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Episode 113. How To Close Multi Five to Six-Figure Clients In Your DMs

Episode 113. How To Close Multi Five to Six-Figure Clients In Your DMs

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise Podcast. I’m your host Cait Scudder. Oh baby, pull up a seat, get ready to go, I am really excited about this one. 

We’re going to be talking about how to close five, multiple five, even six-figure clients in your DMs. If this is something that you have been curious about, you see other people posting about on Instagram just manifesting these dream clients who know and are ready to go and just give you the Yup and that’s it. If you’re hustling over here feeling like you’re arm wrestling people through their objections on 45-minute sales calls, this is going to be a really good one for you. 

I am having this conversation a lot with clients behind closed doors. It’s something that I think is so important for all of us in the online industry, no matter what your niche is, no matter what your area of expertise is, whether you are a coach, a mentor, a done for you service provider, this is going to be relevant for you, no matter what kind of business you run. And I’m going to make this episode really short and impactful and really help you just cut straight to the chase. 

If you are noticing a lot of hesitation, a lot of doubt, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of waffling, women and or men, doesn’t really matter. But the kinds of clients that you are attracting, people who are feeling they need to go on and on and on. They need to get on a call with you to talk through every possible angle. You’re attracting a lot of hesitation and doubt energy. Here is the deal. 

We want to look at where in your energy, where in your brand presence, where in your marketing, where in your expression –where are you leaving room for that doubt that hesitation that uncertainty to come in? If you embody decided energy in your business, in your marketing, in your presence, in your brand, and in your leadership, that is what closes high ticket sales in the DMS without requiring a sales conversation. 

Why You Are Always Selling To Your Audience

Here’s the thing, we are selling to our audiences all the time. Even if you don’t have a sales call to action, even if it’s not a swipe up or Lincoln bio. We are selling to our people all the time by the energy that we exude by the approachability and authority that we exude by the way that we present ourselves online.

If there is an energy of I’m trying to win your approval, or I really want you to think of me as an expert, but I don’t actually feel like an expert myself. I don’t actually feel sold on what it is that I’m talking about. I don’t feel sold on myself. I’m just I’m trying at this strategy. I’m more trying to prove something or trying to feel valid and feel valuable and feel worthy in this space. 

Come on, guys. We all know what that feels like. We know what it feels like to read messaging that’s like, ooh, she tried really hard on that post or boom, they’re like, yeah, okay, there’s some cool points, but I’m not magnetized. Conversely, we know what it feels like to be instantly dropped magnetically into somebody’s story, instantly transported to a different world instantly feeling like we can feel the pulsing heartbeat of what someone is talking about online, and being like, I need to work with that person.

I have been both on the receiving and on the paying side of being closed, making sales and being sold in the DMS. When it is an aligned and super fuck yes, resonance and what creates that knowing. This is what I think is really interesting. You don’t even need to have delivered. I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there. In order to close somebody in the DMS or in order to sell somebody into a high ticket package, you need to have worked with them before or you need to do so without a sales call. You need to have worked with them before. They need to have been in your audience for a long time. I have made, just in the last month multiple five-figure sales in the DMS with people quote-unquote, seemingly falling from the sky. 

How To Get Clients To “Fall Out Of The Sky”

Do you want to know how people actually fall from the sky? I know it feels really random, especially for my strategy babes, who need the blueprint and need every single step of the way mapped out for them. It can feel really hard and really triggering and really scary to think about. It’d be impossible to just trust that people fall out of the DMS or fall out of the sky through the DMS or whatever the metric is, it could be an email, it could be all sorts of different ways depending on which marketing channel clients use that looks different. 

But the point is, people fall out of the sky. When you have an energy of decisiveness and energy of expertise that says, let me lead you and energy of authority and power and presence and potency. At the same time, approachability that says, you want to do this thing with me, let’s do the damn thing. That is what creates the space for people to come in, empowered in their yes. Already knowing that you’re their mentor. 

If you’re content, if your energy, if your vibration, if your frequency is putting out a generous, leadership-oriented essence that says, I’m here, I’m ready to do this thing. If it is offering so much value, so much wisdom, so much power giving people value before they even pay you a cent that pays off over time. Every single time you do that in your marketing, every single time you do that in the way that you show up, you are literally paying it forward. 

