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Episode 76: Embodied Entrepreneurship: On Birthing Your Sacred Work

Episode 76: Embodied Entrepreneurship: On Birthing Your Sacred Work

Is your spirit involved in your decision-making process or do you find yourself led by your mind? In today’s episode, I’m joined by mamapreneur and multi-passionate CEO Jocelyn Gordon for an unfiltered conversation about the importance of creating with intention. Jocelyn takes us through the process of how she started two successful companies, including an online yoga teacher training program and conscious conception consulting practice, from scratch, and what multi-passionate entrepreneurs must keep in mind in order to grow successfully. Jocelyn encourages us to consider the bigger picture when making our business decisions and bridges the parallels between entrepreneurship and the journey of motherhood. 

Called a “Yoga Rebel” by Yoga Journal Magazine, Jocelyn Gordon is known for her joyful integrations of dance, yoga, and meditation – HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie Yoga. She has toured nationally with Wanderlust, is a six-time presenter at the Bali Spirit Festival, and has worked with Academy Award-winning actresses Halle Berry and Marisa Tomei. Jocelyn is a mother of two young queens and as a Conscious Conception Coach, she supports people considering parenting by helping them up-level their health and vibration before pregnancy. She also draws from her 10 years teaching online to guide healers in the creation of their first signature online course. Jocelyn’s offerings support women with fertility, embodiment, and leadership.

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Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

How Jocelyn founded Hoop Yogini and why she calls her style of mindfulness the “Playful Portal” [7:30]

What Conscious Conception Coaching is [11:35] 

The Parallels Between Birth & Starting a Business [23:27]

How to Create in Alignment with Your Spirit for Biggest Results [27:33]

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Hoop Yogini Teacher Training


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Cait Scudder  00:00

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of The borns arise podcast. Today, my guest is Jocelyn Gordon Jocelyn Gordon called yoga rebel by yoga journal magazine is known for her joyful integrations of dance, yoga and meditation hoop yogini and Bhakti Boogie yoga are both her creations, she has toured nationally with wanderlust is a sixth time presenter at the Bali spirit festival and has worked with Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry. How freaking cool is that? Jocelyn is a mother of two young queens and as a conscious conception coach. She supports people considering parenting by helping them uplevel their health and vibration before pregnancy. Jocelyn also draws from her 10 years teaching online to guide healers and the creation of their first signature online course Jocelyn is offering support women with fertility, embodiment and leadership visit www dot hupe yogini.com and Jocelyn gordon.com to learn more Jocelyn is one of my favorite people that I ever met in Bali she and I go way back over five years ago she was one of the first people that I really connected with in Bali and what I love so much about Jocelyn story and Jocelyn work is how possible it is to be completely multi passionate and pursue all of those passions and weave them all together into a continuous brand, and also into a brand that evolves and grows with you as you grow and evolve her work. In the conscious conception world as well in the movement and embodiment worlds give her such a unique, grounded embodied perspective about what it means to do business from the heart over the long term. Without further ado, here is my conversation with Jocelyn Gordon. Welcome to the born to rise podcast, the show that celebrates the limitless power of women who say yes to their gifts and use them to build a Extraordinary lives and businesses. Each month I’ll be interviewing world class women thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries to uncover their expert tools, tips and wisdom on what it takes to claim


your vision.

Cait Scudder  02:14

boldly go after it and elevate into your highest potential. I’m your host Cait Scudder, reminding you gorgeous that you were born to rise. Hello and welcome to today’s episode of The born to rise podcast guys I am so excited to introduce you to our guests today. Miss Joslin Gordon Joslin, thank you so much for being here. Of course it’s always a pleasure to be with you. Oh my gosh, well, I’m just like thinking back to meals at Soma and just all of Jocelyn and I met in Bali and it’s just wild being on zoom both living in the states now crazy what a couple of years can do Hey, oh my goodness. I think there was like a mass exodus download that a lot of us got

Jocelyn Gordon  03:01

We were like, Okay, got the volley transmission on to the next step. Yeah, I know but it’s so funny for Toby and I now we’re kind of like, ooh, Polly’s looking really good right now everyone who’s been there in quarantine said it’s just been amazing. I can imagine that to my eldest who went to high school air at the green schools like I want to go back to Bali like I want to do a do over she wants to drop back in again. And I would say yes to that. However, in these interesting quarantine times, I’m like to can’t go to Southeast Asia.

