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Episode 175: Redefining VALUE to Unlock Quantum Growth

Episode 175: Redefining VALUE to Unlock Quantum Growth

We are going to be talking about how marketing in to unlock true next level leadership is alignment simplicity in our business process and not sacrifice profit, massive allow not sacrifice exponential growth in our business, how actually redefining and re looking at the way in which we market the way in which we even conceptualize what it means to use the tools available to us. What are not only opportunities, but quite frankly, from my perspective, what our responsibility is, as business owners in this space as business owners here not to just make a quick buck, but to generate a sustainably profitable business that shapes culture that builds leaders, that builds so much freaking money that changes the world. Okay, so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. We’re gonna be talking about unlocking ease, alignment, simplicity in the marketing process and how we can do that in a responsible, ethical, sustainable way.

How my client was able to celebrate a $100k cash month with ease

I want to share with you guys a story of one of my clients right now who is celebrating who just celebrated 100k Cash month and her business soon to be like 125k in five weeks. This woman is amazing. So driven, she is in the beginning of one of her launches. And she literally I had a call with her this week. And one of the things that she shared with me is I have never felt so at ease in my business like it is never felt as easy as it feels right now. And I was just like, yes, that is music to my ears. The most smooth, simple process like dream clients falling out of the sky. Don’t we love when that happens? And it feels like wait, how does that happen? How does that happen? For some people that people just fall out of the sky and they want to pay that happens not by accident that happens from intention. So while there are absolutely structural components strategy, we have dove like I have walked through with her like my launch strategy to an absolute tee to nauseating detail there is a structural component that has allowed that ease to feel possible. There is another element that is making this easiest launch he’s ever had most fulfilling launch he’s ever had most momentous launch he’s ever had. This is not just a tool that I am using to hit consistent six figure months 150k months. This is not unique. This is something that can be adopted, it can be lived and breathed into. So whether you are scaling up to your first 20k month you’re scaling up to your first 50k month, your first 100k Month 100k Doesn’t matter. This conversation is relevant for you also.

The one thing that creates ease, alignment, and momentum in your business

So how do we start to unlock that level of ease? How do we start to unlock that level of simplicity where we’re not wasting time doing a lot of the stuff that a lot of us inherited as tasks requirements of powerful marketing? Yes, structure and strategy is important. And yet this other piece of radical clarity and intentionality around our words and our energy. Actually, you guys, this is the new conversation around marketing that we need to be having. It is one of our core focuses in the rise man mastermind, which is currently the waitlist is currently open for that you can check out the link in my bio to get on the waitlist to save $5,000 Plus unlock a whole heap of additional bonus material that is worth like well over 10k. All, it’s just like insane. So check that out if you haven’t already. But one of our core inquiries next year in the rise mastermind is truly around understanding the interrelationship between our words, our energy and our strategy and our structures.

Why you need to speak to a frequency of the client that you’re calling in

One of the things that creates ease and momentum, and alignment is looking at the frequency that we are emitting into the internet. I think so many of us have come to believe or adopt, or we’ve taken business courses from business experts are business coaches who have, you know, all of these things that we want the luxury villa and blahdy blahdy, blah, and we think that person knows at all that person is going to be my ticket, my key my gateway into success or whatever, right. And what I see happening a lot of the time, a lot of the women that I come to work with, they’re feeling overwhelmed with information, they’re feeling like it’s saturated with a sense of there’s one particular way in this industry that I need to follow in order to succeed. And what happens is that when we buy that line, when we follow a, a method that we’ve been sold and told is our one method or one ticket to success, we forget who we actually are. And my invitation to you. This is like a core intention inside of every program that I teach that I coach in, that I create is helping women build a profitable AF business from their own unique magic from what is inside of them wanting to come out from what they have uniquely to contribute and to offer. And I think we need to start working in a completely inverse way from a lot of the ways that are being perpetuated and taught. One of the things that I was sharing in my Instagram story yesterday that so many of you guys responded to if you watched my story sequence, please leave a comment below, let me know what most stood out to you in that conversation is redefining our sense of the giving value, what it means to give value, what it means what it means to be a value, what it even means to be an expert. Let’s start there, what it means to be an expert in the online space.

