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Episode 139. My 5 Industry Predictions for 2022

Episode 139. My 5 Industry Predictions for 2022

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born to Rise podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. And today my love’s we are going to be talking about five industry predictions for 2022. I am such a believer in looking at where we have been what has been going on in order to look ahead at what’s coming. And if you are not innovating, if you are not paying attention, if you are not entering the conversation about where we as an industry are going, I feel like you’re missing a really big opportunity to not only lead yourself, but also lead your people.

So my intention in this episode is to really bring to the conversation, some things to keep in mind, both for you as a CEO, as a business owner, as someone who leads other women, and also as a content creator to think about what is going to be the most impactful for your community moving forward. I am really pumped to bring this conversation to you. You are going to see this on the podcast coming up soon. But this is a conversation that we need to be having in the industry. These are the questions you want to be thinking about moving into next year. Where is our industry evolving? Where are we going to what does it mean to be an innovator to be on the cutting edge of leadership moving into 2022 as we really ground and land into this new year? So what we are talking about today, my love’s it’s industry predictions for 2022.

The industry is changing rapidly. We are seeing new methods. I mean, even I’m like thinking back I was as I was getting ready for this episode, I was thinking back to what was industry normal and standard and the conversations I was having even a couple of years ago you know mastering back end funnels like deep in the Click Funnels automation, one click upsell, make sure your email sequences perfect kind of a vibe. And while email marketing is certainly not going out of style, I just think it’s so fascinating the way that we have seen so many shifts in such a short period of time because of how quickly the online landscape, the internet, the way that we are evolving and the way that we relate to one another digitally, is so rapidly transforming that the industry which is built largely I mean a lot of us do in person events.

But this industry largely is built on digital connection. And so how we are marketing to one another how we are selling to one another how we’re building community, how we’re growing our companies, all of that is changing alongside of a changing digital landscape at large. We’re going to be diving into my five industry predictions for where this industry is going and some key shifts that you want to keep in mind and take into account as you plan your offers map your launches get ready. For this year, I taught an unbelievable masterclass on New Year’s Day, it was amazing. If you want to get the replay of that you can send me a DM for how you get access to that. But we really stepped into the embodiment of what we’re bringing forward.

Today’s live stream is really all about keeping cognitive awareness of what is coming and what you want to be thinking about to integrate into that embodiment. So let’s go ahead and dive in. If you have some time, if you’re sitting down if you can take some notes, I highly recommend doing that. If you are driving or otherwise on the go, don’t worry about definitely don’t write if you are driving. But I am excited for you to get some takeaways from this and hopefully revisit this episode later on. First industry prediction of 2022. I did a live on this specifically. So if you want to hear my like full in depth spiel on this, you can go to my live stream a couple of weeks ago, I believe on Instagram, it’s called the industry is changing. Here’s how I’m going to mention it today. Talk about it a little bit. But if you want my full spiel on that you can go listen to that.

Why the perception of value is rapidly shifting in this space and what you should do about it

As I said a couple minutes ago when I entered the online world in 2017-2018. Every single thing that every guru was teaching was how to pack a three step webinar with three key points, education. In fact, teach them, dangle the golden nugget of information over their heads. Make them feel like they don’t understand they don’t know you as the guru, the authority figure possess the key the code the blueprint for their success, sell, and you’ll be a millionaire. Does anybody remember this? Anybody start business in that world. Or maybe you’re like, on webinars that are teaching that now, I think it’s not gone away. It’s not just from 2018. We’re totally seeing it now. But we are in the middle. Right now we are in the beginning in the middle, on the precipice of such a big transformation in this industry, and quite frankly, thank God, because what is dying in this industry, personal development, coaching, whether you are a business coach, a money coach, a relationship coach, health coach, whatever that is, the idea that we need to dangle as marketers, mentors, guides, healers, leaders, for others, the idea that we need to dangle somebody’s pain over them is not leadership, it is manipulation. It is coercion, it is gaslighting, it’s all the things it’s it’s an unhealthy dynamic of power, that quite frankly, became enshrined in marketing law. Because of a lot of bro marketers, let’s be honest, like a lot of men, using old school methods that sometimes work oftentimes leave us feeling really shitty both as seller and as receiver.

