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Episode 132: How to Unlock & Sustain Your Biggest Income Months

Episode 132: How to Unlock & Sustain Your Biggest Income Months

Welcome beauties. I’m so happy that you guys are here. We are in for such a treat today for day three. If you know the drill, I want you to close all the tabs, all the distractions, all of the different places that we can be paying attention to and just be here, land ground, come into the space, be present for this hour of your life. 

The more intentionality guys that you bring to this hour, the more you will get out of it. So be here ground today. We are talking about money. We are talking about abundance. We are talking about not only calling in, but maintaining, holding, amplifying, circulating higher and higher levels of money.

Can you feel that energy in the room? I am so excited for this. Grab a notebook. If you are a woman who vibes with taking notes, capturing your insights as they come but I want to hear you feel you really.

Holding on to the nuggets, that land, that resonate, that do something to you that shift you from the inside, write them down, capture them, share them, share what is coming up for you. What is moving through you in the comments, in your notebook? I want you to capture this goodness. Don’t let this be something you experienced once and then forget no, the invitation and the opportunity is here for you to allow this, to move through you, work with you and shift you.

We are going to dive in for day three, the culmination building upon everything that we have worked through for our first two days, a bigger identity unlocking your truest identity. Without contorting yourself without hiding, without downplaying your brilliance, putting your magnificence under a barrel.

Who are you the version of you that is the most unleashed? That is the most unlocked. That is the most declaring and clear of I am here. I am worthy. I am ready. I am a match. Let’s freaking go. Once we unleashed that bigger essence, we need solidity and support to maintain it, to help it go the distance. Yesterday, we talked so much about what incorporating a bigger infrastructure into your life looks like.

Where can you surround yourself with more support? Where can you be more intentional about the systems, the structures that hold you? If there are none right now, that is a place to start. That is a place to look that is a place to ask yourself. How can I possibly expect myself to go bigger? If my foundation isn’t held, if I am not allowing myself the wind beneath my wings to hold me, as I saw, as I fly.

Challenging the stories we hold around money

Today in day three, we are going so deep into money. And my prayer for you is that this hour shifts in you, your entire relationship with money, a big declaration, perhaps, but such a clear and powerful one. It is available to you. The opportunity is available to you in this hour to shift, to heal, to radically redefine your relationship with wealth. 

Okay. So money. I want to talk and kick us off by really anchoring you in your body. I want you to just take a big, deep breath in right now with me.

Take a breath in exhale. Let it out through your mouth. We’re going to do that two more times. Take a deep breath breath in,

let it go out of your mouth. Notice if your jaw is feeling looser, your spine maybe is feeling a little bit more undulating. One more deep breath in.

Notice, if you feel just a little bit more space inside of you, just a little bit more room, a little bit more grounded, a little bit more present. To receive and sustain a bigger income in our business, ladies require that we radically shift and redefine our relationship with money. So many of us have held onto beliefs and stories.

And because of day one, we know where that comes from. We have an identity attachment, or had an identity attachment, but so many of us hold beliefs about money. Beliefs that money is not good. Money makes you selfish, money makes you going after a big amount of money makes you a shark makes you, you know, this or that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So many of us walk around with these stories rattling around in the back of our mind, and we don’t even know they are there. I would love to hear from you. This is a collective purge. I want you to imagine that we are standing around a fire right now, a beautiful circle. You can smell it the fiery air, the wood-burning crackle of the fire.

You can feel your sister’s warmth around you. I want you to imagine that we are standing around this fire together. And as I’m speaking these words, notice what arises for you. Notice what beliefs or stories you have held around what it means to be the kind of woman who makes and then fill in the blank of whatever number it is.

I talked to you guys on Wednesday, day one about the radical identity shifts for me moving from $10,000 months, to $100,000 a month, $200,000 a month. I had to burn some stories in that fire. I had to burn the story that said, making that kind of money makes me selfish, making that kind of money makes me egotistical and disconnected from core issues on planet earth.

I can’t hold that level of money. Join me ladies. And putting your story into the fire. Tell me what is no longer serving you about the narratives and beliefs that we have about money? Because we can talk all the live long day about programs and raising your offers and pricing, sweetened, stacking, stacking money.

And that part, frankly, is easy. That part is easy. That part takes two freaking seconds. This work, this is the shit that will hold you back for decades, unless, and until you deal with it. 

