The #1 Key to Slaying Your 2023 Goals With More Ease

Episode 178: The #1 Key to Slaying Your 2023 Goals With More Ease

Episode 178: The #1 Key to Slaying Your 2023 Goals With More Ease

Today’s episode is all about moving into your goals, your desires, your ambitions for 2023, and how to do that in a way that actually feels good. And actually works the most successfully with the least amount of friction. One of the things that I see happen all the time at the beginning of a new year is almost this like hyper pressure II sort of energy, this feeling of, I’ve got to absolutely nail my goal, or, alright, now for the one and only time, I’m going to once and for all, diminish or squash this terrible quality that I have, I’m going to end my sales you No no, no sales streak, or I’m going to finally eliminate my bad eating habits and lose those stubborn 10 pounds, or I will from now on only hit 20k months. And all of that is fine. Like I am all here for some big ass ambition. As it relates to the things that you’re wanting to accomplish. What I see teeter into the realm of unhelpful is when we use this almost like brute force line in the sand, I will never go back kind of energy because the reality is this is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, like life means that things are imperfect things are probably going to happen.

Why it’s important to adjust your attitude and energy around your big goals

And it’s not to say that we are planning for our goals not to work, but what I think is so so so important is that we adjust our attitude and our energy around whatever our big goals and ambitions are in order for them to work the best for us. So when we come at our goals, ambitions, dreams, desires, I want you to bring to your mind right now what your big goals are for the year, maybe you have a word of the year, maybe you have a particular metric that you’d like to hit in your business, you want to grow your audience by 10,000 followers, you want to scale to 50k months, you want to generate $500,000 in revenue, you want to hire a team member, whatever the thing is, I want you to notice what the goal is. And notice the gap between where you are in this moment, and what that goal is. Okay, and now I want you to notice in your nervous system in your energy body, any sort of feeling of pressure, of anxiety, of needing to hit that thing in order to be safe or okay, just notice any sort of additional energetic or emotional baggage that you have built up around that thing. Now, I want you to ask yourself, What if you approached that goal, that desire that dream that ambition from a totally different energetic space? What if instead of pushing for it and needing to hit it in order to prove your worth? What if instead of having to master that thing and do it straight away, you gave yourself permission to calmly and cleanly go after that thing. One core distinction that I see help entrepreneurs so so much, this is something that I’m working on with clients at the moment is moving from I’m going to let’s just take a revenue number, for example, I’m going to scale to 20k months, rather than build up all of this pressure and all of this hype and all of this kind of do or die energy around the goal.

Keeping and committing to your micro agreements in order to hit your larger goals

What if you modified that particular goal to not be about the outcome not be about the thing that you are committing to producing not being about I must hit this result at all costs, but rather, what if you focus instead on keeping your micro agreements to yourself that support you in hitting that goal. So rather than I will hit 20k months come hell or high water, I will make this my last, I don’t know a month without any monthly recurring revenue, or I will do this thing. I want you to ask yourself, what actions can I commit to and keep that micro agreement with myself? That supports me in hitting 20k months, and keep that agreement with yourself day after day after day? So rather than waking up every day with this energy of I’m going to hit 20k months? Come hell or high water I’m going to hit this thing? Because I said I would that I mean, I don’t know about you, but for me that just brings up a huge feeling of anxiety and I think there’s a big trauma response in that right there’s this story of oh god I haven’t done it in the past. And now I said I would. So I really have to prove it to myself. But what we’re doing actually, is just putting a false pressure incubator on ourselves that actually is not helpful in achieving the goals that we have.

The things that are actually going to support you in achieving your desired outcome

What is actually supportive, is asking yourself, what actions, what beliefs, what behaviors are going to support me in hitting whatever that goal is. So let’s say it’s achieving 20k months in your business, what actions, what beliefs, what thoughts, what behaviors are going to support you in achieving that outcome? On a daily basis? And can you commit to keeping that agreement with yourself? Do you see how turning the focal point from this like brute force, I said, I would desire or result and moving it to the actual agreements that you’re keeping with yourself, bring so much more spaciousness and bring so much more room. And it brings you frankly, back into such a position of power, because you keeping agreements with yourself on the actions and things that actually move the needle forward and move you closer to that result that is completely within your locus of control. If you just brute force pressurize yourself every day of I’m going to have a 20k month, I’m going to have a 20k month, I’m going to have a 20k month, you’re just hyping yourself up without actually putting a plan in place. So my recommendation if a revenue month is your goal, if say stabilizing 20k or 50k months is your goal, the first thing that I want you to ask yourself, and this is the work that I do with clients is like look, obviously a lot more in depth when we’re working in a client relationship.

