire a support coach to take some of my the load off of my coaching. Maybe you’re thinking I want to hire a designer to help me turn my beautiful vision that I see in my head into something that actually translates through the screen. Maybe you’re thinking I want to hire a copywriter? Maybe you’re like, I need a executive VA? Yes. And claim it like, don’t just be like, Well, yeah, well, ideally, this but really claim what kind of support do you want? So Sierra, I honestly want an OBM, assistant designer and a lead generation person, boom, clear. I love that, Sierra, so good.

This is so so helpful. So what I would encourage you to do and to think about is in each of those different categories, like what are the desired outcomes objectives that you want that person to help you with? What do you want them to take off your plate? What do you want from that big list? What do you no longer want to do? What is? Where are you going to direct that person to take full responsibility inside of your company, knowing that they ultimately report to you and when you have an OBM. Ideally, if you haven’t set up properly, that person that everybody ultimately reports to you, but what do you ultimately want? When it comes to support? I want my clients to feel more self sufficient through my services. Beautiful. Okay, so what kind of support for you would help you to facilitate that feeling that outcome of self sufficiency from your services? Is there something on the client delivery side for you? And I don’t have the name, that’s homeschool admin.

But what on the delivery side for you would support you in delivering an experience that would leave your clients feeling more self sufficient after your services? What do you need internally in the business, to be able to provide that extra layer of support externally to your clients in order to make that happen? This is such a great exercise you guys, I want you to ask yourself, what kind of support do you actually desire in your business to help you grow to help you scale? What are the gaps that you’re experiencing right now? Where can we start to really nurture What needs to be built out, in order to scale without the overwhelm without feeling like I can’t grow anymore. Either I’m capped at an income level, or I’m capped at an energy level, or I just feel like I have to do it all myself. Maria Hi, Maria guide like offers me doing the work for them beautiful. So that to me is that sounds to me, Maria, like you could really benefit from some head support, like some strategy support around maybe reworking your offer, and less of like a hands issue of somebody helping you repurpose content or build out your back end systems that to me sounds like, it would be really supportive for you to have somebody sit down to sit down with and tweak out your office suite. That’s what I’m seeing there. And really, potentially also work on some marketing messaging to not have clients come to you of like, do it for me, do it for me, do it for me, if that’s what they’re coming to you for. And that’s what the offer is, that’s where the congruence is. But if your desire is to actually do more education based offerings as opposed to done for you, then I would say invest in some coaching support to distinguish that really get your marketing message clear. That to me is more of a head heart support, guys, this conversation I could literally stay on here all day, I am not going to It’s Memorial Day. We’re gonna go out on the lake and a little bit, but I really wanted to come on here and share this because this topic is so near and dear to my heart. Like I said, I am 37 and a half weeks pregnant, I could go into labor at any time to know that we have built a company with it is not only going to support our clients so extremely well. But that can we have a team, we’ve got the system supporting the team because it’s not just the team supporting you. It’s the system supporting the team to support you there is a huge difference, hiring the insert title here OBM, assistant designer, support coach, you know, podcast editor, whatever, that is not enough. And that is what most business owners who are trying to grow a team don’t realize it is not just enough to say I’m overwhelmed, I’m stressed I want help in this area. Would you want to know how to onboard them the support I mean, as a mama and I’m gonna have to under two guys there is like support has been probably my biggest area of fascination inquiry, especially as it relates to scaling sustainably. Because like I said, if you are a hustler, you’ve got a driven work ethic, you’re a get shit done kind of woman, you are ambitious, I am all of those things.

You know, you can scale pretty damn close to a million dollars without support and infrastructure and intentionality. But if you want a life, you want to spend time with your babies, you want to do other things you want to like actually love your business instead of just show up for it every day. You need to have systems and infrastructure that support you to scale that don’t require your life force because and again, this is irrelevant whether you are a mom or not. But if you are a mother, like your life force is needed in a lot of other areas. And we don’t want it to detract from the client experience. We don’t want it to detract from people having an amazing time in your programs and getting incredible results. That’s why we need systems and infrastructure and support. So I’m going to recap some of the things we talked about. One of the first things we talked about is understanding the difference between head and heart support your coaching your masterminds, your containers, finding your people and your places to plug in where you can get the strategy, the energy, the leadership coaching that you need for your specific business to support you to grow. The hand support is like actually grounding that shit to Earth is actually cool. I’ve got the strategy now. Now I need to go into execution mode. Now I need to go into integration moon in integration mode. Now I need to go into build it out mode, who’s there to help me do that your coach, that’s not their job, your mentor, that’s not their job, your mastermind sisters, that’s not their job.