Cait Scudder  03:35

I know it’s so funny. I feel like so many of us have the travel bug because we can’t have it. It’s crazy what being cut off from something makes you want

Jocelyn Gordon  03:45

to explore Florida and the East Coast again. So yeah, really excited after living five years overseas to really explore what Yeah,

Cait Scudder  03:53

so beautiful. I hear you, sister. I’m loving the East Coast vibes now as well.

Jocelyn Gordon  03:58

Well, I am just so excited. chat with you today you are just such a light and you have so you’re just a wonder woman like so many different things as we just heard you know you founder and CEO of hoop yogini conscious creation coach birth doula you do so much beautiful creative, embodied work. And I know that your process of emerging and all of that and letting these different passions and skill sets that you have form and take shape in new ways as you bring your business and businesses forward. It’s such an inspiration. And I think such an inspiration as well for a lot of our listeners who fall into that, you know, multi passionate entrepreneur category who feel like I’ve got this one side of me, but then what about this other side? And, you know, how do I do all of that? And I guess I would love for you to just speak to that a little bit and how you bring the fullness of you to the work that you offer in this world. Huh? The first thing that comes to mind is a prayer that I had as a as a child coming into consciousness was a prayer for integration. I don’t know how that was ceded to me as a young one, but it was, and I don’t think I even knew what that meant. But my path has been to explore and experience different modalities and philosophies and to somehow do practice and embodiment, be able to transmit something unique that’s still rooted in those traditions and just completed coaching. Nine actually nine, I was going to say eight because we were working with AIDS for a while, while but nine amazing women who are healers and they’re creating their first online course. And really, that was the biggest issue at least going in, how do I focus and crystallize one thing when I’m so multi talented, which is a great challenge to have, and I really just encouraged them to trust that it’s less about like the tools and more about the service and the outcomes. And with that, to focus on one thing just for a little bit, really nurture that and build that and leverage that. And so for me, that was hoop yogini. And that really expresses my love for movement and meditation and prayer and dance in one modality that incorporates the hula hoop in a fun way. So, I’m grateful that I made that choice so that it chose me because it’s been a blessing as I continue on as a mother and a mama printer to have this very niche offering that continues to grow and to flourish. So


I love that thing.

Cait Scudder  06:44

So good. It’s such good advice, Ray. It’s well and I think you’re setting your story in the unfolding of your journey is such a beautiful testament to that because you did pick one thing and I mean, when I met you, that’s like, I was like, Whoa, like fat like She’s the founder of who feel good. And like it was all hoop yogini and now you’ve got all these other feathers in your cap and but hoop yogini still stands as one of those core things and I think that you know exactly as you are guiding these other women to create an online offering create an online program from their gifts it really I mean, that’s the walk that you’ve walked as you started with one thing you did that really, really well. You poured a ton of energy and time into it. And now it’s I mean, it’s yours in the going an online teacher training. I mean women from all over I don’t know, maybe men as well but people from all over the world. For our listeners who aren’t familiar with hoop yogini tell us a little bit about about it and what it is.

Jocelyn Gordon  07:41

Sure it’s a holistic fitness practice that combines hula hooping with yoga and hatha meditation. And so what we’re doing is we’re teaching primarily adults, and then kids and seniors, how to meditate through what I call the playful portal of the Hulu. So there’s a lot of people who’ve

Cait Scudder  09:00

I am sure that if I put my mind to a Joslin I do believe in the power of mindset, but I am that girl who likes spins the hoop and it goes like four times and then it falls to the ground. I’m like no come on, there’s got to be a better way. But I love this so much and I love the the deeper layers behind it that you’re talking about as well of like finding center and literally in a physical way but in a spiritual way. And the playfulness component of yoga, which I think that both of us being Ooh, Buddha expats, you know, can definitely there’s a lot of this virtual world that takes itself so seriously and it loses that playful essence. So I love, love that that’s such a big part of your mission and hoop yogini to bring that playfulness back into the forefront.

