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Episode 147: The #1 Mindset Block That Prevents Money from Flowing In

Episode 147: The #1 Mindset Block That Prevents Money from Flowing In

I’m so freakin stoked to be here with you, we have something very, very important to talk about. This is a big day. For so many reasons, I have a couple of really important things to share. It is a really big day here at CSI, doors for allow have just opened, which I’m super excited about celebrating all of the amazing freaking women who are already inside of this program. But I wanted to come on here to talk to you guys about mindset. And to talk about this block that I see women at every single stage of business, whether you are just starting out whether you’re scaling up to your first six figure year, whether you are scaling to six figure months, whether you have already stabilized six figure months and are scaling beyond. What I’m going to talk about today is relevant, it comes up, it recurs, it is a theme. And if you want to master not only your next love income, this is so important you guys not only your next level of income, but your ability to continuously, continuously be able to rise continuously be able to expand continuously be able to hit your next level and your next level and your next level, you must be aware of this pattern of this tendency of this thing that happens to us that happens to us as entrepreneurs in our brains in our minds and how to shift out of that.

The single and simplest mindset block that stops money from flowing in

Let’s just jump right in. The number one mindset block guys that prevents money from flowing in. This might seem so simple. Oftentimes, it’s the biggest moneymakers that are actually the simplest things, it’s actually shifting them. That’s the hard work but knowing them. So often, it’s like the thing that’s straight in front of our face, the biggest number one mindset block that stops more money from coming in, is not feeling worthy to receive more. I’m gonna say that again, the biggest mindset block the number one mindset block that stops more money from flowing in calibrating to your next level of income, and I’m going to unpack this is not feeling worthy of more money coming in. Now, let’s just go into this for a second.

How many of you guys when you entered the online space felt like, oh my god, is it really okay for me to desire XYZ. I know that when I first started guys, I came to entrepreneurship. From a teaching background. I have a master’s in teaching. I come from a yoga background, a lot of like, somatic based yoga practitioner work, women’s leadership stuff, that’s my training. But I came you guys, as a teacher earning $38,000 a year. That’s what like as a woman with a master’s degree educated at some of the best schools in the United States. And that, to me, to be honest, felt like whoa, like that’s a really good salary. Like that’s what somebody who is doing meaningful work transforming lives, like in the business and in the process of transforming and supporting others to transform like that’s what I’m allowed to charge. So interesting allowed to charge right? That’s what I’m allowed to charge. That’s what I’m allowed to earn. I remember when I was looking at just the online coaching industry in general and online business, the very story The very thought of whoa, whoa, hold on, you’re telling me I can make a six figure annual salary, from coaching from using my gifts to transform people’s lives. Like you’re telling me I’m allowed to do that. It was incredibly, incredibly confronting and I spent a lot of time again, mindset wise, I spent a lot of time justifying and playing over stories in my mind of how people who are heart centered and really want to serve others like they should do so from, you know, the goodness of their heart, they should do so because they’re in the business of wanting to see other people succeed. They’re in the business of transforming people’s lives working for the good, good of others, right?

The single and simplest mindset block that stops money from flowing in

How many of us who are heart centered and come to business from a heart centered place? I have this narrative have the story have this underlying insidious belief that in order to help others, right, I need to somehow suffer or I am not worthy of or it is not okay, whether that is culturally, okay, there’s a narrative inside of our families, we’re either going to out earn our partners, or our parents or our siblings, or we’re going to shatter some glass ceiling, and it’s somehow not okay, to receive more money. It’s somehow not okay, to rise into a next layer of income, right? So many of us have this block. And this is for and I’m sharing with you how this story in this mindset block played out for me in the very, very beginning. But I see this as well, you guys, for entrepreneurs who have stabilized, let’s say, 30k months, okay. $30,000 a month is a big fucking deal, right. But then I see this with my clients who have who have stabilized 30k months, and they’re playing with the energy of double they’re exponentially up leveling to 60k months. And then I see this with my clients who are at 50 60k a month and scaling up to 80 100k months, right? This block this story of, I’m comfortable here, or I feel like I’ve finally gotten in this ease and in this rhythm and in this ability, and in this deserving this or in this ability to let in and receive at this level.

