5 Questions to Ask to Scale to 6 Figure Months

Episode 181: 5 Questions to Ask to Scale to 6 Figure Months

Episode 181: 5 Questions to Ask to Scale to 6 Figure Months

Today my love’s we are talking about what it takes to scale your business to six figure cash months, I am sitting here and gosh, it has been nearly two years since our first six figure cash month in the business. And this is something that I get asked a lot. And it’s something that I want to unpack in the most literal, specific, straightforward way for you. So that no matter where you are in your business, whether you are just starting out and a dream that big fields freaking audacious and unattainable, or whether you are really close, but just getting over that next hump, that next threshold feels like a lot, I really want to break this down for you. So we are going to be talking about that on this episode. Let’s go ahead and dive in the five key questions to ask yourself in order to scale to six figure months.

What does it take to scale your business to 6 figure cash months? 

We need to have a conversation. So I was reflecting on the fact that it has been a couple of years now since we first moved into six figure months. And I remember thinking and feeling for the longest time like watching people post about and write about making this kind of money in a month and I was like, what are they even talking about? Like how is that freaking possible? So first of all, if that is something that has gone through your head, there is no shame there is no problem. It does not mean that you are like some jealous bitch who’s never going to make it in life. It means that that feels like such an audacious goal. It feels like such an audacious vision. It feels like how is that even freaking possible? Right? So this conversation that we’re gonna have today I really want it to serve you because I want to trace back how in my own brain I moved from like serious skepticism, not so much like not believing people, but skepticism in myself like skepticism of is that actually possible for somebody like me. You have to remember guys when I started my business when I lived in Bali, I was not coming from you know, and I know we logically know that people who we see absolutely crushing it don’t begin their journeys there. They begin their journeys from ground zero they begin their journeys with nothing. When I was in Bali, I had literally quit my teaching job was like rapidly eating through all of my savings and had no freaking idea what I was going to do. But I started to see all of this evidence around me of like, this is possible. This is possible for people who are younger than me. This is possible for people who have way less training and experience than I do. This is possible for people of all sorts. Like, why am I telling myself this story that this isn’t possible?

So today, I want to really walk with you through the thought process. And I’ve distilled these into five key questions. I posted about this today, but I want it felt like incomplete to post about and not actually unpack. So I want to go through this with you in hopes that it helps you illuminate in your own mindset and in your own thinking, where you might still be looking for reasons that you can’t have what you want and how to actually get your conscious mind. Get your subconscious mind, like fully on board to have everything that you want.

Expanding what you believe is possible for you

So the first question I want you to ask yourself, if you are working your way up to scaling to six figure months is this. What do you actually believe is possible for you? What do you actually believe is possible?And this one is a little bit confronting guys, this one, if this brings up some tenderness for you. If this one makes you kind of want to cry a little like good. You’re at a point where there is information being input. Like, what do you believe as possible? Is there a story that says like, this isn’t going to happen for somebody like me, or there’s already too, I have to tell you this. There’s already too many people in this space. There’s already too many people doing it. Look at XYZ person look at her and her huge platform and our huge business. Why would anybody hire me? These were thoughts that I had going through my head, you guys and freaking 2016. Before I started my business, while I was on the sidelines, while I was looking at, you know what I wanted to do, but felt like you know what, there, it’s just too saturated. I just I can’t do this, this shit doesn’t happen for somebody like me, I can’t actually make a go of this. And so guess what I did? Feeding that belief into myself feeding that story into myself. Did I start my business and absolutely crush it? No, I literally kept telling myself that story kept looping. And guess what I kept doing? Scrolling on Instagram, watching other people do it. Having mentors, people come into my fields and periphery, but not take the leap not invest not do the thing because I was like, It’s too busy. There’s already too many people. Because I held a belief that it was there was already too many people in the space, that I didn’t have what it takes, that there was nothing special enough about me and what I wanted to say, to be able to make it. I had the belief that I didn’t know what I was doing, right? All of these like really heavy, really dense, really believable, this parts important, really believable stories. Because I didn’t yet have the evidence of having made millions. I didn’t yet have the evidence of being a TEDx speaker. I didn’t yet have the evidence of having my name in Forbes and having this like, big podcast. And I didn’t have the evidence of any of these things yet. So I was anchoring my belief and my evidence as to what had not yet happened. Do you know how insane this is? That is like a child saying, You know what, I’m never going to be able to like drive a car, I’m never gonna be able to do anything that I can’t yet do, because I’m not already doing it. And it’s like, that defies all of the logic and all of the process of growth that we know and understand.

