Episode 171: The Energetics of Investing

Episode 171: The Energetics of Investing

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Born to Rise podcast. You guys this is my first episode back recording I am currently recording with a baby sleeping on my chest so you might hear some adorable sighs and coos and just dream huffing and puffing from my littlest baby Jack. He’s such a little nugget. Oh my god. I’m obsessed if you can’t tell, and I’m so excited to be here with you guys. I feel like this massive burst of energy after what was a pretty rough postpartum, not gonna lie. God getting mastitis twice rocked me, brought me to my knees, it was extremely hard but also, you know, there’s nothing like weathering a really hard storm and getting to the other side and the column to make you just appreciate the beauty and the importance of health. So that is where we are right now. We are celebrating health we are celebrating happiness, we’re celebrating a life and I’m so freakin pumped for these couple of solo episodes that I am recording in this sitting for you guys. So I have been thinking about so many things writing down ideas I have like notebooks and scribbles all over my room. Because you know it’s kind of like that thing when you get really good ideas in the shower or on a run or whatever. I feel like my latest has been getting really potent downloads while breastfeeding. Someone about that good good milky, gets things flowing literally.

Okay, so today’s episode is all about the energetics of investing. I am sharing this and recording this episode hot on the heels of investing while finalizing some paperwork for a near half a million it’ll be like $450,000 investment, like Holy freaking smokes. And this is you have to remember this is after some other massive investments in the last year putting down a multiple six figure cash deposit on our house, or downpayment, not deposit downpayment on our house, another quarter million plus in renovations so we are in the circulation and the flow of money here my friends and I was thinking about this this morning, I posted about this on Instagram stories about about this half a million dollar investment that we finalize the paperwork work for today and just generally feeling like so many up levels in my life right now in our financial reality. And there was a lot of like response and I’m like, bang, we’re gonna record a podcast on this because I think for a lot of people investment, whether you are investing in a coaching program, you are investing in some sort of a, you know, an investment vehicle, whether that’s like stocks or bonds or whatever you’re investing in real estate.

How money brings up and triggers a lot of thoughts

It can feel it brings up all the things right, it brings up all of the things there’s nothing like money to bring up. Basically everything do I have enough? Am I doing it right? What if it doesn’t work, blah, blah, blah, like the risk versus reward, it can trigger all of those different things. So I wanted to record this episode, to basically peel back the curtain and talk with you about the energetics of investing how I’m literally able to breastfeed my second baby have to under two and be making these huge moves at a time that we may or may not be going into a recession. I hope this podcast doesn’t get taken down just for saying that. But you know the writing’s on the wall, like the economy is doing weird shit we are kind of in a little bit of a bubble here in the coaching industry, which is awesome. But you know, we’re all seeing the price of butter and gas and whatever go up and it can freak us out. It can paralyze us, it can send us into squirrel mode and into thinking this isn’t the right time to invest. I should wait until XYZ is more stable. I should wait until I have XYZ more of a buffer and here is what I want to say. from going from literally like I can’t invest in this until I have x mindset that used to be my mindset. I’m waiting for conditions to be perfect. I am waiting for having this much more in the bank. I am waiting for this much more certainty to now literally being able to make like big nearly a million freaking dollars worth of investments in a single year.

Why you need to have a “this is going to pay off” mindset

I want to share some shit with you guys the energetics of investing the first and most important thing if you truly want to see return on your investment is having the mindset of this is going to pay off. Not the question mark of I wonder if this is Going to work, I wonder what my rate of return is going to be? I wonder what that like no, there has to be in your being and in your energy the knowing with beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is going to pay off. And here’s the crazy thing. Like when I think about investments that I’ve made in my business, whether that was a team member that I was with for a while, whether that was a coaching program, like I’m sure all of us, I am definitely not immune to this, I’ve definitely made you know, coaching investments that were not the best fit that didn’t ultimately, like they showed me a lot about what I did not want to do, what I did not want to do, and what felt like gross and icky to me, I’ve also made plenty of investments that have been friggin amazing, and that I love, every single one, that energy and that mindset of this is going to pay off for me tenfold has been at the center of that.