And we were taught that’s what it means to be a good marketer, we were taught that that’s what it means to be a powerful leader, a powerful coach, the perception of value is radically shifting in this industry, what has that felt like for you both on the delivery side, and also on the receiving side, if you have been on the receiving side, we are moving from a shift in value away from how can I deliver somebody, the five step process, the secret blueprint, the magic pill, the golden key, as an authority as an expert, as a leader as the guru, we are moving away from that as our definition of value. And this goes not just from how we talk about things on our lives are on our podcast episodes, but also the kinds of posts that we make the kind of content that we create, we are moving away from this, I have to teach you show you give you the blueprint in the way as our definition of value and moving towards how can I return your power to you. And that being the value, this is a return again, thank god to what coaching in its essence is actually about coaching is not about how can I make you feel lesser than to profit from again, that is manipulation. We are waking up and so many people have woken up to this because over the years, I can’t tell you how many clients came to me last year.

And I don’t know. I mean, this is just I feel like a beautiful testament. But I don’t know how all these women found me. But I mean, I do know I put out amazing content, my clients and I have really great relationships with a ton of women, I would probably say at least 25% of my clientele were women who found me last year and said, Cait, I need something different, because I’ve been in this kind of program and I’ve been burned or I fell for this kind of marketing and it was really hollow on the inside. And it’s like when we both sell from and buy from a place of victimhood lesser than an A lack of power, we strip everybody of their leadership potential, the perception of value we are moving away from let me give you the golden key to let me remind you that you already had the key inside you that it was already within you less of let me like scramble and strive to get the method the blueprint from you. And let me walk with you. Or let you walk with me depending on if you’re a buyer or seller to awaken to what is already in you. That is the most powerful coaching that there is.

And women who are really seeking to elevate to their next level of leadership are going to stop seeking out the blueprint, the secret code the magic sauce, and start focusing less on that question and more on the question of where is that inside of me? What does it look like to awaken that within me what will support me in my enrichment and bringing that out? That is where the magic is. So less value being give me the guru secrets and I just trust you because you make a lot of money and you have really good marketing and nice brand photos. And more. Is there a resonant truth there? Are you giving power back to your clients? If you’re giving power back to your clients, if you’re seeking out a mentor, who doesn’t make you feel incomplete without them, but rather reminds you that you’re already whole, that is the person you want to walk towards? That is the person you want to be in the room with.

The golden thread in these trends and the rise of the feminine

Second prediction for 2022. Ladies, is that less entitlement and less pushiness around sales is going to make you more sales, you’re going to notice that there’s a golden thread running through all of these predictions, which if I had to summarize in one way would be the rise of the feminine and I know that sounds like trendy and everyone like loves talking about the feminine and blah, blah, blah. But what I mean is that I feel as a whole we are seeing a move away from traditional, very bro marketing, steeped types of patterning, which is not just about the webinar model, okay, it’s about all of the ways in which we have internalized patriarchal ways of relating to one another as women, and all the ways that that is getting dismantled, unraveled, and rewritten in lifetime. It is such an exciting time to be a woman coaching other women, it is such a beautiful, powerful time to be rewriting history in lifetime in this industry, less entitlement and less pushing this around sales is going to make you more sales.

Next week, I’m going to be releasing a podcast episode that goes into this topic in depth about a recent sale that I made a 30k sale, that was all about completely letting go. And I will tell you guys that this happens monthly in my business, multiple five figure if not six figures in sales, from just letting go leaning back, and really letting go of any sort of pushy urgency, hard closing tactics, and being open and available for the relationship when you are more focused on the relationship that you are building with people in your community in your audience. Whether you have 30,000 people in your audience or you have 30 people in your audience literally. The more you focus on the relationship, the more that you focus on being in the conversation, the more you focus on, being open and available to relate to connect to go deep, you will find an effortless momentum when it comes to sales and selling less entitlement. Meaning how many times I just love this one. And this is specifically what I’m going to be talking about next week’s podcast episode.

But I love this one a feeling like oh, that person said they were interested in then they didn’t convert. And then we go into this whole defense mechanism of writing a story about how they were probably a nightmare client, and how thank God they didn’t join. When really that is a trauma response. That is a way of pushing energetically that thing away. Because inside deep down in our innermost feeling we feel rejected by that person not buying a product or service. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you felt this? Be honest. When we can bring neutrality truly let go of needing to sell needing to convert. We don’t need to be clingy. And we also don’t need to be toxically independent be like well, this is what I mean about like pushiness, which is out of urgency and scarcity or entitlement, which is almost like the opposite of like, I’m too good for you to make a sale.

