The #1 Thing to Do to Generate More Sales

Episode 184: The #1 Thing to Do to Generate More Sales

Episode 184: The #1 Thing to Do to Generate More Sales

This one is coming in because this is something that I am having over and over and over again with different clients about what is the thing (across the board, no matter which platforms you’re prioritizing, no matter which places you are choosing to grow and to cultivate your community), what is the thing that actually helps you grow your business? What is the thing that actually lets people, who are your ideal clients, see you, connect with you, convert, get in your world, get in your program, start to get some of the freakin life changing medicine that is happening on the inside of your containers. So this is for you.

I don’t care what stage of business that you’re at. I don’t care if you are working on making your first $100. I don’t care if you have made millions of dollars. This is the conversation that we need to be having. I want you to think about – so y’all are experienced in business. If you have been running a business for a while, what is one thing you have consistently heard from your clients is the reason that they hire you? What’s the reason? What’s the thing that you’ve heard? What’s the thing that you’ve been told? What do you hear from your clients? Why did they hire you? Why did they get into your world? Let’s see if this comes up naturally. Because I would guess that you already know the answer. You already know the thing I’m going to be talking about and you forget. Why do I know that? Because I literally coach brilliant, brilliant women who forget this all the time. It’s so easy to do this; it’s so easy to fall into the shiny object syndrome. The trap of there must be another way, there must be another thing that I don’t know. So there’s totally strategy that can go into this thing that I’m going to talk about.

What makes people decide they want to work with you

But it comes back to the same essential piece that I am here to remind you of and here to center in your mind so that you can start to be intentional about bringing this thing forward. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, and have signed even one client before, what is the feedback that you ever received? Why has that client hired you? Have you gotten that reflection? I would say 95% of my clients, for 95% of my own sales experience and process, the single biggest thing that causes clients to sign. Is it super sexy branding that feels really like professional? No. Is it incredibly sassy sales copy or a really elaborate funnel? No. What is the thing? The number one thing that is a side by side light holding handholding? No, not that either. It’s energy. Your energy. Your unique energetic signature. What is it that you bring? Authenticity – there you go beautiful. What is it that you bring to your clients? What is it that you transmit? That you communicate? That you radiate? That you emit? That you put off? That you allow to move something in them? What is it? It’s energy.

And I think that we get it so twisted, we get so obsessed with over complicating this. The question, the million dollar marketing question that you want to be asking yourself is: how am I choosing to emit, transmit, communicate energy today? How am I going to do that? Am I going to do that in the form of a live video, or in the form of a teaching reel, or in the form of some kind of like a long form email or a blog? How am I choosing to communicate and transmit energy? Because that is the thing. Yes, your title and the problems that you help your clients and customers solve, the things that you do, the particular kind of transformation you provide. That’s all super important. But guess what? Somebody could Google how to do anything you can teach them on YouTube for free. So it’s not usually just information alone. It is the relationship that they formed with you that makes them decide, I want to do this thing. I want to walk this path. I want to create this transformation in relationship with this other person. And the reason that I’m going with this other person isn’t just their mighty high list of credentials. It’s the vibe that they have. It’s the energy that they bring. It’s the unique combination of energetics that they are bringing to the table.

The importance of building a strong community

And so I want to remind this to you because you get to make it so much simpler than I would venture to guess that you are. If you are not making sales in the way that you want. If you are not signing client’s in the way that you want. If you feel like things have slowed down, I want you to ask yourself the very real and the very important question: are you giving your people the opportunity to connect with your energy on a daily basis in some way? That doesn’t mean you need to live all the live long day on Instagram guys. That doesn’t mean you need to be pouring the best of you into this little phone, and the rest of you into all of your relationships. Not at all. But can you bring a slice and a sliver of that energy of that vibe of that energetic to your business to your clients, to your people? Or are you over here being like, well, I made the post dammit, why isn’t everyone buying? That energy ain’t the energy of magnetism. That energy isn’t the energy of overflow, of generosity, of “man, this person is on fire, I want to learn from her. I want to be in her world.”

Many of us get into this not super healthy habit of expecting or demanding a result because we showed up once or because we did a thing once and we think, well, it’s supposed to just be here for me now, I should just have the thing. And I want to remind you that the way that you build community and connection with your audience is by letting them feel, resonate with, connect with your energy. And if you’re not doing that, you’re there’s a part of your business that is being neglected. There’s a very vital, healthy, essential part of your business that’s been neglected.

But it’s not a big deal. It’s not like oh, shit, what am I going to do? Now, the beautiful news is, it’s a very easy problem to solve. You get committed to transmitting that energy, to building, and buttressing, and forming, and nurturing that connection with your community. And the best way that I know how to do this is pick (if especially if you’re someone who’s like, I need a plan), pick a platform, pick a platform and go all in on that platform. Ask yourself, how am I going to use all that’s available to me on this platform? Instagram is a beautiful example. How am I going to use all that’s available to me and pour into this space? Pour into building deeper connection and resonance with my audience because that is where people get those bite sized nuggets from you. It’s where they start to build the know, like, and trust factor. It’s where they start to gather and to glean pieces of information that help them generate a win before they pay you a cent. That is the best marketing that you could possibly do. Be generous. Share your wisdom. Share it with that energy of overflow, and watch people line up at your door for the things that you have, the paid containers that you have.