So looking at what kind of hand support do I have in the business? To help me whether you are ready to hire your first VA again, three hours a week, or you are ready to hire your seven full time hire, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are clear on what these two distinct types of support look like. And in each category, what your next what like what your desired support is. The next exercise that I gave you that I want you to do is making a list of everything you’re currently doing inside of your business. That should be a very long Unless, by the way, like, if you’re really thinking about pulling all the different things, where are you spending your time, and you can go through your week start on a Monday was all the shit you’re doing. And by the way, like, no one’s gonna look at this, I’m not gonna see this. Be ruthlessly honest if you’re like wasting a shit ton of time on Instagram. Great, like I’m glad. And I hope this serves you to identify that this is not to feel guilty, like I spend a great amount of time on Instagram. Because I use it for a lot of different things in my business. It’s a tool, but I am also very mindful about the scroll hole trap. Mama doesn’t have time for that shooting anymore. So pay attention, this little inventory exercise can help you identify like, what am I actually spending my time on? And then circle? What does the business actually require of me, for me, there are very few things that only can be done by me. And that has given rise to looking at what are all the other areas that I can have help with, I might not know how to get that help you I might not know how to build those systems myself, I might not know how to plug that gap. But at least I know that I don’t need to be doing that anymore, that there’s an inefficiency here and we can make this tighter, smarter, more efficient, and therefore free up so much space to scale. The last thing that I asked you that I want you to think about is where are you repeating processes that we can delete? Where is it time to call in more automation? Delegation? What can we delete? What are we doing that is not efficient at all? The scroll hole would be one of those things. But it might be something else, right? You might be I don’t know. And I’m just gonna make something up here you might be you might be doing a bunch of like commenting on other people’s stuff in Facebook groups. And like not getting much of a result from that you could outsource that to a social media manager. Or you could say this is not really doing it for us anymore. Taking from measuring from data and leaving that strategy behind. So that’s just an example. Where are you repeating processes that could be automated, delegated or deleted. Again, you don’t have to do everything straight away. But this is going to point you in the direction of how you can start to clean up your back end. What and finally, what support do you actually desire in your business right now? Where do you really need help? And that’s going to focus you on what to put your attention on in the next and I would encourage you to set a timeline 30 to 90 days, a quarter is a great period of time to look at how can I optimize in this particular area in my business right now. So if you guys are watching this, I am so many of you stayed for the whole time. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so excited to let you know. And we’re going to be sharing about this this week. I have been building for the last like six to eight months with our team, an offer that I am so confident is unlike anything that has been created in this industry before like I said before, a lot of seven multiple seven figure business owners. We want to talk about the energetics we want to talk about the sexy marketing. I talk about marketing all the time. I friggin love talking about marketing, it’s so important. But not a lot of people are a talking about the bee heaven offer designed to support business owners with building out systems in the back end. Because it doesn’t sound as sexy. It’s like a big thing that a lot of people feel like oh, it’s just too overwhelming. Let me just hire a team member to do it, do it do it. And yet, so many people waste 10s of 1000s of dollars because they don’t know what to do with the team. Once they have it. They don’t have any materials or resources. This is like so ironic. We think I’m overwhelmed. I need help. When we hire the VA, let me hire the OBM, but like, I’m not an operations person. So but I have to train them like what am I training them with? Oh, right. Didn’t think about that.

