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Episode 104: The One Simple Mindset and Marketing Shift That Skyrockets Sales

Episode 104: The One Simple Mindset and Marketing Shift That Skyrockets Sales

Hello radiant entrepreneurs. I am so excited about this because I’ve been having a variant of this conversation with at least five different clients over the past two weeks. And so I know if my people are struggling with this or working on this, they’re not the only ones. Others are working on similar things. So I want to break it down for you here in a very tangible way. 

Why January Is Great For Launches

So let’s talk about this year so far. A lot of people are in launch right now and a lot of people are preparing for launch in pre-launch. January is a really good time for lots of different industries, business industry, health industry, life coaching. January is a time when people are wanting to start fresh, especially January 2021. So many people who are beyond thrilled to throw 2020 in the rear vision mirror and jumpstart whatever they are looking for in whatever field of expertise is. 

We know that for a lot of health coaching programs, this is an amazing time to launch new health coaching initiatives because everyone’s got their new year’s resolutions that they’re working towards or in business. They’re wanting to come out of the gate super strong and just be like boom, this is the year I make those six figures or the year that I make bank. If it is you know done for you work a lot of people book out done for you practices like, web development, copywriting months in advance. So this is such a great time to be in launch.

Where Entrepreneurs Get Caught Up During Launch

So here’s the deal. A lot of entrepreneurs when it comes to being in a launch or being in a sales process or having to market your services, right? I see a lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in complexity. And here’s what I mean by that. We’re going to launch a program, we spend lots of time, so there’s two camps of people. I see camp one be like, I’m just gonna wing it as I go and camp two is like, I’m going to really focus on prepping and pre planning and doing a bunch of stuff. 

So there’s these two camps. Camp like, super prepare everything ahead of time and be very organized and militant about all the content, all the organization, every single stage, I’m going to market the free hype event, and then I’m going to deliver the free hype event. And then I’m going to have a short incentive window. And then I’m going to have two weeks of cart open. And then I’m going to close and get the stragglers last minute. That kind of pre planning. 

And then camp, I’m just going to like flow and put stuff out there, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing, I’m not about to tell you like boom, here’s the one way you have to execute. And that is the thing that’s going to make you successful, right. I’ve had clients have multi multi five figure launches like high multi five figures. By doing both of these different methods, right. 

Inside of my programs, I teach a launch sequence that allows you to have spaciousness, be super planned and prep ahead of time, make sure that your team if you have a team can help you be prepared ahead of time, right. But there’s not only one way to make money, there are so many different ways to make money, whether or not you are in the prepare everything ahead of time camp, or you’re in the like, do it as you go on the fly kind of camp. 

Here is the thing that I see entrepreneurs getting caught up in whether they are already at the multiple six figure level, several of my clients are already at that level. Or they are newer and kind of just starting out working towards making their first 50k or 100k. There’s something about having an offer to sell. I don’t know what this is, it’s so interesting. This is something that still comes up for me and I know how to move through it like lightning speed now, but it’s something that still happens.

And I was just coaching a client through this in Basecamp this morning. We as humans have this fixation and obsession with overcomplicating shit. Okay, if I could do this, how much of the time do we move into launch or we think about something that we’re going to sell or we think about an offer that we’ve created, or we think about something that we’re putting out there. And even if you’ve mapped everything out ahead of time, it can feel like rummaging through your bag, almost like trying to find your keys, like Wait, wait, wait, where’s the thing? What am I doing? Again? How do I make sure that I sell out this launch? Or how do I make sure I hit enough of my sales targets? Or how do I make sure that I enrolled the right people in the program, right? 

There’s almost this like mindset and mental hiccup. Then there’s this execution and marketing hiccup because we think we’re missing something, we think that there is something wrong with our strategy. Or maybe we named the hype event wrong. Or maybe we have one elements of the way that we’re preparing for XYZ that isn’t quite good enough or isn’t quite robust enough. And so we need to go back to the drawing board, back to the proverbial whiteboard in the backend and plan out or do something really different to get the right strategy. 