And I think a huge one is women are like, no, I don’t do that, like, I can just manifest and dah dah dah, but hold a million plus dollar net worth in liquid capital. Like I can’t do that. That’s heavy. That’s hard. What if I lose it all? What if I get attacked legally?

How can I do that? Yes. I don’t need that kind of money paying my bills is just enough. Yes. Yes. I can’t hold that level of responsibility. Do you see the commonalities in this group? It’s not safe to make tons of money. Other people get to make more money than me. What would I do with it? I don’t want to be selfish.

Oh my God. These are so good money and happiness. Well, I’m experiencing crazy abundance. I won’t invest it properly in my earnings and will go to waste the fear of I, if I have big money, I have more to lose. Someone will come take it away. Yes. Yes. People won’t pay me for my skills. Throw that shit into the fire. Keep letting it come out. If there’s anything else in there, people won’t want to pay me for what I’m worth this feeling. Do you see how there is fear on both sides of the equation? There is fear of, I don’t even think I can have that money and then the terrifying fear of, and when, and if I have that money, I’m going to lose it.

It’s going to go away. It’s going to burden me. It’s going to burden my family. I won’t know how to hold it. I won’t know how to carry it. I will be the object of judgment. I’m careless and rich. It’s arrogant to be this wealthy. . Notice as you write these words, as you read, as you hold space for this collective burning, going into the fire right now, imagining yourself, standing shoulder to shoulder with your sisters, from all around the world, witnessing these limiting narratives around money.

These narratives that our male counterparts, by the way, do you think for a second, they would have, that’s not, you know, I love men. I’m married to a man. I’m not an angry feminist. I really love men so much. And this is the patriarchy. This is conditioning. Do you see how these stories do you think an equally ambitious big hearted man would feel like he was being irresponsible?

Or not able to hold this level of wealth undeserving to charge those prices. Hell to the no , no freaking way. This is the time that we get to radically watch, burn up in embers, these stories that do not actually serve us about what it means to be a woman in her financial power, a woman in her utmost expression of wealth, a woman who is spine straight standing tell big and expressed in her wealth identity in her wealth body, in her wealth being .

Watch as the stories burn the edges of them curl and watch as they turn to ash. I want you to actually ask yourself if you go to the core issue that you identified, I want you to ask yourself if there is a better or a higher or a bigger feeling or belief available to you about money. About the very belief that you put out. So let’s take an example.

I will be arrogant and disconnected from my community. I will be just not humanitarian. I will be just a selfish, rich bitch if I want big money and make big money. Okay. That’s the belief that’s burning in the fire.

Creating new beliefs around money

If we bring this question of, is there a bigger, higher, more loving set of values available to me about money? What would that be? If one, a belief set, a story that is infused with ease, with celebration, with profound worthiness, what is available to me. That might look something like the more money that I have, the more of a blessing I can be in this world to others. The more money that I have, the more connected I am with humanity, because the more resource I am to be involved. The more money that I have, the more I can overflow into my community into causes that I care about.

The more that I can be a blessing to others. Let’s take the belief that’s burning in the fire of the more I earn the scarier it is, the riskier it is the more I have to lose. What about if we take the bull and, and I’m not, I’m not, I can’t carry my money. I can’t manage that level of wealth. I can’t hold it.

What have we tried on another belief that felt more loving, more capable, more empowering that said, I have figured out every single thing in this business, in this life, as I have gone, I have ample evidence. As I look back at all of the things that I did not do for my parents and mamas in the house, nobody taught us how to be a mom.

We figured it out. We figured it out as we went, no matter how many books, you figure it out as you go. From my business owners in the house, which is all of you, no matter how many books or courses or whatever, we figured this journey of entrepreneurship out in the arena as we go. And so too with money. You figured out how to hold your very first dollar that came into your business.

Your identity shifted from teacher, social worker, corporate worker, whatever you did before this to entrepreneur who makes money, who builds her security for herself. Whether you have made $5 in business, $5,000 in business, $500,000 in business, it doesn’t actually matter. You already know how to shift your being to open, to receiving more and more.

Nothing is different about raising your desired level of income. You have figured it out every step, along the way. And as we spoke about yesterday, nobody rises in isolation. You do not need to be the world’s leading economist once you are a millionaire. You hire people to support you, who know how to help you manage and amplify your money that you have, who know how to support you to generate and bring more into your business.

