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Episode 97: Why Your Business Needs Both Feminine and Masculine Energy

Episode 97: Why Your Business Needs Both Feminine and Masculine Energy

Hello, hello, my radiant entrepreneurs.

I am so lit up by this topic I can’t even tell you. We’re just going to have a really good time today because I think that it is really common in this online space to have this like war between manifesting vibes. Just being in the energy of expansion and strategy planning, making sure that you’ve got your game plan set to scale ready to go. 

The False Dichotomy In The Online Business Industry

And I see a lot of entrepreneurs falling into this false trap of needing to choose one over the other by the way it looks. I see this as a really false dichotomy that is becoming a bit of like a tug of war. I feel like in this industry, and if there’s anything that I have learned in scaling my company to seven figures and supporting so many entrepreneurs to hit six, multiple six figures, it’s this: we need an integration of both in order to scale our businesses in the way that we really want them to look. 

Okay, so we are talking about this dichotomy, right, these two sides of the coin when it comes to running six, successful business, energy and strategy masculine and feminine vibes and planning, right? It is not just one, we need both. So let’s look at what each one of them does for us, right? 

So I went on an amazing training. It was actually the training for those of you guys who have watched my like one YouTube video that I have. It’s Toby and I walking in the rice fields, and I tell the story of how Toby and I met. So the short abridged version for you guys here is I went to Bali in 2015 to pursue a women’s leadership and yoga teacher training program. And I met Toby a couple days after. Literally a couple days after the training ended. I was set to fly out to Thailand and I met Toby the night before that I was supposed to leave. Two nights before actually. Long story short. This changed my entire life. We’re married. He’s my baby daddy, the end? No, it’s really just the beginning.But why am I sharing this with you?

Shiva & Shakti

Because a couple nights before I met Toby, I was on this training and the training was called Shakti initiation and it was all about stepping into powerful feminine leadership and really like immersing ourselves in so much yogic philosophy and I just love that stuff. Because in the side of this training, one of the things that we had to do was read a lot of yoga philosophy and there are these two in yogic philosophy principles of Shiva and Shakti.

So this is like the masculine, feminine, lifeforce vibe. Shiva and Shakti. What are these two different principles and how the heck does this apply to business right? 

The feminine Shakti is an old roaring river pouring through. The masculine Shiva energy of your business is like the riverbanks. Okay, this is your business plan. This is your sales calendar, this is your content planning, these are all of the strategic and structural elements of your business that support you, in a very needed a very necessary a very day to day a very operational way, right? 

Where I see entrepreneurs kind of go off the rails is by favoring like, No, no, no, no, no, like in order to run a business. You just need this Shiva energy, right? You need the business plan. You need the content calendars, you need the scheduling systems, you need the structure. You do. 

And then I see other people in this other camp like no, no, no, in order to run a successful business you need the Shakti you need the fire you need that like roaring, soaring river just of energy flowing through. And you do right?

Why You Need Both Shiva and Shakti In Business

What I think we’re not talking about enough is like the way and that’s why I love this analogy so much of the riverbanks in the river because one without the other doesn’t make sense. Right? Riverbanks alone, without that juice, without that energy, without that flow moving through it. 

Sure. It’s perfectly structured. Yes, it’s secure and like tight and ready to go. But there’s no spark. There’s literally no life. There’s no life force flowing through it. So we’ve got all this amazing structure for what to hold. What’s the point? Right? 

On the other side, think about like, if you guys have ever seen an area that’s gotten flooded? Like that’s the Shakti analogy gone unchecked, right? When we just have vibes on vibes on vibes on vibes and energy alone. And we don’t have any structure whatsoever to support that. It’s not to say that that energy isn’t powerful, but it’s not being used anywhere near its full capacity. Because it’s leaking. It’s not being supported. It’s not being channeled. It’s not being directed. And so it doesn’t ever get to build up that velocity, that momentum, that potency, that it could if it was married with that Shiva riverbank energy.

Understanding Your Natural Disposition

So how to bring these together? I think that the first thing that I want to encourage all of you guys to do is to really look at and pay attention to what is your most natural disposition right now in business? Where do you naturally lean one way or the other? I think this is really important for all of us to know.  

It’s sort of like the question of like, are you an introvert or an extrovert? For most of us we’re on some sort of a spectrum right? I definitely am an extrovert and I totally recharge around people. I’m very bubbly and outgoing, but your homegirl is a little bit of an ambivert because I definitely need my time by myself, my solo time recharging like curled up with a book on good right. 

