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Episode 185: What I Do When I Want to Generate Results Faster

Episode 185: What I Do When I Want to Generate Results Faster

Today my love’s we are having a conversation about what I do when I want a result quickly. This goes for business. This goes for life. I shared this story with my email list this morning. But I decided that I really needed to record a podcast episode on this because it is honestly so important to start to learn how to train yourself to think like a woman who is super successful, like somebody who creates incredible results for themselves, like somebody who collapses time. So that is what we’re going to be doing here. I am coming at you live from a blazing hot day here in Sydney. It’s going to be like I don’t know how to do the Celsius conversion but it’s hot. It’s like 38 degrees or something which is a scorcher. It’s like at least in the 90s maybe high 90. So anyway, Mama’s here, chillin in sports bra. I am so excited to be going live with you. If you are hopping on and watching me live for the first time. Let me know if you are a repeat listener. Go ahead and let me know that as well. We are going to be diving in here in a second. I’m so pumped to be talking about this with you guys. Today I actually sent an email to my list sharing a really similar topic. And then I thought you know what this really needs to be a podcast conversation. So here we are on Instagram just having this Convo in all of the places.

We are talking today about what to do when you want a result quickly. I’m going to be sharing with you about what I have done when I want a result quickly, when I don’t feel necessarily like waiting around to feel the best manifest, the perfect circumstances, manifest the ideal conditions, blah, blah, blah. But like, what the hell to do when you want a result quickly?

So this is what I want to say. First thing I want to do is I want to share with you guys something that you may or may not know. Again, if you’ve been hanging out with me for a little while here on the internet, you might already know this about me if you’re brand new to my world, you probably don’t. So I am a business coach. I built and scaled a multiple seven figure company over the last five and a bit years. I started my business while I was living in Bali as a digital nomad. I now live in Maine most of the year. I am currently in Australia. My husband is Australian. But we live in Maine, the majority of the year where I run my multimillion dollar business. I am a mom of two young kids. I have a two and a half year old daughter and an eight month son and I am so freaking passionate about helping heart centered, big vision women to create wealth, to build movements, and really forge legacies with their gifts. So in addition to being a business coach, you know, blah, blah, blah TEDx speaker, podcast host the whole shebang, I also added a really fun new thing to my official title in the last year and that is investor. So I own two properties. One is our estate in Maine. We have an old like 4500 square foot farmhouse that we completely renovated last year. We also have a luxury Airbnb rental that is coming online this spring which I’m so excited. I host private retreats and group retreats on my land in Maine and I also own 100 acre piece of property here in the bush in Australia, where we have these really cool cabins, we’ve partnered with a company called Unoaked.

So anyway, I’m sharing with you guys a little bit more about the backstory of my work and my worlds. I have generated multiple millions of dollars in my coaching business. And one of the things that I’m the most proud of in my work, in addition to having helped our clients generate multiple, multiple, multiple millions of dollars, eight figures plus in the time that I’ve been doing this work, is that I have used a lot of the overflow from my coaching business to build a really incredible property portfolio at the age of 34. We own these two magical properties. And once we start renting out our Airbnb in Maine, we will have monetized both of them within a short period of time. So I’m super proud of that. Super cool.

But I’m not here to just like talk about all the cool stuff that I’ve done. I am here to talk to you about what I have done to create incredible momentum and incredible results in my personal life, my personal financial reality, and my business. Because this one habit, this one way of approaching business, this one way of approaching opportunity, has quite literally, like opened doors for me, you guys, in ways that are more like just more impactful than I can even explain to you. I think that one of the most important things that you can do if you are somebody who wants to build wealth, you want to expand your company, you want to explode your income, you want to start to create more meaningful impact with your work, one of the most important things that you can do (and I’ve been like slurping this up since I started my business) is learn how wealthy and successful people think. Learn how they make decisions, learn what their approach is, what their vantage point is, what their mindset is, because the more that you can learn to think and to behave like somebody who has created a ton of success for themselves, the more you are going to be able to employ that kind of thinking when the rubber meets the road in your own life.

Because so many of us are operating without models. So many of us are quite literally blazing trails and changing timelines in our lineage. We’re doing things that people in our families have never done before. And so we don’t actually have templates and models for what it looks like to make big moves, for what it looks like to make decisions, like somebody who is broken out of a bloodline of scarcity and struggle, and it has to be hard in somebody who is actually generating momentum and like making big moves. Do you feel me on that? I certainly am a first generation millionaire. I did not come from a ton of wealth. I mean, bless my parents, they did as best as they possibly could. But I did not learn how to make seriously bold moves.