You don’t have to do this alone. So let this like rugged individual. I have to do it all myself. I’m going to let it off. Let that shit burn. What is the more empowering belief that is available to you? You are resourceful no matter the circumstance. You can do the very thing that you fear you cannot do. You possess infinity within you. You can radically shift your relationship to what you will let in. And the same thing is true in relationships. And let’s just go there for a second. And whether you have a significant other, whether you are married, whether you are single, it doesn’t actually matter.

But look at this example in romantic relationships in your life. If we believe he, or she is not going to be able to meet me. I’m unlovable. I can’t, you know, hold like a relationship. I’m always just going to fuck it up. Guess what we’re going to do. We are going to sabotage every single relationship in our life until we shift inside of ourselves, I can do this.

I can hold this. I am worthy of this level of love. Bring that same inner work, that same inner opening to your relationship to money and watch as it shifts, everything watch as you no longer feel resistance to receiving. When you remove the resistance to receive any amount of money is possible to flow to you and through you. I’m going to say that again. When you move the resistance to receive any amount of money that you dare to dream possible can flow to you and through you with ease. I want you to let that really land for you. Where are you still resisting money? Where are you still resisting the idea of receiving?

Tapping into the frequency of your desire around money

I want to transition you now to tapping into the frequency of your desire around money. And this might feel like some taboo shit. We are talking about money. We are talking about desire. We would have been burned at the stake 400 years ago, guys, I’m just saying we are going there. I want you to tap with me now, dancing around the fire with your sisters, into the frequency of desire and limitless expansion.

This is a place like if we legit were in person, we would all have our clothes off right now. We would be letting it all hang out. Biggest self expressed in the frequency of desire. I want you to actually let yourself go there, feel and visualize what the most expressed version of you, the biggest version of you, the version of you that is not afraid any longer, that is not putting up barriers to money.

What does she desire to do with the overflow of wealth that she is building. I am going to ask you to do something guys that you may have never even dared to do yet in the intimacy of your own journal. What do you desire to do with the wealth that you are building?

Tell me the dreams that are on your heart. The dreams that yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but we have these, like these space suits, these bodies, these physical realities that we are in and the material is a vehicle for the spiritual. Money is a vehicle for profound blessing, beauty and transformation.

We need resource people to build the new earth. We need money, honey, to build benevolent communities, cultures, leadership. Tell me what you want to do with the money that you have, the money that you don’t even have yet, but that you know is coming. Tell me what the dreams are that are on your heart. Let yourself be witnessed and seen in the community.

Tell me what is the desire on your heart? The wealthiest version of you tap into that core, the place that you might not have ever even given yourself permission to dream that big.

What do you desire? What do you desire with that money? 

 You doing this money work right now. Write this down. Your healing your relationship with money in this hour is a pattern disruptor for the future lineage of your entire ancestral line. Your healing, your relationship with money right now is changing the course of history for your children’s children’s children.

The work you are doing in this moment is more profound than you could possibly know. We are not just putting goals up on a Pinterest board. We are radically redefining our sense of safety and permission to desire what we desire to welcome whole heartedly, the ally of money into our world, into our lives claim.

The bigness of that desire, the bigness of our capacity, your capacity to materialize the dreams that you have and to welcome and be a match for the money you want to see to build the dreams, you know, are possible. The work you are doing now is literally changing history. 

It is like, oh, this is the work. Can you feel it? This is the work. When you realize that money, wherever you have a purpose with your money, wherever you have a bigger vision for what money can bring your income, potential becomes limitless. Where money has a purpose, income becomes limitless. I want you to say that with me, where money has a purpose where money is attached to a bigger vision, a vision that is steeped in your desire.

That is not up here. That is not, oh, she’s doing this on Instagram. So I want that. That’s not a fucking purpose. That’s a distraction. I want you to go to the depth of your own soul and ask yourself what is the vision that I have for the work that I am bringing through the legacy that I want to leave from my children’s children’s children.

Where money has a purpose income can become limitless. You want to shift into a bigger income, go deeper into why you want it into what it can unlock. And I will tell you sister, your fire, your magnetism, the way that you actually make the income marketing, putting out your programs, selling with confidence, all of that, that all becomes the literally as natural as breathing, you don’t have to ask yourself, how do I get pumped up to sell this?