When we can get over both of those internal hurdles and just release and trust and be in a state of receptivity of openness of true feminine power and mastery of focus on connection and relationship over conversion and sale, you will make more sales, I guarantee you. So bring that energetic awareness into your next launch. The next thing that you sell the way that you communicate in your DMs it matters and it’s going to continue to matter more than ever, because people are waking up to feeling squished, pressured, pushed into a sale, and really noticing how it feels to be held to be supported. Now I want to just make this a caveat. I am not saying that you owe it to people to be just like a free therapist in their DMs nurturing them. Following up a zillion times. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about energetically detaching internally so that you can really be available for what’s there and trust somebody’s own intuitive timing. When you trust your people’s timing. They trust themselves more. Again, this goes back to mirror leadership, how you trust your people, how you treat them in the sales process is going to directly impact the kind of relationship that you have with them long term. Don’t forget it.

The importance of longevity and depth in mentoring relationships

The third key prediction that I want to put forward for 2022 Oh, I feel this one. So strong longevity, in depth in mentoring experiences and relationships are going to be so much more popular than a quick hit experience. Now, here’s what I mean by this, I want you to think about this in terms of how you are structuring your offers, how you are thinking about what you are selling and the kinds of experiences you’re putting out. I know it’s become really popular to offer like, super short little things, or, you know, following there’s so much copycatting going on. I’m going to talk about that in a second. However, what I am seeing what I am noticing from working with clients for years, one year, two year, three years, multiple, multiple years, is that people, industry leaders are looking to not only drop in with you for a brief moment, not only do a brief program with you for two weeks, but be in a relationship over time, that compounds to have such a higher ROI. Because of what that calibration and sustained relationship sustained proximity sustained, energetic effect of being in the room of being known of being held of being supported, your people are able to receive such a bigger transformation, the longer that they are in the room with you, the deeper the proximity that they have to you.

And I’m not saying that courses are going to become irrelevant, short term group programs are going to become irrelevant. What I am saying is that longevity, substance and depth matter now more than ever, I am seeing this across the board with my clients, especially for the clients who are generating multi six, seven, multiple, seven figures, the clients that I support at those levels, almost all of them have committed to a minimum six months, usually one year plus container with me. And that is not by accident. That is by intention. Why? Because longevity in depth. Why? Because of calibration and proximity. Why? Because women at that level don’t have the bandwidth or the time to be shopping around from coach to coach hopping around from container to container.

Do you know how energetically inefficient it is to join a bunch and not only energetically inefficient but also financially inefficient to be joining a bunch of different programs, one after the other after the other from this coach from that coach from that coach. And you might say, Oh, well, it’s in my human design to just want to like flit around or Oh, it’s in this or it’s in that. I think for a lot of people, it’s a commitment, trauma, it’s a fear of really stepping in and going deep. The magic of stepping in and going deep with somebody of committing to a container that 612 plus months, two years, three years, whatever that is, is the depth of being known. The analogy that I give that I like to think about with this is and I have done this before so I can speak to this and maybe some of you have you have done the digital nomad thing, you know, as well. It’s kind of like the equivalent of the difference between running your business from your house where you have a home office, where you have your systems where you have your own bed upstairs where you know where things are, you have a desk, you have spaciousness, you have a kitchen, you’ve got snacks, it’s like everything you need to set up, you can just relax, you can just arrive, you can just be present, versus running your business as a digital nomad switching Airbnbs every week, you can figure it out, you can set up a bunch of books stacked on top of a little, you know, side table and sit in a chair and have your zoom calls. From there. You can totally do that. There might be novelty and excitement about exploring a new pizza place or figuring out what’s going on in the town.