So now clock’s ticking. We’re paying 1000s and 1000s of dollars on a monthly retainer. And yet we have we’re bringing nothing to the table as the CEO to support the people we’ve just hired to help us so it just becomes a huge cluster anyway, all problems I’ve seen all problems I’ve done and lived through myself. I’ve supported dozens and dozens of clients with at every level including clients at the seven figure level who have a shitshow to clean up and we clean it up and everything runs so much smoother. So my invitation to you is like invest in this right from the beginning. The program is called Baby Got Back end which is a name that I came up with in the shower and I’m obsessed so if you go to be you can see all about it. We are doing a Special presale this week only where you can save $333. But I just need to tell you guys about this program because I’m so freaking proud of it. I am like, I will not be surprised if I go into labor this week because birthing this feels like as big as birthing a child. We have been working on this for the last eight months to put into one single program. Everything that I wish, like the sum total of all of the bad investments that I’ve made in team, all of the mistakes I’ve made, all of the inefficiencies on our back end, like this is like here, here is a blueprint of how not to do all of that, how to make your life so much easier how to make your team’s life so much easier. Everything you guys, the modules, everything from Client Onboarding, and I’m talking from like closing the call or the DM or whatever to having your first call with them as a client. Like every single meticulous detail, the workflow, the templates, that everything that you need. From that to setting up Google Drive I do with some of my clients who I work with in a one on one capacity, whether that’s like in a mastermind, or privately we do like backend audits where we say, hey, you know how easy it is, is it for you to find XYZ inside of your back. And they’re like my Google Drive is a disaster. Like I have some person who helps me dig stuff out. If you are using the Google Search feature to find documents, we gotta clean that up. Again, efficiency is sexy efficiency lets you stay in your feminine flow. So we show you exactly the full visibility of how the back end of our business is organized. To operate. Like clockwork, you guys, this is what lets me work 2025 hours per week, as a new mom, still a new mom with my first gonna be a new mama again, and have so much flow and space is by having all of this stuff built out. We talked about team communication.

So whether you currently have multiple people on your team, whether you have zero people on your team, if you have zero people on your team, amazing. All of the standard operating procedures, processes, workflows, knowledge that you are going to gain from this program is going to help you get so far and you be skilled up as a CEO. Before you have anybody come on. If you have currently a team of six or however many people, one thing we’re doing this year, this is the bonus that we’re giving out this year, you can have this comes with a license for everybody on your team to use this next year, we’re going to start to charge per person for additional team members to come on because there is literally like well over $50,000 worth of value inside of this program actually not just like inflated on a value stack. Like literally, that is how valuable this program is. It will save you so much money it will save you so much time and your team gets to be trained on best practices for all these different areas of business, for your for your marketing, for your management for your internal communication systems, payments, like you name it, it email like it’s all there. So I am so proud of this. I am so excited for this and frankly it could not be more perfectly timed that my team you are going to get trained by my coach live by my team, my actual back end the people who run my company who make this vision possible. This is not just the Kate song and dance show. This is like the true experts who I’ve cultivated paid lead developed over the course of years. And we are bringing this to you and I’m so freaking excited. So if you are interested, you want to join you can use the code earlybird all caps. When you go to To go to you are gonna see all of the details and I am just like so freaking excited for you to experience this there’s a whole ton of bonuses that you can read about on the sales page earlybird is good until the end of this week. And I’m just so excited for you to experience this so if you have any questions you can DM me personally about this. This is one of our programs in leap here so if your sign of relief here you get access to this included for free I’m so pumped obviously if you’re in rise you do as well, you know that’s here. So I’m just so excited to take you guys through this journey because like I said, it’s like one of the most important things and we can’t have the conversation of scaling sustainably without talking about support without Talking about the backend, the front end work, the way we show up it matters. It matters profoundly, but the way that we are built to scale from the back, that’s where this shit like really takes off. And I’m so excited for you to experience that. Yes, here, it’s gonna be so good. So if you have any questions you guys send me DM about it.

I’m so excited for those who are stepping in gifting themselves honestly, like, you know, if you have gotten to hire somebody before, depending on what you’re hiring for, you’re looking at between one and $5,000 per month monthly retainer, depending on the role. The early bird investment of this, you guys $2888 is super low, early bird is 2555. You will make this money back in no time. This is a drop in the bucket and I am like fierce and making direct eye contact with you as I say this, because I will tell you, this investment will save you so much money. It will save you so much money, it will save you so many headaches. You don’t know what you’re doing with one team member when you onboard them. You have like a crazy back end and you’re inefficient and you lose a client because of it. Like don’t make those mistakes. I have done that so many of my clients have lived through that. It’s a freaking headache and it’s unnecessary. Like get yourself the support that you need to set yourself up systemically, structurally support wise right from the beginning, and it will yield dividends for years to come in your business. I’m so excited for you to experiences. Let me know if you have any questions about this guys. Send me a DM and I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day.

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