Or how do I get into my power to market this? Can you feel how superfluous that is? And if we start the conversation of how do I make more money by just attacking those superficial last in line items, we miss the seven eighths of the iceberg that actually moves money up, literally like a volcano lava pouring over.

When we tap into that level of depth, what is the purpose and vision that I hold? Can I claim unapologetically? I desire to be a multimillionaire. I desire to be a steward of the earth. I desire to be the first millionaire in my family. I desire to make $500,000 a year. It doesn’t matter. This is not about my number projecting onto you.

This is about you giving yourself full permission to stand naked around the fire, in the fullness of what you want and not flinching and feeling like you need to hide yourself for wanting what you want. Because there is a hot and holy purpose behind your desire for a bigger income. There is a hot and holy purpose behind your desire for more money.

I want you to tap into that frequency, feel it with me. 

Let it land, let it land. I am feeling so much. I’m literally feeling in my body like pulses of green. Fucking incredible. Okay. So how are we doing? How are we feeling? Are you guys with me? I am literally like so fired up right now, feeling this energy in the room, feeling this reclamation of your worthiness to receive massive amounts of cash, your worthiness to not only receive it, but to hold it, to amplify it, to receive it again and again and again, and again. You have the potential to truly allow in more money than you have ever imagined before because of this inner shifting work that you are doing, it is so powerful.

Understanding the bigger purpose of money

It is so important and you are already doing it. Now. I want to go back for a moment, we’re going into another visualization shortly, but I want to go into something that is really important. Money is inherently neutral. It is neither good, nor bad. And we can see clearly now that those embers are all like flames are gone.

Now we’ve just got those like hot coals at the bottom. Money is neutral. It literally just absorbs whatever story we project upon it. Money is an amplifier of your belief about wealth. I’m going to say that again, money is an amplifier of your belief about what. So, if you believe, if you believe that money is good, that money is holy.

That money is blessed. That money is part and parcel of divine flow and reciprocity. When you are adding value to the world and giving your gifts, of course you are going to receive massive amounts of money. Of course it is flowing in, of course you can receive and sustain a bigger income and a bigger amount in your bank and a bigger amount in your investments and a bigger amount all the way through because you are in a divine dance with money.

This is important because when we are talking about relationship with money, we need to talk about like the holy water wheel of wealth. Okay. Say that with me, the holy water wheel of wealth. What I mean by that is one part of the equation is this part that we just touched on. Being able to allow in more to do that we had to remove, burn clear away, dance away and celebrate the end of the blessing life of that limiting belief around money.

Receiving those sisters is one thing letting the money in is one thing. Letting ourselves be in a divine dance and relationship of flow and reciprocity with money is a whole new ballgame because receive, we are not squirrels. Millionaires are not squirrels. Okay. That I did not know I was going to say that, but it is true.

Millionaires are not squirrels. What do I mean by that? We do not just receive money and like stuff it in our cheeks and hold onto it and white knuckle it, and think now I’ve got it. Let me bunker it down. Let me squirrel it away. Hmm. Protection, no millionaires are not squirrels. What we do is we allow it in.

We get comfortable. We say, ah, yes, this level of income, this level of abundance, this as my new normal, this as my new baseline, this is what I am available for. Now let me get my savvy on where do I want to save this money again, tapping into that bigger purpose. What are those bigger long-term financial goals you have?

Where do I want to save this money for? What do I desire to spend this money on? What would support? How can this money as a totally neutral tool support me in embodying my biggest woman, where can I invest this money to support my continued expansion, my continued growth on a spiritual business, personal financial, emotional level.

How can I invest this money back into myself? Remember we burn those stories in the fire, but be mindful of the way that the ghosts are going to try to come back, creep up and say, okay, cool. You made that. But what if you don’t make it again next month? You probably can’t do it. You probably shouldn’t spend that because what if you don’t make it again?

Yeah. Well, what if it all stops? What if you don’t have such a good launch next time? Have you guys, do you have stories like this? I have a little bit in my head that sounds like this. What have you done? meh, meh, meh. If we feed that Wolf, if we feed that narrative, if we feed that story that says it’s not safe to be in flow, we will become crusty dried out. I have to squirrel it all the way I have to save it. And guess what I don’t know about you, but white knuckling onto wealth does not make me feel wealthy. White knuckling money is not how we allow more money in. This is a key. This is a code. I want you to really hear me with this. I do not mean on the other side, by the way, being frivolous with your money.