Being able to hold a belief and what is not yet here is like one of the most vital ingredients to growth of any kind. Like literally, none of none of us would be eating food. If we held this like fundamental belief of I can’t yet see it and so it must not be happening. We would not plant seeds. If that were the case, a little tiny seed like we’re not doing anything with that seed. We plant it, we water it, we nurture it, we hold the vision we know what’s coming. We know that that seed possesses all of the future potentiality of what’s coming. And we nurture that. But if we were like, yo, it’s just a tiny little fucking seed, how is that going to feed my family? How is that going to help me be able to do anything with that? We wouldn’t plant it, we wouldn’t water it because we would be literally assigning a finality based on this limited belief, because we can’t yet see.

The number one question, and this is why I put this first you guys in the post that I did today, the number one question that you need to ask yourself, if you want to scale your income. And don’t limit it at six figure months, you want to go multiple six go as big as you freaking want to go. And if you’re like, I don’t really need to make $100,000 in a month, but I would be stoked as fuck with 20,000 in a month. It’s not actually about the number. What it’s about is you suspending your disbelief and replacing whatever disbelief you have with an affirmative. And not just like this, like Pollyanna pep talk affirmation, but like a knowing that if you have a desire inside of you, if you have a vision, if you have this deep knowing for something that you want to accomplish, it is inside of you for a reason. It exists there for a reason. And it is not only possible for you, but literally inevitable. If you infuse your thinking you infuse your thoughts, you infuse your actions, and the actions that you take with the knowing of this is coming for me. This is happening. It might be happening slower than I want. I might not know how this is happening, but I know it is coming for me.

And when you drop in to the sweetness to the momentum that is available for you beneath that layer, that thick shell of your hesitation and fear. You literally enter into this slipstream of momentum of spontaneity of synchronicity of all the support that is available to you to make it happen. And I know for myself when I literally switched my mindset for grasping after every single reason why I was too late, why I couldn’t have what I wanted, what this wouldn’t happen for somebody like me. And started replacing that belief with, you know what, I think I can do this, you know what, I have no idea how, but I really believe that this is possible for me. And I’m not going to figure it out by myself. I’m sure as hell not going to figure it out by scrolling on Instagram and feeling jealous and inferior. I’m going to figure this out by number one, believing it’s possible for me and number two, starting to show up in the world that way, both in the terms of the content that I was putting out and creating and also in the rooms I was putting myself in. Okay, so but it starts with that fundamental belief of what do I actually believe as possible?

The second question, and by the way, if this is resonating for you, if this belief is something you’ve struggled with, let me know in the comments, I want to hear about how that has showed up for you and how you are actively working yourself through it. And if you are still struggling with that, let me know that as well. Let’s workshop this here live.

Exploring what you are truly afraid of

The second question that I need you to ask yourself and to examine. And again, this one might be hard, it might bring some shit up, we need to be willing to go to these depths, we need to be willing to be honest and to examine, where we are still playing out our patterning, operating from a vantage point of trying to please people around us or trying to preemptively protect somebody’s feelings that we are afraid of disappointing. So the second question I want you to ask yourself is “Who am I afraid of disappointing by being in my full expression?” Whether that is a family member who has certain feelings about the way that you show up online, whether that is a old story that you have about a high school best friend click or a group of friends from college or whatever the thing is. Who doesn’t like that you talk about money? Who doesn’t like that you you know, do photoshoots? Who doesn’t like that you show up in XYZ specific way?

I have worked with so many clients on this you guys and what’s fascinating is this one is one to examine in an ongoing capacity. If you are still holding back part of your expression, part of your audaciousness part of your ambition, because you are afraid that the path that you’ve chosen and the way that you show up in the way that you’re doing the thing is going to disappoint your mom, your dad, your brother, your mother in law, your whoever it is. If you have have a story that it is not okay for you to be playing full out, guess what you’re going to do? You’re not going to play full out. You’re not going to go for the thing. So I think it’s really healthy and really important to actually ask yourself, Who am I doing this for? Because a lot of the times, we are like, we’re playing out a trauma response in our body to like an old set of relationships that is no longer relevant. They’re no they no longer have a place in our life. And yet we’re stuck in this conditioning or this loop that says, I’m afraid of being judged. I’m afraid of rocking the boat. I’m afraid of upsetting somebody’s sensibilities. I’m afraid of what is it? What is it? Like? Can you get to the root of the thing is, can you get to the root of what the thing is? Can you ask yourself, Who am I actually afraid of disappointing? And maybe it’s not about like disappointing, somebody else’s expectation of you. Maybe it is about you are afraid of disappointing yourself.