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Seek Certainty

What we don’t realize is that on a mental level, what we’re doing, we’re seeking safety, and we’re seeking certainty. But I am here to remind you, I know that there’s more than one person here who needs this today. You did not become an entrepreneur because you were seeking certainty. If that were the case, you would still be in a nine-to-five job, or maybe not because hashtag COVID. But you did not become an entrepreneur to have somebody else create certainty for you. You became an entrepreneur so that you could ride through the waves of uncertainty because guess what, that’s all we ever have in this life anyway. 

Not to get too philosophical, but because you wanted to be in control of your own destiny, you want it to be in control of your own bank account, you want it to be the one to set or to blast open the upper limit set on you in terms of what you’re able to generate in terms of income, the impact that you’re able to create. That is why you became an entrepreneur. 

So what do we do this squirrelly thing when it comes to launching a program or being in a sales context? Because we’re like, oh, no, what I’m going to do, or how I’m going to market, I’m missing something or I’m lacking something or it’s not quite good enough, or I must be missing a secret strategy. The reason psychologically, and the reason it’s important to know this is because you can only shift something in any area of life and especially in business –when you’re aware that it’s happening. 

Why We Self-Sabotage

And what I want to bring your attention to is, this is happening. We do this really subtle form of self sabotage, especially with higher level entrepreneurs. We do this self-sabotaging, Oh, I gotta go back to the drawing board to fix this thing. Because we’re overcomplicating, we’re afraid to just implement and do the thing, be good enough and press fucking play, when that is actually the thing that really generates results. 

So I wrote about this in a post the other day, or maybe it was on my Instagram stories, I did a training on this, and I got so many DMS about this. AYou guys hear me say energy impacts execution all of the time. And one of the things that I see happen a lot of the time when we do this self questioning, self doubting thing is that there’s this real pull back. On the execution side, there’s this real pull back. 

Because as the CEO, you’re spending time rather than just implementing the strategy that you developed in the first place, questioning yourself. And all of that time is spent, not on the screen, not marketing, or in front of your audience, right. It’s been offline. It’s been in the back end of a spreadsheet, trying to analyze things. There’s all sorts of subtle ways that we procrastinate, that we self sabotage, that we stall, and doing the work like this. 

The number one thing in your working day, besides delivering to your clients, is selling. If you want to build a seven figure business or a six figure business, you’ve got to be making sales. How are you going to be making sales if you’re not selling? Whoa, like Mind blown emoji, I know. But this might seem so subtle, and simple. But I remind this to my six, multiple six figure clients all the time. 

A Simple Shift To Get Shit Done

So the simple shift that I want you guys to be thinking about is, instead of pulling yourself into the back end of your business and making the issue, your process, making the issue, how you are choosing or how you have chosen to market your business, right. And how you have chosen to market whatever it is that you’re selling. 

Let’s say you have a free hype series or a live masterclass or a week of podcast interviews leading up to cart open for whatever it is that you’re selling. Instead of spending time questioning, tweaking, wanting to modify something in the back end and, and therefore kicking your launch start dates back or moving your reasons for showing up live on your Instagram story on a facebook live in your posts. Instead of marketing showing up delivering that value and having a powerful call to action that tells somebody the next step to take. 

You know the reason that we failed to do this is because we try to kick it down the line. Because we’re chasing perfection, we think we’re missing something. And the shift that I want to encourage you to do is to let good enough, be good enough. Because guess what? There are other people out there who are doing exactly what you’re doing, who are letting good enough, be good enough who are showing up to sell. 

And guess what? It doesn’t matter if you have the Guinness Book world records, perfect poster child plan that you’re working on in the back end. If you’re not selling that on the front end, guess who’s not making sales? You. Guess who’s missing out on clients? You. Guess who’s missing out in massive traffic transformation? The audience that you are not selling to because you’re too busy perfecting.  

Pick Something That Moves The Needle Forward And Do It

So what I really want to encourage you to simply lift the fuck out of your marketing and sales process. Okay, pick one thing and follow through with that thing. By the way, I don’t just mean pick one thing and pick it from out of the sky. I mean, pick one thing you have observed in data in your own business that actually moves the needle. 