So many business trainings tell you you know, like give a lot of free value, give it give your free value here make sure you’re giving enough value. It begs the question, what are we even defining as giving value? Does it mean to promote? or provide rather three free trainings per week? Does it mean to go live in your Facebook group once a week? Does it mean to produce a solo episode where you’re training on a particular topic? Does it mean to have an ebook available for download where wherein you reverse engineer a four step process? What does it mean to give value? How are we defining what is our definition of giving value? One of the silence epidemics I want to say in the online space is this subtle hijacking of the collective psyche into feeling like we are missing something feeling like we have forgotten something one of the things that I am leaning into so heavily and inquiry I’m leaning into so heavily that is just so beautiful. In my own marketing is how do I market, my programs, my coaching my offerings from a place of complete and total spaciousness from a place of desire rather than a place of lack? Wherein you get to remember that yes, I have built something extraordinary. Yes, I’m damn good at strategy. Yes. I know a shit ton about digital marketing and branding and soul centered sales and building a team that operates and flows like a structure beneath you to support you to fly. Yeah. And your unique medicine, your unique magic, your message to share with the world is completely and totally yours and you are the world class expert on that. Not me. How do we operate in a symbiotic way to some For you to fly and flourish and grow and expand, that is the vibe. That’s the inquiry. And so I am just really relishing this inquiry of like, what does it look like to eradicate scarcity based marketing? Completely ensure human beings are motivated by what we are worried about missing out on and FOMO is a motivator. And we do things at the last minute and all of that stuff. Yeah, sure. But I am in I’m like, show me the women who are motivated by desire more than they’re motivated by fear. Show me the women who are moved to action into invest in themselves because of the woman that they see themselves becoming. Not because they are in the middle of a crisis. Show me the women who want to invest in in their own expansion, their own rise, because they know that the potential welling up within them is like dripping with juice, and it’s just ready to explode. It’s really ready to be elevated and she knows this woman knows that she wants she can rise any which way she can rise, grinding it out, saying up till midnight googling stuff, YouTubing it all just hacking it all herself, show me the woman who says I am unavailable for that struggle, I choose to rise support it I choose to rise in sisterhood I choose myself as my own best asset, how can I speak to her on that frequency. And so my love, the value of everything that I just shared with you is speaking to a frequency that elicits the exact kind of woman that I love working with that I see gaining such momentous results like the ones that I’ve spoken to in this video. That kind of woman is the woman that I’m calling in.

