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Episode 33: From Fitness to Business

Episode 33: From Fitness to Business

I’m so excited to bring in Melissa Lin for today’s episode! Melissa is a woman who spent 2.5 years trying DIY her online fitness business and went nowhere. 

Melissa fills us in on how she was barely making $1k months up until about 4 months ago when she decided to push past her FEARS and take real action! She figured out the strategies and mindset shifts she needed to make in order to be successful. This shift brought her from barely hitting $1k months to consistently hitting $5k months! 

Are you ladies ready to start earning the income to allow you to finally leave that 9-5 that you dread (and are secretly working on in your cubicle because deep down that is your true passion)?

Here’s a closer look at what we discussed in the episode: 

All about today’s guest, Melissa Lin [01:35]

How Melissa transitioned from fitness to business coaching [07:31]

Melissa’s advice for taking messy action [14:33]

Melissa’s advice about scaling your business [18:11]

How Melissa can help you in your business & what she has going on [20:00]

Melissa’s current growth edge [24:22]

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