How to get into the rooms that expand you

And this one thing, this one thing that I am about to share with you has literally changed everything for me when it comes to opportunity income, really putting myself in a position to get ahead. And I’m going to share that with you. The thing that I have done to generate the biggest results in the fastest amount of time is that I have quite literally knocked on the door. Like I’ll tell you how literal I mean in just a second. I have quite literally knocked on the door and gotten myself into the rooms that I knew would expand me even when the door was closed, even when the room was not open to the public. Even when there was no like beautiful serenade happening from inside and snacks and overflowing champagne. No, home girl has paid attention to what room is apparent to me? What room do I know that if I step into that I am massively going to expand and how can I seek it out? How can I knock on the door even if the door is closed? How can I get inside of that room?

Our property, you guys, that we own in Australia was not even on the market. So this is again one of the things that I’m super proud of in my company and in my legacy is that we purchased that piece of land. It’s 100 acres it has a lake on it. It is like literally like Eden it is so so beautiful. And if you’re on my email list actually included a link you can go check it out if you’re curious out what it looks like. Like I said, we partnered with this company that has put these beautiful tiny home cabins that we rent. You can go stay on my land if you’re in Australia and rent one of these beautiful cabins. And this whole company is super cool. They were like endorsed by Matthew McConaughey who did a big promotional campaign for them. And the whole premise is like luxury glamping just outside of major cities in Australia, we don’t have this company in America. But I would not be surprised if they come online within the next couple of years. They’re super cool. But our property, you guys, which has the three campsites, these tiny home Luxe glamping experiences, the land was not even for sale when we purchased it. Let that just sink in for a second. Because it’s one thing to hear how cool is this? Like Cait owns these properties, she purchased whatever they’re like, generate have multiple streams of income. How cool is that? You guys, the property was not even on the market when we purchased it.

We, quite literally, Toby and I had been talking about what our ideal first financial like property investment move would be. We were talking about what we wanted it to look like, what we wanted it to feel like, what we wanted it to have. And we knew about this parcel of land for various reasons that I won’t go into it. There’s like a family connection. But there we knew about this parcel of land. And we were like, wouldn’t that be amazing? And long story short, Toby rang the owner. And we were under contract within two months of that. This is quite literally what I mean, when I say you need to be willing to knock on the door to the rooms that you want to be in and not wait for conditions to be perfect. For, like the moon to be just so, for an extra $100,000 in your bank before you make that decision.

When I look at every big decision that I made. And the same thing is true to you guys in business. There are coaches that I have worked with for years in my company, where I actively sought them out and said to them, Hey, I know you don’t have this package, or you don’t advertise this package, or you don’t usually offer XYZ thing. but will you do a VIP special thing with me? Will you do a Voxer package with me? Or will you do some kind of a private container because I know that having access to you in my back pocket, I know having the support of somebody who is intelligent and smart and emotionally nuanced, and somebody who’s emotionally invested in my company, having that private access to you is such a game changer. And it is a decision that I have made literally for years inside of my business. I have actively knocked on doors to rooms that were supposed to be closed, to get myself in a position to be supported at the highest level, to truly seek out what is the thing that I most want and how can I stop waiting for it to just like show up in my lap, and how can I instead seek it out. And for me, in business, having a one to one mentor to bounce back and forth with on everything from strategy, to launch workshopping and sales, to energetics and handling challenging situations, to go to for support when I needed it, to grow alongside of as I am scaling to levels that nobody else in my world understands. Like that has been everything to me over the last five years. This is the value of getting in the room. This is the value of seeking out the thing that you want, and not just waiting for again that elusive ever receding to like horizon line, perfect moment. Our land in Australia wasn’t even on the market, you guys and now it is generating like double what my annual teaching salary was in passive income. And that is because of seeking it out. That is because of knocking on the room that is knocking on the door. That is because of a decision that I made to get in the room and say hey, what do you have available?

I sent an email out to my list yesterday, you guys, for one long term private coaching spot that I have open and 31 of you started the application in just over 12 hours. 31 of you. If you were one of them, first of all, send me a message and say hey, or if you have been wanting to apply but keep feeling like oh my god I so want this, but then you’re feeling like terrified to press “Submit,” terrified to actually go through with it. Here is what I want you to know about leading yourself. Guys, when I think about when we made that phone call and when we got ourselves in a position to actually purchase that land. When I think about the times that I’ve pitched my coaches and said Hey, will you do this like VIP package for me? When you knock on the door to the rooms that you know are going to expand you, it is so, so normal to become overwhelmed with the sense of, oh my god, I think I need to back out of this. Maybe I am biting off more than I can chew here. Maybe it would be smarter to wait, who do I even think that I am? What if I’m out of my league? What if I fuck this up? Like those thoughts have been present with me in every major up level decision that I have made that have moved me forward financially and professionally. I’m going to say that, again, those exact thoughts of maybe this is premature, maybe this is just way too big of an undertaking. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. And it would be better to play it safe every single time. Those kinds of thoughts have also been present with me.