And this is where I invite you to just bring so much tenderness and if you have been holding back from really playing full out and really going for it, is there an external person or relationship outside of you, that you are afraid of disappointing? That you are afraid of offending? That you are afraid of letting down? Or is this really a fear of disappointing yourself? A fear of going for it and taking a big risk and making a big leap and rearranging your life and putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way and actually running this business in a more full outweigh and disappointing yourself. That is the fear. And that is the story. And that is the thing that I see hold so many women back.

And by the way, this isn’t just like at the beginning, when you’re starting your business. This is at every single phase of evolution, because you have to remember that growth is cyclical. The things that emerge for us, when we are at the beginning of our business, I guarantee you will resurface when you are already making millions of dollars. Businesses cyclical, growth is cyclical. And so these things resurface to be felt to be healed to be transmuted to be transformed. Who are you afraid of disappointing? And if the answer is I’m afraid of disappointing XYZ other person, I want to ask you a very clear and simple question to eliminate that hook. And that is what is more important: protecting somebody else’s feelings or pursuing your destiny? What is more important? Protecting somebody else’s feelings or pursuing your destiny? Living out the purpose that you were put on this planet for actually going after what you are here to go after letting your gifts be fully expressed in the world? Like what do you actually have to lose? Somebody else’s approval or your approval of yourself? For me that question always brings it into like bro, like laser laser clarity. Even if I’m, like, have this old pattern and cleaning out of like, oh, I don’t want that person to think this. Actually, that person thinking whatever the hell they’re gonna think is way more worth it then me stifling my gifts.

When we do that, do you want to know what happens when anytime and we’ve seen and this is so beautiful in the field of like trauma studies or whatever it is, whenever we repress or suppress or stuffed down an emotion or a feeling, it doesn’t just go away. It festers and lingers in the body. It shows up as illness it literally it’s like a beach ball, it has to go somewhere. So oftentimes it goes up and out and explodes. Sometimes it hides in the body and shows up as a sickness or an illness may manifest. Like you are here to let life force. Let your gifts be moving through you, not to stuff them down because you are afraid of what somebody might say. So we have to learn to cultivate the conviction and the courage to let those gifts come up and out.

And if you are afraid of disappointing yourself, if you are afraid of going for it and not making it straight away, I have another question coming up for you that I think is really, really going to serve you. But you need to, the most simple hack that I can give you and I don’t really like using that word because I don’t think this is about like making it go as quickly as possible. I think this is about really being in so much integrity with your relationship of how you are deciding to grow. If you are telling yourself I am terrified to make any leap, whether that is an investment in yourself, whether that is starting to show up with more boldness online, whether that is all of the above, because you’re afraid of disappointing yourself. Ask yourself a very simple question. Will you be more disappointed by going for it and experiencing human error and needing to fix it and figure it out? Or will you be more disappointed in yourself for wondering and waiting and sitting on the sidelines wondering, I wonder what would have happened if I went for it? What’s more disappointing? That question will literally change your entire life, your entire financial reality, when you ask it to yourself with honesty.

The impact of massively simplifying your business

The third question, if you are in the process of scaling up to 100k months, you can change that number with whatever number you have on your horizon, your next expansion, your next edge is how can you let this be easier? So much of the time, we look at the big vision that we have, we look at the big goal, and we just get flooded with all of the overwhelm. And all of the things we start looking at, well, how is she doing it? How is she doing it? How is she doing it? Again, this is the danger of trying to build a business model based off of just like hopping around from coach to coach and consuming a bunch of free content, because there’s so many of us doing so many different things. And so if you don’t have a place where you can, like actually drop in, and like not just again, oh, let me see what they’re doing. Let me see what they’re doing. Let me see what they’re doing. And overcomplicate, try to funnel hack this and build out that and mimic this. It’s going to feel really freaking overwhelming. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is how can I let this be easier? How can I massively freaking simplify?

