Episode 182: On Building Your Empire with Audacity

Episode 182: On Building Your Empire with Audacity

If you are a woman leader, which you are, if you’re listening to this podcast, if you are a business owner, and an entrepreneur who feels their next wave of evolution coming, then you know that so much of that next wave, that next big leap, whether that is a leap in your income in your reach and visibility is so connected with your willingness to audaciously, go after your big vision, I am so excited to share this podcast episode with you you guys. Because this is a segment of my two hour workshop Audacity which I ran this week, you are going to get inside of this episode a sneak peek. So we have clipped a portion of the workshop right before an unbelievably powerful somatic practice, we have received literally dozens of messages from people who attended this workshop live, there were over 500 of you. And one of the overwhelming pieces of feedback was how life changing and powerful the somatic practice was.

So I am going to share with you in this episode, a portion of the workshop inviting you to join for the full thing. Please enjoy this episode, where you get to drop in to the frequency and the magic of the transmission. And I cannot recommend highly enough going to audacity.cait.co to listen to the remainder of it, you’re going to go through a somatic practice. And then the second portion of the workshop which is not featured in this episode is the strategy.

So how do we anchor and put this transmission into our businesses to truly build out and reverse engineer our most successful and audacious year in business. So go to our destiny.kake.co After listening to this episode to get the full download and transmission I am so excited for you to experience it. So my love’s we are gonna go ahead and dive in. Be here be fully present, we are moving through the question, what does it mean to embody and step in to my most audacious vision for my life and work? What does it mean to truly go after what I desire, who I am the fullness of the gifts that are inside of me without holding back? The thing that I see for so many women, so many entrepreneurs, where it no matter where you are in your business, whether you have been doing this for ages, whether you are brand new, is that there is a story, so many of us carry that fully going after who we are. And what we want is some how a threat somehow dangerous somehow has the potential to damage people that we love. And I see I was given the reflection recently by somebody who knows me very well and very intimately that I think is probably one of the highest compliments that I’ve ever received.

She said to me, Cait, you’re being is a flare of permission and possibility for other women. And I thought, okay, cool. I’m done like that is that’s everything that my work stands for, that my existence stands for is to be a flare of permission and possibility. And to me, that is what the definition of Audacity actually is. I was doing some research before this class began and looking at what actually is the dictionary definition of Audacity? Do you want to know something fascinating. I don’t know if anybody knows that off the top of your hand or if you are getting so pumped for this, that you research that yourself. But the dictionary definition of Audacity is a willingness to take bold risks, a willingness to take bold risks. What is so interesting, because I mean I did my whole TED talk was about risk. We’re going to talk about risk a lot today but a willingness to take bold Hold risks. Do you want to know what the secondary definition of Audacity, disrespectful or rude behavior?

And I thought, wow, this is so interesting for so many women there is a conflation between the willingness to take a bold risk, the risk to embody the fullness of who we are the risks to bring the full spectrum of our desire and ambition to the table, the risk to fully go after what we want and leave behind conventions, norms, job security, that we think quote, unquote, keep us safe, but actually keep us small, stagnant and dying inside. There is such a conflation between the willingness to go after boldly what we want. And this association and I have no doubt that there is an inheritance and a steepen that somehow audaciously going after what we want is so easily interpreted as disrespectful or rude. I am curious for the women in this room, whether you are watching this live or whether you are watching this on the replay, how often have you felt to inside of yourself, thought to yourself truly going after what I want truly expressing that in the world is somehow going to disappoint another person in my life. It’s somehow going to leave an imprint of rudeness, disrespect, somehow making somebody else in your world feel small. How often has that landed for you? And maybe that is not a conscious thought that you have ever even had before.