So I want to just dispel any sort of myth that the people that you admire, the people who have built something that you want to build, the people that have created tremendous success, they didn’t get to where they are today, because they encountered zero resistance along the way. They didn’t just like stroll through a meadow of wildflowers of like, perfect harmonic readiness. They encountered resistance. But what they have chosen to do is that when doubt has come crashing in, when they have been in a space of not knowing how it’s going to work out, they have known how to steady themselves and recommit to the outcome they want to move like her now. And in so doing actually activate and become her.

The key of congruence

There’s a word that I think is so important for leaders to really get and really grasp and that word is congruence. When I think about congruence, I think about belief, and I think about behavior. I think about thought and I think about action. When I asked myself what is the most congruent action that is going to support me to achieve and to step into the results that I am wanting? What does it look like to move congruently? With what I say that I want, who I say I am becoming? Is it congruent to just say maybe, um, maybe it’s better for me to wait, maybe I don’t really know what I’m doing. Maybe I’m gonna fuck this up and keep distancing myself from her more and more and more. No, it is not congruent to do that. The difference between the ones who actually make the bold moves, the ones who actually create those out of the park results, and the ones who keep telling themselves the story of someday when it makes more sense, someday I’ll do this someday, someday, is are you willing to move? Are you willing to move despite the resistance that’s present? Are you willing to recognize that you’re never actually going to feel perfectly ready? Are you actually going to feel like goodbye? Are you actually going to make a move, despite not knowing how it’s all gonna work out?

How who you’re willing to be determines everything

There is always going to be a gap, there is always going to be a little bit of distance, there is always going to be a space between what you say that you want, where you are in this moment. It’s who you’re willing to be in that in between that determines everything. It’s who you’re willing to be in that moment, that actually changes the game. So I really want you to think about if you have something on your vision board that you’re wanting to create, if you have something in your world, in your company, in your in your personal life, in your financial reality, if you also want to purchase property, like whatever the thing is, you don’t need to wait for the calm, perfect sense of perfect timing to bravely activate the deep gut knowing that you have what it takes to fly. You don’t need to wait for that you get to act on that.

Now. Like I said in the beginning of this episode, guys, I literally, this is what I have done to accelerate my results in business, in creating multiple income streams, is I have sought out the rooms that I knew I wanted to be a part of. I have literally knocked on the door and said I want to be in there even if it’s not available, even if it is not publicly on offer. I want to get close to that and that has paid off so much in my lifetime.

I want to come on here with a really beautiful invitation for you. This is something that I have not marketed publicly you guys for months and months and months and months. I hear that and I think is it’s really good information to recognize when you are paralyzed, and when you’re stuck, and when you’re in a fear spiral, and when you’re like I’m I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I get like you got to find another gear. It’s time to shift out for that, and if you’ve been trying to shift out of it by yourself, I would say that’s probably a really big reason why that that paralyzed feeling that frozen feeling is still there. You guys, if you have been calling in a business mentor to walk with you intimately over the next stage of your wealth, building your movement, making your financial expansion journey, I am so excited to let you know that I opened up applications literally yesterday to private mentorship. There is one spot available for a private coaching container for somebody who is looking to truly build their movement in their company. For somebody who is looking to scale to multiple six, seven figures, multiple seven figures. I’ve worked with so many clients to cross that threshold in their business, dozens and dozens of clients from multi six to seven to multi seven figures.

I also announced yesterday that I have a handful of intensives actually (I have to check to see how many more we have available) but for the next 48 hours one on one intensives I have discounted to 65% off. I do this a couple times a year. And every time I do they get gobbled right up. This is an intensive opportunity to go deep into one core area of your business have my eyes, hands, ears support, fully devoted to you. And this one thing in your business it’s a great thing to use for a particular team thing that you want to solve, a particular launch strategy, question a content creation strategy, shifting into your next embodied experience of growth and expansion. You can shoot me a DM there’s a special code that you need for that. Send me a DM that says “VIP discount” for the discount code that you need to get a one to one intensive. Normally those are $3,000 a pop, they’re available now for $1,111. So shoot me a DM if you want that link.

But the full private coaching experience you guys, I’m doing these intensives if you feel like you need to explore and experience how I work before you take that plunge, those are available to you if you feel like you just really need like one thing, one set of eyes to provide that almost like laser surgery support book an intensive. But if you are somebody who is really ready to make moves over a long period of time, you are ready to experience lasting growth inside of your business and really do this walk and do this work of expanding alongside of a business, alongside of a business owner, alongside of a mentor who’s built a multiple million dollar business. But if you’re somebody who’s ready to build out a sustainable results over time you want one to one coaching calls, you want private Voxer which is literally like me in your back pocket to bounce on all of the things energetic, strategy. If you are somebody who is wanting that level of support, send me a DM and I will send you the link to the application.