So I’ll give you a really concrete example for me. I know something that always moves the needle for me in launches is showing my face, adding value, delivering very tangible, insightful nuggets of teaching wisdom, and giving people a pathway to expand upon and have that knowledge personally applied to their business to be coached through that process so that they can see the results that I’m describing. That the theory that I’m putting out there yields results. 

So for example, yesterday in my Instagram story, and this is something that I’ve been doing for the last week inside of my Instagram stories and something I do whether I’m in launch or not, is sharing little client lessons, many times teaching lessons mini trainings inside of my stories. I love doing this because it’s a very bite sized digestible way to share really high impact tools to my community. 

I have anywhere between 200 on a random bad day to 1200 people seeing my stories daily on Instagram. So I know that’s a very leverageable place. And I’m not going to go down the path of like, okay, but no one’s seeing my stories, guys. I had an audience of zero people, when I started just keep sharing that shit, your numbers will grow. Okay, so for anyone who’s like, Oh, well, you have a really large audience, I do. But I grew that by showing up daily, okay, so don’t even let that be an excuse of why this method wouldn’t work for you. 

Give Value First, Followed By Call To Action

So, back to simplifying, I know that a piece of a marketing action that yields big results for me always in my business is sharing extreme value. I’m very, very adamant about having fluff free trainings, content very action oriented, content that you can apply in your business and see an immediate result. Because that is just such value in and of itself. It shows Okay, wow. If that’s what I’m getting from her free stuff, imagine what I’m getting inside of a container. 

Show up. If I show up five minutes a day on my Instagram stories with a valuable lesson, caption those slides and give super super value with an action step to take the next step to sell. So you can actually go onto my Instagram stories. I was out on a walk yesterday. I was by myself. out on a walk, I shared a nugget of wisdom, we got a couple of applications in for my mastermind. Take five minutes and go on my Instagram stories and selling if you go on there,  do this as a little case study. You’re not going to view that story and think God, Cait is such a skeezy salesperson, she’s just shoving her offers down our throat. 

No, I’m sharing a really valuable lesson, a really valuable reminder and offering a pathway of support to join the Radiant Living School Mastermind for somebody who is wanting help executing on that concept and being held accountable to execute on that concept for greater results in her business. So simple. Not a complicated marketing strategy. But I am consistent with it, I make sure that the value is there first followed by the call to action and the pathway to the next step of transformation. And I do this every day while I’m in launch. I do this while I’m not in launch to continue to nurture and fuel and build relationships with my audience so that the next time that I sell, it’s very, very easy to have that sales come in. 

The way that we show up and execute is first and foremost determined by energy. Instagram Stories is not enough, or it’s not robust enough of a strategy, or I really should build out this thing. Guess what? I wouldn’t have gone front facing in my business, I would have stayed on the back end, fine tuning something trying to work out a sales page or work out of this or work out of that in order to be worthy of or be ready to sell. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you been guilty of that of hanging out in your back end as opposed to just getting your face in front of your people to talk to them to connect with them, to connect the dots for them to deliver value to them and to offer them the pathway to the next step of working with you inside of the offer whatever that may be of what you’re selling. 

This is simple guys. It’s the most simple marketing and messaging thing that we could possibly do but it’s something that I see so many entrepreneurs overcomplicate. So my invitation to you if you are caught up in the process right now of really overcomplicated you’re launching, really over complicating your selling process. 

I want you to ask yourself, number one, are you giving people a way to work with you and selling to them every day? If you are not, please do not be a bit of a hard mama right now. But if you are not please don’t come crying to me about I’m not making sales. I’m just joking. Obviously I’m here to help you with that. 

But if you’re not making sales, the first fucking question to ask yourself is are you selling anything. If you’re not, lightbulb moment, you can laugh and just realize oh, right, I don’t know anybody in this online space, whether they are selling passive. Don’t even get me going down that rabbit hole because there is nothing that is truly passive. But that’s another story. 

And it’s a very shiny object. Oh, if only I had a funnel to do it all for me guys, a funnel is just automating a process that needs to happen. Whether you’re doing it live in organic, whether you’re doing it through paid ads and evergreen, it’s the same exact thing. We build a relationship, we add value, we give people a step, we make that step. 