All of that’s amazing. But the energetic bandwidth required to research your Airbnb, check in and check out the physical moving around unpacking your clothes every single week. It’s exhausting. Have you Has anybody done that before? I did that for years. So it was super tiring. When I lived in Bali. We even had to leave the country every two months to renew our visa. And while you know it wasn’t like staying week to week in any other place like that was really disruptive to have to leave home, get on a plane, go do the thing. Unpack the things. Come roll it all back. It’s exhausting. The same thing is true in coaching relationships, if we just let ourselves be held and as as clients let ourselves be held by a coach, a mentor, somebody that you trust somebody that you resonate with somebody that you say, this person has medicine for me and I am here to be held, I am ready to unpack my bags, metaphorically and just arrive, when you decide to stop doing the coach hop thing, stop doing that, like, Oh, I’m gonna just pick a little bit here and a little there and a little there and a little there. And stop expecting a massive ROI when you’re making small investments, both in terms of financials and time, and you commit to a longer term, bigger picture investment, that is when the depth opens up. That is when the magic opens up.

Same thing is true in dating, like I’m giving so many different analogies here, travel relationships, right? It’s one thing to like, do a first date with 10 different partners. It’s another thing to like go deep. There’s benefits for sure. There’s fun, novelty, excitement, but the depth that comes from longevity, the depth comes from really letting your layers peel back, letting yourself be seen letting yourself be held. So I want you to think about that if you have not already invested in your container for 2022, who you are going to be guided by mentored by I want you to ask yourself, Where is their resonance? For me? Who do I feel deeply connected to? How can I get in the room with them for a longer period of time? How can I be held by them for a longer experience so that I can be supported without having to unpack my bags, metaphorically, every six weeks, really matters really important and on your side? And the offers that you offer to your people? How can you look at weaving in at least one, if not more experiences that you sell, and that you offer that provide that kind of longevity to your people that provide that kind of depth, that kind of sustenance, that kind of ability to go deep.

Because the industry is changing, you guys, we are no longer a shiny object industry saying ooh, I want to just do that because she’s vibey. And it’s a vibe. The vibe is depth, the vibe is being known, the vibe is being held so that when you are celebrating your peak, month, week day, you have somebody who knows you to cheer you on. When you are going into a launch and all of your shit and trauma and fear and whatever is coming up, you have somebody that knows you that can sustain you. And when you are at your low, somebody that can speak the message that exactly you need to hear, you don’t get that kind of depth, you don’t get that kind of sustenance, you don’t get that kind of duration. If you are hopping from person to person and thing to thing. Big big shift we are seeing is a rise in the attraction to longevity in depth and containers, not just quick hit experiences really important.

Why you need to be rooted in profound self-trust and less copycatting this year

Number four, this one might sound a little bit a little bit funny, but just go with me for this. I predict that we are going to see more copycatting this year, which might sound negative I’m probably the most positive person that I know, not in like a Pollyanna way, but in a glass half full kind of a way. But here’s what I think. I think that more people are entering the coaching industry than ever before. And I think that inherently, scarcity causes us to do shit that’s out of integrity. I think that the more people that come into this space, who are not anchored in and rooted in a profound place of self trust of self sourcing authority, are going to be focusing on what everyone else is doing, and what’s working for her and how much money is she making and what is she calling her programs and I need to do it like that. Again, this is why my prediction number one the shift in value away from this as the way to what is your way. This thing this prediction of more copycatting arising is also another way of saying that is the importance of being original. Now more than ever.

A client of mine send me somebody else’s three day challenge who literally attended my three day challenge called Bigger hosting a three day challenge called Bigger, verbatim. And I mean, other than being complete copyright infringement. What it really just made me sad to see that to think that really like there’s so much more available of all the words of all the transmissions like, Don’t channel what’s coming through me. The entire thing was copy paste the entire thing. And this is not this prediction is not about that particular instance, although I do think it’s a wake up call for anybody who is looking at operating their business that way, don’t do that shit you will hear like that person’s going to be hearing from our legal team, you do not want to go down that road of copyright infringement. And you know, in some cases trademark infringement don’t go there. You are not empowering anybody and she who is original here, this okay, here this, she who is original, she who is innovative, she who is a channel for the wisdom that wants to come through her is going to have so much more impact is going to lead with a resonance so profound, with a depth so unmistakable that people following by it is not just about copy, paste, let me do what she did. Let me follow in her footsteps, let me copy the exact branding that she had, because it’s working for her. That is not how we lead in this industry.