I guarantee you have people watching your stories, listening to your podcast, watching replays of videos that you’ve done. People who you do not even know the names of, that are not even on your lead tracker, because you don’t even know they exist, but they are there and they are watching. 

Meeting Your Clients At Their Level With The Right Energy

Let’s just talk about something else. Super simple. I didn’t even mention this. But in order to be able to close high ticket sales, five, multiple five, and six-figure clients in your DMs, you need to have an offer that matches and meets them at that level. So it’s twofold, right? Of course, we need to have an offer. But we need to have the energy that matches that essence. That energy of decisiveness. 

We are always, always, always going first and always, always, always paving the way for what our clients get to believe is possible for them. If we are embodying an energy of self-doubt and energy of wishy-washiness and energy of I don’t really believe in myself but I feel like I need to just show up and be visible, that’s not the energy that closes high ticket sales. 

The energy that closes high ticket sales is, I cannot be messed with. I am here. I believe in my space at the table. I know what I have to say is valuable. I’m not second-guessing myself. I’m not doubting myself into oblivion. I’m not questioning my place at the table, my place at the table exists because I exist. It is there because I am. And nothing, I repeat, nothing can shake that knowing from that energy is magnetic. 

Your people want to buy your confidence. They want to buy your energy, they want to buy your embodiment, they want to buy how sure you are of yourself and where it is that you are going. This probably should not be free because it’s so freaking valuable. It is so important that you realize no matter what industry that you are in, whether you are building somebody’s website, you are coaching someone on their business, you are coaching someone in their marriage on their health, it doesn’t matter! 

What people want to feel is that you are solid and so confident in who you are, what you are talking about, what you are presenting in that vibration. That’s what creates paying clients –that vibration is what attracts people who fall from seemingly out of the sky and say you know what? Yep, I’m in that energy. 

How To Embody Decisiveness In Your Business

I want you to ask yourself, where in your business are you not embodying a decided energy? Are you the kind of client, if we are wanting to attract five-figure, multiple five-figure, even six-figure clients that you close in the DMs? Are you embodying that level of decisiveness and certainty in your own business? Are you embodying that level of self-trust? 

That level of vision and commitment to where you’re going, that level of trusting your instinct trusting your intuition, not making a bunch of bullcrap excuses about timing, and just needing to wait till the next quarter and all of this stuff, but just actually saying, You know what? My time is now. I make a practice of ripping off the band-aid going first. Finding my edge, meeting myself there, that is what I do. That’s what I’m going to do. Are you embodying that kind of energy in essence? 

It always starts at home. We always need to clean up our own inner vibration, our inner frequency first. That is the thing that models the way for our people. We are always attracting what we are exuding. So ask yourself, What are you exuding? Are you exuding that decided committed fully invested energy or are you exuding something else? 

How Exuding Magentism Lands Sales

Are you exuding talking about, but not actually living it and doing it yourself? Where there is congruence there is magnetism. Where there is power, there is magnetism. Where there is true alignment there is magnetism. I want you to look at this in your own business in your own life. It can literally be so much simpler than we make it out to be. I know this is true for so many of my clients. So many of my clients say this to me, they invest in a program and they make a huge sale or they magnetize some sort of insane result that they weren’t even anticipating or expecting. 

Do you want to know why that happens? Because of congruence, because of decidedness because there is a power that gets unlocked. When we decide to back ourselves, when we model that for our people, when we live that and exude that, that is magnetic AF. There is nothing more powerful and more magnetic than that. That is what draws out the confidence and the kind of clientele that believes in themself enough to do the same be that change first. You get to go first. Let this be your reminder Let this be the thing that you come back to. 

I am so so lit up about this so passionate about this. I don’t want this to feel like this really hard thing for so many of you that you can’t unlock it. You can unlock it. There is literally nothing special or different about me other than I am so decided, so committed. So all in that energy, I embody that and therefore exude that. When you embody something it is effortless to exude it because you’re not trying. You are that energy that attracts decided all in high power, high level pay in full kinds of clients. The kinds of people that just energize you so much to work with. 

If you are calling in more of those people, be that person. I want to hear from you please send me a DM What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? I hope this was impactful for you. I hope this gave you things to take away. I love you guys so much. Remember, be decided. Embody that energy of decision and solidity and watch you attract that in your business. I love you and I will see you next week on the podcast.

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