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Episode 78: The Future of Online Marketing

Episode 78: The Future of Online Marketing

Wondered where the future of digital marketing is going, and what’s absolutely changing in the online entrepreneur industry?

In this episode, I interview Shannon Lutz of the Social Bungalow for a raw, unfiltered talk-shop conversation about digital marketing, authenticity, and community building. Inside this episode, we unpack how to avoid letting the sale cloud our ability to hold space, listen, and reflect on our leadership authenticity and how to consistently show up for your audience through your marketing. Shannon shares the value of having a community and why (unpopular as it may sound) there is a necessary season of hustle required to grow and scale your business.  

As a career-long marketer, speaker, and educator whose mission is to help ambitious women own their brilliance, build a business for scale, and become wildly in demand, Shannon Lutz works with the hungry, scrappy, and brilliant women who have a heart to serve. She has a doors open policy and empowers women to embody their brand with authenticity and inspiration, not intimidation. 

If you are ready to learn from a master relationship-builder herself and get Shannon’s best tips on using magnetism to establish connections with community both in real life and online, then you need to listen to this episode!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

The difference between persuasion and manipulation [9:58]

How to reverse engineer the cultivation of your brand [14:50]

What it takes to leverage Instagram to authentically grow a community [20:33]

Why embracing the season of hustle is a taboo secret to success, [26:21]

Why clarity follows action and the importance of starting before you’re ready [30:20]

Links we mentioned:

Shannon’s Instagram

Shannon’s Website

The Social Bungalow Facebook Group

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