One of the exercises that I lead clients through all the time is like start with whatever your revenue target is. Let’s say that’s 100k cash months. Okay, cool. What is your offer suite look like? What are you selling? It’s like, oh, well, you know, haven’t changed my prices on this? And I’m not really selling anywhere all the time. And it’s like, yeah, of course, it’s feeling super freaking hard to make money, because we’re not actually selling, because we don’t actually have the offers to reverse engineer to be able to support that. All of the noise. Oh, yeah, but I need to, you know, I need to get my name here first. I need to start this first. Or I should be doing two reels a day. And I should probably also do this. And I should probably also do this. It is so important that you simplify and streamline, that you come back to looking at what is your offer suite? What are your goals? In terms of your financial, the financial target that you’re hitting? What does your offer suite look like? And how are you nurturing your community? Business is actually really freaking simple. It’s not saying that it’s easy, and that it’s going to happen overnight. But when you have that clarity dialed in, and you know what you are doing, you have a clear vision and a clear plan. Moving forward is so much easier. So where can you massively simplify? Where can you put the blinders on? Where can you peel away?

Like scaling your income, you guys, more often than not has everything to do with what you are taking away and not how much more you can add in and pack in. A confused buyer doesn’t buy. Somebody who is overwhelmed doesn’t buy. The most compelling brands, the most compelling messages are those that are sharp that are clear where it is so clear the value that you can support somebody, with the transformation that you can support your clients to experience, and showing up for that in a consistent way. Making sure you have an offer, or a couple offers, to ascend people into once they are receiving value from you. Again, business is simple. Not saying that it’s easy, but it is simple. It is straightforward. And so where are you in your business, right now overcomplicating things? This could be in terms of logistical over complication, having a zillion million offers and people don’t know where to plug in. Trying to like grow a Tick Tock following, and an Instagram, and a podcast, and a Facebook group, and a blog, and have this, and have that all at once. Like if it’s feeling like you’re not gaining traction, yeah, you might be overcomplicating it. You might be spreading yourself too thin. Where can you go deep and commit to a platform to an offer to nurturing a community and go all in on that? Business is so simple when you allow it to be simple, but when you get distracted, because you’re not in support that helps you intentionally peel away the noise and double down on what you are doing, That’s where shit can get complicated. So let it be simple and ask yourself how can you make this simpler?

How you can begin to treat failure as feedback 

The fourth question is, are you willing to stay in this for the long haul? This is honestly one of the most triggering parts of growing a business and really experiencing success, mostly because we see a lot in the online space. Like well, I became a millionaire in four seconds. Like personally I did not, I didn’t have a million dollar year the first year I started my business or the second. It took me years into my business to scale up to the seven figure level. It took me years of being like, well, I don’t know, I don’t know if this is gonna happen for me, I’m seeing it happen for other people a lot faster. Had I done that though, you guys, I really want you to hear this. First of all, probably all of you who are listening to this would not be here. Second of all, millions of dollars, millions and millions and millions of dollars, money that I have made, money that I have support supported my clients to make would not have been generated. There is so much pressure in smokes and mirrors and all of this illusion that if we’re going to be successful in the coaching world, if we’re going to be successful in our businesses, that it has to happen overnight.

And I am here to tell you that empires are made in the moments where we were it would be so much easier to quit. Empires are built by women who are resilient and have thick skin. Women who are more committed to the world that they are building, the vision that they hold, this audacious big dream even when it feels so far away. The women who actually do it are the ones who are here for the process, and also who are here for something that is bigger than just like that dopamine hit of a high cash month. If you are not prepared to fall on your face, you’re in the wrong game. If you are not prepared to have a failed launch, don’t become an entrepreneur. If you are not prepared for shit to go differently than how you wanted it to go, it would be much better for you to get a nine to five. And I say that with so much love because entrepreneurship y’all is a ride. Entrepreneurship is a journey growing your income, growing your impact growing your influence, like this work is not for the faint of heart. This is not for people who are here to only experience this like perfect linear 45 degree line of growth. If you want to truly be impactful in your work, you need to be willing to experience failure.

Let’s just unpack this for a second. Like, for those of you who are watching this live, put in the comments, I want you to put in the comments. Somebody that inspires you doesn’t have to be a coach, it doesn’t have to be in the online space. It could be an author, it could be a athlete, like whoever it is somebody that you would consider like, you know, we’re in third grade, and we say who’s your hero in freaking social studies class, like, who’s somebody that you really admire? And this could be somebody in your personal life. It could be anybody that you know. I guarantee you, while I wait for some of those names, to drop into the comment sections, I will guarantee you that any person that you admire for any reason, whether you admire what they have built, whether you admire the duality that they hold, whether you admire something about them, their work has impacted you in a deep way, not because they have succeeded at every single thing they have done. Their work impacts you. You are a loyal fan, customer, whatever. That whatever you are in their world admire, you are bought into them, whether as a paying client or bought into them energetically because of how they have showed up and persevered through adversity. How they have alchemize the shit in their world how they have moved through something that is hard over and over and over again. Not because it’s just all rainbows and unicorns, but like it’s how they interact with the things that would have otherwise stopped them. How they interact with the tough moments. That is where leadership is made. That is where magnetism is born. Not by let me just nail this and get it absolutely perfect.