Jocelyn Gordon  09:48

Thank you. Our core value is to prove that transformation can be fun,

Cait Scudder  09:55

so beautiful off so good. And I’m curious I mean this is just such a perfect segway and i think that i mean i’m just like really feeling that that circular rhythm now like even in my body just talking to you about this and thinking about the evolution of as I said, like your journey and growth as an entrepreneur as a mama printer as a conscious creator yourself. And it was, it seems to me, you know that your journey and I always love you know, in these interviews having like learning about the journey and the unfolding for each person because I think it’s so easy to look at people on Instagram or people online and think wow, like look at this epic thing that they’ve built and now look at what they’re doing. But the actual process of becoming that thing is had such an organic unfolding and so I’m curious for you once hoop yogini really got up and really got moving and started to you know, gain so much traction and you know, taught at wonder loss and all these other festivals back when we could hang out with each other in person. You know, you’ve just built such an epic movement of the the movement movement that you’ve built. And and and then more started coming into play. And you know, I think was it a couple years ago that this this conscious conception coaching birth doula coaching emerged for you tell us a little bit more about that process and how that that came to be for you.

Jocelyn Gordon  11:24

Thank you. Um, well, you know, when I reflect back on my in terms of supporting pregnant women or birthing people, it’s been part of my life. You know, I just didn’t know the word doula really until I came into food. And so I’ve supported women through prenatal yoga and had success with induction and massage, acupressure work, several women avoiding, you know, chemical induction. And so, it really is just kind of one of those 2020 things like oh yeah, it’s always been there and Even with my daughter, the youngest, she’s now five and she was made Born on yfv made on yuppy. Her energy was with me for about 10 years before she was actually conceived. And I’m often asked, Well, how did I know that? Well, I felt I felt the energy that’s now known as the piano. And then people ask, Well, how and when I reflect on that time, I was deeply immersed in the movement, meditation arts. I still am, but I was massaging every day. I was waking up every morning and working with my mala and mantra, and I was also in a yoga therapy training. So I was, it was this reciprocal dance. I was facilitating for others massage, teaching yoga dance classes. And I was also being nurtured through a yoga therapy practice and with my mentor in that training, and so I was really into the subtle energetic arts, which I believe strongly helped me to to her energy without me knowing that that was what was happening. So at that time, I was married, and married now but to a different man. And I have this feeling that my husband was not the father of my child yet, but I knew strongly that the child was coming. This beautiful soul was coming regardless. So, after one of those many trips to boot before I moved there, I came back home and it was just clear that I needed to make a transition out of that relationship and out of the roles that I was holding as director of teacher training for another fitness company. And that brought me back that brought me to California to the Esalen Institute, which is part of my spiritual life over many years. And really allowed me to receive hoop Iovine. So I was already teaching it, but I didn’t have a pedagogy for it. And so when I got to Big Sur on the mountain overlooking the ocean, in that beautiful, expansive place, and with my nine year old at the time, we’re going through a huge life transition together and sound New Agey, but the codes just came through like it got really clear. And one of the things that I was inspired to do was to get a to create a mastermind. So it was small. It was three, three of us total, two of my dear friends. One, we’ve walked this path of movement education for decades, and another who loves it all, but wasn’t really teaching. And so we came together. All right, I got to the class, we prayed for the clarity because I knew it was coming through. So they were like my doulas, really, and they held a space for me and we generated a field together, and I taught the class and then one was like pbas, posture, directives, affirmations, and then another one like says something like, there’s some key components to what you’re teaching. I don’t know what they are. And then just that framework and lots of other we were going to like spend the whole weekend doing But it just needed that three hour space. And then the following weeks, I just sat down and literally wrote four manuals, which at one time was one teacher training. Until I politely got the feedback from my students, that was awesome, but way too much information. So now that one, two week download, because it was all there, vibrationally is now a four, four who process in our certification lineage. And yeah, that’s the origin story of hoop Yogi and in 2013, I had my first in person training 2014 I moved to Bali on my 13th birthday of my eldest, and I was like, you know, got my Hulu pass, and I was like, This is what I’m doing. Like we are now birthing. So that was like the whole gestation and then the birth was in Bali, to become a digital No man, and that was in 2014