Even team members where I’ve invested 10s of 1000s of dollars training so much time and energy and it doesn’t work out. It’s so easy you guys to have in this like cat and mouse investor mindset, again, whether you are investing in like any sort of asset class stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities like yourself, if you don’t have that mindset of this is going to pay off, you are going to be in the fear base cat or mouse, I want to make the right and I’m doing air quotes, you can’t see that because this is a podcast. But you know, I need to make the right decision. And there’s so much pressure built up around it. It’s this like Do or die, I have to nail this and like how big heavy how not fun how stressful to be in that mindset, I have adopted, the mindset of this is going to pay off for me tenfold a hundredfold, I don’t even know. But I know that this is going to make me bank. And that has been true for every investment, even investments that have not worked out what happens when you have that as your baseline energetic is that you know you can’t lose what happens when you have that as your baseline energetic as you become confident and your own ability to make empowered decisions.

There are so many ways I cannot tell you, I mean, I have had conversations with my seven and multiple seven figure clients talking about investments. And it’s like we still even at the highest level, especially when we’re talking about finances can outsource our power to some like older white dude in a position of authority, right? I can’t make a decision because I don’t know this or I don’t know that or I need this wealth advisor to tell me what to do. I’m not saying don’t get people in your corner who’ve been around the block who’ve seen you know, the economy do something like absolutely, I have that as well. And one of my Wealth Advisors is like an old white dude. So this is not like man bashing or old person bashing at all. What this is to say, though, is that he is on and the other people on my wealth advisory team are on my team but I am the one in the driver’s seat. I’m the one calling the shots I’m the one writing the checks. I’m the one digging into my pocket, I’m the one taking the risk and showing up because I trust myself because I have that baseline knowing if you have that baseline knowing of this is going to pay off, I’ve got this I’ve got me everything is a okay, you become so much more confident and so much more clear headed to make empowered, astute financial decisions that actually do pay off in the long run.

Why your money has to be somewhere (and why this is a core piece to the energetics of investing)

The second thing that I want to say and this is like such a core piece of the energetics of investment is like yo your money has to be somewhere Okay, whether that is tied up in a house whether that is sitting in a bank account, I think that in the coaching industry we are you know, God I mean I could go off in so many different directions on this point you guys but from the you know, let me buy every designer purse under the sun and like showcase this like really Lux glam life to make you buy my programs. I mean that is a thing that is done in this space. I know there are plenty of people for whom like that is their truest expression of joy, happiness, wealth, whatever, bless them power to them freakin amazing for them. And there are a lot of people who have been burned by that one type of lifestyle marketing that showcases luxury like traditional luxury brands and that is like the one expression of quote unquote wealth. There are a lot of people with a hell of a lot of Chanel bags who don’t have a freaking, like $2 to rub together. But they’ve got a whole closet full of designer stuff.

So anyway, all of that to say is that your money has to be somewhere and I think in the coaching industry, we have come to see, you know, oh I have the you know, I received this much money this month or I made this much in sales or I have these lifestyle luxury brands in my closet. Therefore I am wealthy. That is not necessarily the equation, like, I’ve been sharing this all the way through I mean, literally the I’m signing this half a million dollar investment documents today, literally in a pair of target shorts, and a shirt with spit up all over me and no makeup on. Like, this is not about let me showcase the most wealthy life so that I can like feel like I’m wealthy. This is actually like how do I start to make decisions that are investments from the standpoint of growing actual generational wealth, and knowing that your money has to be somewhere like, if you desire to hold your money in luxury commodities, like like handbags? That’s fine. I mean, I have my own thoughts from a financial perspective and investment perspective about like the value of handbags, and is that going to be adjusted over time, like personally, I would be more interested if I was going to buy things in something like you know, gold diamonds, something of that nature. And real estate, that is something that we’ve invested really heavily in this year are adding a ton of value to our home.

But the point is, you guys your money has to be somewhere. So if it is sitting in a bank, and that’s what’s making you feel wealthy, cool, but like having multiple six figures just sitting in the bank, you know, we got to the point last year where we had over seven figures sitting in the bank, and it’s like this is dumb, this makes no sense. Like this is not where it’s at. This is not what money’s supposed to be doing. And that’s when we started to really double down on investments.

Why not leverage the capital to work for you?