Auditing and evaluating your offers to align them with your goals

But I want a high level look at what you are selling. What do you have for offer? What is in your office suite? Is your pricing structure set up to support you to hit 20k months? Do you have offers in your offer suite that will support you to reverse engineer to hit that kind of to hit that kind of revenue? Mark? And what is your sales strategy? What is your sales plan? Do you have a plan in place to to inform to to to warm up to nurture your audience? Do you have a sales strategy whereby you have an easy and exciting way to bring people into your world to educate through your content to start to ramp people up to the thing it is that you’re selling and you have a seamless sales process in place that makes it really easy for people to pay you. Those are the things to focus on, on your day to day not gotta hit the 20k month gotta hit the 20k month because then every day when you wake up, you’re going to open your phone, you’re going to scroll Instagram, you’re going to sit down at your desk, you’re going to look at your computer, you’re going to freak out and all you’re going to feel is the weight and pressure of that number. So rather than doing that, ask yourself, what is the result that I’m after? And what are the actions that are going to support me in hitting that. And then make a commitment to yourself to keep those micro agreements.

When you do that on the day to day I promise you, you’re going to feel so much more spaciousness, you’re going to build so much more trust with yourself. And you’re going to feel so much more positive reinforcement, positive feedback loops, because there is something absolutely empowering and muscle building about keeping your agreements with yourself. When you do that. You say to yourself, I am reliable, I am safe, I know what it takes to make money. The other piece of this that I think is really, really important. And again, a real necessary counterweight to this like I’m gonna have this month, you know, no matter what, oftentimes we can get a little like violet freaking overboard about this, I want to know balloon. But now I want the 20k month now, I’m joking about this. But I think a lot of Instagram culture has made a lot of us believe that just because we said we want it, it should materialize. And if it doesn’t, we’re somehow doing it wrong. Or we’re like the only friggin person on the internet that isn’t able to just manifest their way to millions. And in reality, having a goal that you have in mind, having a result that you want to achieve. Having a number that you want to calibrate to is amazing. But don’t be forgetting that it takes time and consistency, a consistent holding of your frequency and your energy and a consistent execution of the actions that are going to support you to hit that number. Don’t expect to post three times about your offer and have a 20k month could it happen? Absolutely. Does that mean that you want to let yourself think oh, just because this person posted into came to them so easily that it should happen for me? And if it doesn’t, you go into a tailspin and then hide for two weeks and stop selling. Because nothing is sold. No, absolutely not.

And yet this happens all of the freaking time. I see this as a thing that massively derails female entrepreneurs from from going for their goals and for hitting their goals. They tell themselves a story of because it didn’t happen in three posts or in three story slides. nobody’s interested that no one in my audience wants to buy and it’s honestly you guys, it’s bullshit. It’s not true. The most important thing you can do in your business is to keep the micro agreements that you have with yourself. As you build and work your way towards your goal. Can you have fun in the process? Can you actually savor it? Can you truly fall in love with the woman that you’re becoming on your way to that thing? Can you feel the satisfaction that emerges when you are building day after day when you’re in the process of nurturing that community when you’re showing yourself what it means to build an interested in devoted audience by way of showing up every day, with content that really adds value to the lives of the people that you’re serving? If you’re not doing that, because you find yourself getting in your head because of this pressure loop. This is your ripcord. I want you to remember this podcast episode, you can save it, you can share it, you can come back to it whenever you find yourself, kind of in a freakout zone. The beautiful news you guys is there is always a way back to a regulated nervous system to a calm frequency to this clear, steady knowing that your goal and the result that you’re after is so available to you, your job is to actually stop fixating on that end goal to get really clear about the actions that will support you to get there. And to keep those micro agreements with yourself.

If this episode supported you I would love for you to do me a favor and share this episode and tag me on your Instagram stories. It means so much and I would love to know your biggest takeaway from this. Remember, look at that goal. Break it down in some micro steps and keep those agreements to yourself and I promise you going after your 2023 ambitions is going to feel so much yummier again, if this episode supported you make sure to share this on Instagram and tag me @caitscudder. And guys stay tuned because I have the most exciting masterclass ready to drop you can shoot me a DM on Instagram for an early bird link to join at a special price. Details are going to be dropping so soon this masterclass is taking place on January 16. And I absolutely can’t wait. So if you want special early bird pricing, send me a DM and I cannot wait to see you in the room. Thanks so much for listening today on the borns rise podcast and I’ll see you next time.

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