And it sounds hilarious to say out loud, right? Of course, we would never expect that if we were coaching somebody else if we were talking to our children if we were supporting any other person that is not us, we would say totally babe failure is part of the process or like, it doesn’t matter if it takes longer than you want. Just stay committed, stay devoted, stay decided. Keep showing up. But when it’s us, we’re like, fuck this shit. Why is it taking so long? Right? We’re like, what is going on? There must be a problem. We go into well, nobody else experiences failure. So I must just be the only enormous fucking loser on the internet, right? I’m being facetious, but how, how common is this? Right? We’re like, well, I had a failed lunch. So I must be the only person this is happening to. Or I this is taking way longer than I want, there must be a huge problem. It is only a problem if that is the meaning you assigned to it.

If when you learn, and I can’t emphasize this enough, this will change your freaking business. When you learn to treat failure as feedback. When you learn to treat flops as information and not a final destination. When you learn how to interact with the inevitable ups and downs of this journey of growth, of this journey of growing your revenue, of this journey of expanding your brand, you become so much more magnetic. If you become a fragile and brittle and treat every failure as this like cataclysmic event, guess what it’s going to become, it’s going to become a cataclysmic event. And that’s not to say that to like freak you out. What I what I want to invite you into is this deep sense of softening, this deep sense of allowing, this deep sense of truly beginning to relate to yourself, and what you are building in this long term way. And to take down this artificial pressure to keep up with the Joneses, to not become irrelevant to whatever the story is. When you learn how to do that, and you start to practice that you become so much more magnetic, you attract results so much faster, and you become a more interesting leader.

I don’t think we can really give to our clients in a in a rich and fertile way without going through failure and hardship ourselves. I had a client say to me last week, I so admired how you I was sharing in one of my masterminds about a challenging thing that had happened, and how I dealt with that. And one of the women message me privately and was like “I was so moved by what I just saw from you and what you shared with us, thank you so much.” When you allow any terrible thing that you would have wished otherwise wouldn’t happen to you, and you allow it to pass through you and you use it as fodder and fuel and not treat it as a final destination, you become such a richer leader, you become so steeped with so much more value to offer your community. And you also open yourself up to growth in such a faster, truer way. Stop being afraid to fail.

Like I said, if you’re trying to avoid that you are in the wrong business. If you are trying to become an entrepreneur, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen way more fucking times than you want. That’s not what we’re trying to avoid here. What we’re trying to avoid is being like sidelined and wiped out when that happens. It is your job. Excuse me, it is your job to start to see all of the growth, all of the new information, all of the momentum actually, that begins when we allow that in and watch what happens when it transforms you.

How does your environment affect your mindset?

The last question you guys, if you are in the process of scaling your business, up to six figure months mark, you need to ask yourself this question. And this is probably the most important question of all, it’s very connected to all the other ones we’ve talked about. But who are you surrounded you’re surrounding yourself with? Who are you surrounding yourself with? If you are surrounded by other people who are making $1,000 a month or whatever the thing is, and are saying you know, that’s friggin insane to think about doing that. It’s freaking crazy. I will tell you, I there’s a reason that I didn’t start my business while I was, you know, waiting tables and substitute teaching. Not to say there’s anything wrong with those things. But there’s a reason that I didn’t have the like spark of inspiration to launch a now multimillion dollar company. While I was busy doing that, the people surrounding me would have thought that was insane. They would have labeled that as literally loco. It wasn’t until I got myself in an environment where people had businesses, they did run businesses from their computers anywhere in the world. It was possible to make millions of dollars by letting your gifts pour through you, that didn’t raise eyebrows or make people laugh. Like that was just like yeah, cool, how are you doing it? Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about our strategy. Let’s talk about our lunch. Let’s talk about branding. Let’s talk about this, talk about that, people to talk shop. But but when that when I was in an environment where that was considered crazy, where that was considered like such an audacious insane dream, that it would never freakin happen. Guess what, it didn’t happen. It is so important.