Cait Scudder  16:05

so it’s so awesome and it sounds like you know the birthing of hoop yogini and between that and then having that experience of having your daughter with you for years before she came to being I can imagine that both it sounds like the creative conception for hope yogini and the actual conception of your daughter like there was a really similar path of just feeling it in the field calling it in and allowing it to move through you when it did and I love that you then brought that into an offering of holding that space for constant conscious conception and birth doula for the women that you serve in that capacity and I mean, as we’re recording this I’m 34 weeks literally today in my pregnancy and i i can completely relate to what you’re talking about of feeling that energy before before You arrived or even before you can see, I had a really not for 10 years. But I had a couple of experiences for the last couple of years where I could totally feel her spirit. I knew it was a girl way before we found out. Because I’ve just I’ve just known and Well, I mean, I’d love to just hear that part of that experience for you of how you support women to, to trust that like non brain knowing of what’s of what’s happening, because that sounds like both in your process of birthing your first business and in the process of supporting women in the birth process. There’s such a deep element of self trust that you really tap women into.

Jocelyn Gordon  17:39

Well, thank you. And well, I wanted to add to that, that after I moved, part of the reason I moved to Bali was because I knew I was going to meet CNS father there. So I was going to produce who yogini online, but I knew I was going to meet her dad there and I met him in about three months. So saying yes, I feel that way. Having gone through birth and being initiated as a mother really contributes to having that trust, and in one’s wild yeses. And I feel that that is the gift that is meant to be transmitted in birth. And I’m passionate about birth in the birthing arts because unfortunately, women aren’t having receiving this initiation as they should be to know how powerful they are. And so when you go through birth, and any kind of birth, you know, just it just the ability to hold life in your room and to feel it grow, whether whatever the outcomes are, it’s magnificent. And so if we go through what we consider many consider like an ideal birth experience or not either way, there’s a there’s a transmission mother who is a mother having a child that she birthed are they paper, you can I can’t explain to you, Kate, what it’s going to be like. But when you are on the other side, we will be on the other side together. And it’s such just a potent, knowing. So I’m not sure if I answered your question. But I can just affirm that my own birth experiences really made me trust, the process of allowing who yogini which I do perceive as a child or a gift from spirit that came through me, it’s not mine, it’s meant for the world, and all the yeses that have come through that. And so in my support of birthing people, which I really enjoy working in that preconception window of three months to even three years before conception, it’s really about aligning with the energy that wants to be born through you. And the tools are from a vast toolkit developed through yoga therapy for my own birth experiences, training with midwife and doula elders like Robin Lim, and my own practices. I think that what’s often discredited in this world is direct knowing or direct transmission. And yet that’s what the birthing process truly is. Like. You can read all the books but until you go through it, you don’t know. But so I’m helping people connect with the energy wishing to come through them really can build that confidence and trust to move forward.

