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Episode 134: How to Invest Like a Millionaire

Episode 134: How to Invest Like a Millionaire

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born to Rise podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. And today, my love’s we are going to be talking about investing, like a CEO, and the mindset and practice that helps you actually get an ROI on your investment. So I was recently having a conversation with one of my clients that was so freaking powerful around this, and I want to I want to expand on it for you guys, and really turn this into a conversation to empower you so much with treating with your resources and your money, like a true CEO, somebody who scales an actual company. I think a lot of the times in business, especially for those of us in the online space, we think about business money and personal money in this very intertwined way. And in a lot of ways, it is right for most of us starting out, we didn’t have like a business bank account, when we first started we have we had just the resources available to us, bootstrapping our business.

Why you feel a physical resistance and contraction when investing

The problem with investing in your business, from your own personal vantage point is that you are always going to be making decisions not as a CEO, but from your own personal needs, desires, fears, contractions. One of the things that I think is so important to keep in mind whether you are investing in your next business coach, your next mastermind, that you’re going to be a part of a team member that you want to hire a piece of equipment, like whatever the investment is that you feel, is the next move for you to grow your business. A lot of the times in that same moment in that same expansive desire to grow desire to branch out desire to really like lean in, there’s contraction, right? There’s this feeling of what if I don’t make it back? What if I can’t sustain the financial commitment that I’ve just made? What if it doesn’t work out? What if, what if, what if, what if right, and we go down this spiral, and for a lot of people, that can lead you into a place of stagnation, not just for like a day, but for a lot of people that is like yours, because we’re doing the cat and mouse thing, we think if I make this investment, and it doesn’t pay off immediately, or if I make this investment, I’m doing something wrong, because I just invested in another program. And I shouldn’t be doing two things at once. Like we have all these stories around how we’re doing it wrong, or we might mess it up. Or we’re doomed if we don’t get it back. And I want to just remind you something, and I was having this conversation with a client, it was so freaking powerful. When you invest money into your business, you are not quote unquote, spending it away, you are not throwing it down the toilet, you are not banishing it from what you have. What you are doing is diversifying your assets and putting your capital to work for you in the business.

The important distinction that most business owners fail to recognize around fear and money

So let’s take hiring a business coach, okay, or hiring a team member, it really doesn’t matter both are true. But when you invest in coaching, support, what you’re doing like your fear brain, your reptile brain tells you that money’s out of my account, I don’t have access to that capital anymore. I am you know, if I don’t make it back, I’m really screwed. We start to look at this from a loss perspective. Now, from like a strictly financial investment perspective, you have not actually lost anything you have simply moved, where that money is from a savings account or a checking account or wherever it was in your financial portfolio. You have moved that into a working asset in your company, you now have access to in the case of a business coach, somebody else’s energy, somebody else’s strategy, somebody else’s support wisdom guidance, holding up a mirror to you bouncing with you and giving you feedback, someone else’s creative juices in your corner. You have not lost or let go of that money you are actually putting that money to use to amplify the money that you are making in your business even more. This is a really important distinction one that I think most business owners are not thinking about when they’re in a fear place or in a contraction place around money. We think I spent it you know what if what if it’s gone and I want to encourage you to think no that money is still very much here in present with me but it is being put to use and that use is the best and the most ROI heavy place I could invest that which is in myself. When you have that mindset as an entrepreneur first of all, you are going to feel so much more wealthy. You are going to feel so much more abundant. You are going to feel so much more empowered in your not only your financial decision making process but in your leadership and how you lead yourself and how you prioritize your resources, how you look at the capital you have available to you and what you’re doing with it. When you see, I’m not just spending here, I’m diversifying my assets and putting them to work, you open up a portal of power inside of yourself, that makes you unstoppable. So I want you to ask yourself, number one, what is the next investment that my business is calling me to make? Where do I need to put money in in order to grow and depending on where you are in your business that might be in multiple areas at once, maybe it is in hiring a new team member of VA and OBM, a social media manager, a podcast manager, maybe it is investing in new branding, or a photoshoot, or whatever else might be a website, refresh whatever else is a priority on your back. And that needs to happen. Maybe it’s investing in a business coach, a mastermind a second container to support you in a new way, like, whatever that thing is, I want you to ask yourself, Where is your business asking for you to get out of your comfort zone, invest and expand? And number two, how can you shift your perspective, your mindset, your perception around what it means to invest your money? How can you see that as a guaranteed money in the bank decision that is not in the bank of you know, Chase, Bank of America, wherever but it’s in the bank of us sister, it’s in the bank of you, your money is working for you, you know, have a living, breathing asset, another person, another team member, another mentor, another confident who is in your corner, supporting you in a very alive and very real way much more alive than your money just sitting in a bank account, to amplify the wealth that you are bringing into your business because every investment that you make that as an active support of you, and your growth, you are putting your money to good use.

