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Episode 187: Your Offer Suite is The Key to Scaling

Episode 187: Your Offer Suite is The Key to Scaling

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. And today we are talking about the five keys to an offer suite built to scale. I am so excited to bring this episode to you. This is definitely a strategy focused episode. And honestly, I’m just like, let’s get to the fucking point here, people! Let’s talk about what is required.

You guys have been seeing me talk, maybe if you follow me on Instagram, a lot about offer suite because I am leading my upcoming live program the Sweet Spot Live starting next week. So the week of March 27 inside of The Leap Year Membership, if you want more details, go to You can also send me a DM on Instagram for more information.

But I’ve been talking a ton about offer suite because honestly, I feel like it’s one of those areas of business that is not talked about enough. It’s a looked over people think Yeah, yeah, but let’s get to the fun stuff. Let’s get to the sexy stuff. Let’s talk about marketing. Let’s talk about branding. Let’s talk about logos and photos and launches and sales strategies. And I’m like, I’m here for all of that y’all. I love getting into marketing and messaging. I love getting into the energetics, mindset, really setting our identity and self concept up to scale as big, as big as we want to go.

The foundation of building a business that is set to scale

But I’m also here for the real conversation and that is this: if you want to scale a business to the seven, to the multiple seven figure level, your foundation is your offer suite. Your foundation is what you are actually selling. And I see a lot of the time inside of this industry, entrepreneurs you know struggling to keep up with this weird new rat race that we find ourselves in or a lot of people find themselves in. A feeling like they have to quote unquote keep up with the Joneses of the coaches who are hitting high cash months. And what I’ve seen happen is the integrity of the foundation of people’s infrastructure, their offer suite, just fall to shambles and this reactionary throwing up offer after offer, making up new thing after new thing, trying to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. And this is really something that we need to watch out for and pay attention to if we are focused on scaling sustainable, profitable businesses over time. Your offer suite is what needs your attention. And so inside of this episode, I am going to be walking you through the five core pillars of an offer suite that is truly built to scale.

I feel like this is a conversation that could not be more relevant and more timely for where we are at this given moment inside of the industry. One of the things that I think happens when we get into a more like strategy focused conversation in the business world, everybody wants to talk about marketing. Everybody wants to talk about branding. Everyone wants to talk about messaging. Everyone wants to talk about launch timeline and listen, I love all of that. I coach clients in all of that. I’m here for those conversations and discussions. I’m also here to bring the very real… So we all want to talk about the shiny things, the branding photos, the sexy this and that, the all of that. And I’m here for it. And I’m also here to tell you that the foundation of building a business that is set to scale is not, does not start in your marketing process. It doesn’t start in your sexy branding. It doesn’t start in your sales timeline. It doesn’t start in your launch plan. It starts in your offer suite.

And when I say that, I feel that this conversation could not be more timely, one of the things that I am seeing happening in the industry is you know, and this is just cycles and seasons, it’s human psychology, if we saw this in the corporate world, that’s why so many of us left the rat race, right. And I feel like if there is any rat race that has come over to the business world, and the entrepreneurial world, and in particular, the coaching space, it’s this. I see a lot of women doing this, hustle, doing this grind, watching celebrity coaches, famous coaches, whatever the hell that even friggin means. But coaches that they look up to, in that they admire hitting certain cash numbers, hitting certain $xK months, and feeling like Well, in order to be relevant, I need to make that amount of money. And so what am I going to do, I’m going to throw spaghetti at the wall, I’m going to chuck up this new offering, that new offering, this thing over here, and I’m going to abandon ship mid launch, and I’m going to launch another program, and this, and this, and this, and that.

And all of the sudden they’re like a cartoon with you know, a, what’s that movie Ratatouille like the mouse juggling all the hot plates like, I imagine that as like the cartoon image, when I think about what’s happening with a lot of women in the coaching world, in the online industry, when it comes to building out an offer suite. It’s like they’re just putting out thing, after thing, after thing, after thing, after thing, hoping something sticks, hoping something lands, not at all being intentional about their offer suite and then wondering why nobody’s buying. And this is driven by, I think for a lot of women and a lot of entrepreneurs, driven by this desire to keep up with the Joneses of the coaching world, right? And hit a certain number, revenue number, per month in order to feel like they’re relevant. First of all, if you’re doing that, and you’re telling yourself that story, please, God stop. Stop. The more that you just make stuff up on a whim and throw stuff out there like spaghetti at the wall hoping praying, trying, testing, making, trying to figure it all out and make something work, the more your nervous system is probably dysregulated number one, but the more confused your client probably is. And the more disorganized and kind of in shambles, your offer suite is.