Cait Scudder  20:36

Hmm, that’s so gorgeous. And I’m just smiling so big just thinking about that. And the the parallels it’s such a beautiful it’s not even a metaphor, it’s real life that the self trust that you develop as, as a woman going through I mean, I’m not on the other side yet very soon, but not quite yet. Is is just It’s so powerful to think about the wisdom inherent in our bodies and the fact that, you know, we, you know, have sex and then 40 weeks later we’ve made a light. We’re not consciously developing organs, but our bodies just know there’s a wisdom that’s so much bigger than us. And I think that it’s it’s just so beautiful to hear about the way that you support women to trust themselves enough to enter into that process. And the parallels for for birthing anything, a business, a creative idea of a new initiative into the world, because there is I think, for a lot of women, and I’m curious if you see this in your conscious creation coaching with multi passionate entrepreneurs who are trying to bring an offering through the world and it feels like there’s there’s so much opportunity for self doubt. I think that’s definitely true. I mean, just in my experience and some of the women that I’ve connected with during my pregnancy period, I know there’s a lot of doubt and a lot of uncertainty and a lot of fears for new moms or moms first time moms. Just like there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty and doubt for entrepreneurs who’ve never put something out into the world before and they there they don’t know how that’s going to go. And I’m curious what you say jessalyn to both, you know, new moms or moms going through that process and or new business owners who are feeling timid or perhaps themselves doubt about their ability to create and put something of value into the world. What parallels Do you see and how do you how do you mentor those women? What do you say to them?

Jocelyn Gordon  22:39

Mm hmm. Wow, thank you for asking. I really like to have a container for what I’m creating. So and for me, that’s often at my altar. And I’m going more to expand that into nature in general, and one of my teachers and mentors, she really inspires that we need Especially as visionary creatives that we need to allow our vision to live outside of our body, though, so often it’s like mental focus, we’re going to make it happen and make it happen. And there’s so many lineages that say you want to place it in our room because our room is our creative space. But if we don’t know how to be there, you get really cloudy there. And if you’re a very open person, like your channels very open and you’re, you know, it’s called bata halfling. It’s so easy to get a lot of information and download those that can get really stuck or frazzled in the mindspace. So for me having an altar, having an initiatory process with whatever it is, I feel very called to birth. And usually that’s when I receive the same thing over and over again. So for those people who are very open channels, if you’re wondering what to choose, we really present to what keeps coming back to you and your thoughts and your dreams and your reflections. So with that, then making having a yes. So I’m writing a book, and I have on my altar, I have a ajar altar as well. And so that is my book altar. And that’s my Yes. So creating these, yes, rituals, and then creating space for it. So that’s another thing that I encourage in conscious creation, especially for multi passionate, determined people is that often we can have so many things going on and wanting to accomplish so many things, that there’s not space for the thing to come through. So creating space, and part of that is assessing what needs to move out in who will give a recall to establish yourself. So it’s the first module in the teacher training. It’s a bonus module. It’s not mandatory, but our trainees often comment on it and the feedback that it really helped them to establish a yes and a physical space. Energetic space and a relational space for this journey that they’re taking. And that includes setting up their home, looking and projecting obstacles, as well as opportunities, like having to take care of a family member or transitioning, you know, applying or going to get your masters or even looking at your web of support, which is big for anyone who’s creating. I know and I trust that you already have a web of support, at least identified for the first 40 days of your postpartum initiation. It’s really, really important. So you’re, yes, your space, and then having your doulas and your midwives in your cheerleading community, especially for those moments of doubt. And also to bounce things off of I often I have to admit, feel lonely sometimes, like I’m part of a huge community, but like, I’m the CEO, I don’t really have a board. And so I really do it for It was opportunities to connect with people like yourself to speak and help clarify and reinforce the vision and, and the talents and the truth.

Cait Scudder  26:11

So beautiful I love that so much and I love that, that reminder it seems like such a subtle thing to you know attuned to your space and have a place of beauty or a place of intention, you know, like an altar and, and yet that is it’s so easy to overlook. And yet so, so important for really grounding in that intention. And I love that you know, just by sharing that I think you’re really highlighting for us and for everyone who’s listening that it’s possible to create in a way that is profoundly aligned with spirit and with with something bigger than just your mental wanting to think it into being because thing I mean, what I’m just really picking up on right now is like this way of creating is very different from this like hyper masculine like think it why Go achieve it like what you’re, you’re talking about a really different kind of energy,