I think like we need to just observe our relationships and patterns. I know plenty of women who make six figures or who make seven figures and their net worth is like a fraction of their income because they don’t know how to hold money. They don’t feel worthy of it. And that is coming from the root belief of, I don’t know how to hold this.

Let me just spend it on all this random shit that I don’t actually want. My it’s not deep desire led. That’s why I led you there in this, in this day. Get to the deep core of your vision and design. When, you know what that is, you know how to use your money, you know how to be in right relationship with your money being in right relationship is not. That would be like having kids so that we could literally have them sitting in front of us in our living room all day. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a life. There is an inherent amount of risk and inherent amount of revolving door. We need to be able to let money go so that it can come back to us, tenfold, a hundred fold over and over and over again. 

You are capable of generating money and you are capable of using your money so intelligently. You do not need to white knuckle to save, to rip out coupons in order to save your money. No, the new belief, the new mantra, the new mindset that I want you to adopt is how does being with this money amplify my wealth, even more. How can I utilize this money to amplify my wealth? What decisions can I make about this money?

And it is so freaking wild. I know you had this experience. This literally happens to me any time somebody joins a program. I get a message out of nowhere of, bang! This client fell from out of the sky. Bang. I just had my biggest contract ever. Bang. I just had a 20K sale from out of nowhere. Bang. Where did that come from? This is not a random occurrence. This is energy in motion. This is money following you, which brings us to such a sacred point in leadership in life. In relationship in love, in wealth, in business, it is relative in all relevant in all of these areas.

Your results are following you. Your money that comes to you is responding is matching your vibrational energy and vibrational frequency. If you are casting into the world, let’s literally go into this. If you have an opportunity, you are sitting in your chair and an opportunity comes to you, whatever that is an opportunity, let’s say it is in your relationship.

And your spouse comes to you and says, babe, we haven’t gone on a holiday in so long. Like, wouldn’t it be so amazing if we just went away for the weekend and you know, you haven’t been connecting as much. Life’s been busy. He plans this thing for you. It’s kind of like that scene in American Beauty.

Have you got you remember that when he’s, when whatever Kevin Spacey is like, leans on like Annette Benning or whatever and he’s, and she’s like, you’re going to like spill that on the couch and kills the moment completely. Okay. Completely kills that moment because, oh, but what if this happens? It’s the same thing.

So your spouse comes, you say, babe, let’s get away and you are feeling expanded. Your desire is saying, yes. You know, it’s aligned with the profound desire of your soul, which has profound love and connection, but you say, oh babe, like I’m busy. And also like, we probably shouldn’t  spend it on that. We should probably just like safe. We should probably not do it. We should probably like, we should probably not. We should probably not because we should save for later, save for later for what I’m going to tell you guys a story.

Allowing yourself to release and evolve

Many of you know, because I shared with you on Monday that I met Toby on the beach in Bali, I’m going to cry, probably telling the story. I told you guys that I met Toby on the beach in Bali and the most like sliding doors moment of my life that has changed the entire trajectory of my life. Without a doubt. It is why I’m here as an entrepreneur. It is why I have my beautiful daughter, my beautiful family, everything changed. What I did not tell you was that I needed to do a GoFund me in order to get myself to Bali.

I quit my teaching job of $38,000 a year. I had this fertile void in front of me. I didn’t go from like quitting my freaking teaching job to a million dollar coach overnight. That’s not my story. That might be someone else’s story. That’s not my story. It took me years in between to build and to get there.

But listen, to me, there is a common thread. And if I can share with you, if you admire anything that I have built, if you are here to glean any of the wisdom that I can share with you over the last several years of building up to this point, where hundred thousand dollars, $200,000 months are my new norm.

Let me tell you that Cait Scudder 2014, who quit her job. Cait Scudder 2015, who in February traveled to Bali on a go-fund me so that she could participate in a training that she knew was going to allow her to be in the next step. I did not know how it was all going to work out. It did not make financial sense.

And yet always I have invested as the one going first. I have put myself, I have not waited for the universe to say, okay, Cait, like we got a hundred percent promissory note guarantee, go for it. Now it’s safe to take action. Doors have opened for me because I have opened them for myself because I have been willing to walk to the door and say, I am here.

So the question is where in your life are you not allowing your next evolution of money of revolving of flow to go and to grow? Where are you not allowing that in? Because you are doing the squirrel thing because you are holding on because you are not in a divine relationship of flow and reciprocity with your money.