Because of this principle your money has to be somewhere, why not leverage the capital that you have to actually start working for you. So let’s take this as an example in your business. Okay, again, if you are feeling like I need to get into squirrel mode and just stack dollar upon dollar in this you know as a number that I see in my online banking when I log into my online banking to see all this money stacking up to feel safe and secure. I’m gonna say to you great, what kind of return are you getting on that money? What are you doing with that money? Are you investing it anywhere? Well no, it’s just sitting in a savings account or a checking account getting like .01 interest per year making 456 on multiple six figures sitting in the bank. I’m gonna say that makes no sense.

If there is an investment whether that is a coaching container, a mastermind, a team member, a strategy that requires like pay to put like ads or PR or whatever it is that money has to be somewhere Why not leverage the capital that you have to work for you this is what has been absolute freaking lately revolutionary for me in the world of investments. So I’ve talked about like investments we’ve made on a personal level and on a business level outside of CSI, but that are you know, going to be bringing returns in the business and opening up passive income streams and all sorts of juicy stuff. I’ve also made well over malt or yeah generated made well over multiple six figures in investments in coaching alone, inside of my business over the last several years and this year, six figures I’m just trying to calculate it in my head like over 90,000 and it will be six figures by the end of the year over $90,000 in coaching investments alone so private coaching, masterminds coaching containers alone, I’ve invested in this year in addition to all of that other stuff why why do I do that? Why don’t I just keep that cash sitting in my account why don’t I save it for a rainy day because I am the freakin rainy day fund you guys I am the one that generates the results there comes a point and this is something that I talked about in my high level containers.

My inner circle mastermind which by the way Seven Sisters has spaces opening up if you are a multiple six or seven figure entrepreneur and you want to be having more intimate like closed door high power conversations like this, shoot me a DM and say seven sisters like I want details whatever. I would love to have a chat with you if this is like inspiring to you and getting your wheels turning. But anyway, you can have your was the one in your business, making the moves, generating the sales like making the money creating the programs doing the things you being poured into is of vital importance literally for the financial growth of your company. And so having capital having money available again, whether that’s capital and therefore Have like liquid cash your savings sitting in the bank whether that’s in the form of capital that you have access to not utilizing that to grow your business which in the most like trippy cool way and how freaking Blessed are we that this is the case in our industry.

You are the asset like you are the thing that unlocks your next income bracket potential you are the thing so having access to capital to pour into yourself your support your creativity, I was boxing with one of my mentors this morning. Just like sharing with her this epic idea that came through and she’s like, This is amazing. I love this how can I best support you and I literally this is somebody I pay high high high nearly six figures to for coaching in the year, multiple five figures high multiple five figures for coaching. I’m like be my hype woman, remind me to listen to Beyonce. That’s literally what I said to her. I pay somebody high multiple five figures for a year of support to be my hype woman. The reason for that is that that is one of the smartest investments of my energy. And you might be thinking, Cait, that is insane. You pay high multi five figures to somebody as like an energy bunny yourself to have somebody remind you like be your hype woman and remind you of your power. And I’m like yes, yes I do. I have that so that I have a Voxer channel where I can go in and be my goofy ass energized self get bounced on stuff, like bring my you know, questions too whatever. But ultimately, a place where I am in high level conversation with somebody that I trust and that I love and that I vibe with, to bounce ideas back and forth and basically be my hype woman that is such a vibe of an investment. And so you know, this is not like I have a whole program called Minted, where we like dive deep into the like strategy of investment in different asset classes and blah, blah, blah. That’s not the purpose of this podcast episode. The purpose of this podcast episode is to really help you start to think about investing, like a millionaire or a multi millionaire Are you putting your capital to work for you for me, my vibe, my creativity, my flow, my power, my potency, my articulation. Me being supported in all of that is a multimillion dollar move me being supported at the highest level in that supports me to show up powerfully to serve my expands my capacity.

The more that we are held, the more that we can hold others, the more that we are supported and poured into the greater our ability to show up fully embodied from a place of overflow energy excitement, you guys can probably feel that in my voice right now. I’m literally walking around the room wearing Jack holding my laptop with GarageBand open like that is what is happening right now. Because I’m so energized, I can’t sit down, I can’t sit still. And walking helps the baby. Also there’s that too. But I am lit up overflowing. Because I have unlocked like the fullest level of support available to me in all of the different ways I invest in the things that helped my energy field the fullest that is a boss as multimillion dollar move.