How to let your energy come through to your audience

It’s not complicated, guys. But oftentimes, if there is a drought in sales, it comes back to this. Are they not feeling your energy? And one way that I see entrepreneurs do this a lot is they rely on like Canva slides where they rely on like sexy branding. And listen, I’m going through a big rebrand right now I love me some sexy branding. You guys saw the video that we made for the Leap Year Membership, for Range, like I love all of that. But that is not replaced by mama showing up, no makeup on, to deliver like a fire lesson. I don’t say well, I have the sexy brand photos. So that should be enough. No, I’m letting you guys in to this other unmade up part of my world where I’m like delivering a message that is so resonant. So on fire, so ready to go. So this is not about like don’t do branding, or don’t write copy, or whatever. It’s about remembering that we don’t just do the professional stuff. And let that make us not show up in our energy, not show up in that magnetic point of attraction. Because that is actually the thing that your people connect with more than anything else. And if you poll your community, your audience, the people who have bought from you before, I would venture to guess that for 95 or more percent of them, the thing that attracts you them to you is your energy. So we want to be so intentional, and so strategic, and so mindful about that when we are showing up online. And to allow our audience to build that energetic connection with us because that is the thing that is going to serve your business more than anything else.

So take a look. Do a little audit, a little intake. How much are you letting that energy come through? How much are you letting your people feel you? Are you relying on just these like sexy infographics, or these how to knowledge bombs, but never actually letting people in to see who is the woman, who is the human, who is the person that is leading this company? Because all of the people that you want to work with, that you want to sign, the clients you want to start, they are all also human beings figuring it out. And we connect, we’re wired to connect with other real stories, real humans, moving that energy in live time. The more that you can allow that to be seen and to be felt, the more success you’re going to have in your business, the more sales you are going to make, I promise. And I know this might be like, really inconvenient for those of you who are introverted, or who are like, “I just want to like pay for sexy branding, so I never have to show up.” And again, I’m not saying you need to live all your life on social media, you do not. However, you do want to be really intentional about letting people feel you because it’s when you let people see you, when you let them feel you, when they get a taste of not only the expertise in the magic sauce that you put out, but the vibe, the energy in which you do it. That is the thing that makes him say “I need to work with this woman, I’m done putting this off saying someday I want to work with this woman.” That is the thing that I see for myself over and over again.

So that is your challenge. That is the work is letting your energy be seen, be felt be known. And watch it convert for you. I hope this little mini lesson has served you guys so well today. I want to know what you’re going to take away from this, how you are going to apply this. What is something you are going to do this week that is going to let that energy be felt more? How are you going to move out from hiding behind your sexy graphics, and actually let your people connect with you? Because when you let them connect with you, baby, you’re golden. You’re golden, you’re golden, you’re golden. Because people can feel you and they want to work with a leader who they can feel. You feel me? I love you all so much.

As always, there are some juicy ways to plug in right now. There’s a couple things that you need to know about. The first is we are well and truly underway with the Leap Year Membership you get to join the Leap Year Membership which is my one year commitment for entrepreneurs. We have women in there who have already built and scaled six multi six, seven figure businesses, women who are on the earlier side of business, it is a freaking party. You get access to every live program that I have ever done, every live program that I will do this year, a resource library that is off the freakin hook, lifetime access to that is literally the biggest deal on the internet. I’m getting messages from our members every day who are like “wait, I – what?” “How is all of this included for this insanely low price point of $880 per month?” There’s also a pay in full discount this saves you two months, gives you two months for free. It is truly like the highest value play. So if you are somebody who is wanting to grow a sustainable and profitable AF online business, the Leap Year Membership is 100% the place that you want to plug in. You can shoot me a DM if you have questions about it. The link for that is still in our bio so you can go there.

And also I have one space for private mentorship, guys, that I am opening up this month, the month of March. I am so excited to meet this client. I feel her in my field. She is somebody who is ready to blow the EFF up. She has been maybe circling in my world, may be brand new, but she is somebody who is truly ready to step up into her newest level of leadership, her highest level of income. She’s somebody who’s done sitting on the sidelines saying “someday.” She’s ready to freakin make a move, even if that feels a little edgy and a little scary. The clients that I have worked with privately have done freakin unbelievable things. From creating, growing from like low six figures to high multi six figures, going from you know having a high multi six figure year to passing the multiple seven figure mark. These are women who are world changers. They’re really building something new, something groundbreaking. So private is really the best fit for you if you have all of your foundation’s on lock, you’ve generated big money so far in your business and you’re really at that point of scale. So if that is you, you can shoot me a DM to learn more about that.

Remember guys, let that energy be felt. It’s the biggest converter; it will do wonders for your business. I can’t wait to see where you take this. If you have any questions about working together or getting in plugging in to mentorship that actually moves the needle for you, not just catching like little bite sized nuggets. Don’t get me wrong I pour so much love and devotion into my free content on Instagram, but the real transformation y’all happens inside the room. The real transformation is what you do when you get inside. So do yourself a favor come get in the room. If you don’t know which room is the best for you, or which is the best fit, please send me a DM. I’m so happy to have a chat with you and connect. Remember we’ve got one private mentorship space and doors to the Leap Year Membership which are open. I love you all. I can’t wait to connect with you further and I will see you again on here soon. Bye everyone.

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