It’s a little bit like that when it comes to understanding your more natural disposition in business. For some of you, you are going to be very markedly more one thing or the other. Very markedly having more of that structural planning. Google Sheets, ClickUp tasks, kind of a personality. 

Or more of that like go with the flow by it all out kind of a personality. For most of us though, we’re gonna fall somewhere in the middle.

Where do you see yourself on this strategy? More are on the spectrum rather more energy, more strategy, more masculine, more feminine? Where do you find yourself falling here? This self awareness is so important. Especially when you are looking to leverage your natural skill set, fill the gaps with a team and to really scale up. Because we can’t make any profound changes in business without understanding and knowing where we are in the first place. 

It’s like in order to change anything, in order to get to where you want to go you need to know where you are starting from. So really, really important to notice this. When it comes to this masculine-feminine dynamic, are you more on that woo, wild and free, let it flow side? Or more on the planning, have the structure side? 

So it is really important to recognize where you fall on that spectrum. Then the second thing is. Really understanding what the natural gifts are, what the innate quality of how that can work for you is and what that looks like, in order to optimize it the most. 

The Feminine Creative Brain

Let me explain what I mean there. So if you have more of that feminine flow, more of that creative energy inside of you, and that is the thing that you most thrive in business. And I work with a lot of clients who have a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs, a lot of really talented entrepreneurs who are taking this explosive, creative brain and wanting to kind of harness that down. Well, what are the gifts? What are the benefits of having that really feminine, really creative side, right? 

Your content is likely going to be infused with a lot of soul with a lot of heart connection for your people, that is something that we absolutely want to capitalize on. You are likely going to have a lot of creative vision. So branding, or ideas for structuring programs or even creating content for programs, right? That is all the feminine creation brain. 

Then there’s some logical pieces of like ordering those things together, right? There’s some strategic things like, well, do I have all the components that I want to have to tell the story in a powerful way to then turn it into a sales post or turn it into something that’s going to really speak to my ideal client, right? That’s where we bring in a little bit more of the strategy. 

But it’s so important to notice and know where our natural disposition is first, because then we can look for Okay, am I leveraging the gifts of this disposition for all they’re worth? And am I making sure that I am thinking about consciously bringing in the thing that I might not naturally think about in order to make this the most successful? Does that make sense? 

The Masculine, Structural Brain

So for example, I have a lot of clients who fall on the other side of the spectrum. Who likes to hang out on ClickUp for fun. I definitely do not. I’m kind of a mix, I definitely have the creative side. But I do not enjoy ClickUp. That’s more like managerial stuff. But like the high level CEO visioning stuff, I really, really enjoy. And I like getting that organized in a sheet. 

I think that one of the most important things that you can do in your business as a CEO is recognize that you need both number one. And number two, recognize which you are more like. Which thing you lean towards more of. Number three is making sure that your calendar — so this is drawing on more of that like masculine energy — making sure that your calendar gives you time to inhabit and play in both of those arenas. 

So here’s what I mean by that. For me, I have time on Mondays where I don’t have any client calls. I’m not doing that back and forth thing. I am doing live streams, I’m recording solo podcast episodes, I’m writing content. And then I have specific other parts of my day to knock out like add mini stuff. 

How To Leverage The Shiva OR Shakti State

So whether you are looking at blocking days of your week, or you’re looking at blocking off sections of your day, I want you to think about not having to flip flop back and forth between this masculine feminine brain throughout the day, because that’s a really inefficient way to work. And it’s also like confusing and diluting the power and the potency of both of those natural skill sets both of those dispositions which we need in business. You want to give your brain time to actually leverage that state that you’re in when you’re in it. 

For example, when I have to do that high level planning, I am not also trying to coach clients. I’m not doing that in between client calls. I’m not doing that while I’m also writing the content right? I have a day and a time where I am mapping out an entire quarter and I’m in a spreadsheet and I’m thinking strategically. Okay cool, if we’re launching this program on this date then we need to start promoting then. I’ll have a cart pen window of two weeks. So reverse engineering. 

That’s me and my masculine, me and my structure, me and my riverbanks, me and my Shiva me and my strategy brain. When I am in the flow of creating the assets, creating the content to fulfill that strategy. I am in the creative zone. I am not back and forth, trying to over structure lies and this is where I see a lot of entrepreneurs get it wrong. 

