Episode 183: The Anatomy of Quantum Leap

Episode 183: The Anatomy of Quantum Leap

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise podcast. I’m your host Cait Scudder and today my loves we are talking about the anatomy of a quantum leap. I want to go ahead and remind you that we are currently enrolling for the Leap Year Membership.

So today we are talking about – I’ve had this idea for ages because I’ve been geeking out about what it actually means to leap. You may or may not have seen that the doors are currently open to leap year my 12 month membership with the most amazing freaking women who have already lept inside. And I really want to talk about this because I am not only such a word nerd (un fact, I was an English major in undergrad and wanted to be an English teacher originally). But I think it’s so important to understand what we mean when we talk about certain things. So today I want to talk to you guys about what it actually means the anatomy, the understanding the true like breakdown of what we mean when we talk about a quantum leap.

What does it mean to physically leap

And to do that we’re going to start with what does it even mean to leap in general. So when we think about leaping, first of all, I’m curious how many athletes do we have in the room? I used to be a basketball player, which some of you guys may know. So I am all about the physical movement in the way that we bring meaning into our bodies, the way that that sets us up for so much just so much in life in general. But I was not a track person. So doing the like, catapult volt leap lunge thing wasn’t, but my brother did that for a while. And I always found it so fascinating to watch. Has anybody actually like watched a leaping competition? It’s so so fascinating. Here’s the thing about a leap you guys. In order to make any leap, okay, and I’m not even going to tie this into business yet. I’m just talking like physiologically, in order to make any kind of leap.

There needs to be a willingness to both take off and lift off of where you have been, the ground that you knew, the place that you are coming from, the willingness to push off. And literally be in that mid air suspension, not at the place that you were before, not holding to the steady ground of the place that you once knew, not touching the safe shore of the ground that you once knew and not yet arrived. And it’s in that liminal space. It’s in that breakdown. It’s in that space that you have not yet discovered what is coming next. That is where your quantum leap is made.

How the quantum leap doesn’t start with the quantum leap

But it starts, it doesn’t start with the quantum. And this is the thing I think in the personal development world we get so backward we hear the phrase “Quantum Leap,” “Quantum Leap,” “Quantum Leap,” how much is that used? How much do we hear that and we say oh, “I want that.” Our brains go immediately to “I want to just like make more money,” or “I want to radically change my lifestyle,” or “I want to radically get” you know insert whatever the desired outcome is. Here, I want to get to the quantum thing first. We are so fixated on wanting the quantum result that we forgot what was required in the first place.

It is the universe’s job, the universe which is governed by universal law of physics of quantum. Like, we know that that word the quantum that is a field of reality whereby all possibilities that exist throughout time, beyond what we can even comprehend as time, already are real and true and existing. Now, the potentiality of those things is already existent now, in the quantum field. And yet, we fixate and focus on the quantum. Wanting the quantum result, wanting that thing to happen now, now now now now. We focus on the wrong part of the quantum leap equation. We become so fixated on the quantum, which is not our part of the equation, you guys. Our part of the equation is the leap, our part of the equation is doing the lift off, that initiates, that catalyzes, that sparks, setting that field of possibility into motion. Is this making sense?

I’ve been thinking about this so much. And I see this with clients when they’re like, “I want to Quantum Leap my XYZ thing,” “I want to hit this” and they know they have a vision, they have a clear understanding of the thing that they are calling in. The thing that they’re wanting to experience more of the thing that they’re wanting to step into. Or so they think they know the result or the desired outcome that they want. But again, if we are too fixated in focus on I want this result, I want this outcome. I’m focusing on the quantum. I’m focusing on the part of the equation that’s actually not within my control. The thing that is within my control is the liftoff, is the way that we spring off of one proverbial foot, and enter that like mid air suspended, liminal place where we haven’t yet arrived at what the new thing is. But we are no longer on the solid ground.