What I’m not playing small because I’m afraid to disappoint something Oh shit. Maybe I am. Maybe I am. I have literally internalize this story this way that my mother spoke to me the way that my dad used to raise his eyebrows when I was totally telling him what I was going after the way that my friends, sisters, whoever it is, literally, I want you to bring to the top of your mind right now. All of the instances all of the times when you have literally absorbed the message that somehow going full out, being your most audacious expression was somehow unloving, ungenerous, disrespectful, rude. How many times have you absorbed that, because what we absorb what we take in what we allow in on a regular basis, becomes part of our anatomy, oftentimes without us even knowing it. And so we can tell ourselves the story, I’m just not really a bold person, or I’m just not really good with risk, or I’m just not like, I don’t know, I’m just not that kind of person. I’m just not an audacious person, when in actuality, you are a profoundly loving person who has an allegiance to people in your life, to identities that you have once held that say, to go after your full desire is to somehow abandon me. And I know that might seem wild and crazy. I’m curious how many folks in the room are familiar with attachment style, we’re not going like deep into therapy land today. But I do feel it is so important to set the context for understanding because listen, you are here because you have a big vision, you probably want to make a lot more money in your work, you are ready to be seen and experienced new levels of visibility. And we are going there this is a strategy workshop we are moving in the direction of what it looks like to actually ground the fullness of your vision into a done deal plan. However, we can’t do that. While there is gunk in the way while there are unconscious agreements that we are trying to keep that are making you play out a pattern of playing small, not fully allowing yourself to be seen not truly owning your brilliance with confidence and competence that needs to be addressed and identified before we can lay any plan.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make. They try to just go Alright, pull up the calendar. Let’s get down a plan. I want to know exactly how I am going to get there and what was it one of the things that I love helping clients with is mapping out reverse engineering. It’s a term I use all of the time reverse engineering your way to your goals. Part of that reverse engineering is this work that most of us would rather avoid is looking at where are the unspoken contracts I have with past identities that I have held and with other people in my life where the unspoken agreement is, I play small. I downplay my brilliance so that you feel comfortable and safe. And that is the agreement that we have. Where do you still have those contracts? Where are you still holding that as sacred? And are you willing and ready to let that go? The phrase Who do I think I am? This is a phrase so often linked with the phrase Audacity? Who do I think I am to show up with that level of brilliance with that level of confidence with that level of glamour with that level of sophistication with that level of conviction? Who do I think I am? Notice the way that that language is we internalize and ask it of ourselves? Who do I think I am? I also want you to ask yourself, How many times have you found yourself saying that about another woman?

Even if it isn’t a complete thought just the general disposition of Who does she think she is? Who does she think she is showing up like that? Who does she think she is looking like that? Who does she think she is showing that on the internet? Who does she think she is posting about that? Pay attention to those parts of you where that voice arises? And I will guarantee you, that is not your truest voice. When we have that voice arise when we have that phrase, who does she think she is arise? You can guarantee that is like a neon sign pointing to some part of you that still wants to be healed, that still wants to that so desperately wants to express more of that thing.

So it’s Who does she think she is wearing that? Where are you still editing your own expression in the way that you show up? Who does she think she is talking about money in this way? Where are you still telling yourself a story? But it’s not possible to have all of you want all that you want? Who does she think she is like bragging about XYZ thing? Where do you still feel like it is not safe to celebrate yourself? Everything is a mirror, we are playing this game of life, we have this opportunity. And for those of you guys who have been in entrepreneurship for a while, you know, this is like entrepreneurship is like the freakin arena where we get to evolve spiritually, emotionally, in our leadership. In all of the ways, this is the time to address any of the pieces inside of you, that have talked yourself out of fully expressing in the world. Excuse me, I want to offer you the most essential reframe, which we need before we can clarify the vision that you have before we can anchor into the embodiment before we can build the plan.

I want you to anchor into a deep knowing that the parts of you that have not felt safe to express what you actually want the parts of you that have not felt safe to pursue the life and the career and the business that you actually want. The parts of you that have been told that is a risk too far. That is too bold, people like me can’t have that. I want to really truly once and for all help you radically redefine your relationship with risk. And your definition of what risk actually is. The biggest risk of all is not going for what you are here to do. The biggest risk of all is not expressing the fullness of yourself in and through you. The biggest risk of all is not allowing the full throttle expression of your gifts to come through.

Because you know why? If you don’t allow that through, not only are you like it, let’s look at it. From a pure business perspective. If you are not allowing the full expression of your gifts to come through you, you better believe that you are making way less money than is possible for you. You better believe that your community is way smaller than it could be. When you allow the fullness of who you are to come out and through. You expand your emotional surface area for your audience, for your community, for your customers to connect with you when you are holding back on that because you are keeping an allegiance with some past family members some inherited this is who we are and what we do allegiance in your family in a friendship group when you hold back that full audacious expression because you think that is somehow keeping you tethered and safe, you are actually playing with fire, you are actually doing the most dangerous thing. If you take nothing else away from this workshop, I want it to be I hope you take so much away.

But if you take nothing else away, I want you to it to be this the biggest risk of all is you continuing to play small. I am so so clear that it is when we redefine our relationship with what risk is it’s when we redefine our relationship with feeling safe in our bodies and our beings to fully go for it. Whatever it is for you. Whether you are chasing, making 10 times more money than you made last year this year. Whether you are bringing yourself into greater and greater levels of visibility through a podcast or really growing a social platform or whatever that thing is. It is terrifying to let yourself be seen. It is terrifying to lead and create something new how many manifestos just out of curiosity do we have in the group in human design if you know that you’re a manifester, pop that in the comments, I’m always fascinated. I am a manifester in human design. And this is true for all of us, no matter what your design profile is. But especially for manifest errs, we literally are bushwhacking and blazing trails, through the dark, we are innovating where there has never been shit done before we are we are leading the charge. We are called to bring forth the gifts that are inside of us without any guarantee that it will work. And one of the things that I have learned from living fully into the intelligence of this design is that the more I allow myself to go to my audacious edges, the more the world around me benefits.

