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Episode 145: My #1 Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Strategy

Episode 145: My #1 Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Strategy

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born to Rise podcast. I’m your host Cait Scudder. And today my loves we are going to talk about well, what we’re going to do is we’re going to pull up the freaking hood on my business and I’m going to let you in to my multimillion dollar that is right from going from zero to having generated $3 million in my business over the last nearly when are we at four and a half, four and a half years, I think four and a half or five, no, not five, yet four and a half years, we’re going to be talking about my multimillion dollar marketing strategy. I had did a recent poll in Facebook and on Instagram about what kind of episodes you guys enjoy. Most y’all know I love me. So fiery mindset and energy. I also love and so much of my calls with my clients really go into tactic and strategy. And so today we’re going to be talking about the strategy, the single biggest strategy that I utilize in my business to generate six to multi six figures cash every single month, and support my clients to grow their businesses like wildfire as well. So if you are tuning in, I’m so happy that you are here. And let’s get cracking. Okay, so this has been a core tenet inside of my business that we have been practicing that we have been utilizing that I coach my clients on all of the freaking time. And I want you to take it for whatever it’s worth whatever it can do for you in your business. I want it to help you identify where you may be holding back overcomplicating unnecessarily making stuff harder than it needs to be. And where you can rip off the band aid and just freaking press go because I am telling you what we are going to be talking about today will make you money if you execute on it. How do you make the money? This is literally I’ve been having this conversation with so many of my clients this week, we’ve been talking about it in seven sisters, my inner circle mastermind for seven women scaling to seven, multi seven figures, and we’ve been talking about it I’ve just been having this conversation so much. Truly what I am going to say to you today is a strategy. It is not like fluff disguised as a strategy, it is a strategy. I want you to ask yourself, How can you not only hear this, I don’t want you to just write it down in your notebook, I want you to ask yourself, How can you actually implement this in your business? You ready? Here’s the fucking strategy. Are you ready?

What I mean by “saying the thing”

The strategy is say the thing. Say the thing. Here’s what I mean by this and you might be like, that’s made you millions of dollars. What? Yes, yes, it has. And here is what I mean by that. So much of the time you guys, we get caught in? Should I have you know, should my weightless period be 10 days or seven days? Should it be? Should I do a free hype event or paid hype event? Should I market for you know, should I should I should my offer be evergreen or live lunch and we get into all of these nitty gritty details. And please don’t get me wrong. Okay, don’t get me wrong. Those are important questions sometimes when we’re figuring out our offer when we’re figuring out our program. But the point my loves is this when you are up in your head, and you are over analyzing and overthinking, how do I connect to my market? So let’s ground this in an example. Okay? If you’re in a launch, and you are feeling like people aren’t responding to you, or people aren’t quite buying or you’re just noticing that there’s like a lot of weird objections that are coming up and you’re like, What the hell is going on? Why is everyone all the sudden in another program or just not ready to invest? Or they’re like holding out or XYZ thing is happening? And you’re like, This is weird. Something is going on? Something is off. I wonder what it is? I wonder what’s happening. I wonder what’s going on a bit. I mean, I am troubleshooting this and talking about this with clients all the time. It’s like something’s off something’s weird, something you know, is it energy? Is it like the strategy is not quite right. What’s going on? 99 times we go back to this. Are you saying the thing. So here is what I want to say when it comes to marketing, when it comes to messaging when it comes to your content when it comes to what you are producing, when it comes to marketing and speaking to your clients, or prospective clients and providing a ton of value, if you are really up in your head and noticing, like people aren’t really responding to what I’m saying, or I’m noticing that there’s not a ton of traction here, or I’m not getting a lot of engagement, or if people are not either not converting, or there is some kind of like elephant in the room. Okay, what happens is that catalyzes, usually because we’re human, an emotional response, and either causes us to go into overdrive of like, something is off with me, or something is off with my audience like Mercury’s in retrograde, the moon is doing whatever, blah, blah, blah. And I’m not saying that those things don’t matter. Those things are important and do matter. And I believe in all of them. And that’s all fine. But what I also think happens is that we can get avoidant of leaning into what we actually know is happening, you, this is a nugget for you, you are so freaking perceptive probably way more than you are giving yourself credit for if you as a marketer, as a business owner, right or wrong. Mercury Retrograde is one of my favorite I mean, shit does happen in those periods. But like, that’s not a reason not to join a program, right? When you are noticing that something is off, people aren’t buying, there’s some kind of a hesitation.