So while I do predict, we are going to see more and more of that. And for us leaders, I think that means bracing yourself both like energetically and also legally, you know, have your shit in a row if you need a recommendation. I know some and work with some incredible lawyer women. So I think you need to get prepared for that. But I also think that be mindful of the ways that you even if you don’t like copy somebody’s challenge or program name, okay, some of you might not go that extreme. But notice the ways in which you feel compelled to create content about XYZ thing because XYZ person just talked about that. Notice the ways in which you are outsourcing and sourcing your power based on these external places. originality, innovation does not come from looking around the room. Innovation originality comes from profoundly being present in your experience, in the relationships you have with your clients in the work that you’re doing on the day to day, noticing patterns, noticing connections coming up with something new, something original, something bold, something brilliant. That is not something you are going to get from scrolling on Instagram. That is something you are going to get from paying attention and going inward.

Do not fall into the trap of she’s making a ton of money doing it this way selling this thing with those brand colors. So I must follow suit. You are always going to be behind the trend, you are always going to be following. If you want to be leading if you want to be innovating, be original, resist the temptation to fall into the trap of wow, she is amazing. Let me look at all the external frills of how amazing she is and make that my pathway to amazingness.

The profound shift away from tactics and what it means for you in 2022

This is going to segue into number five. The reason that the people you resonate with the leaders you resonate with are so amazing, is not because their brand colors are black and gold is not because you know she’s got the perfect, whatever. It’s because she is profoundly plugged into her originality. You can do that, but you’re not ever going to do that by plugging into somebody else’s originality as your power source, plug it back into yourself. So be prepared for more copycatting especially if you are leading the pack, especially if you are leading the way especially if you are trailblazing I am seeing it. We’re ready for it. It happens a lot. It’s not a surprise. So don’t get thrown by it. But also be mindful of the ways in which you can fall into this trap too.

This is not about those people are bad and we’re good. Okay, we’re humans, it’s all a mirror. What is the tendency that any human being has to do that is feeling insecure and not connected to your own power. So be prepared for other people playing at that level, at a level of consciousness that has forgotten its own power and be so vigilant to plug it back into your own originality because that is where your magic is. That is where your millions will be made. That is where your community will be built. That is where your true leadership crystallizes not in the copycatting, but in your originality the final prediction Are you guys loving this episode I am loving talking about this, I feel so lit up by this I feel so in my bones, the truth of every single one of these, we are seeing we are in the middle of we are experiencing of profound shift away from rote tactic. Back to resonance. If you and what I mean by rote tactic, I mean, make sure you post, you know, five times a day at 1pm. And engage for 20 minutes beforehand and 20 minutes afterwards and make sure that you follow unfollow, but don’t make it obvious that you’re following on like whatever, blah, blah, blah, you get the point. Those are tactics, moving away from tactic wrote tactics following tactics and marketing methods, resonance is going to win 100 times if you post one in once in two weeks. But it is channeled, it is felt it is a message so potent, so clear. So original, this is what I meant when I said four bleeds into five originality leaning into this point about resonance mattering.

If you are resonance, in your message, the impact in ROI, sales, followers, conversions, engagement, all of it is going to be astronomically increased. I am not saying and so this year, it doesn’t matter if you’re consistent just like post once a week, because all it has to do is be vibey resonant posts. That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is, I really believe that those who soften their gaze around the rules around the road tactics they were taught around what I’m supposed to be doing, if we can soften our focus on that, and amplify our focus on frequency on resonance, and vibration. Not just how many times are you posting or not even like the number but did you show your face on stories today, you guys can probably feel this.

Do you know the difference between somebody who shows their face on stories and you can feel like wow, they really didn’t say much of anything. Or they’re kind of on here just because they’re supposed to be versus somebody who comes on with a message with something to say, and a frequency and a level that is so pristine, that is undeniably sourced, you are moved. I am teaching a program all about this in a couple of months called compel, which you’re going to want to pay attention for. And I’ll be talking about another way to get into that in a second. And this is not leading into compel we literally have months before compelled doors open but the marketing is all about and leadership, business coaching all of this online work, you guys is all about moving other people moving someone to feel moving someone to act, moving someone to do something, you need to be connected to your personal power in order to move somebody making somebody feel that’s nice, or good point. That’s not moving anybody anywhere. That’s not whipping out any credit cards, that’s not making anything shift and happen.