Redefining your sense of value

And what I asked as our guiding question in the beginning of this is like redefining our sense of value, I think it’s really important that we expand and broaden our definition of value to not just being can I provide a powerful bullet point, PowerPoint at presentation for you, Hades in high gorgeous for you to take away, our definition of value is longing to expand to how can I be an embodiment and an initiator of a conversation that feels like a part of my soul coming home, like a part of my essence, like a part of my deep knowing being reflected back to me, standing in your power, as a leader as a voice for work that is on the precipice of exploding of contributing something unique and powerful to the space that is your value. You don’t need to slog yourself and work from this way. And from this place of being unworthy and needing to prove and show yourself I think one of the major like the helpful lenses or frames that we can put around redefining value is being embodying speaking to at this frequency of potency and power, versus needing to prove our worthiness of having a microphone or worthiness of being in the space. That’s where I see a lot of business owners who are like Kate, things aren’t converting or no one’s no one’s wanting to sign with my program. And it’s like, Are you leading? Are you teaching? are you marketing from? Yeah, yeah. Cool. You’ve got a lot of great Intel, you’ve got a lot of great knowledge, but as your frequency is your vibe, is it speaking to women in such a way that with your nonverbal communication, you are suggesting? I’m trying to prove myself to you as an expert. I am saying one thing and appearing very knowledgeable over here. But on this nonverbal frequency, I’m communicating the fact that I feel a little frantic and that I don’t feel inherently powerful in the way that I speak the way that I teach the way that I lead. I don’t know where else I’m sure it’s happening. I don’t know where else this conversation is happening in the business and marketing space with high level business owners like why are we not talking about this more? This is one of the core when we talk about new if you didn’t catch my live from earlier this week. Make sure you go back and watch it I talked about how energy and strategy genuine notice you’re in rise this year. It’s one of the like, we are just in this dance of how these two things enter relate with each other? How does how to energy mindset vibe competence focus? How does that directly relate to our strategy to our structure to the bones, that support us in our growth in our expansion? One of the things that I think is just essential, essential essential essential for us to examine is how we are speaking because when we I said this on my stories yesterday, you guys, we are going to receive the same amount like everything is a mirror in our business, if we are attracting a either no clients or B clients who are needy, unsure of themselves, and I just want to I’m going to circle back to that like needy clients. I don’t want you to hear that and think, oh my gosh, like your clients are never supposed to use your services because I see marketing on the flip side of that which like is like oh, like needy clients are the worst. And yo our clients pay us to like be in their corner and support them them reaching out asking you a question, wanting bounce, wanting feedback, that’s not a needy client. That’s not what I’m talking about. Okay. And I think that this is like one of my pet peeves is when you know, high on a hill, in their golden palace coaches talk about needy clients in this really like derogatory way. And it just, it feels so gross. To me, it’s like your clients are paying you money to support them, them, wanting support, wanting, wanting your feedback, your presence, that doesn’t make a needy client. That’s not what I’m talking about. So to be very explicit in my language, I don’t mean clients who tap into the resource that they’ve invested in what I’m taught when I say needy client, what I mean is a client who is giving her power to you repeatedly, who is in a dynamic and in a relationship with you wherein she is outsourcing her own knowing her own intuition, her own sense of what is right to you by default. And there are a lot of ways that coaches are complicit. A lot of business coaches as well are complicit in this power transference. It plays into this guru staticy thing. And that’s not how we rise. It’s a house of cards, and it’s all going to come toppling down at one point or another. So the inquiry that I am bringing into this space is what does it look like to radically redefine the way that we lead the way that we market the way that we sell the way that we earn and the way that we rise? What does it mean to radically redefine how not just hitting a 50k month but how we get there, the way that we inspire our people, the kind of leadership that we exude if we are on this hamster wheel to just make a sale and sign a client and yet we’re doing this Hi, Courtney, we’re doing so from a place of speaking to the frequency of people’s felt sense of inadequacy, people’s felt sense of not worthiness, people’s felt sense of not knowing we are perpetuating harm. We are perpetuating a narrative of not enoughness we are harming our clients and our future clients. What does it look like to lead in a different way? What does it look like to rise in a different way. And I think this is where like, I am so passionate about bringing this conversation back to clients igniting a remembrance of their own your own power, being a leader and an expert in a way that is so much more vast and expansive than you are even giving yourself credit for in this moment.

The marriage of energy and strategy

The marriage of energy and strategy is what creates it’s like this Shiva Shakti flow that creates the most beautiful, robust, tightly contained, nourished, you know, I think about like, you know, that gift where it’s like women stepping on other woman’s hands and everyone lifting each other up. If there was no structure if there was no force, if there was no tight knit web, enabling us to step up and fly we would all fall down. And similarly, if there was no verb, if there was no spring in our step, we wouldn’t go anywhere. We need both. We need both energy and strategy. But when we mark it to the dangly secrets of just this one thing that you’re lacking, what we’re doing is we’re robbing our clients. We’re growing our wealth. We’re growing our businesses from this from this very short sighted approach of stripping our clients and our future clients of their power and stripping ourselves of our own power, magic and medicine. What is the other way look like what is the new way look like what is trying to be born through us how else is available to us to rise? I have some thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. How else is it available to us to to rise? Number one, we have radical clarity and intentionality around our words and our actions. We have radical clarity and intentionality around our words and our actions. What I mean by that is we pay attention to how we mark it. We pay attention to how we speak to people we pay attention to not just our launch plan and our count content calendars, but we pay attention to how we execute those pieces of content. Do you have a live stream training or a Instagram story training put on your calendar and thinking that topic alone is going to convert? No, that topic alone is not going to convert the the what’s going to convert the special sauce inside of that marketing activity is the energetic frequency that you emit. is the embodiment that you exude is the leadership that you possess and communicate non verbally to your people. It is both and it is both and it is having a strategic and intentional lens timeline framework and showing up to execute inside that with so much intentionality, power, poise and embodiment. We need both of these pieces. That is a really big, missing piece right now when we think about leadership, I want to ask you, you know, you want to reverse engineer and I’ve got some posts coming out the you know, in the next week that’s going to talk about reverse engineering your way to a 50k month I remember when I was moving from 20 years ago, and I was moving from 20k months to 50k months, it felt like a huge jump. And when I was moving from 5k months to 10k months or 15k months again, it felt like a huge jump. And at every single stage and phase of business you know, we’ve moved recently from 100k months to 150k months it ever it’s like new level new devil at every single stage of expansion and growth. Every stage you guys it is a marriage of energy and strategy that moves you there a marriage of storytelling letting yourself be seen exposing the essence of all that you are and product suite, a launch plan that spacious team infrastructure that supports scaling, it is a both and marriage.