The importance of expanding our capacity to deal with uncertainty

And this is the thing that I think like, and you guys have heard me talk about this before. That to really succeed, and entrepreneurship requires expanding our capacity with uncertainty. I truly believe that this is what most entrepreneurs are missing. We operate in our businesses, as entrepreneurs, as if we were not running companies. As if we did not choose this path of uncertainty. If you all want certainty, and you are an entrepreneur, and you are making decisions from the vantage point of what decisions make me feel most like secure, I am going to lovingly suggest that you have picked the wrong profession.

The things that will determine your success more than anything else as an entrepreneur to truly unlocking those Quantum Leap results that you’re talking about is to not just like journal more about the quantum, but to actually look at what is my relationship with leaping? What is my relationship with leaving the safe shore the safe, solid ground of what I know? Whether that is a particular way of operating, a particular style of communicating, a particular way of doing your business by yourself. And then like stepping into a new space, a new container, a new community, whatever the thing is, in order to actually unlock the quantum potential that’s there requires getting uncomfortable, and expanding your tolerance, and your capacity to feel the activation, the expansion, the growth, the spark that is available only when you take the leap.

I think this is why this is like us a lot in this in our industry and why this phrase is used a lot in the personal development space. You know, take the jump and the net will appear. That’s the kind of thing that we hear be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. There’s all these axioms, there’s all these sayings. There’s all these adages. But what actually happens from a true like break down standpoint, what happens is that when we leap, when we step off of the shore of doing the same shit that we’ve been doing over and over and expecting him to get a different result, when we are truly ready to uplevel to the next thing, it requires pushing off of the safe shore the safe thing that we have done on over and over and over again. And it requires entering into a new level of relationship with uncertainty. Whether that is making an investment before that investment has paid off. Whether that is putting out a program and marketing that program before anyone buys. Whether that is, you know, you name it, there are 100 of these a day that we do as marketers, as entrepreneurs, as mentors as brand builders, right.

What it takes to leap into the unknown

There’s all of these ways in which we are required to initiate to go first to leap into the unknown and be there with our bold presence. Before we have the evidence of it all working out. Before we have the evidence of it all working exactly the way that we would like.

If you are not prepared to leap, please don’t keep thinking that you are entitled to the quantum part of that leap. If you are not comfortable in that uncertainty threshold in that uncertain space, that liminality, that is where you want to look at expanding your nervous system capacity. Your capacity to be in that, whether that is “boom, I’ve like made an investment and oh my god, I haven’t made it back in two seconds and so let me like do this freakout thing.” What does it look like to expand your sense of certainty and inner conviction? In that moment? What does it look like to expand your inner capacity, your inner knowing, your inner fortitude, in between the moment that you have made a decision to do something, taking that action, and before that result has appeared? You don’t. We don’t plant seeds and like immediately see a tree shoot up and fruits dripping down. But this is the thing right in this culture that we in this industry – and I love our industry, by the way, I’m not hating on our industry. But in our culture, we have gotten it twisted. We see so many people celebrating the quantum. But we’re not looking at how many times have they lept? How many times have lept and fallen down? How many times have they lept and been so freaking uncomfortable, but expanded their own capacity, to be in that liminality, to be in that in between space and there. That is when the quantum lands. That is when the growth happens. That is when their true character and capacity is built. Not just because they woke up with all of these results, but because they expanded their capacity.

What is a quantum leap?

I literally remember you guys, some of you may have heard me tell this story before. But I literally remember the first month that I made the same amount in my business that I was making in my corporate job at the time. I was like “I am going to quit my job.” And everybody’s timeline is different. Everybody’s like thresholds is different. This is not about like, when should you quit your job if you have a job and you want to be a full time entrepreneur. For me, that was the decision that I needed to make. It was freaking terrifying. Because I was living in Bali at the time, I was not able to just go out and like get a waitressing job or pick up some hours here or there. Like I was not legally allowed to work in an establishment in Bali.

