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Episode 129. Female Leadership & The Awakened Woman with Nadine McNeil

Episode 129. Female Leadership & The Awakened Woman with Nadine McNeil

Cait: Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise Podcast. You guys I am so freaking excited to welcome our amazing guest today. A soul sister of mine way back from Bali days, the incredible yoga teacher speaker, wisdom mentor, and humanitarian Nadine McNeil. Nadine, it’s so good to have you here. It’s so beautiful to see you. 

Nadine: You have no idea. I just have a flashback of you and I in that treehouse. It was just an immediate connection. So beautiful. It is so powerful to have this conversation with you. 

Cait: I’m so excited to just get the chance to chat about all the things who wisdom body, women and where we are going in this world right now, which seems increasingly crazy and yet such an increasingly fertile ground for women leaders to rise. I know that’s what your beautiful work in this world is all about. I would really love for those of our listeners who aren’t familiar with you or your work, just tell us a little bit more about what you do all of the different beautiful ways in which you empower women to rise. 

Empowering Women To Rise

Nadine: Well, thank you so much in order for me to share that perhaps a little bit about my background as it works to contextualize things. So prior to my deep dive into the world of health and wellness, around 2008-2009 I worked with the UN. I travel the world and everywhere from Africa to the Middle East to Asia, where Cait and I met to Europe, to the Caribbean in the fingers of emergency response and logistics. 

I mentioned that because that path led me to where I am today, dealing with my own burnout of a high-stress, highly responsible job in a typically male normative, white male, military normative environment. And constantly having to prove myself or feeling that I had to prove myself putting myself under extraordinary stress to perform to be the dutiful daughter to be the polite woman to be the one that’s gonna climb that ladder no matter what. And I did, and I’m grateful for it. But I paid a price. And the price I paid was burnt out to dry cleaners, stressed to the max confusion, depression, anxiety attacks, you name it. 

So while I was going through all of that, it certainly didn’t feel very pleasant, but by God, am I grateful for that experience, especially at this time we’re living in so much ambiguity and chaos and volatility, and uncertainty. I’ve kind of had my undergrad degree in that life. 

So fast forward to 2008 working in with UNICEF in Indonesia, and I decided I had had enough. I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga on and off pretty much since 2001. I had arrived at that point where I had to make a choice, I could no longer struggle myself. I wasn’t serving myself fully in either the UN or the yoga world. I took that leap of faith and jumped wholeheartedly into the world of yoga. 

That took me to India for my first teacher trainee. I’ve done a fair bit of training at Kripalu. I’ve been one of their ambassadors. I’ve done their yoga in Schools Program. I studied with burnback de staff study with all of the major players as we know them in yoga today. That landed me in the glorious yoga bars in Southeast Asia Bali or Bordeaux, Indonesia, which is where Cait and I managed to meet. I was there for five years up onto the path and things fell apart. And when the pandemic first hit. I was one of those that went right and billed for this, I had some personal issues happening in my life that I had been avoiding, mainly around family. And the first thing I work was my God, the universe has conspired that I’m going to have to face myself, because my survival depends on it. 

So I returned to Jamaica at the end of 2020 and I have been here ever since sorting through family matters, and talk about a rite of passage so as I have coached others, I’ve also had to practice what I teach so that became really very confronting, here I am guiding people as a mentor, how to go off and have difficult conversations in their families and I wasn’t doing that myself. 

I was then forced to step into those conversations. Also coming to the realization, that awareness that not every problem needs to be solved. Coming from my energetics background where you got to suck feet, you have to fix them. Some things just don’t need fixin. Sometimes it’s deep awareness and acceptance. I’ll press pause for now, because I feel like I’ve said a lot. 

Cait: Oh, my gosh, it’s all so juicy, Nadine. There are so many golden nuggets of what you’ve just shared. First of all that awareness of oh, okay, the universe is mirroring back to me my own edge and it’s so beautiful. I really appreciate you sharing what your own edge was when the pandemic hit, when you had to go back to Jamaica, when it was time to really dive deep into the realm of family and all of that as your own personal growth edge. 