Why you should remain flexible during your launch

A lot of the times what I hear is, this is happening. And it’s so annoying. And it’s so frustrating. And what I always say to my clients, if they’re bringing that forward, I’m like, Are you speaking into that? Not just like, are you speaking to the objection and creating content to overcome the objection? That’s that’s not exactly what I’m saying. It’s part of what I’m saying. And it’s not about overcoming it like as an arm wrestling match. But it’s about, hey, if your clients or your prospective clients, if your audience is here, they’re at that you’re noticing that they’re at this like vibrational frequency, or there’s some kind of resistance energy. Are you just sticking to your launch plan? And going about your pre scheduled posts and expecting to convert? Where are you meeting them where they are at? Are you allowing how you what you are picking up on what you are perceiving what you are noticing to inform the kind of content that you are creating? If you are noticing that you that all of your people all of a sudden are having a money objection? Say the thing? Are you speaking about money? Are you speaking about what happens when we go to make a financial investment in ourselves that kind of elated, expansive feeling? And then that contraction? Are you speaking into what is alive in present for your people right now? Well, let’s say you are noticing that there’s a common story in the field of a lot of like interest, a lot of leads a lot of people who are saying they’re interested, but nobody actually taking the leap, rather than just like complain about that, or be frustrated about that, or blame Mercury Retrograde about that, or whatever. Are you using that and speaking into that in your marketing, I am telling you, you guys, this is a strategy. And it might seem so simple, but the sometimes it is the and oftentimes, like 90% of the time, it is the most simple things, the things that seems so basic, the things that seem so like obvious, that we forget to do, and we overlook, and we leave hundreds of 1000s if not millions of dollars on the table, not exaggerating, hundreds of 1000s of dollars, because we are not actually speaking into what is present. So there’s two things that need to happen in order to be able to save the Thing Number one, you need to be perceptive and like paying attention to what is going on. So in your lunches in your sales process, in your market research process, whatever is going on. Are you like finger to the pulse? Are you actually paying attention? With what like are you in some sort of like a biofeedback with your community, with your audience with your people? Are you are you in your DMS? Are you having those conversations? Are you feeling what’s going on? So that’s number one, in order to be able to respond to something and in order to be able to speak into a particular hesitation, a particular desire. We’ve got to be able to know what’s happening. And then number two, are you actually utilizing that and here’s the thing, I am not talking about weaponizing people’s pain or problems here. This is like a thing in the industry that needs to die. Okay, I am not talking about like, no their pain is dig in, rub the salt. That’s how you get like, fuck that, right? That is like so 2017 We’re done with that paradigm we’re done with the like exploit people’s pain for profit. Okay? What I am talking about is, can you meet your people where they’re at, and show them, point them walk beside them to what they actually want. I can’t tell you how many times in a launch you guys it is responding to what is and I’m a manifester, okay, I don’t need to wait for a response. And a lot of the times I don’t I just go I just flow just like this live stream, nobody prompted this, I was just like, boom, this is coming through, it’s going out. So this is not about you need to wait always. But this is about like, if somebody is, is in a process of hesitation, uncertainty, if you’re noticing a common trend, if you’re seeing something occur within your clients, are you speaking that into your marketing.

The one thing people say that drives me nuts

One of the things that drives me nuts is when I hear people say like I don’t know how to like connect with my audience, or I don’t know how to communicate with my audience with that is telling me is that you have a block here, you are not saying the thing, because I guarantee you are one of the other things that I hate. Like, I just wish there was a way for me to show how pet like behind closed doors, the work I do with my clients, it’s so powerful. It’s life changing, the work we’re doing is like, my clients are getting these results, and they’re breaking through and they’re just going so well. I wish there was a way that I could showcase that. I have heard that so many times. What that says to me is that there is a filter you in your full power and your full Majesty and Your full expression when you are serving your clients in a trusted container are like riffing and are going in are plugged into your power and are giving it your all but you and your marketing you and this may be like residual industry trauma of like you were taught to do it this way. And you don’t feel like you’re an expert yet. So you feel clunky. And you know, and this is your invitation like, let this training be your invitation to rip that shit up, rolling around like confetti and decide that you and only you know exactly what to say any other expert who made you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing does not get a place to advise you in anything period. Okay?

If you are feeling like there is a disconnect between the potency in the medicine of what you offer to your people, and what is coming through online, I want you to ask yourself, why? Where are you not saying the thing? Where are you not allowing yourself to be fully expressed? Where are you editing yourself? Where are you making marketing more complicated than it is? Marketing is a conversation, you and the people that you serve you and the people that you are here to help? Are you allowing a message that is resonant? That is true. And there are so many different messages, I’m sure each of you could share that with land like gold in the hearts of the people that you serve? Are you allowing that to come through you? If you’re not, you need to ask yourself why? If you’re not we need to look at where’s the filter. And there may be some like mindset work and some energy work and some belief work. Imposter Syndrome work any of that to clear up and do but I’m telling you the strategy is to say the thing.