So this meant that I was going all in. You want to talk about a leap. Holy freaking smokes, I was terrified. And yet I said to myself, “I am going to quit my job.” And oh, by the way, not only am I going to quit my job, but I am going to make a multiple five figure investment in full, which was like the majority of my savings at the time. I am going to make this investment and work with this coach because I need that activation. I need that like skin in the game. Because I know if I don’t make this commitment to myself, I am going to do the thing where I like sit on the sidelines again and just like watch stuff play out. But like I needed the activation of an actual expansion I needed to remind myself: Cait, you are leaping. If you stay with both feet on this solid, comfortable ground of a steady paycheck and a steady income. But meanwhile, you’re telling yourself do you want these like quantum results? If I basically; if I am not prepared to leap how am I going to actually embody the frequency and the energetic that is going to unlock for me everything that I am craving? And so I quit my job. And within two weeks I had hired this mentor. It was such like, all the things. It was activating. It was triggering. It was terrifying. It was exhilarating. It was so enlivening.

And you want to know what that experience taught me? It taught me so much about my power and where I source my power from in moments of uncertainty. We are so used to in our culture, in our society, being so addicted to, so complacent with the safe shore of what we know. The predictability of what we know. The quote unquote certainty we feel when we are quote unquote, in control, right? Had I stayed in that job making great money at the time for my life and Bali and the season that I was in. I was, comparatively I was, I was making great money for what I was doing at the time. Was it what my soul wanted to do? No, was it anywhere near what I knew was possible for my life? No way. Was I going to get to the next step, not even where I am today, multiple millions of dollars later, not even that. But like was I even going to get to the next year, which was growing a six figure business in a year’s time? Multiple six figure business in 16 months? Was I going to get that by continuing to do the same old thing and make like little tiny blip? Right, like little?

What’s that thing prairie dog like coming out of the hole and then scurrying back. I’ll take a little step, but then I’m just gonna like do back was I going to get to where I wanted to be by doing that? No, I needed to learn the skill set, the feeling of developing a relationship with leaping inside of my own nervous system, inside of my own body, inside of my own capacity, in order to truly feel what it is like to create an epic result.

How can you make a quantum leap?

Like I said, so often, we are fixated and focused on the quantum that we forget that the core part of unlocking the quantum comes from the LEAP, comes from taking your foot off of what you know, holding your breath and entering into that space in between where all the freaking magic is made. If you have avoided the leap, if you are somebody who likes to avoid risk, who is very calculated in her decisions to avoid the discomfort that taking risk can bring. If you are somebody who feels like you need to have it all figured out before you take the step. If you are somebody who feels like you need to solve for a problem, or you need to figure out exactly where you’re going to land how it’s going to work, and have all those details organized before you leap. I would suggest to you that you have this equation backwards.

I would suggest to you to find a different way of looking at it, which is this. When you learn to deepen your confidence, your sense of self sustaining. Your sense of not only okayness but your sense of power in entering into a relationship with risk and entering into a relationship with pushing off of the shore that you know before you land, where you are going and where you are moving towards. It is in that liminal space that your real leadership and your magnetism is born. But you don’t get to unlock that without taking the leap.

This is literally one of the reasons that I have named my membership, which we are in early bird launch for right now. leapyear.cait.co You can go and check it out. The link is in my bio. This is one of the reasons that I have named my membership, The Leap Year Membership because this for the women who have stepped inside. For the women who are in this room. For the women who are doing this thing together. This is what is happening this year is these women are expanding their relationship with their leaps. These women are expanding their relationship with their their understanding of risk, their understanding of uncertainty, and are using all of the potential that exists in that space to actually unlock something inside of them that would not have been available by like stepping. It’s not a quantum saunter. It’s not a quantum like baby step. It’s a quantum leap. And a quantum leap requires activating a level of trust. It is not a quantum saunter. It is not a quantum you know, leisurely mopey. Do you know, wiggle. It’s a quantum leap. And that leap requires activating a part of your willingness to be in uncertainty and a strength that you will unlock only when you activate those muscles.