I know that it feels like when we want to scale. Sometimes there can be almost this desperation energy of like, I need to make more money. And obviously y’all, I understand the requirements of funding a life, and a business, and a team, and all of that. I get it. And here’s what I want to say. In order to scale a company that is really profitable, that is set up with the foundation to go the distance with longevity, sometimes we need to slow down and pay attention to the foundation in order to scale. In fact, most of the time that is true. And so I want to talk to you inside of this episode about what are the five key elements to an offer suite. What are the five key elements to an offer suite that is really set to scale. No matter what your industry is, you could be a done for you service provider, and agency owner, you could be any sort of coach or mentor under the sun. There are five key components to an offer suite that is built to scale to seven, multiple seven, however you want to go. It really comes down to these five things. So if you are somebody who is like a note taker, consider this a free masterclass, impromptu masterclass for you.

But I really want to break this down for you because I think that these are elements that, again, in that frenzy to keep up with the Joneses to hit the $xK month, we overlook this. And yet I am telling you these five things have helped me generate just under $5 million cash to date inside of my business in the last however many year five ish years that we’ve been in business. And I want to share these with you because it’s so important that your offer suite gets the same attention, that your energy, your mindset, your feminine flow, your marketing, your branding, all these things that the coaching industry is obsessed with talking about, for good reason they’re important. But the foundation, before we can truly make your branding work for you. If you’re going to be all about your branding, and all about your marketin,g and all about bringing people to your business, but the avenues for you to make money, the avenues for you to receive and then that you need to deliver upon to actually sustain the sales. Why we do the branding and the marketing in the first place to bring clients to us to make sales to get cash in the door. What happens then? How is your offer suite set to do that over time, on repeat, with longevity and sustainability in mind. That’s what I want to talk about today.

It’s not that marketing, and branding, and sales, and mindset, and energy, it’s not that those things aren’t important. They absolutely are. But if you don’t have your offer suite built to scale, the whole thing is a house of cards that comes crumbling down. So these are the five things; we’re going to go through these one at a time.

How to make sure your offer suite is aligned

The first is making sure that your offer suite is aligned. What do I mean by that? Alignment is such a buzzword. The first thing is making sure that your offers suite is aligned. And I was just saying that alignment is very much a coaching industry buzzword. Here’s what I mean when I say aligned. When I say aligned, I mean that your offers, the packages, programs, and products that you have for sale, reflect number one, your strengths and your gifts. Number two, the season and stage that you are at in your business and in your personal life to be honest.

I see, and God this like breaks my heart and also really pisses me off. When I see business owners trying to replicate their coach’s coach’s coach business model, because they see that it makes them millions and they think I need to build my business to be like that. Meanwhile, they have like, you know, five kids at home and are like working from the jungle and don’t have Wi Fi half the time and are super stressing themselves out. Listen, your offer suite needs to be aligned. I think about, when I think “align,” I think about a Venn diagram. And in that Venn diagram, old school English middle school class style, guys, but on one side of that Venn diagram is you. You’re as the thought leader, as the coach, as the mentor, as the visionary, as the service provider, whatever your business is, one side of that Venn diagram is you. That side represent your strengths, your skill set, your gifts, your special sauce, your magic, how you like to deliver, what you do best, right? That side of the Venn diagram is you.

And the other side of that Venn diagram is your clients. What do they need? So is there alignment? Is there synergy between what your clients need, what they’re desiring, the transformation they’re wanting support with? And are you taking into account the capacity that you have at the moment? If you are, for example, I’m trying to think, like you don’t have reliable Wi Fi, that’s one that I see a lot of the time. You’re traveling, or it’s hard for you to get a signal. And you are setting your business up in such a way that requires you to be on live zoom calls for six or seven hours a day. That’s probably not the most intelligent move for you and your offer suite. It’s going to feel stressful, it’s going to feel strenuous, it’s going to weigh you down, and it’s going to slow you down. So whatever your again, business model is, I want you to think about that Venn diagram. You’re on one hand, that you’ve got your strengths, your gifts, your special sauce, your capacity, in this stage in season of your business, and on that other side, we’ve got your ideal clients’ needs desires, wants, core necessary transformation.