So I want you to ask yourself, can you stop? If you are currently- can you stop thinking about money, wealth, capital cash, as strictly like I need to stack this like an old school? I don’t even know what like coins and accounting house? Can I stop thinking about money and wealth in this way? Can I stop thinking of investment from the standpoint of you know, Oh, am I gonna make it back? Am I not? Does this make sense? Does it not? And getting like hyper in your brain, hyper analytical, hyper, you know, fear based and like, you know, squirrely on the defense. And can you start thinking about number one? What is your industry? Like, if you have I don’t know, I’m just making this up if you have a car dealership? I mean, maybe that’s a bad example, because car dealerships like you kind of have to be personable. I guess your personal state matters. I mean, I guess I’m thinking out loud. Can you tell as I’m recording this, but okay, we’re just gonna say car dealership, or let’s say you have, I don’t know, like a lumber company. Does it make sense to like, invest nearly six figures in private coaching to support you? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. I would say that there would be other investments that would make more sense if that was your career.

But yo, if you are listening to this, you are probably in the world of personal development, coaching, mentorship, maybe you have a life coaching business, a health coaching business, a business coaching business anywhere in between, let’s be real. Most of us have some sort of a hybrid that includes all of this. It’s about Power, it’s about unlocking the fullest level of yourself. It’s about living your best life, if you are not investing in you being supported at the highest possible level, like there’s a, there’s an incongruence in what you’re actually standing for. And so when I say this, not to say that like, if you’re not investing six figures, you’re like, you’re not authentic. Like that’s not what I’m saying.

Why you can’t think about investing through a traditional lens when you’re in a unicorn industry

But what I am saying is that if you are somebody who has thought about investment from this very like traditional lens, and yet you are in a unicorn of an industry, you are in in in an industry of uncapped earning potential you are in an industry that skyrocketed and soared over 200% growth at a time that the rest of the world went into hiding and took a nosedive during the pandemic, you are in an industry that truly says the sky’s the limit, like you can do whatever you freakin one. And you as a leader in this industry, you as somebody who is unlocking your capacity to support more people to to attract more people into your programs to bring more momentum and growth and beauty to their lives. If you are thinking yeah, but it’s like it’s much safer for me to keep my money squirreled away in an account and never touch it. Like, no, that doesn’t make sense. Let your money work for you. The thing that million multimillionaires know is having money will make you more money, if you know how to utilize money, not just spend it, but actually leverage it to grow your wealth, that you will become wealthier. And one of the most powerful ways we have access to do that you guys in this industry and in this world is investing in support, investing in coaching, investing in containers that get us into the momentum into the frequency into the energy into the creative space, that helps us unlock our gifts at the next level. That is what this work is all about. And so again, I’m talking specifically about investment in coaching mentorship.

I want you to think about this because the same thing is true. And I felt that same twinge of like oh, okay, half million dollar investment. Here we go, baby. This is happening. But again, I know that for me, putting my capital to use is so much smarter than squirreling it away. So I want you to ask yourself, what is the move perhaps the move you are terrified to make perhaps the move that makes you quaking in your boots? Perhaps the move that makes you wonder, does this make sense? Am I being irresponsible, like definitely important to have that gut check. And I am not like signing away, you know, to the point of like, we’re not going to be able to pay for rent and pay for food. Obviously, prioritize your living needs, do not freaking sell your car in order to join a coaching program. There’s some crazy ass shit out there. I’m not preaching or teaching any of that. Be smart, take care of yourself, prioritize your health, your family being able to eat and live and all of that stuff. And at the point where you have overflow at the point where she does good at the point where you’re growing, there is going to be a point where you have the choice to get into the defensive mode, get scared.

I mean, I share this analogy and other places. I’m sure I’ve shared it on a podcast episode before. It’s like the tightrope walker analogy, right, the higher and higher we rise, the more success that we create. I remember like when I crossed, this was years ago, when I crossed having $100,000 in my bank account, I felt both like so freaking proud of myself and so excited and at the same time terrified, because I was like, holy shit. What do I do with this kind of money? And again, first time we crossed like multiple six figures and then like half a million and then it’s just like, at every single level you’re like, holy schmoly do I know what I’m doing? Holy schmoly can I handle this? Holy schmoly do I need to go into squirrel mode? What if it doesn’t ever? What if this is the last money that I’ll ever make?