I am truly so freaking excited to walk with these women for 12 entire months inside of every live coaching program. I am doing a live tomorrow that is the behind the scenes of Leap Year where we are going into all of the programs that are inside. I’m so freaking excited. But truly the women who are like “I feel a resonance in my body.” “I feel a knowing that being in this energy, being in this frequency, activating my own relationship with self trust so that I can leap so that I can unlock the quantum.” “I know already that I am meant to be in this room.” The women who have already joined we have over 10 Women who are already in. These women are doing this work. They are activating this muscle.

So if you are like the logical kind of person and you need to see absolutely everything that’s inside number one, go to the sales page, leapyear.cait.co. You can also tune in tomorrow at 2pm. Eastern. I am doing a behind the scenes inside the leap year membership where we I am going to walk you through all of the programs that are inside the live programs. Not even counting the Evergreen vault which has so much freaking content. I’ve been getting messages like this one, literally every day from the women who are already inside saying “Holy shit, I can’t believe you’re giving us so much.” “Holy smokes. That’s in there.” “I already did this. “I implemented this thing in the sales training and I just closed the sale.” Like all of this is on the inside.

And I just want to say this. Like there are so many times throughout my career. There’s so many times as a business owner, especially in the beginning, that I would like think about joining a program or I would think about joining a membership or I would think about joining a community and I would literally do this indecision loop over and over where I was trying to assess in my brain. I wonder like if this is going to work, I wonder if this is going to give me the result that I want. I wonder if this thing is going to you know be the vehicle or whatever. And if you are like I’m thinking about the Leap Year Membership from that vantage point, I want to remind you that your own decided this your own knowing of I am activating a muscle here I am activating a muscle of desire. I know that this is a room I want to be in. I know that I want to learn from Cait. I know I want to be surrounded by this community. And I know that I want to deepen my own sense of self trust in the leap. I want to strengthen that leg muscle if you will, I want to strengthen that knowing, of experiencing who I am in that liminal space, experiencing the expansion of my own self trust in the pockets of uncertainty. That is something that you literally cannot unlock until you leap. And so if you’re like I wonder if this thing alone is going to deliver the result. I want to remind you that it is who you are, as you are making the leap. It is who you are, as you are choosing to get into a room. It is who you are. Like that is such a co creative part of the equation. So if you have been feeling called, if you have not yet seen it first of all, I’m so happy to be sharing this with you, you can go to the link in my bio, you can go to leapyear.cait.co

Many people who were on the fence for the Rise Mastermind or who have been in my world hovering, knowing they want to be inside when they saw the Leap Year Membership open up they just gobbled it up and jumped right in. I want to encourage you that if you have been in that space, whether you’ve been here for a while or you are new, and you are wanting to experience the momentum, the velocity, the potency that is available to you when you have a solid chunk of time 12 consecutive months of live coaching support with me in a community of other amazing women with content that is going to rock your freaking world, that is specifically designed to help you create a million, multimillion, as-big-as-frankly-you-want-to-go dollar business inside of your online business. As a service provider. This is the place to plug in. We are in pre-sale, Early Bird whatever right now. Early Bird presale, I use those interchangeably. And you can save $1,111 off of enrollment. I am literally I just – like go to the sales page, read it feel into your body. See what happens. I am so freaking excited for this journey that we are going on you guys and for the women who are choosing to really look at the LEAP part of the equation of this quantum leap game.

Remember it is so easy to fixate and focus on the quantum, the result that we want and so easy to forget that being in a relationship with leaping, with risking, with actually moving off of the solid ground, you have been on an into the liminality of the unknown. That is where the freaking magic and the freaking money is made. So if you are ready to do that and truly experience so much momentum growth expansion this year I am thrilled to have you. You can shoot me a DM with “Leap Year” if you want to know more. If you have a question for me, or you can head to the link in my bio and I’m so freaking excited to do this with you guys. I am sending you all so much love. Send me a DM with your biggest takeaway from this episode and I will see you next time. Bye everybody.

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