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Episode 143: Money is Triggering-Let’s Talk About Why

Episode 143: Money is Triggering-Let’s Talk About Why

Okay, so we are talking today about money this morning, I had a dentist appointment. But then I had some time and was sitting down to write some content for my upcoming program, which starts in a couple weeks called minted, it’s a brand new five week live money program that is just truly this incredible program. And as I was, you know, writing some stories, and just like really getting into the groove to talk about this program, my heart started to feel really heavy. And I was really interested in that. And I was like, What’s going on there? What is what is that heaviness? What’s going on? And one of the things that I know to be true in the conversations that I’ve been having inside of my containers in my masterminds, you know, with my private clients, we’ve been making lots of money in business, women with a lot of power in the industry.

There is like a lot up right now for a lot of people about money. And I think that it’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter where you stand. Economically, doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank, it doesn’t matter how much is regular for you in terms of monthly income, it doesn’t matter what level you are at money is triggering, like, let’s just say it money is triggering, I just wrote a post about this. So if you want to read my thoughts about that, you can read that. But money is triggering. And I think for so many of us. And when I say us, I know this community is filled with like, really huge hearted women leaders who have big, ambitious, juicy goals and dreams, who also have a freaking heartbeat, who are also plugged in and paying attention to what is going on in the world, who are also not just about, you know, cash at all costs, but also like, the greater impact that we’re making in the world. How are the decisions that we’re making, the way that we’re living the way that we’re leading? How is all of that impacting generations to come?

Normalizing the conflicting desire of wanting expansion

And I think and does this resonate for you guys, like, let me know this is happening in the world of so many of the people that I’m connected to, and it specifically centered around money can lead to a lot of like, conflicting desires, this feeling so let me know if any of this feels true for you right now, or has felt true for you this feeling of I want more I desire more. I’m like, fucking ready to be minted AF. And then also like men, but there are like, really bad people in the world who do bad things with a lot of money. Or I want to be like, expansive, I want to grow my wealth, I want to grow my income, I want to grow, you know, I want to diversify my assets, I want to have multiple assets and different asset classes, I

want to like, I want to really go for it. But then also this like, really church feeling of seeing people who have money who behave in a way, or who have values, they really don’t align with what you believe in, and that really don’t align with the way that you want to move through the world. This is like you are so not alone in this. So I want to normalize that. Number one. This is something that is coming up for so many of us, for so many people, this really conflicted desire of wanting more wanting to expand feeling like on this brink of expansion and also feeling this contraction. That is like, it makes us feel like we’re in the middle of a storm. It feels cloudy, it feels uncertain. We’re like, is it safe to expand? am I wanting to expand for the right reasons. There’s all this stuff that can come up and here is the danger of this. Here is the danger of this my loves here is what happens when we don’t listen to these conflicting feelings. We just allow the overwhelm to take over we allow the feeling of I just don’t even really know what to do with this to take over and we get stuck.

Why it feels unsafe to step into positions of power 

So this is probably the sticking point for the most huge hearted legendary women leaders. They get stuck right here. Because we have been and I could go off on a whole tangent here about the patriarchy and blah blah blah. It societally women, I mean very, very recently have been able to accumulate wealth in the same kind of opportunity. And I’m not even gonna say the same because we all know the playing field is not level even still, right? But we have in our conditioning in society, even in the most like advanced progressive Western countries and civilizations like we have not had access to the same kind of power economic power that men have, we are just starting to make waves, you know, incredible freaking accomplishments in the entrepreneurial space in the business space. And it is terrifying to feel that power, because it has been cut off for us for so many generations for so long, that we and we have witnessed, like massive corruption, massive misuse of power. And so it feels Uncharted, it feels unsafe, it feels almost too big, to step into those positions of power, because we have been taught to question whether it is safe for us to hold that level of power.