Jocelyn Gordon  27:04

I have had to learn how to shift and I’m still in process with that as again, I learned how to ally with the earth more and more. So again, out of my body and working with the larger body of the planet, I have gotten sick, persevering and pushing through. So it doesn’t align with my values and what I believe as a wellness educator, and it doesn’t nurture my relationships that doesn’t suit my family. So one of the things that I recently created or recreated was like my personal mission statement for this expansion, because like many during COVID, my business just expanded and pivoted and grew. So I created a mission statement, which is I grow and expand in ways that nurture my health and relationships. And that’s really allowing me to make choices now. And I just applied it the other day. It was great. Like I was between like this person and that person for a decision. And I said, Oh, wait, what am I about? I’m about growing and expanding in ways that nurture my health and relationships. This is an easy choice now. Beautiful. I love that. And I think that’s such a great reminder that we all get to consider the bigger implication for business decisions in making decisions, right? Because that fuel a deeper part of me, as opposed to just like pushing forward just using my brain. I can’t do that anymore.

Cait Scudder  28:30

I totally hear you. It’s so interesting. I fully hear you and it’s Yeah, I mean, because it just leaves a bad taste. It doesn’t it doesn’t feel good.

Jocelyn Gordon  28:41

It makes me like in retrospect, it makes me at rahem Civ to move forward in my life and with my launches, because there’s that bad taste in my mouth like, I’m gonna exhaust myself I’m gonna get myopic and tunnel vision, nothing else, no one else is gonna matter. until it’s done. Like if success for me is having healthy relationships and the it’s it’s not a successfully, you know, endeavor to push that way.

Cait Scudder  29:10

Hmm I love that it’s such a beautiful beautiful reminder and for anybody who’s creating anything I think just such a powerful permission slip to remember that creating consciously gets to feel you know guided and grounded in a way that has so much more ease woven in and then doesn’t mean that it’s like that every single moment and we definitely as you know, you have your your your Sprint’s.

Jocelyn Gordon  29:37

overarching, definitely more easeful, more spacious, more aligned, more supported. Hmm.

Cait Scudder  29:45

So beautiful. I love that. I love that so much. Johnson one of the questions that I really love to ask on this show, you know, it’s all about rising up and you we know that as we rise like it’s not going to be pretty imperfect and rainbows and unicorns. All the time, there’s going to be times that we fall down. And there are times that get really, really challenging. And I’m curious for you, what tools you use in your own life. And maybe there’s been an experience you’ve had. But just in your process of being such a conscious creator in a multitude of ways, how you how you rise up when things get hard.

Jocelyn Gordon  30:23

Mm, thank you. Oh, well, I feel like I just have so much gratitude for my life right now. I’m not where I mean, I’m where I am. So it’s where I’m meant to be. But it’s not where like, I’m going, however, where I was, in terms of my own inner being, because I was living in food, you know, this new age paradise, very sensual, and just gorgeous all around. However, I was going through my own like dark night where I was really feeling into the depths of my personal despair. So being out of that for a few years, I’m like, how do I do have an answer that question. It’s so much better now. But the first response that came up for me was dance. So I’m pretty consistent in that way. And I know we’ve seen each other plenty of times on the dance floor. Dance is literally my church. It’s how I communicate with spirit. It’s how I like release. It’s how I allow grace to descend. Or you know, and, and sometimes I forget that it has that power. But every time I show up for myself, I’m always remount reminded and astounded. So I don’t have a three step process for you.

Cait Scudder  31:40

No, that’s all good. I love the reels and I love the I love the reels and the simplicity of like, get into your body and like that’s where that’s where it all happens.


And getting facials.


That is so good. I love it.

Jocelyn Gordon  32:00

And then preferably all in one day.

Cait Scudder  32:03

Yes. Okay. So if you’re going through a hard time you heard it here first hit the spa.