When you allow yourself to release, you allow it to come back to you a hundred fold. You allow yourself to evolve and to grow in more beautiful ways than you could possibly imagine. That is the deep and profound desire that I have for you is to hear this and let it land in your bones. Let it land in your being.

When you no longer see money as so much, so charged, so finite. So if I spend it or invest it, it’s gone. When you allow yourself to see that money is energy, it is always available and it is responding to your actions.

Understanding your wealthy woman identity

Now we get to come to the final part of this class today, and that part of this is understanding you are wealthy woman identity. Understanding the woman who walks through the world as a perfect vibrational match for money. Not because she is perfect. She is human. She fucks up. She swears she does, you know, she’s a human being. You’re wealthy woman identity is not your perfect self identity. Your wealthy woman identity is the most worthy embodiment of you, who is a match for money who trusts herself with money profoundly, who trusts herself to release and let go and flow into financial decisions and investments that support her growth, expansion, vitality, health, and happiness, wealth, and abundance, and watches as those decisions wash in cascading waves, wealth back to her. I want you to ask yourself, the wealthy woman within your biggest money expression, your biggest money identity. How does she back herself? How does she decide? How does she invest? How does she utilize the resources that she has? Is she a squirrel? Is she hiding?

Is she anxiously refreshing her bank account 25 times a day? Does she overthink decisions because she doesn’t trust herself or does she lead knowing that she is the one writing history with her actions? Does she lead knowing that she is the one actually deciding and not just in like a woo way in a very literal way, her decisions put herself in the room that changed lives.

I can sit here all day and tell you about how amazing my story is, but the only reason that it sounds like a freaking storybook is because every single stage, along the way, not just the go-fund me to get there, not just the evolution and growth along the way, but every single stage after I quit my job, bang, multi five figure investment after, without the evidence without, well, before I was making the kind of money that match that.

Well before I went first and every single stage, along the way, life, my business, my clients, my service rose to meet me there because I was activated because I knew where I was going because the wealthy woman within said, Cait, even though in this moment, it is such a distant future reality someday you’re going to be the first millionaire in your family and me in 2014, quitting my $38,000 a year job knew that. She knew that she was that woman and every single decision along the way has been in alignment with supporting that fruition, that flourishing, that expansion. How does your wealthy woman within show up for you, show up for your business, show up for your decisions?

How does she back herself now let’s bring it into your business. How does she market herself? How does she talk about her programs? How does she show up with conviction? Do you want to know why so many women who join a program with me or who step into a container? Do you want to know why they message and say, oh my God, Cait, you won’t believe this.

And I’ll say, of course I believe it, duh. I would be surprised if that didn’t  happen because your marketing, your messaging, your fire, your heat, your power is so activated and alive. When you have gone first, when you have invested in yourself, when you have made the choice and made the decision cast the spell as the holy wealthy woman within.

You are the one who has set that energy in motion. You have declared and so it is whatever I have just invested, it is coming back to me, tenfold and I know it. I praise it. I celebrate it. And it is true. I declare it. You become a vessel. You become alive because you are in profound alignment and there is a fire that gets unleashed in you. When you decide to show up for yourself. Because every word you’re saying is true. So when you think about your marketing, I don’t want you to ever think again, how am I going to sell this program?

How am I going to talk about it? I want you to ask yourself, who am I being? Who is the one that is marketing? Is it my squirrel self dressed up in fucking lipstick and a scarf saying like be abundant. But in your essence, you’re feeling contraction. You’re feeling like you are steeped in scarcity. I hope they buy what if they don’t buy, refresh, refresh, refresh.

And you’re wondering why it’s not selling. What if the wealthy woman within your biggest money identity was the one showing up to your business, sitting in the CEO chair. What if she was the one pricing, her programs, making her business plan, marketing her offers, showing up for coaching. What if she was the one leading the way?

Imagine the literal dripping overflow available because she is the one whose integrity can be felt. Can you feel what I’m talking about? She is the one whose integrity is so pristine. There is no layer of self doubt, which projects itself in marketing and sales as scarcity and all this like fake bullshit.

And when we see that in marketing, outside of us, we intrinsically contract.

I don’t know about you, but I do. I’m like, Hmm, Hmm. Something’s off. Why, why is that I wonder? Because even if they’re talking about a program of this and that, and dah dah dah da, the words are good. The words might be vibe-y, but the essence is off.