What millionaires don’t do with their money and why you shouldn’t either

Wealthy people do not just let money sit in the bank and rot there, you know, stay stagnant, they’re just not do any growth. Wealthy people are always investing their assets. They’re investing their assets in multiple different places, multiple different streams. And as CEOs and business owners, one of the best and fastest ROI decisions that you can make is to invest in yourself and in your business. And I look at you know, we just had a meeting with one of my financial advisors last week or the week before actually recently, and that within the last two weeks, and it was so incredible to receive her reflection, she’s like, you guys are freaking crushing it, we just bought a house, which is going to be our second property. We are looking at diversifying assets. In terms of real estate, we have multiple investments that we’ve made this year in my business and in Toby’s business assets that we could very easily look at and say oh, wow, those were like big numbers going out? No, those are huge numbers that are supporting the growth and acceleration of our business that are supporting myself at a leadership and exponential growth level
that are supporting Toby at that level. We’ve got our money working for us. And I want to encourage you because I think it’s really easy to look at successful people and think, oh, they just have like a ton of money. So of course, there’s no, you know, contraction around investing, or there’s no issue with money. And I’m telling you, sister, it doesn’t matter whether you are making $2,000 a month, whether you are making $200,000 a month, both have been my reality at different parts of this entrepreneurial journey. And at the like multiple six figure months level, you still have the option to stagnate to go into squirrel mode and try to like hoard all your acorns and not let them go anywhere. But that is not a not only like an empowered mindset that is not going to actually help you grow and go to the level that you want to go to.

How to create your own money momentum

So how can you shift your internal narrative to be my money working for me in my business, and then as you start to grow that capital from investments in your business in other places in diversified income streams, like the more that you can start to think like that, as an entrepreneur, the more you shift into the identity of the wealthy woman, the more that you become somebody who is profoundly magnetic to money, somebody who is able to attract more and more but it doesn’t start with Okay, cool. I’ll start doing that Cait once I hit the you know, 200k a month like you like, that’s not what we’re talking about here. I did not get to this level by doing the squirrely thing and say when I you know when I get there, then I’ll like let some of my acorns go, no, no, no, I have been in a circulatory circulating relationship with money and that is what has allowed so much momentum to pour in. So I really want to give you this transmission. I want to encourage you to do diversify your assets, start investing like a CEO. Start seeing the way that you utilize your money as working for you. And when you do that, sister, you allow so much room for momentum money, opportunity to flow to you at an exponentially quicker rate than you do when you are in contraction scarcity hoarding, planning for the worst like we’ve got to learn to be in a fluid dynamic relationship with money if we want to allow more in so I hope that this episode has lit a fire under your butt and really given you a complete reframe about how you are thinking about your next investment. If you are looking for support in your business, we just wrapped up the white hot Black Friday sale. If you missed it, I am sorry that you missed it. You can DM me to get in the doors at the very very last minute. I want to encourage you to plug in if you are scaling up to a half a million dollar plus year next year is to apply to one of the final spots for the rise mastermind. Guys Rise is the only container that I offer for a year for under a $150,000 annual investment which is my private coaching price point. Rise is a freaking fraction of that and you are going to get weekly live coaching support from me. Not from somebody else on my team. From me personally in your corner every single step of the way in 2022. If you are ready to rise if you are ready to make 2020 to the year that you do the damn thing, I highly encourage you to click the link in the show notes to apply to one of the final spots to the rise mastermind and I am so freaking excited to support you in your journey. I am sending you all so much love and I will see you on next week’s episode of The Born to Rise podcast.

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