I think a lot of the time, it speaks so beautifully to this idea of Guru mentorship, Savior mentorship, this whole idea of oh, no Nadine teaches and coaches others on that, she’s perfect. She doesn’t need to do any of that and just flips that right on its head and says, No, no, no, like I was in my own initiation process around that. That’s such an important piece and something that I feel increasingly passionate about in the coaching industry is really dismantling this idea that because we coach or teach others that we’re somehow perfect arrived to have it all figured out. 

You really dispelled that myth and a really beautiful way. this other piece that you spoke about what really jumps out to me, and I knew some of your background, but it was really beautiful to hear you talk about being so deep and having such a position of leadership in the world, of a lot of white men working in the one square foot of their head and mind. 

How To Bring Leadership Back Into The Body

It’s so interesting how, although you were really successful, and that your journey led you to be to have extraordinary positions of leadership in the yoga world, in the embodied world. I’d love to segue and hear your thoughts about your extensive training and leadership as both a leader in a lot of these yoga communities, but also a very seasoned teacher. What is important about bringing leadership, the way that we lead back into the body? Why does it not work anymore to just operate from our heads and our minds? 

Nadine: Whoa that’s a powerful question. Everything begins at the body, one of my teachers and someone’s work required or best at one o’clock, the body keeps the score. When he talks about, for example, trauma work, many of our untold stories nails in the body. So if we want to have what we call self-sovereignty, integrity, autonomy, it has to begin with the body. 

I often say there are million yoga teachers out there here and million extraordinary yoga teachers out there. I would be humbled to be considered one but what I do know is that I won’t see it. Because I see it in the eyes of my students as well as feedback is that when he will come to me with a one to watch for in the 1000s they are real men. They are reconnecting to the essence of who they are. 

One of the things that I found certainly in this time is that my body has been the place that has indicated to me most what’s really going on within and around me. How am I feeling? Is my heart and elvated? Is my belly going flip flop? Have I noticed that my breath is shallow? What’s going on my needs? Why am I responding to this while someone speaking to me, and I want to tell him something on all of a sudden I’m constricted in the throat. What’s going on? 

So if we want to begin to transform, because it’s an ongoing process, the more in the noise and less and the more work you do, the more work that has to be done, the body is going to be a reliable place for you to start. When I say this, I think of people who have faced illnesses or injuries. Of course, it’s not pleasant, I wouldn’t make light of that happening. 

I remember being deep in my practice, and having broken my ankle, and still showing up on crutches to it anyway. Doing what I could. What that injury was, it was a deeper awareness and intimacy of my body. So with a part in my body and not accessible to me, how did I use the rest of my body to support that aspect? When was I pushing too hard? When did I need to pull away from a young practice?

I have a fairly powerful personality. What I need in terms of balances things that are more feminine, more ying. That’s been a huge unlearning for me, coming out of a patriarchal system, such as the UN, coming onto the hyper-masculine birthland, such as Jamaica. 

Cait: So powerful. I love that quote that you brought up about the body, keeping the score and listening to the messages of the body as very clear signs of communication that we can rely on and source a lot of wisdom from. I know that a huge part of your work, in addition to the yoga on the mat stuff is facilitating women’s circles. 

I remember coming in sitting in one of your women’s circles in the yoga barn and I left feeling like my cup was literally pouring over not just from connecting with other women. Seriously, you hold some of the most powerful space I’ve ever been in a room with. I mean that sincerely. 

I think women’s work has always been important. But I want to talk for a minute. And there’s literally 1000 questions that I could ask you about this and things that we could talk about. But diving into the realm of women’s work, women remembering their power, remote women facing their shadows, women looking at all of the ways in which they have covered up their sovereignty, their intuition, the very seat of their power. 

Emergent Themes Of Women Stepping Into Their Power

I’m curious if you can speak to some of the emergent themes that you have witnessed after years of holding space for probably 10s of 1000s of people. What are you seeing as emergent, relevant now more than ever, themes in the area of women’s work? What are the conversations that we need to be having more of? 

Nadine: Well, one of the things I’m certainly seeing is awakening and awakaned woman. We often hear women are rising when it annoys me a little bit, because we’ve risen. We’re here. We’re here front and center, we are forces to be reckoned with, we are in positions of influence. You look at 2020 Forbes magazine, the top five economists in the world in 2020 were women. 

