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Episode 84: How to Pitch (and Land) Press

Episode 84: How to Pitch (and Land) Press

Leveraging the power of the press isn’t as scary as it sounds. And hiring a publicist and going after the big-name publications doesn’t define your PR success, either. While these can certainly be long-term goals, expanding your credibility and getting featured in the press is a lot more accessible than you might think – especially for those just starting their entrepreneurial journey.  

One of the leaders in making PR more accessible is today’s guest, Amanda Lauren. Amanda is giving us her powerful and unique perspective about the press, pitching, plus all the juicy insight into what writers look for in pitches, how to DIY your pitch, and why putting the time and research in BEFORE you send your pitch is 70% of the work.

In this episode, we’re also talking about the importance of relationships, what happens after the pitch, and why there is exponential value in getting featured in smaller publications. Amanda will also give us an in-depth look into Pitch, Please, her online course that makes PR accessible without a publicist. This episode is packed with PR goodies, you’ll definitely want to hit that play button!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Why any press is good press [10:00]

Recognizing what your goal or ambition is with PR [10:00]

Cultivating connections and building relationships [15:00]

Tips for crafting an attention-grabbing pitch [20:30]

Using the comparison game to your advantage [30:00]

Links we mentioned:

Frictionless by Christiana

Pitch, Please Course: https://www.galmediagroup.com/pitch-please

**Born To Rise Podcast listeners can use the code CAIT50 at checkout for a discount!

Pitch Please on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pitchpleaseprcourse/

Website: http://www.itsamandalauren.com/

Amanda’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/itsamandalauren

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmandaLauren

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