That middle bit, where those two things overlap, that is where you want to dive in and start to build out your offer suite. So alignment in your offer suite means does your, do your products, programs and services match both what your capacity is in the stage and seasons, and also what your clients need. Crucial. Look there, start there first.

The difference between intentional and reactionary offers

The second piece that you need inside of your offer suite, is your offer suite intentional? Does it lay out, and actually map out, a customer journey, a client journey, one that is not just again, spaghetti at the wall. Let me sell this, let me sell that, let me sell that, to try to make $20k a month or whatever the thing is. Is it actually intentional? And when I think about the opposite of intentional, I think about reactionary, right. And I see this all of the time in the online space. And frankly, you’ll be able to, too, if you’re paying attention to people’s marketing. A reactional offer suite looks like boom, boom, boom, spaghetti at the wall. An intentional offer suite, and here’s the clincher, an intentional offer suite is built out with your customer in mind, not you.

And this, again, might feel triggering, scary, I don’t know whatever it brings up, maybe it feels great. I don’t know what it brings up for you. But I see business owners who are struggling. It’s not the only reason that they’re struggling. But one common thing that I see is that they are doing this spaghetti at the wall thing because they want to hit a certain cash number every month. And so it’s sending them into this like frenzy zone, getting out of intentionality, rushing that intentionality to try to get a result. And what happens is actually it slows down the process of scaling up to the number, you know, cash numbers that they want to hit to. If you want to scale your business, you must look at the intentionality of your offer suite. Are you building a customer journey or are you throwing spaghetti at the wall? Okay, is your offer suite client centric and client focus? Is it designed to look at the level of transformation and experience that your customer wants and built out for them? Or is it built out for you so you can exhale and finally feel worthy because you hit a $20k month?

And I know that might sound like tough love, but it’s a question that we need to ask. Leadership, longevity, you guys, becoming a truly way paving leader in this industry is about building something that is really solidly crafted to scale. Not let me quick hit a high cash month so that I can feel like I belong. You already belong. And when you know that, you make better decisions. And you can get into some of the strategic foundational work that is essential for scale. That’s going to set you up for what you want long term. So is your offer suite intentional? Is it focused on that customer journey? Or is it reactionary? If it’s reactionary, it’s time to get support in building it out with intention. So we’ve got aligned, intentional.

How can you do things no one else is doing

The third one I love this one. The third is innovative or innovative, as we say in the States. I’m like adopting all the Aussie-isms being over here in Sydney. But is it innovative? Is it making waves? Is it just again, I think I said this elsewhere? Is it just a replica of what everyone else is doing? Are you paying attention to copy and pasting somebody else’s business model? Or are you actually innovating? And one of the key, if you’re like, I don’t even know what it means to innovate, how do I innovate? How do I create an offer? Again, what I said before of that overlap between what your strengths are, what you do well, what you see as your gifts, and what your people need? Are you doing something that hasn’t been done before?

I’m going to give you guys an example of what I mean by innovative. So back in 2018, that seems like so long ago. That was five freaking years ago. Five or six? Oh my god, math, five. Back in 2018, you guys, I had this idea. If you have been around here for a little while you, and have been following my work, and my, what I have to say, my energy, you probably will get this. And if you’re new in my world, Hello! I’m so happy that you’re here. Back in 2018 though, I had this vision. And the vision was I want to create a product that is, like, that nobody has done before. I want it to be like an audio meditation but I want it to be music. One of my go-to tools. I’ve literally just shared this on my Instagram stories, so you can go there for a hit of what I’m talking about. But one of my go-to energetic state changing tools is music. It is in my energy toolbox. I use it literally every single day with myself, with my kids. I think music is such a powerful tool. And I was like, I don’t want to just like to go on to Pond Five or Audio Jungle and, like do a recording of me talking over a five minute, you know, background music track and like, you know, tell somebody to elevate their frequency. I want to go all fucking out. I have this vision of partnering with a musical producer. And literally creating this like danceable audio meditation that is transformational, that takes people to a whole new state. It’s an audio meditation that you don’t just like sit to passively and close your eyes but that you like booty twerk to, and that you move to, and that you just feel inspired to, you can take a run to, you can freakin kickbox to, that makes you feel your potential in your bones.