We look at this pandemic, we look at the forerunners of nations, immediately, I think of Barbados, in the Caribbean, I think of New Zealand countries led by women that took the bull by the horns, and just ran with it and did the most extraordinary work for their countries, for their community. I feel that way. 

The other thing I’m also seeing, and this is part of this wonderful wake of shake up that we are in. Though it has not been articulated explicitly, the world recognizes that a female-centered approach to leadership, communication, collaboration, community, connection, this is what is now the competitive edge. 

Within God, even in our world caters coaches, the connection piece, the person that connects to me might not connect to Cait, the person that connects to Cait might not connect to me. So part of more offering as women is who we intrinsically are, which takes us back to your previous question about being aquatints because if you’re not fully anchored, I saw you get some pretty powerful posts even about what it’s like to be a mother. What is it like just, syringe is not the right word. But all of these things and one doesn’t take away from the other. You are living, fully self-expressed. We live in a world, which is a littke bit annoying that believes that we need to be in a box as a black woman from Jamaica, I’m supposed to operate a certain way, as a white woman who’s a young mother. Who made these bloody rules with that? So also in this whole, and I keep making reference to the pandemic becomes big, because we’ve been in this situation for so long, it’s easy to normalize it and think because we’re survivors. We get up and we get shipped up. 

The reality is that this trial has been a blessing for us. We’ve been at home, we’ve had to be in mothers, wives, lovers, daughters, sisters, care givers all under one roof, and still wanted all together. So when I found a women and hear their stories, they hear my stories, they hear the stories of other women, they realize I’m not alone, somebody is having a similar experience, and when we can share and witness and laugh and cry, lead and grow together. extraordinary things. 

Cait: So beautiful. I am in so much resonance with everything that you’re saying. I love the getting annoyed at we are rising. No, we’re already fucking here, we have risen. It’s happened. Here we are. I love that. I really, really love this piece you’re speaking to about the emergent theme of a female-centered approach. 

I can imagine having been steeped so many of us come from any kind of background, because let’s be real, the patriarchy is everywhere, infused into everything. But you can feel the difference between leadership that is feminine leadership that has that communal equal space for us all relational connection-oriented aspect. 

In your work as a coach where you are seeing or if it’s something that you ever work with your clients on. I know, it’s certainly something that I see. I’ve even a lot of women, like so many of us have inherited the patriarchy in ways that we don’t even understand whether it is marketing that has a very top dog kind of approach, or it is feeling. Our instinct is to look at other women as a threat as opposed to a relationship and asset talk to us about that. What is in your vision? This new wave of feminine oriented leadership, what is that new way look like? 

Why We’ve Been Conditioned To Not Trust Other Women

Nadine: You said it so succinctly. Because we are products of the patriarchal environment. And many of us have we as women, because we bought into this thing, survival of the fittest, we got to get top no matter what, what we then do, rather than collaborate and see each other, we then set ourselves up and pitch ourselves up against each other. 

I cannot tell you the number of women including myself, who have come to me and said, before they came to circle or before we did work together, that they never trusted women. I think of my own story. I’m an only child, my mother left at 13. there’s the archetypal stepmother relationship dynamic. 

So I didn’t work with that sort of warm and fuzzy trusting women dynamic. I really had to unlearn and develop that, developing deep relationships with women who were older than I am or younger than I am. That’s what I feel really keeps me on my toes and more women are waking up to this and actually saying to themselves, oh my goodness, I didn’t like women much or I didn’t want to be like that woman, or I don’t want to be like my mother. And then we pitch ourselves up against each other for what?

Cait: I resonate with that so much. Look at the ways in which we have been conditioned in our own trajectory and our own personal history, like consciously or unconsciously to not trust in women. The beautiful opportunity actually, that they are there to say, hang on, is this story really serving me? Do I want to relate to women in a different way? And really imagine cultivating relationships from mentors who are older than you women who are younger with you, peers who are at your same level and like slowly day by day shifting our lens from other women as threat to other women as family, sisterhood, connection. Really a reliable support system.

Nadine: One thing to actually get a fundamental grasp of isn’t that when we say we don’t trust other women, ultimately we’re saying we don’t trust ourselves.

Cait: Yeah, I just got goosebumps over my whole body Yes, you’re right it’s so true. 

