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Episode 10: Delegation Equals Dollars: How to Play in our Zone of Genius and Delegate the Rest

Episode 10: Delegation Equals Dollars: How to Play in our Zone of Genius and Delegate the Rest

As business owners, we feel so compelled to be hands-on all the time which oftentimes lead to frustration and headaches. For me, one of the major reasons for burnout is feeling the need to do all the things by myself. In Episode 8 of the BTR Podcast, I share why delegating equals dollars for you and your business. We’ll talk about beneficial information and tips about delegation – something that many, many business owners struggle with.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from scaling my 6-figure business is that delegating, while not always easy, is absolutely essential. We’ll talk about the whys, hows, whats of delegating to make you feel more sane and effective in your business.

Here’s a closer look at what we cover in this episode:

  • 3 essential reasons why delegating matters and why it equals dollars.
  • 2 major categories of delegation that you need in your business to scale your company – head and hands.
  • I share my own experience in delegation through the example of creating my podcast.
  • The hows of delegating effectively:
    1. Get to know your own core skillset and play only in your zone of genius.
    2. Make a list of everything that you’re doing and identify if it’s just busy body activities or money-making activities.
    3. Build out your team.
    4. Delegate properly and brief with complete expectations, guidelines and deadlines.

Resources to help you figure out your strengths:
Zone of Genius Quiz by Cait
Gallup Strengths Finder
Myers-Briggs Assessment
Delegating Checklist by Cait

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