The essence is like dissonant. There is dissonance. It doesn’t actually feel good because it’s not wholly true. When the wealthy woman within is the one showing up to lead your business, lead your company, make your executive decisions. Show up to market, show up to serve, show up to sell. She is the one that creates everything.

So don’t ask ever again, why, why is this not selling? Are you selling from a place of scarcity? Are you selling from a place of wealth? Are you asking people to invest in you, but you’re feeling so squirrely with your own money, that the thought of investing in yourself terrifies you. Are you talking about this program, but deep down, you don’t actually believe that it’s going to sell in that it’s going to work.

Everything is a mirror responding to the frequency that you are putting out. This is why getting in touch with our bigness is so essential because when you are not subconsciously moving through the world from your smallness, from your contraction, from your fear of it’s not going to work, if , that is the set of [00:42:00] beliefs of embodiment, of identity that you are moving through the world with of course, it’s hard for you to make money. Of course, it’s hard for you to leave to the next income bracket. Of course, it’s hard for you to hit your biggest launch yet because your bigness is not leading. Your fear is leading. Your smallness is leading, you’re what if it doesn’t work as leading. When you lead from your wealthy woman, when you lead from your bigness, she is the one charting the course for you. She is the one who says, baby girl, I know where we are going. And it is fucking magical. She is the one who is certain, who is self possessed, who is in her essence, who knows. She doesn’t think, she doesn’t hope, she knows .She has a knowing so deep in her bones. So I want you to ask yourself, how does the wealthy woman within lead?

How does she back herself? How does she lead her community in the external and how does she lead herself in the internal? Because we can only lead in the external. We can only generate in the external what we are willing to hold and embody in the internal. It is so important that we return over and over and over again and do a check and integrity check with how we are being.

You are capable of all of the magic, all of the money, all of the benevolence, all of the millions, all of the hundreds of thousands, whatever that number is for you, sister, I want you to feel it. I want you to close your eyes with me in this moment. I want you to feel your body sitting in the chair, pacing around the room, wherever you are.

I want you to ground yourself in this moment in space and time. I want you to take a breath. I want you to feel the energy in this room. I want you to sense the desire that you have claimed and expressed in this hour of the money that you so deeply desire. That you know is a match for you. I want you to feel the dreams wafting around you with an aroma.

So sweet recognizing them as your own as your destiny, as your legacy. I want you to feel the availability in this moment of the money that you desire. I want you to feel it present. I want you to feel what it would actually feel like to be in the physicality, the physical presence of that amount of wealth in this moment in the room that you are in. This is how present and available this money is to you.

And I want to ask you to notice now, your breath, your body, your beliefs, your being, notice what your frequency is. Is it open? Is it receptive? Is it a holy vessel ready to lead that level of money, ready to embody and embrace that level of money. Ready to circulate and stored that level of money with profound self-trust knowing that she has everything she needs to make empowered financial decisions, that whatever she invests into herself, circulates back to her a hundred fold. Knowing that whatever she saves towards a goal that she wants is golden.

Knowing that whatever she puts into her dreams into her vision, washes back over her more than she could ever deem possible. Notice what your frequency response is to being in the room with this level of money, this level of wealth, feel it, taste it, breathe it in.

And as you’re ready, you can slowly open your eyes. This amount is here and now it’s in the ethers, just like 2014 Cait said, I’m going to be the first multi-millionaire in my family. It took a few years, but every decision along the way brought me to becoming her.

So two for you I want you to feel in your essence, led by the wealthy woman within led by where you are going and who you are becoming, not where you have been and where you have been stuck. I want you to feel that aliveness in you now. And ask yourself when you leave this container, when you leave this event, who is leaving, who is walking to her next assignment to her next appointment to her next meeting who is moving, who is running your business? Is it the fear, the contraction, the smallness, the aversion to risk the squirrel, or is it the wealthy woman who knows her destiny is coming for her? Who knows that she is profoundly trustworthy with money?

Who knows that she is her best asset and investment, who knows that she can have and do anything that she wants because she is with herself. She trusts herself and she knows that what is meant for her, the desires on her heart are there for a reason. They are evidence of what is coming, not what could be, but what is coming, let that land, let that land in you.

I want to hear how this is landing, how this is resonating, what is washing up? As we conclude day three of bigger, we have activated the highest possible frequency of who we are surrounded in an aura of green and gold.