Why momentum and energy is more important than curation

We’re in a really interesting time right now. We’re in a really interesting time right now in this industry, you guys. Whereas a few years ago, I think it was all about the like rose gold, hyper polished, you know, perfectly curated existence. I don’t know about you, but like that shit. I mean, I want professional Yeah, for sure. But like perfection, over curation is less of the vibe. I connect more with somebody who feels like they have their finger freaking plugged in to the socket of the universe and they have momentum moving through them. They have a message moving through them, they have power moving through them, I can feel what they’re saying alive in my bones. That’s when I buy that’s when I press purchase. That’s when I say sign me up is Is it alive for you? Do you feel me on this? So if you are noticing that you have either a process in your content creation process, and I’m going to give you an idea right now, that is something that I tell all of my clients Is that I think is really useful. I want you to pay attention to where your business is not set up to support you to save the things, okay. And you can bring a whole bunch of strategy and tactic to surround you saying the thing and getting out to the most amount of people. Okay, we repurpose. This video is going to be repurposed as a podcast episode, I am here with my finger fucking plugged into the socket of the universe. And you’re either listening to this on Instagram, or you’re listening to this on a podcast episode in a couple of weeks from when I recorded it. Okay, so that’s an example of like a strategy that amplifies the thing but does but a tactic rather than amplifies the strategy. But the strategy is that when something is alive for me, I write it down, I put a time in my calendar, and I let it rip, I let it come through. And it’s not random, it is something that I am supporting clients with. It’s something that I’m seeing as a trend, it’s something that I noticing is happening in a lot of different places. So it’s something that needs to be talked about. This is how you build momentum in your business is that you practice saying the thing as your marketing strategy as your content strategy. And so I’m going to give you a very tactical tip, right now, this is a tactic, okay, to support the strategy, I want you to carve out time in your calendar. So if you use Google Calendar, I mean, I don’t even know what other people I only use Google Calendar. So whatever other systems, or I guess people use Apple calendar, whatever. In your calendar, I want you to look at it. And whatever you have scheduled in, you might have client calls, you might have a call with your mentor, you might have trainings or masterclass that you’ve signed up for. Wherever you see an item on your calendar, I want you to identify an activity of meeting something that you have scheduled in that you know, will light a fire under your butt, okay, this could be a coaching call with your mentor, this could be a coaching call that you are going to deliver. So a call with one of your clients, they both probably give you energy, right in a different way. I know I’ve always lit up like a freaking Christmas tree, after I coach my clients. So there’s there’s that it could be a master class that you attend, it could be whatever any number of things I want you to identify somewhere in the next week. Forget do it in the next three days before Friday. Where is there an activity that you know is going to give you some juice? And you might be like, Well, look, it’s right now I’m freaking lit up after watching this training good. If you’ve got time after this, I want you to do it after this. If you don’t, I want you to find another time in the next few days on your calendar, something that’s going to give you some energy, something that’s going to give you some fire something that’s going to give you some juice. And I want you to take some time. And I want you to prioritize what came out of that. That is a nugget that you can share what in that conversation sparked something that you want to let come through you. This is how you practice and put strategy around saying the damn thing.

Why it’s so important to find and record the common themes with your clients

So again, I’m like sharing with you guys some stuff that I’m going to make its own podcast episode in a couple weeks. But one of the ways that I do this, and I share this with my clients, I have a notebook, a notebook that lives by my desk every single day with a pen. And it’s just here, okay? And when I’m on my coaching days when I am coaching clients, I’m here I’m in it, I’m tracking with them. And I’m also noticing what’s coming up in Voxer today, what are some common themes that I’m hearing in my coaching calls, and in between my calls, I jot down words, themes, things that are coming up, and guess what I do that list that is my say the fucking thing list. That is my list for content creation ideas. That is literally how I source what I am going to talk about is where am I noticing. And it’s not the only place I also add to that list from calls of my like coaching experiences times when I’m being poured into insights in a house that I have. Also from books that I’m listening to. There’s there’s so many different sources of input. So client calls are in client conversations and Voxer chats. That’s one place. But that’s not the only place also mentorship that I’m receiving also learning that I’m doing as a part of my own continuing education like all of these and and analogies and relationships. Conversations I’m having with friends my husband like this is yes, it’s so simple. It’s so simple and it’s such a turn on for busy people like I’m talking old fucking school. Pen and paper, it doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be so impactful, what makes it convert what makes it work? What makes it have magic and momentum is that you are saying the thing. So the calendar exercise is I want you to identify where is somewhere on your calendar that you know is going to give you fire that’s going to give you heat that’s going to give you energy that’s going to allow you to have something to say. And can you budget 15 minutes, flock it off, and you can block it off. As in like you have to give a title to your shit and in what’s it called Google Calendar, right? I want you to put that 15 minute block of time, that 15 minute block of time is say the fucking thing. Okay, save. Done. That’s what you’re doing in that time. You can go live on Instagram, you can record a podcast episode, you can write a quick post on your phone. Don’t even bother editing it, just let it rip. You can do face to stories. Dear God, let’s hope you have the caption features. You don’t have to spend a million hours captioning it. Save the thing. 15 minutes, it doesn’t have to take a long time. This is not a long transmission. This is a brief dropped in, I have something to say it’s coming out on the wedding, you hear it? This strategy will transform your business. It will transform your relationship with your audience, it will transform the way that people connect with you because what happens? Let’s just take this as an example. Let’s do a meta example right now. Do you feel connected to me right now? Do you feel connected to what I’m saying? More than just reading a post? Can you feel my energy right now? Can you feel wow, this is what it’s like to be coached by Cait. Fuck, whoa, right? You’re feeling some of that right? Or maybe you’re like this is shit. So whatever. The point is, you can probably feel this woman has something to say this woman is like dropped in when she is coaching this woman is like channeling some freaking codes, and has an energetic blueprint that is unmistakable. And she is speaking detail wise, about a strategy.