Nadine: Everything has been set up for us not to trust ourselves so we continue this. This is why the self work piece is so important and this is why so many of us, we’ve played by the rules we’ve gone to school, we educate ourselves we have children what else? And then we go, well I still feel empty, because we’re actually disconnected from ourselves. We were living in life that actually wasn’t ours. 

One of the things I’ve really invite all of us to do is to really reflect upon what informs your definition of woman. Where did you come from? What’s your woman’s story? What’s in your matron in your lineage? What was your relationship with your mother? What aspects of your mother I don’t want to be my mom? You spend your whole life trying not to be like your mother. You’re still your mother!

Cait: Oh my god it’s so true I catch myself doing things now and I’m like wow, I thought it was so different from my mom and yet there we go I’m actually very similar. 

So powerful. That line about when we don’t trust other women we don’t trust ourselves it’s actually so freaking true and it’s such a powerful reminder to cultivate that self-trust first so that we can expand our capacity to trust other women and be trusting and secure attachment and all of those things in the world. 

What It Means To Claim The Identity Of A Universal Empress

That makes me think about the name of your brand, Universal Empress. Talk to us about Universal Empress as an archetype. What does the Empress embody? What is that activation and initiation that you invite your clients to step so freaking powerfully into this identity of a Universal Empress? What does that mean to you? What have you witnessed as other women claim that identity for themselves? 

Nadine: Wow, that’s a huge question. That’s a massive question. At the time that I chose the name, Universal Empressor the nature was me I’ve had no idea what I was living into. The term Empress is a term that’s used in Jamaica to refer to females or women who have watts. It’s part of the Rastafari ideology. 

So you walk down the street here and we’re very vocal and we speak each other people sau, hail Empress or Empress, can I help you with that? We’re very much a culture of sense of occasion and kindness. An older woman is called Mama, a younger woman is called Auntie, so we’re very much like that. So that Empress bit came out of that. 

The universal peace was a direct result just a more of my childhood, within the UN as well as on and off the mat and it just seemed like a natural fit as opposed to global Gypsy, Universal Empress and the embodiment of the Empress and what that really means. To embody the Empress meant I really had to take a long, hard look at myself. And in that process, some of it brought me into some dark places because the Empress is wise. The Empress knows. The Empress is strong. The Empress is power. The Empress is fire. The Empress is welcome. The Empress is gentle. The Empress is compassionate. This is the embodiment of the Empress and ultimately the emphasis is on it.

I was born in the year when someone says well how do you explain or how do you learn? For as long as I can remember what I was the one that arranged things amongst kids. I was the one that decided changes we were going to decide where we’re going for dinner is something that needed to be dealt with. I jumped it. That’s the nature of who I am. I want to add. Be careful that you’re your nature. And this is one of the things I had to learn is not your reenactment of your job. So what do I mean by this? 

My mother leaves at 13 years old. By 13 year old and she left me behind. So what the hell child am I that my mother leaves me behind? Those of you that are mothers can feel this out. So then at 13 I decided you know what? No one will leave me behind again. So I’m gonna make sure I have my shit together and together independently and together emotionally and together to get together so rather than boundaries they’re walls. 

Still for a long time, this business of having fools mindset because deep down there were feelings of unworthiness so I had to do everything one step to raise up to be seen. Look at me no one sees me because my money let me 

And so it is learning that and doing the work in forgiving myself in letting the inner child with a seven-year-old a 13-year-old old know that she is safe. For me to honor her and promised her that I will not abandon her. 

Interestingly enough saying we are important, I had a meeting about a week ago that was canceled.  I was very annoyed it was canceled. Through my meditations, I realized it was actually a blessing. Because if I glanced at this high quality I was grinning my abandoned child this meet here was in that meeting, she had no business in that meeting. She’s a child. I had to go oh my god, I was about to set up this child again to be abandoned. So I go Okay, this week when I approach meeting, the grown ass woman is going into this meeting. So this work that we do is not nicking mom’s work it’s not surfaced working goals. It goes super super deep. 

Cait: I love that so much in poof just hearing you speak to all of those different things that the Empress is. She is not just one, she is all the things and she is willing more than anything to go deep and to go to all of those places in lead from that full place acknowledging the inner child holding the inner child leading as the Empress it’s so powerful I love that so much. That really makes me think about some of the things that we were chatting about before we even started recording.