I love that. Activated wealthy women, standing spine, straight chest, open heart, ready to receive bank accounts, ready to receive trusting and knowing that we have got this. You are so ready for your next level, you are so ready for everything you desire. You are worthy, you can hold it and here we fucking go.

Getting support on your way to big income months

I want to let this land with you because we have built some powerful momentum together over the last three days. And if there is one thing that I know, if there is one thing I want you to hear it is that you did not attend this event to let this level of momentum stop after these three days and say, God, Cait was really inspiring it was cool, like that was nice. And let it wash away. You have a holy and sacred opportunity that I’m going to present to you again today. To join in a group of other extraordinary exquisite women. We have 16 spaces remaining in the Rise Mastermind for 2022. Several of our sisters are here, are ready in this group, in this community.

Guys, this is going to be my fourth year running Rise. And every single year, the result below my freaking mind. Two of our sisters and rise this year have crossed into the lifetime seven figure mark made over 500, $700,000 this year alone, multi six figure launches. So much momentum. So much goodness, so much power.

The opportunity is here. Not because you can’t do it by yourself, but because you, the wealthy woman, she rejects the idea that she has to hustle at it alone. She rejects the idea that rising is something to be done in isolation.

Rising means she, her ego has something to prove and she’s going to do it by herself. The wealthy woman chooses to rise, supported to rise, held and sisterhood and community to rise shoulder, to shoulder, alongside other women who on the daily remind her of who she is and where she’s going. Who hold her to her highest, who support her biggest expansion and expression coming through over again and again and again. 

 If you are feeling this, if this experience inside of bigger has touched you, has moved you, has landed in you in a way that you say there is a resonance here so deep, I can not ignore this.

I invite you to apply to take one of the final 16 spots in this incredible container. We journey together for an entire year. It is so rich. We have five calls a month. There is so much support, so much contact. You ride with me and two incredible, incredible support coaches. Charlene is there and Anna Cantwell, both six multi-six figure bad-ass coaches who are blowing it up in their own spaces who are walking with you shoulder to shoulder powerfully guiding you every step of the way.

You walk arm and arm with sisters, other ambitious women, heart-centered women,  coaches, leaders, healers, artists, creatives, women who have claimed their legacy who have filled the room, knowing that now is their time. If you feel resonant, I invite you to apply.

You want to get this kind of energy? Cool. You have dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of hours to binge on all of my content, all of my business training on money, wealth, mindset, strategy, niching, the whole messaging, marketing sales, backend, all the things, and you get that straight away.

So if this feels resonant, if you are ready to invest in a container and in a community that holds you to your highest, that supports you from the inside out. And I want to say one more thing about this, because this is something that I think is so interesting. One of the things that I’ve heard from some women is, [00:53:00] you know, like a year, that’s a really big commitment.

And anyone in this room who has either committed to a coaching container for a year, who has committed to a relationship for life, who has committed to anything for a long period of time, you have the evidence of just how much freedom can be found within commitment. Just how much expansion can be possible when you commit and decide.

When you decide to meet the edge to meet the part of you that wants to have an out, once they have one foot in one foot out, one foot able to cut and run. What if you just allowed yourself to arrive and not have to unpack your bags, go from coach to coach container, to container, figuring out who can understand you, who can support you.

Re-explaining your whole business model. What if you just had a space where you arrived and you were held. Imagine how much growth would be possible for you. 

Ladies that has been such a profound honor to host you in this event, in this group, in this sacred, beautiful community, I would love to hear in the comments, your biggest takeaway from bigger day three, the activation of the wealthy woman, the activation of our biggest money identity, the activation of the essence required to sustain a bigger income.

I want to hear what has landed for you. What has moved in you? . I can’t wait to speak with you. I can’t wait to support you. Just, I am so excited for where you’re going, where you’re growing, what you’re claiming and what you’re stepping into.

Nobody rises in isolation. Don’t let this end here. Surround yourself. You deserve it. You are worth it. And you’re ready to go bigger and bigger and bigger. I love you all. Thank you so much for being [00:55:00] here. Trust yourself. If you have felt the pull, do not ignore it, do not go out of this magic back into the version of you that you burned in the fire. Trust yourself, rewrite history and your legacy now with the decision that you make, I’m here for you.

And I cannot wait to support you to rise. I love you all, and I will see you soon on the other side. Bye ladies.

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