A lot of people have that creative side. They claim to like structure because they feel kind of all over the place like that flooding analogy. But we forget to go back to energy, we forget to go back to the fact that the reason it’s like a wrap, we forget to go back to the fact that the structure, the plan, the Q1 launch calendar, however you want to think about it. That is important and impactful. 

The Marriage of Energies

Remember that analogy with the riverbanks guys. That’s only impactful to the degree that you allow that structure, you allow that strategy, you allow those masculine supports, you allow that to work for you so that you can get into that creative, energetic connective place to be magnetic in your content to be really combining the best of a strategic lens and a strategic brain. 

This is one of the things that I teach my clients how to do is write really magnetic copy, that builds connection, that builds community, that leans on storytelling There is a marriage and a blend of having a strategic brain and having a creative brain required in order to do that in a really compelling way. For Business and for just expression, right? 

We want to be able to tell a story in a way that connects and we don’t do that by rambling on. We do that by knowing who we’re speaking to, knowing what their pains are, being able to articulate and identify. We’re on our own journey. There are connective points to their experience, right? There’s strategy inside of that. But it’s not just the theory of that strategy that’s going to make that content work. 

It’s not just the theory of the strategy that makes your content come to life, that makes the strategies that you put forward in your business come to life. It’s the energy, that vibe, that intention, that energy and how it impacts execution. Which I say all the freaking time that is going to make the difference in how your business actually pops and comes to life. 

So remember, if you find yourself being like I really need more structure, I really need more strategy — especially in order to scale — remember that that strategy is there to enable you and equip you with some parameters with those riverbanks. But that the actual thing that makes it all flow makes it all go and makes it work for you, makes the money, is making sure that you are coming back to that space and have really dropped in energizing content 

This goes back to buyer psychology, right?Which again, is this blend of theory and the creative, which people buy. I’m talking before they open their pocketbooks, before they get out their credit card, before they buy anything, a product or service from you, they are buying into you as a brand. So before they buy into you as a brand, before they buy anything that you are offering a product a program a service a course whatever that looks like they’re buying into your story. They’re buying into your energy. They’re buying into the way that you express yourself, the way that you present yourself, the way that you position yourself. 

And that is so much a combination of strategy and energy, it’s not just one or the other. But again, we can have the theory. We can know the talking points.We can have the call to action. We can structure our stuff in this masculine way but if we don’t bring that energy of connection, if we don’t drop in really bringing in that more Yin, that more feminine, that more essence like quality to marketing that’s where strategy really falls flat. 

Too Much Shiva

It’s really interesting. I have several clients who have come to me after working with somebody who is like an exclusively strategy brain and find it really challenging to execute on it because it feels very theoretical and heady. Or there’s two scenarios there. They feel burnt out. So what am I trying to say here — the imbalance of too much strategy is overwhelm, is burnout, is the feeling of I am just like way up in my head and I feel really freaking burnt out. I feel like I am living in theory. I am not connected to this. I am not in love with my business anymore.

That can happen when we are really too much in the head. Like, gotta get this right theory. If that is a symptom that’s happening in your business right now I want you to look at whereb you are leaning too much. On strategy? Where are we not allowing flow to come in? Where are we not allowing that feminine quality of business to come in? Where are we not allowing this to feel good? Where are we not allowing ourselves to feel pleasure? To feel enjoyment? To feel an authentic, creative expression flowing through us? 

That is the feminine quality and that is the anecdote. That is the thing that is going to really support you to shift if you’re feeling really stagnant, heavy and just absolutely burnt out from this overload of strategy, right?

Too Much Shakti

Let’s flip it on the other side where I see entrepreneurs who are too heavy on the vibes and the flow, and they figure it all out, they feel scattered, they feel crazy, they feel overwhelmed in a different way. Not overwhelmed, because they’re like mentally having to do all the things, but overwhelmed because there’s no organization. Overwhelmed in the same way as like, you walk into a room and there’s shit everywhere. There’s clothes everywhere. 

It’s really hard to then sustain that natural gift of creativity, that natural gift of expression of storytelling of connection, when you have to spend so much time on the back end of your business. When you have to spend so much time doing all of the things to keep the day to day running, right? It’s really, really hard to tap into. And this is where I see a lot more naturally, creative entrepreneurs really shoot themselves in the foot and inhibit themselves from hitting new levels of income. 