The Creation Of Our Stories

We want to talk about going deep Let’s go there. Where are we as women being invited and initiated into creating even more stories of profound safety where we may have found stories of profound instability and uncertainty, namely in the areas of relationships and ties, bonds with other humans the relationship line, and the money line. Talk to us about those. 

Nadine: They’re interconnected if we’re familiar with our energetic system, chakra system, our money love stories, when to know first and second chakra. Being able to provide more basic needs than being able to create and procreate moving up the data set for etc. 

What I feel is because we have lived in and bought into so many Verity, Cinderella, snow, white, etc, the damsel in distress, who is going to be rescued by the prince, and the patriarchal normative of relationships. I think the greatest paradox that we face at the moment is, though we are involved, we still are trying to somehow fit ourselves into this cookie cutter model of relationships, which is no longer relevant or applicable to who we are becoming as 51% of the population on the planet. 

I see for example, as women, we put a lot of effort and investment into our careers and ending that kind of work charts to chats. we need to get his phones he doesn’t like me, gotta do this. And I got to do that. When you go for a job, you bring as much to the table in your relationship as the table that you set for you. So as we approach it, what does this partnership bring to me? Is this partnership guiding me with my highest ideals and partnerships? Do I even know what a partnership looks like to me? What is my Love language? How do I feel respected and celebrated in my relationships? 

These are some deep, deep questions that I certainly didn’t ask in my 20s and 30s, and not even 40s, maybe they’ll back up there. So that completely shifts the dynamic are called short relationships. And that also extends into our finances. Many of us, again, depending on what the morning autobiography is in your life, I grew up in a house, whenever I was good, I was rewarded with money. When I was bad , money was withheld from me. I had a father who said he was born for and he refused to die for, I have a mother who came from wealthy circumstances. 

So I have a whole expansion and contraction story going on one. And guess what, it doesn’t get easier. The more aware become of it, the more confronting it. Because ultimately, money is really just a tool. It’s a tool that enables us to do what we want to do and show up in the ways that we want to show up in the work. One of my former coaches and mentors, Lisa Nichols says that money helps to create better men, money is a dignified conversation. 

But, again, because we have this unconscious, subconscious programming, that we’re going to be taken care that we’re going to be valued with a gorgeous piece of jewelry, which is wonderful. Well, let’s not get ourselves title in this thing what is the meaning of partnership? Does your partner support your dream? Are you worthy of what you’re asking your clients to pay? How are you investing back in yourself?

One of the aha moments I have a few years ago was as a result of this pandemic, and life, etc. I had been pouring out everyone actually as Cait inferred at the start of this, you cannot get someone in default. So if I feeling what everybody else is called, I have a responsibility to ensure that my pot is full. You know why? Because when we give from an empty pot, that’s where resentment comes in. I’ve seen that those are the two areas I see it in myself, I see it in my clients, particularly for women of color, even being here in Jamaica, which is a very, and this takes us way off on another tangent, where we’ll look at the abhorrent construct of slavery and how that system was set up. And how that system is still running in our DNA. 

Awareness of something doesn’t make it a trophy ladies and gentlemen. Know that you have the awareness, you have the gift or the opportunity to do something about. So my self-worth is no longer dependent on what somebody else might think I’m worth it’s completely dependent upon me. So if I can do that work and gain the recognition, shifting my relationship around money around love around self-worth, that’s when I move the die. 

Cait: So powerful. I really feel you on that in really redefining, reclaiming reconceptualizing what even our idea of self-worth is and where it’s coming from. I feel like you’re speaking to that, so so super powerfully. I would love this is a question that I ask everybody who comes on the show, Nadine, because it’s called Born To Rise. It’s all about women stepping into their fullest power, remembering who they already are, as you put it so beautifully. 

Rising Again Into A Bigger Awakening

Can you speak to a time in your journey, and there are probably hundreds, but whatever pops Top of Mind, a time that in your process of expansion, you experienced contraction. A hard moment, a moment that really kind of knocked you by the wayside and how you found your footing again and leveraged it or used it or integrated and accepted it as part of this bigger awakening and stepping into your power even more. Give us a time that you have fallen down and risen again. 