I am just so, several of you guys know this, I am just coming back from my own mastermind retreat in a container that I’ve been a part of for two years, since I started my business five and a half years ago. Guys, I have not gone a single freaking day without mentorship without being in at least one container at a time to support me in my growth. And most of the time I’ve been in at least two, I can’t tell you how imperative it is to get yourself in a room with mentors, with other women, with other people who are building big bold things, who with other people who are making moves. You will become a better version of yourself. You will be, it’s like you will have pulled up and out of you the best the most visionary work that you are here to create when you are surrounded in an environment that encourages that. When you are surrounded by an environment, that champions your becoming. If you don’t have that, you can guarantee you are playing at a smaller level than you are here to play. If you do not have that in your world, and it doesn’t need to be, you know, like you have to put yourself in every single room. Like pay attention to who you resonate with. Pay attention to where you your body, your nervous system, your energy response. At some point you have to ask yourself the question like what is it costing you not to get in those rooms? What is it costing you to say, You know what, I’ll do it later. Because time is ticking. And you know, we’ve got our whole life, there’s no rush. And there’s also take this from somebody who did this, if like, I’ve got time I’ve got time, all of a sudden, a year and a half has gone by, I’m feeling smaller and smaller and smaller every day feeling like shit. And if I did not rip off the band aid.

So I told you guys that story of my belief and my story and how that sideline been for so long. While I was in Bali, do you want to know the thing that had me go from this like spirally self doubt, to launching my business and having a five figure launch and my very first launch? I got myself in a mastermind I got myself in a container. I got myself in a room where I could not back away. I got myself so uncomfortably seen by other people who reflected my brilliance back to me. Who reflected back to me that I was way further ahead than I thought. Who reflected back to me the the gaps in the things that I needed help and support with. I had the resource. I had the people to lean on. And I launched my business within a month after putting it off for a year and a half. That is the power of getting in the room. That is the power of being supportive. That is the power of being held.

We are not meant to do this thing by ourself. Literally show me one person who is excelling at anything that they do who’s got there by doing it by themselves. You don’t see any freaking Olympic gold medal athletes who got there without being coached. Who got there without having support. If they don’t, that doesn’t exist. True excellence. True rising. True thriving is a byproduct of an intricate web of relationships, holding and supporting you. We don’t rise by ourselves. We don’t rise in isolation. So why are you trying to? If you know that, if you know that we don’t rise in isolation, it is time to ask yourself what part of you is still blocking yourself from receiving support? And if it’s a financial story, like don’t even go there with that, because I mean, I have so many things. That’s probably a whole other podcast episode.

But if you this is just another piece of this is like a number six question. I mean, it’s not really a question. It’s more of a download. But I want you to hear this because again, thinking like a multimillionaire. Thinking like a visionary CEO will change what you create in your business. When you move your thought process from what oh, how much is this going to cost me? To like, you know, get in the room or get support or whatever. You as the visionary and as the creator of your business. You as the CEO and the helm of the ship. Putting money into you being the most richly and fully supported is literally the number one place for you to put your money. You are your business’s biggest asset. You are your business’s highest return on investment potential. You, and so you being the most poured into is literally the safest place for you to put your money. When you really let that land, when you really let that sink in, it has the potential to open up and change absolutely everything.

I hope this episode gave you such a rich perspective and lens on truly the thought process. And like that I took you with me from the thought process of like penny pinching, haven’t started my business yet. Oh my, so much fear, so much contraction, so much uncertainty. To like letting myself grow, and evolve, and work myself up to. Again, not overnight, but being in it for the long haul and having built a multiple seven figure company. I want you to know that this is possible for you. But you need to start asking yourself better questions. You need to start living into new patterns and ways of being and decision making that support where you are going, not what you are afraid of. And when you do that, you literally blast open. You get to the fun stuff! You get to the freaking magic. I want that for you. And I know you want that for yourself.

Finally, there are some really juicy ways to work together coming up that I’m gonna be announcing next month. If you are like fuck, Cait, like this is hitting me. I know you’re my person I’ve been hovering for a while, how can I get in your world? How can I make this happen? I want you to send me a DM with “explore.” Send me the word “explore” and we’re going to take it from there. I’ll have a chat with you in the DMS. I love knowing where you guys are at in your business, what you’re building, what you’re working on where you’re calling in support. We’ve got a bunch of beautiful, beautiful places to plug in. And I would love to connect with you to learn more about what you are craving and what container will best support you.

So I love you guys so much. I appreciate being here with you. I hope this served you and that you are feeling freaking empowered to make some moves because it’s time and it’s only when you show up with the audacity that you build the audacious thing. I love you guys I will see you on here next week. Bye everyone.

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