We’re talking like 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, $100,000 months in business, right? Which is all stuff that is possible for you. It’s absolutely available. But if you are spending your creative energy having to build and erect structures as you go with that creative energy, because there’s no infrastructure to help you scale, there’s no infrastructure to support that creativity. That’s where you’re going to really crash and burn. That’s where you’re going to get to the level of overwhelm that actually blocks or turns off the creative capacity after a while. Because all of that creative energy, which if there were structures and strategy in place, could just flow, could just vibe out, could just jam, could just come through in a really potent, powerful way. 

We’re talking program creation, content creation, serving your clients, marketing, recording, podcast episodes, doing live streams, all of the things that require that creative energy, and that blend that marriage of strategy and energy, that sweet spot that we want to be. And that’s where the best live streams, where the best content, where the best programming, or the best curriculum development, like all of that stuff really requires both of those. 

But if we are too much on just vibes, on vibes, on vibes alone, it all falls apart. Because we can’t find anything. We literally get ourselves in a mess of our own creative making. So what’s the solution for that? 

If you fall on more of this strategy side, I want you to intentionally look at how you can build practices that help you tap into your creativity. Maybe that’s dancing, maybe that’s making sure that you are spending time dropping into your feeling state, bringing more pleasure and enjoyment to your working environment. 

Rise: Mindset Mastery Album

I created a resource if you want to check it out, you can go to It’s an album I created for entrepreneurs, it’s a mindset mastery album come like dance track, it’s fucking incredible. I have so many clients say that they listen to this every time before they do a live stream, before they do an Instagram story, before they film their reels, before they go on stage. Like whatever they’re doing that’s forward facing. 

It’s just a massive energy activator, dropping you straight into the belly of your power. I have clients that listen to this before they write content every week. Something that is not the only thing that you can use, but it is  a thing that you can use, it’s a tool. So head to if you want to check that out. You could listen to a playlist, I don’t care what you do, but I want you to do something to activate that feminine side that flow, that fun that that power, that potency, that excitement that is going to turn you the fuck on and really, really light you up. 

For those of you who fall more on the side of energy, but can’t organize yourself and feeling super overwhelmed. I am not an online business manager. I am a visionary myself, but I want you to think about number one, if you have the means and if you have the resources. Look at the team that you’re building and making sure that you’re hiring people that fill the gaps that you have. 

So for example for me in my business, I have an OBM Business Manager. Best business manager ever. Casey who supports me in scheduling, execution, managing the team, these strategy brain things that really require attention to detail and execution. She’s our integrator. And that’s not it. 

As you grow and scale your businesses, as you truly elevate into CEO status and you have multiple people on your team, it is not your job to be managing people in projects. It’s not your job to get down into the most minute detail. If you are still earlier on in your entrepreneurial journey, you don’t have a large team, you don’t have a lot of people to delegate to. So this is going to be more relevant for my people who are a little bit further along and have some people.

Who To Hire First

But I want you to think about when, even if you don’t have someone on your team yet, I want you to think about what that first hire is going to look like and how they’re going to help you bridge the gaps that you have in business. So if you are like a mega creative person, look at hiring someone who knows how to fucking work Clickup or Asana or any project management system. Somebody that you can even hire on a project basis to get your shit together on the back end. 

Even if you don’t have the resources to do that, you can use Google Drive. It’s free. Organize your fucking back end. Organize your shit. Have all your photos like this is just like a tiny example. But we have content labeled in certain folders. We have a product coming out soon that’s gonna be able to purchase that shows you exactly how we do content and CSI content is generated over a million dollars in revenue. 

How we leverage systems in my business in order to keep us really organized and grounded. That’s a perfect example of content podcasts, episodes, photos, any creative feminine assets that you have. Do you have a system, the riverbanks, the structure to organize it? So that’s something that you can go about doing on your own back end. 

Again, if you want support doing that, drop a comment here and I’ll make sure that you guys are the first to know when we have those products available. They’re going to be ready really soon when we launch a new website. 

But it’s really important to think about these because I think that too much of the time we ping pong between the two. But like I said before, the best businesses have a marriage of both. The best CEOs know how to integrate and marry both and I think that one of the things that is so helpful for that is making sure that your calendar supports you.  Being able to drop into both of those energies as you need them at different times. 

Bye loves

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