When there is resonance when there is a frequency alignment when there is a vibration of shit like I mean that expression that we use of chills I literally have chills listening to this person, I can’t tell you how many women in the latter half of 2021 signed up came into my DMs out of nowhere signing up because after watching a few videos because they’re like the resonance, the frequency, I just know, I just know. More and more and more and more women are waking up to feeling profound connection, feeling like whoa, that vibration is what I meant to be plugged into. I’m in I am moved I am going somewhere. So rather and I see this a lot frankly at every stage I see this a lot of the early stage in business but I also see this again with like multi six figure earners who are like, I’m ready to be the millionaire now I’m ready to do it. And we fall back into the same trap. I did this as well. The same trap of like, Alright, so what’s the secret tactic? What’s the difference between the quarter million dollar year and the million dollar year? What’s the difference between the half a million dollar year and the million dollar year as if there was one more tactic as if there was one more secret method? There was going to unlock it.

I’m going to give you the not so secret secret. Nothing really changed for me. Nothing changed in terms of where I was selling, what I was doing, when I was making quarter million a year, I had a podcast, I had a Facebook group, I had an Instagram, I had an email list with a one with a 1.4, cash nearly $2 million a year sales, business, podcast, Instagram, email, like it’s all the same, the methods have not changed, the change has been frequency, the change has been resonance, the change has been the depth of myself connected to my power, the potency of my leadership. And it’s not just my own income that is increased exponentially. As a result, my clients this year made over $9 million.

Collectively, that is not an accident. It is all about resonance frequency dropping in deeper. So if you are looking to scale up, I want you to actually go in, I want you to actually stop chasing the tactic, looking at who can teach me the blueprint and go deeper to Who am I resonant with? Who do I feel an alignment with? Because that resonance, that Crystaline frequency? That is what is going to bring you to millions? That is where your focus wants to be not should I use Click Funnels or Kajabi? Not should I be using Flo Desk or Active Campaign? Not saying those questions don’t have a place, but what I am saying is that is noise It is white noise, focus on resonance, both in terms of who you seek out as your mentor. And also in terms of how you are going about leading how you are going about marketing. I would rather you have I would rather have you make one post per month than 30 posts per month, which was just about going through the motions and filling out a social media calendar. One post that speaks deep that reverberates like a staff going into the ground and having all of this power reverberate out is going to impact so much more than having all of your ducks in a row doing the right thing but not moving the needle marketing, leadership coaching, it’s about moving people.

And if you don’t know how to do that yet, get in the room with someone that can teach you and show you I would be happy, thrilled to support you with that. But if that is an area where you’re like fuck, I’ve been chasing the right actions. Give me the task list coach. And I feel like I’m running around in circles and nothing’s working. If you’re running around in circles and nothing’s working, you’re chasing tactics, not resonance, bring it back to resonance. Resonance is where it’s at. Resonance is what will make you a millionaire. I hope you have enjoyed this episode guys. I hope this has been impactful. It’s so beautiful to see so many of you who stayed for this full duration. If you are resonant with this message. If you have felt something in your bones, something that feels true, something that feels like an edge for you that has been brought to light in this episode. I highly encourage you to reach out. I am going to be sharing starting in a couple of weeks about an opportunity to go on a year long journey with me. Speaking of depth of longevity of being known, held and seen being able to put your bags down energetically and just arrive in a container that holds you that knows you that sees you. It is such a powerful container. We are going to be opening the doors in a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about that and our Early Bird presale pricing, you can go ahead and send me a DM and I will share with you privately about that I’m not going to be publicly making that available. But if you are interested and you are an action taker, you are a go getter. You are a woman who wants to get herself in the room. Send me a DM here on Instagram. Would love to share the details with you. We have some incredible women already inside early action takers, women who raised their hands and say yes, get me in the room. I’m ready to go big. I’m ready to do this. I’m ready to make this my biggest year. I am so honored to be here with you guys. If you’re listening to this as a podcast episode, please share with me on Instagram you can go ahead and post on your stories. Your biggest takeaway tag me I would love to reshare that I love you all thank you for being here. And again if this spoke to you if this resonated and you’re wanting to explore going deeper, send me a DM and I would love to connect with you. I’m sending you all so much love and the vibes for the most potent, powerful, impactful abundant year of your life. This year you decide you make the move. You lead. You go first. It’s go time, baby. I love you. I’ll see you soon.

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