I feel so strongly about this, because I have witnessed the ways in which not just like societal conditioning, but also like individual conditioning family stories that have passed down identity stories that have passed down the way in which we are taught or learn. So like directly taught or absorb and learn more passively, to view money, to see ourselves with money to see other people who have money that forms, belief systems and behavior systems that will directly impact the the what you’re able to do in this world, how high you’re able to rise financially speaking how much influence you’re able to have, and it is exactly women like you and me, women with huge hearts with deep ethics with with aligned values, women who have a vision for something bigger than themselves, we are exactly the kind of women that need money in our hands, to equip us to empower us to truly do the work that we are here to do. And I see and have seen an emceeing in this industry.

So many women feel really freaking conflicted about money, because again, they’re seeing some people talk about making money in a way that feels like achy and off they’re seeing some people, you know, be with money in a way that doesn’t align with the vision of like being a millionaire and the way that they want it to look. It’s not all like designer bags and bathtubs of champagne. It’s like I want to do something more with that. But I don’t have an example of what that could be, or I’m not feeling lit up about this. And so that causes a lot of women to contract. And to really question what wealth means what it means to be a woman who has money.

The different shadow aspects of money and why we shouldn’t back away from our desires

Here’s what I want you to know, when we allow the stories, the examples, the images of what it means to be a woman with money, that do not align with our values that that rubs us the wrong way that feel like off in some capacity when we allow those to impact our own desires, right when we allow the corruption in the like, the shadow side of money. Okay, to scare us away from the light. When we allow, I’m gonna say that again, when we allow the shadow side of money. Okay, and there’s so many different shadows, right? There’s like corruption and greed. There’s also, you know, mismanagement and overwhelm. There’s, there’s the fear of not being safe with having more money and being able to continually expand that and being responsible with higher and higher amounts of power.

There’s so many different layers, right? There’s the fear of like having it and then losing it. There’s the fear of it never being enough. There’s so many different shadow aspects of money. But when we allow all of those shadow aspects to be almost like a boogeyman, right, like to make us fearful and in the dark, to cause us to back away from the edge of the desire that we have around money that causes us to pour cold water on the fire of the desire that we have for money. Every buddy loses. I’m going to say that again, when we allow ourselves to pour cold water on the desire that we have for more money, more wealth, more economic power, more financial liberation, because it’s tricky because it’s triggering because it’s a hot zone. When we allow the shadow to make us back away from the light that money has to offer for us.

Everybody loses you lose your family and your loved ones lose the people that you are designed to The impact in this lifetime lose, because you are holding yourself back to not contribute more to the shadow, when really the question that we need to be asking is, how can I use the things that don’t sit well with me, to fuel me to be the fired, fanning of the flames that stoke my fire, to be to use my money for the light, to use my money for good to wield the economic power that I desire to grow and will grow? For the good of all? That is the question and I just want to invite you in to viewing what it means to be a wealthy woman what it means to be a minted woman what it means to be a woman who is financially liberated, who is so over and above the top abundant, who has the power. I don’t just mean like the personal power like the hook, but like the economic power to make lasting change in this world. The reality is, yes, sure, like money doesn’t buy happiness, but money opens doors, money creates possibility where before there, there was none. Money allows you to move through the world with a level of influence, that without it, it just doesn’t happen.

Rearranging our beliefs so we can step into energetic openness 

And so my love’s this is like a loving kick in the pants and a loving pep talk to ask you to truly ask yourself, Where am I holding myself back? Where am I still playing small when it relates to money. And you can have so much gentleness and compassion with yourself around this because like I said, most women that I know, who are incredibly successful, incredibly powerful, huge heart and women are holding themselves back because they don’t want to contribute to the pain that they see. Because they don’t want to be one of the bad ones. They don’t want to be contributing to the problem of the misuse and mismanagement of a wealthy identity. And what I want to contribute and what I want to offer you as insight as a totally different possibility is take radical responsibility of your relationship with money. Let’s get into all of the stuff that you would rather avoid. Let’s have the conversations about why money feels so triggering and what about it feels triggering. Let’s heal that shit from the inside out. Let’s unearth it, let’s move it let’s rearrange it so that you can finally step in both in terms of energetic openness, ability to receive worthiness etc. And from a very practical money management wealth building cash flow increasing perspective Okay, I am so here if you’ve been in my world you know I am obsessed with both the internal the energetic, the mindset and the very grounded practical shit that has to happen in order to do anything in business and wealth. It doesn’t matter I am like very much team masculine and feminine combination because we need both. I mean both create life both are necessary to grow a business a wealth portfolio, you name it.