The more that I allow myself to lead with Audacity, the more elevation I bring to the world. This is an important reframe. For those of us who have been steeped in the story that to go after boldly who we are to claim our gorgeousness competence, brilliance, power, beauty, radiance, electric electricity, for those of us who have been told that to do that is to somehow squish out other women to somehow suck up all the oxygen in the room, I have a very different definition for you, I have a very different frame to give you that I hope that you will take that you will put in your pocket and that you will carry with you literally and everything that you do. The more you allow yourself to stand tall, the more that your audacity is comfortable to be expressed on a daily basis in and through you. You actually change the frequency of the room that you are in, you become a beacon, not for other women to look at and say, Oh wow, I want to be like her. But wow, her embodiment gives me a sense that I can do anything. Her embodiment what she is comfortable with in her own skin. Makes me feel like I could change the world makes me feel like I could do anything makes me feel like anything is possible for me for many of us who have been holding an old allegiance of playing small as a way to stay connected to those around us as a way to be loving. This is a fundamental reframe this is a fundamental rewire that we need to drop in with the most loving thing that you could possibly do as a female leader is to lead with your full audacity the most benevolent thing you could possibly do is to lead with your full Audacity.

Let’s just take a moment all right, I want you to think about in and you can put this in the comments think about leaders this could be like celebrities this could be individual mentors in your life this could be whoever I want you to think about who comes to mind when you hear the word audacity instantly when I chose this and this this whole idea for this masterclass this workshop came through the biggest division that came through was Lady fucking Gaga, wearing a meat costume. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Please tell me that I’m not just like totally dating myself. But I think about somebody like Lady Gaga or Beyonce fucking naked riding a silver horse, or whoever it is these icons of their craft. These these women who talk about letting the full audacity of your expression be seen and expanding your emotional surface area. These women have millions and millions and millions and millions of files followers fans, customers. Why? Yes, because they’re insanely talented musicians. Yes. Because they deliver something that is so powerful to the people that they serve 100% What is the actual value? However, like, let’s really drill into it. What is the actual value? What is the actual energetic transmission? Yes. Oprah Lizzo Oh my god. Lizzo is such a great, such a great example. Yeah, Beyonce and silver hearts. So think about what is the actual transmission? Let’s just take Lizzo performing the other night at the Grammys freaking Boss, what is it that she’s actually giving us? Yes, she’s giving us a badass performance. She’s giving us a whole vibe. But what is the emotional transaction that is happening?

This is what I mean about standing for something in your full audacity and calling the room around you. Whether that is to people who are with you, whether that is millions of people who are watching you on public television, it is the energetic transmission of I don’t need to downplay my brilliance and like fit in here for you to be comfortable. But actually, by me taking the bold risks to show up on stage in almost naked, you know, literally or proverbially, literally or metaphorically to bear it all. Again, think about how this translates for you in your business. When I allow myself to bear it all to do the thing that I thought, you know, all the voices of Who does she think she is? Who does she think she is when I can rise above that noise and get to the clean, clear space of my unknowing, truly been believing that me expressing in the fullness of my Audacity is a gift it is the essential ingredient to actually serve my people in the highest degree, when I can get above that noise and those like hands and ropes trying to keep you small and keep you stuck when I can arrive to the top of that mountain and have that clear VISTA and knowing that my embodiment in my fullest Audacity is a gift. I can deliver something magical, not by my performance, but by my be it Lizzo is an incredible example. She’s an unbelievable musician, but I would argue it is who she is embodying the complexity, the contradiction, the confidence, to be who she is, and let that be seen in a big, bold, audacious way.

That is the gift that is the medicine that is the thing that is healing millions and millions and millions of women’s and girls stories about what they need to look like or be like in order to be successful. How they need to fit in, in order to be successful, how they need to show up in order to be successful when we allow ourselves to truly stand for something. It is so so liberating to all of those around us. So I want you to ask yourself, what inside of you is wanting to be seen what inside of you is wanting to be liberated what inside of you is wanting to be released into the world. This understanding that you liberating the fullness of your expression is the foundation upon which we get to cast our vision, for our business, for our career, for our financial reality for the legacy that we build from all of this.

It is based and built upon this foundation of knowing that when we liberate our full expression when we allow ourselves to take bold risks, when we allow the fullness of who we are to come through we become a lighthouse for other women we become a lighthouse for change and possibility you can’t be a lighthouse with the trash can over you my love. You can’t be a lighthouse by contorting your brilliance in your magnificence. You can’t be a lighthouse by saying yeah, but I just gotta like you know, turn it back to be reasonable so that I can make people around me feel connected know a lighthouse elevates the room around her. A lighthouse lets herself shine in all of her fullness and that is how she is seen and known by the world.

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