I mean, I don’t know why this happens. But it’s weird. It does. It’s like the better things get it’s almost like the more catastrophic our thinking can be. Maybe this is just me, but I know I mean this is true with parenting as well right? We feel these like surges of extraordinary love for our kids and then in the next minute could imagine just this like horrible accident and how absolutely devastated we would be if something happened. It’s it’s this thing in our brain, this mechanism in our brain in our hearts. It’s like Can it really be this good? Can I really trust that it is this good? Can I really trust it can be this good? And something terrible isn’t going to happen. And so when that relates to investment when that really as that relates to investment and as that relates to money, it’s like, as you start to grow your wealth as you start to expand, can you trust yourself? Enough to say, yes, it can be this good. And yes, I can trust myself, No, I don’t need to be in this defensive clutch mode all the time. Because let me tell you, making whatever number half a million a million dollars more than a million making, that is one thing.

How wealthy people approach investing

Saving that is one thing, what you then do with it is another it’s one thing to have a million dollars sitting in your bank, just that you don’t touch this just there for a rainy day that you feel like comfortable because it’s there, it’s another thing to have that and to know how to utilize it to unlock to make you more money. That is what wealthy people do, quite simply, they look for opportunities, investment opportunities to invest that capital, that are going to help them get a return on that capital so that they not only make that capital back, but grow it.

And the net result, I mean, you do not need to be a rocket scientist mathematician to figure this out. Either seven figures sitting in account doesn’t mean or whatever 10,000 100,000, it doesn’t matter the number sitting in account that you don’t touch, don’t move stays there stagnant. No flow of energy, or have access to that capital and move it, play with it, invest it, let it work for you let it circulate, let it generate momentum, let it bring new life new opportunity into your world. And then what do you end up with, you’re going to end up with more than if it just sat there.

So I wanted to share with you some of the very like inner thoughts again, that I share in like, my highest level containers, but my mindset about money because I very intimately know the squirrel brain can’t touch it mode. I know that and I think most of us who don’t come from like a background of quote unquote, traditionally wealthy families have that. That’s one of the things that we have to work through as a money mindset thing in our growth process. But when you truly get what I’m talking about when you understand this energetic of investing you like, it’s like learning how to fly, it’s realizing that you can spread your wings and trust yourself and freaking soar. And it is one of the coolest things to experience and I have seen that happen. I’ve seen it happen over time I felt the leg. Like what if this doesn’t work, you know, I felt all of that and I’ve ultimately seen how powerful it is. And what’s so cool about it is that you get to trust yourself with higher and higher level investments.

So like earlier this year, when I made this near six figure coaching investment, I had that a little bit and then it was like, okay, breathe into that, trust it no it do it, it’s all good. Like yes, then today like making this near half a million dollar investments like same thing and I trust myself so it’s once you start to normalize bigger and bigger investments bigger and bigger moves you become so much more confident and self trusting in your capacity which just magnetizes more momentum.

So I hope that this episode has given you the permission the reflection the really important points to consider and to think about as you plan to make your next boss moves in your business. What are you investing in? What is your story that you are telling yourself about how to quote unquote make the most of your money? Are you in like squirrel protection mode? Or are you playing a bigger game? Are you looking at the long game are you thinking about how to make the capital that you have access to truly unlock the most momentum power opportunity growth possible for you? If that is the case, think about the rooms that you want to be a part of.