How to bring people into your world (and invite them to stay)

Guys, the end like we’re just like doing this as a giant lab experiment right now. Right and I’m using what’s happening with you, I am saying about this is when you practice saying the thing. You give people instant access to feel you. That is what makes not just like conversions, not just numbers, not just sales. This is how you attract soulmate clients. This is how you bring people into your world who stay in your world. This is how you create an audience and build a community and build momentum that is like soul deep and soul resonant not just like get a number into your program. But like, actually build an audience, build a client base, build a community of people who come into your world and want to stay in your world who want to be in your world who will shout your name from the rooftops, who do that with integrity over a long period of time. That is how you do this by letting yourself be felt and be seen. But unless you have a practice, you have a habit, you have a structure in your business.

This is why like, if you are not practicing saying the thing, if you are still caught up in how do i repurpose? Or how do I you know, should I do five posts a week or three posts a week? should I do 20 hashtags or 30 hashtags? Sister, you’re not focusing on the right strategy. You’re focused on noise you’re focused on. And I’m not saying you know, don’t pay attention to that stuff. But like, Don’t get caught up in the small shit. That isn’t where the results happen. There are days I forget to post hashtags. There are days that like, you know, whatever, and it that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter. This wasn’t live this live wasn’t pre scheduled this live was my finger plugged into the socket of the universe being like, holy shit. There’s a super strong strategy training that’s coming through. It’s not even on my calendar. I have a gap before childcare is over. I’m going baby. I’m going I’m just letting it rip.

And I guarantee you because and I’m not doing this to sound braggy but every single time I do one of these we get leads and we get clients every single time not because there’s any secret magic hyper complicated thing again, I am literally balancing you people on my on my computer. That’s where you’re living on my computer. I’m not even there’s not even a phone stand. This is simple shit you guys But this is a strategy that works. Because it’s about connecting with your people. It’s about getting your content out in a way that is resonant. It’s about making sure your days have enough white space around. The things that fill you up. Today is my heavy coaching call day. And I’m still going live. Why and I do that intentionally. Why? Because there is so much gold that has come through today. And yesterday, I also do calls on Tuesdays, there’s so much gold that’s built up. This list in front of me is like bursting. It’s like screaming at my face. I have some other shit to do. In the next 15 minutes, little tidying up, wrapping up, add many stuff, but this, this is the magic.

So I want you to prioritize that 15 minutes in your calendar of making sure that you are saying the thing. Let it come through. Let that inspiration flow, deliver some potent value to your community. Don’t overthink it, please don’t overthink it. Dear God, don’t overthink. does this tie in enough to what I’m selling next? Who fucking cares? If people can feel you, if people feel like that woman just gave me so much value before I paid her a sense. I want to get in the room with her. I want my business. In her field, I want that support. The conversion is going to take care of itself. I hope that this was valuable for you guys today. I am like I am feeling so lit up by this. Say the fucking thing. That’s the multimillion dollar strategy. There’s tactic and structure that you can put around that. We’ve talked about it today. I hope this was helpful for you guys, please send me a DM on Instagram. We have a couple of incredible freaking things that are happening right now. I love you all. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being part of this community.

Don’t forget to say the freaking thing and if you want to tag me in your stories after you do that, I would love to see you getting out there and saying the freaking thing I love you all have a beautiful blessed day. If you want to know more about working together send me a DM. Bye guys. Thank you so much for listening to this week’s episode of The borns arise podcast. If you liked what you heard, head on over to iTunes and leave us a review and make sure to check out born to rise to stay tuned for next week’s episode. I’ll see you there.

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