So evident as the gap or bridge between where your people are and where they want to go, we match up the problem with the solution you’ve created, we give people a pathway and incentive to get there. Same thing happens passive and evergreen, I don’t even remember why I started talking about that. But no matter what it is you’re selling, or how you’re selling, if you are not selling, you’re not going to be making sales. 

This shift is the most simple shift that I can encourage you to do. Ask yourself, what is the one action per day that you can commit to doing on the front end of your business? When you are in launch? When you are when you are selling something? Even if it’s not a live big, huge launch? But let’s say you’re selling an evergreen VIP program? Are you selling that? Are you selling that on a regular consistent basis? Are you selling that multiple times a week? Are you giving your audience multiple, excuse me, touchpoints to know how they can take that step to work with you. If you’re not doing that? 

I want you to ask your like, first and foremost, analyze if you’re doing that. Secondly, look at the data in your business, what actions yield the biggest results in terms of lead gen in terms of warming and converting? Cool leads into warm leads warm leads into hot leads or paying clients. What is the action that yields those results? 

Picking A Strategy & Sticking With It

So I know for me, the more that I and this is where picking a strategy and sticking with it until you get results is so valuable. And I teach my clients this all the time. If you’re hopping around like hot potato hot,from one strategy to the next it’s gonna be really hard to even get that data because you don’t have enough longevity to actually pool in to pull the data from. 

But if you are consistent in showing up on a live stream on Facebook every day showing up in your Instagram Stories every day, making sure that you’re writing five really valuable posts every day, a blog every day, whatever your method is, pick the thing that’s going to yield and that has shown you that it yields interest from your people. That you get feedback from that you gain traction in and commit to doing that thing on the front end, every single day. 

Clear the rest, clear the noise, make sure that you resist the temptation to perfect like a mad scientist in the back end of your business until you have the perfect way to sell. There is no perfect way to sell, there is no such thing as perfect. We make sales, we change people’s lives, we get the right humans into our realities and into our world and into our offers and into our programs by showing up now, giving them the value now and giving them the reason to buy now and take the next step now. Not later when it’s more perfect when it’s more optimized when it’s more this, when it’s more that. 

Getting Out Of The Back End & Into The Front End Of Your Launch

So I want you to make this small, simple mindset and marketing shifts, get out of the back end, get into the front end and show your face to your people every single day. It’s not about how it’s not about Instagram stories or Facebook Live, IGTV, or Reels. That’s not the conversation and the question. 

The question is, is your face in front of your people every single day? Are you selling? That’s it. Simplify the shit out of it. Watch how this makes you guys money. Because I promise you, when you do this, you will start to see money coming into your business in a very big way. I really just think this is the message that so many of us need to hear right now especially when we can all get so caught up in tinkering and tweaking and making our ship perfect. 

Get out there, get your face in front of your people, get your good work in the hands of the people who need you. 

If you are looking for a space to be held accountable on the energetic level on the mindset level, most importantly on the marketing execution, actually putting your stuff out there making sales level and held accountable guys is the key here. 

Radiant Living School Mastermind

If you are looking to be held accountable and actually perfect this thing that I’m talking about to see massive and I mean truly massive results in your business sign up for the Radiant Living School Mastermind which is my six month mastermind for bosses scaling up to six figures.

I am obsessed by the women who are already inside of this program. So many are making huge waves already. One booked out her VIP, one just quit her nine to five. It is all happening inside of this container if you are looking for my support over the course of a six week period to be massively held accountable on the energy and mindset confidence plane as well as the tactical mindset strategic execution plane. 

I would love to support you and we’d love to read your application. We only have three spots left and a few more applications have come in that I still have to review so make sure you get that application in ASAP. Do not wait. I am so freaking looking forward to supporting you. If you are ready to go to the stars you know you’re headed for your first six figures. This is the container to get there. 

You can always send me a DM on Facebook on Instagram rather if you have any questions about this offer, and everything you need is on the sales page. So thank you guys so much for showing up. Bye, everyone.

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