Nadine: Well, I would say I probably in the process of writing again, right? Am I right? I’m not quite standing up just yet which I’m aware of the fact that I’m on my own journey. The one that springs to mind, and I think this is so relevant to this conversation is the depth of my thought. I  very much was a daddy’s girl, an only child. And the last of any theory is spin. 

For a woman, we know that that period, how we form our relationship style is a direct result of how we relate to that particular gender period. And so, being Daddy’s little girl, people pleaser always wanting Daddy’s approval. 

When he died, there was a part of me that died. And everyone next who’s died. Once you walk through where I’m at, and my relationship with fear. And so for a very long time, I was flittering I wasn’t drowning. What I was like the child at the swimming pool with the little trainers on. Kinda wobbling around, but not quite sure where I was for trying to figure that out. 

How would I show up in society? How will society see who am I? In this particular society, I’m from a family that’s white knowledge make up. This is a very materialistic society, inheritance, and the messiness of all of that. The dutiful daughter, the humanitarian, the let’s make the world a better place, peace and all, was not the first who was required to show up and fight for what is rightfully theirs. 

I remember seeing an astrologer very early in the start of this. She says, you’re gonna have a really hard time with this. Because, any the astrologers listening to this, you will understand this even better. Wherever your justice and negotiation falls in your house your thing is to seek resolve and negotiate. And that’s not what’s required of you, right? 

What is actually required for you is something that actually isn’t your chart. So you’re going to have to acquire and learn that some wins. So I’ve had to say to Cait before we started to record, while we’ll always have a very special place in my heart, but coming out of general the beauty of the tribe community and the quality to go into courtrooms of lawyers, tourists, accountants, go will make things. 

That was a whole different angle. I felt insecure, I felt way out on my comfort zone. So I felt out of my depth. You know what helped me? Very practices that I have massed, vocation, my prayer. Because those of us that are thriving, this time and if you pause and think about it, it’s not your third dimension of self that has kept you from sin. It’s moving to your higher echelons, it’s calling it grace. It’s knowing that there is a force, there’s something out there so much greater than that’s taking here with you. 

One thing I know for sure I have not been brought this far to be that chair. That’s also what I came in big medicine. And this is something I also want to say to all women, this nurse in particular, something I’d hear a lot from who were highly intuitive, whatever that you’re afraid of therapy. Your gift won’t abandon you.  

Cait: Oh I love that so much wow that is so powerful about grace being there to carry you through and calling on that and your gift one won’t abandon you. You will abandon it but it won’t abandon you. Such powerful powerful medicine thank you so much for sharing so honestly and openly and beautifully. You are literally embodying right now the very thing that you are speaking about, which is feminine leadership and feminine leadership acknowledges that it’s not all just stilettos and unicorns and having it all under control. Sometimes we are out of our depths. That is such a part of this human experience and you’ve spoken so gracefully and powerfully in a very empress way about your navigation through that all. So beautiful. Thank you so much Nadine. 

The last question that I want to ask you before you go, knowing where our amazing listeners can follow along with you and stay connected with every beautiful thing you’re putting out into this world. If you had to leave our listeners with one piece of advice that you’ve dropped like a zillion pearls along this conversation but just a really succinct piece of wisdom to carry with them on their journey of expansion and expression, what would that be? 

Nadine: Stay connected to the best possible scenario no matter what. So wearing something close to you, what is the best possible scenario for us? we’re hardwired to think about the worst thing that could happen and guess what? What you think happens. 

What would happen if you think of the best possible outcome? What would that look like? How would you be required to show up? What back then does is that it has you living your present into your future? Is my best possible outcome is that I am doing five major speaking engagements? Talking on topics as Cait and I have discussed. That requires that I can compete  my foot in x turn. The best possible outcome is me on the stage and going off and transforming their lives that is what gets in water but more. 

So if you can keep your eye on the horizon of your best possible outcome, even in your darkest moments, it will bring you back to where you are and worth it more than a little just there. I’ve just one more thing I had at conversation with someone recently and I said to them, I’m not lost. My train might be a bit derailed. But I see the track and I see the train and I’m alongside a train and I recognize that I will get back on that track, then in the moment that I’m a little dereailed going to do a what servicing does that train What does net carriage need to get back on track? 