Have you always felt safe in your desire for more money?

But to go to the next level, to welcome double in to welcome, you know, triple in to amplify even more to that next level. I don’t know if I can receive that, like, is it really safe? The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we holding on to a story that somehow says it is not safe? For me to earn at x level, it is not safe for me to make even more money, it is not safe for me to desire even more money. So let’s unpack this piece by piece right? Number one, we have to ask ourselves like, do we feel like it is not safe? To even desire more? Is there a part of you and like, we’ve got to dive deep into our mindset into our in the inner workings of our brain? Like, where are we telling ourselves, it is not safe for me, or it is somehow bad, it is wrong, I’m being a bad girl, I’m being ungrateful for what I have. I’m being non considerate, I’m not being you know, I’m not being joyful enough with what I already have, maybe I’m wanting too much, right? We project, all of these stories that we’ve accumulated, right? Like in the gluggy, glugs of our inner mind, from people and projections and things that are totally outside of us, we accumulate these narratives that don’t serve. And so all of the sudden, when we’re at this place, when we’re starting to generate momentum, and then we feel you know what, I’m ready for my next level. Internally, there’s a mechanism that shuts us down, that says, the desire for more, the desire to go even bigger, the desire to receive even more money, that’s wrong, that’s bad. Look at the people around you look at the family that you come from, look at blah, blah, blah, and all of these things, right? And we tell ourselves, I’m bad, I’m wrong. I’m not grateful enough, I should be happy with what I have. Why am I not happy with $30,000 months or $50,000 months or $5,000 months doing what I love? Shouldn’t I just be happy there? Shouldn’t I just accept, that’s where I am.

Why this mindset block can even stop you from getting into business

And this you guys, this is the number one block it is the number one block I see with entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Frankly, this stops us from even getting a business like I don’t know where all of you guys are out with your business. I know some of you who are on here are more established, some of you may just be starting out. But even if you are just starting out, this is the thing that blocks most people from taking the leap and going full time into entrepreneurship and letting themselves even generate a matching salary to what it is that they were earning in their corporate job in entrepreneurship. And then again, this thing that stops us from amplifying even more is because we believe we’re somehow bad or wrong for desiring more.

Are you capping your own ability to receive?

And what I want you to do is I want you to examine this belief and ask yourself, Is it really true? Is it really true that I am ungrateful? Because I’m desiring more? Is it really true that telling myself that this is the max that I can receive? And I’m capped out here? Is it really true that that’s serving people around me? Is it really true that that is serving my highest good, the highest good of my family and the highest good of everyone that I meant to impact in this world with the stories but I want you to ask yourself, is it really true that capping your own ability to receive and telling yourself you’re not worthy of more? Is that really serving you? And I’m going to guess that it’s going to take you like two seconds to identify.

You know what, no, that’s not really serving me. It doesn’t serve anyone. It doesn’t serve anybody. When we block more from coming in, and in our mindset in our energetic space in our energetic field, like everything outside of us, you guys, money, love opportunities, relationships, doors that open to us, every single thing in the universe is responding to our energy to our feeling state to our belief system. And when you realize this, you guys like life and business get really freaking cool, live in business get really freaking cool, because we realize we have the potential to change things at the drop of a hat, we realize that we have the potential to literally transform our realities, financial opportunity wise, everything else, by shifting our perspective by shifting the beliefs that we’re holding and therefore shifting the vibration that we are putting out shifting what we are available for and in so doing shifting what comes back to us.

When you realize that, you know what, maybe it’s not that you’re missing a strategy, maybe it’s not that, you know, you just don’t have the team or the content or that this or that that like Sally seven figures has. Maybe it’s not that that you’re missing, maybe just maybe the very biggest reason that more money is not flowing into you with ease is because there is some part of you that believes and that is holding on to an old story that is actually blocking that money. That is that opportunity that momentum from flowing in. I have just freaking loved being here with you today. I hope this has impacted you. I hope this has landed with you. If you have any questions send me a DM if you want to chat anymore about anything send me a DM I just cannot friggin wait. It is truly a financial revolution that we are creating. And I’m so excited to be there with you. I love you all so much. Bye, ladies.

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