The importance of letting yourself be held and supported

Here’s what I want you to know. Feeling hesitancy, feeling both like expansion, excitement, and then like, oh my god, maybe I just shouldn’t. I would love to do that, but maybe I should just try to do it by myself first. Or oh my God, it would be so epic to have her eyes, hands, head like perspective on this thing. But maybe I should just try to do it by myself. I don’t know if I should justify that. Like, y’all, you’ve got to be able to find another gear and start operating your company from a place of more expansion, from a place of deeper liberation, from a place of knowing what you are truly here to create. Because if you keep trying to operate from the vantage point and from the perspective of how can I get ahead, while putting minimal risk out? How can I get ahead while trying to scrape by and do it all by myself? You’re missing the whole point. The catalyst, the fastest way that I know to grow is by knocking on the doors that have the rooms that you want to be a part of and letting yourself step inside, letting yourself be held, letting yourself be supported. That is how you fly.

So if you would like the link to the intensive, you can send me a DM on Instagram and say “VIP link” if you want the link to apply to private mentorship. You know this is truly for the woman who wants it all for the woman who is wanting to walk hand in hand with a mentor who has seen so many clients in their journey to seven multiple seven. I have a client who scaled to eight figures recently. Like this is for the woman who is freaking ready to go, who’s no bullshit, who wants the creme de la creme of support available to her and is ready to give herself the level and the caliber of support, luxurious support that she desires. Who is ready to not just scrape by and see how on the cheap she can do this. But who is ready to experience the full receivership of letting herself be supported?

One of the things that my clients constantly reflect back to me and say to me all the time, a reason why they want to get in my world is because I have a very grounded and very fiery approach. At the same time. I feel like I am a real like 50/50 synergistic blend of masculine strategy structure back into like, actually having a scalable infrastructure. For any other moms of young kids, you know, if you want to be in your fire and in your magnetism and in your expression and making big moves in the world, but you don’t have your shit together, it’s going to be a tornado real quick. But I also have this like deeply feminine, profoundly embodied, real like unleashed expressive part of me that pulls out the magnetic genius of my clients that supports them to become just effortless marketers.

I have so many moms, future moms, women who want to be moms who come into my world, it’s a whole thing when you got a lot of responsibilities, whether you have young children, whether you are postpartum, whether you have another job that you’re managing, whatever the thing is, most high performing, high functioning women that I know have other shit going on. And to learn from a mentor who is also knows what it’s like to be managing all the things to be up throughout the night (I’m still nursing my son through the night) and to be and to normalize, like high cash months, seven plus figure cash years, to be making investment moves, and managing property, and like really doing the damn thing. Learn from somebody who’s doing that. Learn from somebody, get in the room, and get yourself supported at that level. You deserve it honestly, like, what else are we doing here? What else are we doing in this game of life, if not playing full out and going for it?

And honestly, going back to the story of how we literally like asked to buy a piece of property that wasn’t even on the market. And that has turned that into a passive income stream in the last year and a half. Like, that is such a perfect example of what it means to say, You know what, like, we could do this the long way we could do this, the slow go way of just like wait and bide our time to the perfect moment. Or we could say the time is now. Or we could say, you know what wrinkling universe, I see the opening and I’m gonna take it. There are so many points at which when we do that, we can talk ourselves off the ledge and say, You know what, I’m going to just try to do this by myself, or I’m going to just try to not take the risk, or I’m gonna I’m probably I’m definitely not ready for this. And here’s what I want you to know. I have felt that to literally at every juncture, every juncture of teetering on the edge of making an investment, of purchasing a property, I have felt freaking terrified. I don’t want you to put me or anybody else on a pedestal who has created something amazing. Nobody gets out of this like without fear you guys. Nobody gets out of this without feeling like oh shit, I do not know if this is a good idea. Maybe I should wait. Maybe I should wait till this makes more sense. Maybe I should wait till I have more money saved. There’s always going to be a story about why later is better.

And yet, that is not how you get to the result that you want the fastest. The way that you get to the result that you want the fastest is to trust yourself now to make those moves. Trust yourself now to have what it takes. Trust yourself now to be worthy of actually receiving what you want. And go do something with it. That is like there is no substitute for activating the part of you that knows she is here to do something big.

But you guys what I want you to know is this: trust yourself. Move in the direction of your dreams. Do not wait for conditions to be perfect. Do not wait for a marching band and a personal parade ushering you in to the perfect opportunity. Knock on the damn door. Knock on the damn door. Walk inside. You are worthy now, you are ready now, it’s go time baby and I am here to do this with you. I’m so freaking excited.

If you watched this or listened to this episode, please send me a DM on Instagram. Let me know that you listened, let me know your biggest takeaway. And if you want the link to a one off intensive 60 minutes for $1,889 off of the normal price – like what even, this is a freaking no brainer! Or you want the link to book in an application call for private mentorship, send me a DM.

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