We’re not lost, just we’re living in a crazy time where we’re constantly having to check ourselves. Allow yourself to get a little derailed from time to time. Your mystery, your magic, your medicine lives in that room. 

Nadine: Oh my god it’s so good Nadine you just knew. I’m like, tell me what stage you’re speaking on because I’m going to be there in the front row. Listening to you speak I feel privileged to just have gotten to have this conversation with you and I cannot wait for our listeners to get plugged in. I’m like let’s freaking go I feel so lit up You are so so powerful. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom so generously with us tell our listeners what amazing things you have in the works and where they can find you and follow along with your epicness 

Nadine: Wow. Well before I respond to that Cait, thank you for having me here. 

For those of you watching I and I’ve never had the opportunity to say this to you what I am exceptionally felt and I’m not going to burst into tears I’m going to hold this together. But I have watched you blossom and flourish and roll with such grace and fun and sexiness and sassiness and ease and it is beyond inspiring. So keep on you doing what you’re doing sister. It’s powerful AF. 

So for those of you that want to hang out with me I’m big on Instagram that’s my name, search for Universal Empress. You could find me on my website I have the sames on blog, Facebook, Twitter, and while I’ve been tweeting verse, the writer in the me won’t allow me to tweet but that’s probably that’s another story. 

Two super exciting things I have in the pipeline. She Grows Women’s Circles leadership training. It’s a 28 day, self paced online program, but I co ll facilitate with Leah Santa Cruz, and more than learning about how to facilitate circles, I reregard this training as a curriculum for today’s woman. It creates a safe container where you’re supported. We are there daily videos, their assignments, we have weekly women’s circles within the training. We have q&a periods there are certain assignments that we will often do and we guarantee back, 30 days after complete this program, you can go off and run your circle. So that’s a desire deliverable out. 

But what I love about this workout is that it creates a more than it takes for us to really start to open up the roses or look at our petals, look at our moon cycles, look at what feminism means versus fix it. What is it to be a woman in today’s world? Power our way to navigate in a nongendered or nonbinary world? How do we set up rituals? What’s our relationship with our major linear time? How do we parent our children, relationship, and intimacy. We’ll name it. We talk about things like diversity and inclusion. It’s all a part of the program. Different ways in which you can run women’s circles. 

So the next one is going to start the second week in January. If you log on to my website and the attention of the doing polls there, you will find out more details about that. We ran pull back for the first time me 28 women have gone off and just done the most extraordinary things. So I’m really very proud of that reaction and put that program together in pandemic. Because we have so many asking us, how can we offer this? And the feedback and testimonials we’ve received from so many, even if they don’t want to serve the lessons. So there’s that. 

And then my baby, which I’m really very excited about that I call The Royal Reset for the Universal Empress. 

Cait: Yeah, and they love it. I’m already like, give it me. I want it. 

Nadine: It’s a really beautiful program. The long and short of it is that you get to spend five days or four nights with me one on one with all of your needs catered to. So we stayed at beautiful accommodation. Here’s daily yoga and meditation. There’s daily coaching or mentoring where we be mind, massages. If one wants to dabble in plant medicine responsibly. Here are ways that work can be arranged. If you want to do functional trips, the poor run route, as much latitude and space that you have time for yourself will also get a deep dive. 

So who is this program for? You have other questions in life, you want to change career, changing your relationship status. You’re at a point in your life where you go, okay, I need to pour into myself. Come on, you get the best of me, you get the best of Jamaica. What I love about the way I set up this program is before you physically land, we do one coaching session. Then you’re with me for five days, we do two to three-hour sessions daily. You leave here with a template and a roadmap of fates, deliverables that you wanted to do that are either about your goal, and then 30 days after your return, we have another coaching session. 

Cait: So powerful. Wow, amazing. Well, we are going to put all of those links into the show notes. So if you are listening to this and you just feel and I just want to encourage you, if you are feeling that nudge to listen to it, get in the room with this woman you will leave changed and I am just so excited for anybody who gets to experience that because that sounds literally like a dream. Nadine, thank you so much for being here today and for giving us some of that universal Empress magic. 

Nadine: Thank you for having me. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. And thank you for those really in-depth quality questions. 

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