This was in 2018. Nobody, I can confidently tell you that zero people in the industry had done this. People have since, but nobody had at that time. And I didn’t know what I would end up doing with it. I didn’t know where it would end up landing in my offier suite. But I knew that this was an innovative offer that was coming through me. So I sought out a producer. By the way, if you are watching this or listening to this episode, and you have listened to the Rise album, please send me a message and tell me how it has impacted you. But if you go to Oh god, I think it’s\rise or .rise-album, I don’t actually know the link off the top of my head. But you can buy this product. And it’s available in some of our funnels as well, it’s $47. But it made such a splash when we launched it, you guys. And again, I had no idea if this would work. I had no idea if people would dig this. But I knew that my genius, my unique energetic signature, my method of communicating confidence, conviction in who you are and what you’re capable of. I knew that I couldn’t just do that in a fucking PDF. I knew I needed a whole sensory embodied experience for people to get that transmission. And so I innovated a product that nobody was doing.

So that is just an example of what innovation in your offer suite can look like. Are you willing to go places and do things that nobody else is doing? Are you willing to mix it up? And just like you heard me, just now, probably listening to this, you want to go buy the Rise album, right? Sounds fucking amazing. That is what happens when you build offers that are innovative and true to you. You will be effortless and magnetic in your ability to sell them because you are not copying somebody else’s genius. You are not replicating somebody else’s model. You are not just doing Command C Command V to somebody else’s path to success. You are sourcing it for yourself. And when you are sourcing something original, unique, potent and powerful, it has an effortless quality of magnetism that can’t be stopped. So we want you to look at not just making carbon copy offers inside of your offer suite of what you see somebody else do, even of what you see me doing, please don’t do that. Because I have a different skill set, strength, support team, like what I am able to create and deliver based on my strengths, my capacity in the season, but also based on the infrastructure that I have built out is so different to you. And also my strengths are different to you. So don’t look at me or anybody else.

And by the way, that’s one of the things that I love so much about the Suite Spot, the upcoming program that I’m leading inside The Leap Year Membership to help you craft your ideal offer suite that supports you to scale. It is not here’s a box, and inside of the box is what an offer suite should look like, because it’s what mine looks like, and here you go, just eat every chocolate in this box and you’ll be a millionaire. Like, fucking hell guys. No. There’s enough of that out there. And frankly, it’s why people are struggling to make sales because they’re trying to copy and replicate other people’s offer suites and business models. That is not what the Suite Spot is about. That is not what I’m going to be teaching you. I am going to be teaching you how, for your business, to unpack and actually construct from the ground up, offers that are magnetic, that are transformational, that are aligned, intentional, innovative, strategic, and world class. That is what we are doing inside of the Suite Spot. So if you have questions about the Suite Spot, please send me a message telling me you watch this video, that you listen to this episode, and that you are ready to set your business up for scale. That was a little bit of a digression. But innovative is the third key to setting your offer suite up to scale.

The importance of creating a sales ecosystem

The fourth you guys is strategic. Is your offers suite strategic? Again, is it reflective of an entire sales ecosystem that moves people through a process, so that you have some offers and some clients who come into a program, they get so much juice and transformation, and they’re set to go? Do you have also an ascension pathway for people to be resigning behind the scenes for people, to be ascending throughout your offer suite. One of the things when I say strategic, and I got a lot of messages when I shared this video on my stories, actually turned it into a reel today, so there’s a saved version of it. But one of the things that I kept hearing was oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about these different ways of selling different offers inside of your offer suite.

Again, one of the problems with just looking at like a sales conversation from the lens of DM selling or sales calls, watch timeline and blahdy blah, is that it’s taking, it’s presuming that there’s one way to sell every kind of offer, which is not true. Different kinds of offers, strategically require different types of selling. So I, in my business every single day, I’m selling something publicly and/or privately. And when I mean privately, I don’t mean I’m just like reaching out to people on LinkedIn or something or whatever, Facebook, Instagram, email like saying, Hi, do you want to buy this thing? I mean that there is something on offer or being nurtured behind the scenes, or publicly, be in one of my different offers every single day Inside of the Suite Spot, I’m going to show you how to do this for your different offers. And really look at okay, if your offerings and your offer suite is set up truly like an ecosystem, what are the methods that you have for selling certain kinds of offers that are public facing? And how do you sell behind the scenes offers? How do you sell offers that are evergreen that don’t have a live launch? How do you sell offers that are only available to returning clients? What is your strategy for that? And so again, understanding where your different offers fit in the map of the ecosystem of your offer suite, that is going to help you determine how best to sell and fill those offers and programs.