So I hope this has inspired you guys if you have listened to this episode and you’re like, I don’t know what you’re taking right now. Okay, but like I am vibing with you. I am buzzing right now like I said I’m literally pacing around my office I’m so just lit with what I’m sharing with you. But if you are vibing with this, if you are looking for a place to plug into mentorship in a place that will hold you to your highest, reflect back your power to you, help you unlock more momentum, creativity, flow expression in your work. You’re really looking to take it to that next level and have a space to honestly like talk about the strategic behind closed doors like nitty gritty shit with but also have a place to be ignited to unlock your highest frequency then I could not think of a more perfect person to plug in with place to plug in. Then inside of one of my containers I am. Did you hear that Jack just snorted. I am so excited to let you guys know that we are going to be opening the doors soon to both of my masterminds so one of them the rise mastermind that is a space for established entrepreneurs who are scaling up to multiple six figures. So requisites for that are you are already in business, you have a business, you’re scaling up to, you know, and you may be generating anywhere from, I don’t know, $5,000 a month to $20,000 a month, but you’re scaling up to half a million in a year. That’s like a real goal and target that you have. Hitting a multiple six figure year doesn’t have to be that exactly. But that is the space that Rise is all about. We don’t start until January, but we are going to be opening the waitlist for that at the end of August and holy shitballs. You guys, if that sounds like you, if you’ve had your eyes on rise for years, I’ve been running rise for now I think this is going to be our fifth year, we have had women just absolutely smash it. I mean, go from like, low multi six figures to seven figures we’ve had women go from zero to six figure years retire their husbands, quit their jobs and travel the world. I mean, we the results in Rise are just mind blowing. If that sounds like you send me a DM because the waitlist bonuses are literally like they don’t even make sense. There, they do not even make sense. They are so good. So that is something that is exciting to you shoot me a DM. Again, we’re not even gonna start publicly talking about the waitlist for a couple more weeks. But if you want early, early, early details on that shoot me a DM,

I also have a couple spaces opening up inside of seven sisters. That is a space if you are already generating multiple six figures. And you are scaling up to seven figures. If you already have a seven figure business and you are scaling up to multiple seven figures. We have had women got cross the million dollar mark in their business go from 50 and $60,000 months to 100 and $120,000 months, this is a space and this is a room that is super intimate. So with seven women max. It’s a hybrid one on one. So you get that private component with me there’s a private coaching call with me every single month, and an intimate group of other super successful women. No more like oh tall poppy syndrome, I’m afraid to shine like none of that bullshit. This is not a space where you pay me to be the guru with all your answers. The one who has it figured out that you come to learn at the feet of like, no, screw that shit. This is a space where we collapse pyramids into circles. This is a space where we rise together shoulder to shoulder and where you are held. Okay, you are held, you are supported. You are truly given the opportunity to embody your million and multimillion dollar self now. And you are asked every single day, week after week to be the embodiment of that woman to lead your company to write your content to lead your team to launch your programs from that frequency of the highest power version of you see the thing for and this is just like a little extra riff here for you.

If you are making half a million dollars a year, if you’re making $400,000 you know you have everything you need from a strategy standpoint, I can almost guarantee it, maybe you need a little bit of support around team or like processes and lot like maybe there’s some of that. But if you are making that kind of money, you have everything you need to generate more than a million dollars a year. And if you are generating a million dollars a year you have everything you need to create a multiple seven figure business. The thing that makes the difference at this level. It’s what I was talking about earlier in the episode. It’s how confident you feel as the bar starts to rise. It’s how you lead yourself. It’s the stories that you tell yourself. It’s who you be, as you run a company that gets bigger and bigger and bigger. It’s how you ride through and navigate through the depths the difficulties, the challenges that you don’t see any, you know, multiple seven figure business owners talking about that’s happening inside of closed doors inside of private mentorship in small intimate circles like this. This is where you get to workshop and work through the actual work that it takes to build a multiple million dollar empire.

So if you are generating multiple six figures a year, you are ready to go to the next level in your business you are craving a community of sisterhood and support and a space where you get to workshop all of the things. This Seven Sisters the inner circle mastermind is your space. So if you are interested in that you can shoot me a DM say hey, I listened to this episode. I want to know more about seven sisters. I’m activated. I’m aligned, feeling it. I’m just so pumped so excited for the women. We currently have in this group for all of the women in my world who I just feel so blessed to be able to support if you are buzzing and feeling activated. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. It’s so important to me to pour a ton of value into this community you guys whether you’re paying me or not, I just I’m so passionate about this work. I hope this episode on the energetics of investing has served you and if it is activated something in you and you are ready to freaking go and you’re ready to invest in yourself and in your business and in your growth. To continue to unlock the next level of your potential. Shoot me a DM let me know which mastermind you are most excited about. And I cannot wait to support you on your journey. I’m sending you guys so much love from baby land and I will be on here again with you soon. Thanks for listening to Born to Rise and shoot me a DM let me know your biggest takeaway. Bye guys. See you next week.

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