Jocelyn Gordon  32:10

And just one last thing is eating well, and that’s different for different people. But one thing I noticed, and it took me a while to notice it is that my mindset would slump and a defeatist attitude would percolate. If I was under if my blood sugar was off, and so for a long time, I was like, it’s my karma. This like, I don’t know what I was thinking to myself just, it was often so simple as just making sure my blood sugar was regulated. So sometimes it’s that easy. And sometimes, obviously, we have to go a bit deeper.

Cait Scudder  32:54

But I love that reminder. And it’s such a it’s such a great I mean, I think it’s so it’s So important to come back to those basic things because sometimes we really can make a situation feel so much harder by neglecting again, it’s like moving from just the brain and the thought bubble to like the whole body and like, Hey, have you eaten anything? Are you feeling energetically okay? In your body? That’s such a powerful way to just come back to the sense of, okay, that doesn’t necessarily change whatever is in front of me, but it changes how I’m able to show up for it.

Jocelyn Gordon  33:27

Exactly. And often for me, having eating something that’s not going to like not reaching for the bread, after a fast will actually make things wait way better. Yeah.

Cait Scudder  33:43

I love it. I love it so much. Oh, Jocelyn. So good. Well, the last question that I always ask for all of our guests is if you had to leave our listeners who are you know, all creators, consciously bringing something forward in their own rights at different stages of the journey? What would you say? say to them one piece of advice that you’d give them on their creation journey, I’m going to say what came up, but I know lyrics from a song, if you can see can conceive it, you can achieve it.

Jocelyn Gordon  34:12

You can see it, it, you can achieve it. But you don’t have to do it alone. You know. And I think that’s a program that we have in this life in this world in this paradigm, and especially in this Western world, that whole, you know, we did it ourselves pulled ourselves up by ourselves. So to do that, but you don’t have to. And so for those who are just starting their businesses, you know, I highly encourage that you invest in as much as you can, right off the bat, some support and there’s different financial realities out there, you know, I was able to, I put like, $20,000 into my business back in the day and that was before kajabi and all these awesome programs that like do everything for us. You in terms of turnkey, online business, and I realize not everyone has that opportunity, do what you can, if you have the coin easy, get that VA, you know Fiverr like delegate as much as you can. So you can stay in your zone of genius, it really is worth that investment. Get that extra job or some extra gig just for your support. Investments. Don’t be

Cait Scudder  35:29

so, so important. I’m so glad you said that. So so wise. Jocelyn, thank you so, so much for coming on and just sharing your wisdom and just this really expanded view of what it means to create and to be available to receive a download and to bring it into fruition. It’s such a such a beautiful way to move through the world and to move in our businesses and in the process of birthing, everything that we’re birthing. So thank you so much. tell our listeners where they can see They connected with you and any exciting things that you have coming up that we can follow along about.

Jocelyn Gordon  36:06

Thank you. So up on Guinea comm to learn more about boohoo being yoga and meditation and how that can serve you. And we I mentioned the hoop yogini online teacher training and that is a 200 hour multidisciplinary lifestyle and leadership immersion. So it’s really great for helping yourself establish a daily movement and meditation practice because we all know that, that’s good. Quote any data on that and also it teaches you how to guide others into transformative experiences. So check that out because enrollment is open and opening very soon. And then visit Jocelyn gordon.com. And that’s where the fertility embodiment and leadership live. So conscious conception coaching Self Care strategy and create your course. And that’s for healers and educators to get online, create more stable revenue streams and get out of that time for dollar paradigm boss being able to reach more people.

Cait Scudder  37:14

So beautiful. Thank you so much, Jocelyn. And for everyone who’s listening, we’ll have all those links in the show notes for you. So you can go ahead and check out everything that this incredible woman is up to. Thank you so much, Jocelyn. It’s so great to have you on the show. Thank you so much for listening to this week’s episode of The Bourne’s arise podcast. If you like what you heard, head on over to iTunes and leave us a review. And make sure to check out born to rise podcast.com to stay tuned for next week’s episode.

Jocelyn Gordon  37:48

I’ll see you there.

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