And when you have this setup, working like a well oiled machine, that is when high cash weeks, months, days, that’s when that’s possible without overextending yourself. And without throwing spaghetti at the wall, do you see that? It requires that ecosystem and setup. And when people lack that, but they’re like I want to make a ton of money, that’s when they throw spaghetti at the wall. Because they’re like, I gotta hurry up and make the cash. And it becomes really messy. The way that you make those high cash days, months, weeks, years without having it be a shitshow and a mess and haven’t be focused on your client is really making sure that your offers are strategic and your way of selling those both publicly and privately is strategic.

Making sure your programs deliver a world class experience for your people

The fifth key to making your offer suite world class is making – to making your offer suite scalable is to make sure that it’s world class, making sure that your programs deliver. I shared this the other day you guys, one of the things that I am so freaking proud of inside of my business is the reputation that we have built inside of my company. And that, this is different from like, I’m so happy everyone loves me. That’s not what I’m saying here. What I’m saying, is that we have a brand where we are constantly getting referrals, constantly getting people coming through our doors into different offers because our past clients, our peers, our collaborators have referred them to us. They come in with instant know, like, and trust factor because of the results that clients who have come through our doors, paying clients and customers have had. They have had transformation, they have been taken care of, they have been served in a world class way. And that does 80% of the marketing work for us is that experience.

Too many people are building out offer suites and are building out offers that again, are focused on themselves. It’s focused on how can I hit a high cash month the quickest, and it’s not focused enough on the client, the customer, the experience. When you build out your offer suite to be a world class experience for your people, that is when you get into that real beautiful, sustainable way with your business, where people are coming back over, and over, and over, and over again. It’s focusing on that world class experience. And you want to, I mean, differentiate yourself in this industry now focus on that. Focus on creating a world class experience. Not everyone’s doing that. In fact, I would say it’s a minority of business owners who are doing that. And I have seen really successful coaches fall from high heights, because their community has kept them accountable. And you know, to really delivering what they said they would deliver. So pay attention to that and I promise you, you are setting your business up for scale.

I’m going to just recap the five keys to an offer suite that is truly built to scale. It is aligned, it is intentional, it is innovative, it is strategic, and it is world class. If you have those five pieces, I promise you, you have set your business up for millions and beyond. That is the key to truly setting up your business to scale is your offer suite. And if this is something you want support with. If this is something that you, whether you are newer in your business, and you are revamping some things, you’re building out that offer suite from the ground up, whether you are experienced, have already made hundreds of 1000s of dollars, millions of dollars even, and are wanting to readjust to realign your suite to match the season that you’re in now, to really get intentional and strategic about customer retention, the lifetime values of your customers, like wherever you are in the spectrum, and of your experience and entrepreneurship, you must attend to your offer suite if you really want to scale to the next level.

And I am so excited to share with you the inside of the Suite Spot. My next live program inside The Leap Year Membership, we are diving into this. So here are the details guys. We start module one of the Suite Spot next week, the week of March 27. If you are listening to this and want to join, the only way that you can get in on the Suite Spot is inside of The Leap Year Membership. And this is very intentional and strategic. Also, innovative! I don’t know a lot of people who have fully built out programs that they literally will not accept money for in a one off session, or in a one off way. And the reason that I say, if you want to join the Suite Spot, awesome, you need to join The Leap Year Membership which is only $888 per month, you guys. Our women inside are freaking crushing it. Multiple of them are celebrating their highest month in business since being in the program for a month, to break through upon break through there like this was more valuable than a $50,000 mastermind I was in. So trust me, this membership will blow you the freak away. And I am intentionally leaving the Suite Spot inside of The Leap Year Membership because your offer suite is one piece of a bigger puzzle that is set to scale. My goal and intention, again world class, inside of The Leap Year Membership is literally equipping you with every piece that you need to build a business that is set to scale to millions and beyond. And your offer suite is a foundational piece. So if you want to join us for this Suite Spot, send me a DM on Instagram “Suite Spot” for the link. You can also go to to sign up straight away and I’m so freaking excited to have you.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you watch this, please go ahead and DM me, let me know your biggest takeaway and I am so excited to see you apply this magic live. DM me with any questions. Head to to sign up and register and get in the room for the Suite Spot! We kick off the week of March 27 and I cannot wait to see you apply this magic in your own business.

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