How I’ve been living the curriculum of my upcoming 5-week program

So my love’s the invitation is here for you to join me inside of minted my five week brand new group program starting in a couple weeks to be honest with you, I have been formulating this curriculum for years because I have been living this curriculum for years. It is no exaggeration to say that the curriculum inside of this program has radically changed everything in my life. It has rewired my identity, it is completely and utterly rewired. My financial reality. It has completely changed the scope of the stage and the opportunity for leadership. It has changed everything for me from deeply and utterly believing that I needed to only make $38,000 a year if I was going to be a big hearted woman who cared about other people who was going to serve people in a big way to now running a multiple seven figure business, being a millionaire being a global investor.

We’re talking within the span of five years. I have been living, breathing, experimenting and embodying this curriculum that literally came through the birth canal this year, without even asking me because it has been so big on my heart so many of you have been asking me about my relationship and journey with money about how I’ve expanded to go from truly like zero to millionaire in a very short period of time relatively speaking, but from a place of deep groundedness and coherence and alignment to the values that I have held dear all the way along through it and so I am so freaking excited for this project. And for the women inside who are choosing now as their time to claim a different wealth identity to truly claim the identity of the minted woman and to step into the arena to do the work both inner work, rewiring identity work, shifting beliefs, shifting behavior, shifting embodiment and the practical work, okay, cleaning up your shit with money, not from like a scary have a budget for everything kind of place.

Okay, like this is not what this program is about. Don’t worry, I hate programs like that I always run away. This is designed to truly empower you from the inside out to feel so clear, so confident, and so emboldened to step into and create for yourself a paradigm of limitless wealth, because I am telling you, sister, no matter how many zeros are in your bank account, no matter what you are starting with, this is not a program for if you’re at x level in your business or y level in your business, you can have $5 in your bank, you could have $500,000 in your bank, and this is going to be relevant for you, this is going to serve you this is going to change your relationship with money. Again, whether you’re making $5,000 a month, whether you’re making $200,000 a month, it doesn’t matter, you will experience a breakthrough inside of this container. I am truly so excited.

I haven’t been this excited about a new program that I’ve created. And I can’t even tell you how long it is. It is life changing. And I am just so excited for the women who get to experience this who are saying, Yeah, money is triggering money is hard. And it’s been hard for these different reasons. But you know what, I am ready to use my self and my life as the stick that draws a line in the sand and says no more. I get to be the change that I want to see, I get to be the one who chooses to shape the course of the trajectory of what happens for me, for those around me for the ripples of people that I’m here to serve here to love. The way that we treat money. The way that we relate to money impacts everything so much farther than the numbers in your bank account. It impacts how you earn of course it impacts how you lead. It impacts how you say yes or no to opportunities. It impacts truly every door that opens for you. Not dealing with your relationship with money is not an option if you are a woman who wants to use her lion heartedness to make a big impact in this world.

So the invitation is here for you sister to step inside and join us we are on presale through Sunday so you have the opportunity to join me live as your mentor, intimate group setting. We’re in an intimate Facebook group. I’m going to be in there every day like it’s freaking no brainer to get inside this room with me. If you have been wanting to work with me if you’ve been wanting to work on your relationship with money if you have been feeling this like push pull attraction, magnetism repulsion, exact thing that I’m talking about, get inside of this room, it will change you and it will change not only your earning potential your trajectory, your investments, it will change you and everything that you do from here on out. You can check out the link in my bio you guys the sales pages on It is a true no brainer. You are getting so much access to me for such a tiny investment and I’m here to encourage you to take the leap join me inside of this program watch it change everything for you. I love you guys so much. If you have a question you can always DM me and let me know once you’re in. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see the financial revolution that this sparks here is to becoming the minted woman. And I will see you on the inside. So much love you guys.

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