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Episode 20: How to Stay Productive and Profitable While Traveling The World

Episode 20: How to Stay Productive and Profitable While Traveling The World

Hey Beauties! I know you have been waiting for this! It’s time to talk about being location independent business owners! 

Today, I am sharing with you my top 4 tips to stay productive and profitable while traveling the world – without hustling into the ground. Even if you aren’t currently or desiring to be location independent, you will still take away key action steps from this episode, whether it’s a weekend trip with your spouse or visiting your family for the holidays. Grab a notebook and dive in! 

Here’s a closer look at what we discussed in the episode:

Tip #1: Plan ahead: Know what you are launching and reverse engineer

Tip #2: Set a Personal Routine: What are the non-neogtiables? 

Tip #3: Have a Clear Business Routine: What are the tools I am going to need?

Tip #4: Prioritize Money Making Activities: Simplicity – What will move your bottom line forward?

Let me know what tips you are implementing and what your biggest take away is! 

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