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Episode 48: On Mastering Your Finances with Bobbi Rebell

Episode 48: On Mastering Your Finances with Bobbi Rebell

Money, love it or hate it, you need to tune in to today’s episode. I got to bring in CFP Bobbi Rebell for today’s episode to share her wisdom. We get into the importance of having your finances in order for both your business and personal life without forgetting what your priorities and needs are. It’s important to learn about your finances in order to build a successful business that you can monetize. For all the money tips and insights, tune in to today’s episode below.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about: 

It’s never too late to learn about your finances [03:38]

Don’t be scared to invest in your business, it’ll go miles [06:48]

Know what to spend your money on and where it’s coming from [11:33]

Your needs and priorities will change over time and that’s okay  [15:20]

How to monetize your podcast [20:30]

Links we mentioned:

Financial Grownup Podcast

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Bobbi Rebell Website

@BobbiRebell1 Instagram

@BobbiRebell Twitter

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