Activating and unlocking your next levels of income, impact, and momentum

And I want this conversation to be had more in this space, I want more of us to be thinking about how supported we are in Yes, expanding our repertoire and our sense of infrastructure and support but also unleashing and unlocking the unique energy leadership and embodiment that only you can activate only you can exude only you can channel only you can communicate, unlocking your next levels of income and of impact of visibility of potency, of aligned clients of raise prices that comes from you. Matching in your energy and in your execution. Who you are becoming what you are stepping into where you are rising to if this conversation and I know many of you have come on, it’s just so beautiful to be here with you. If this conversation has ignited something in you, you feel a resonance that you can’t even really describe it, you know is true. I’m so happy I would love to get a DM from you and hear what you resonated most with in this conversation. And to invite you to really redefine the way that you define value. If you are finding it hard to increase your monthly income. You’re finding that you’re surrounded by clients who are outsourcing their power to you. It’s time to redefine your definition of value. It’s time to relook at the way that you are positioning yourself as an expert in trying to get to those 20 3040 50k months. And it’s time to simplify. It’s time to focus on getting the structure that you need and the support you need and the intelligent products with that you need to scale and it’s time to start embodying a kind of leadership that has people saying yep, I don’t even need to see the sales page. I want to be in your energy. You have wisdom codes, musings message that I feel elevated by just by being in your presence. I am not buying from you or investing in you because you have something that I lack it’s because you embody a part of me that I am learning how to remember that is unlocking next level ease next level money next level momentum.

If this speaks to you in a resonant way, I invite you to get your booty on the rise mastermind waitlist we have just opened the waitlist guys the doors I’m so glad this resonates with you Monica, Courtney. Guys the doors to rise 2022 Yes, we are opening this early because it’s so last year, we opened it in August, and we were two thirds full by September. We sell out of this program every year it is my signature mastermind. It is like the more I could just cry, I am obsessed with the women that I serve inside of this container. We go so deep, we do the real work, you go to the rise mastermind weightless page, which is at the link in my bio, you can see about the insane results that our clients get. They grow their businesses exponentially. And they navigate through challenge and find themselves with so much more grace, resilience, poise power, I’m sick of business coaches talking about like, oh, you joined my program and like you started like pooping gold like, no, the women inside the program still deal with hard stuff in business. So do why everybody does. But the kind of community support that you get to overcome obstacles to treat your business like a CEO, to scale your team with integrity to start to operate. Like A Leader is just so extraordinary. And they’ve grown their businesses, their revenue, their profit in a massive way as well. You can read a bunch of those results there. If this resonates with you, if you have been knowing in your bones, you’ve been watching other women crush it and succeed and that part of you is like so activated because you know, you see you’re witnessing the potential that you also have to start generating the kind of money that you desire. You’re an established entrepreneur, but you are craving more consistent cash flow, a deluge of clients that mimic and reflect where your soul is meant to be playing on this planet. You know, you are meant to be so compensated for your magic and your gifts and you’re ready to start receiving at that level. Apply for the rise mastermind that is the invitation. I am blown away by the women we’ve already got so many applications half a dozen applications in like a day. I’m so blown away by the women that we already have signed up for next year. And by the women who are submitting their applications, these are women like I said at the beginning who are motivated by desire the clock is not ticking four seconds to midnight. Although you are eligible for five that you instantly if you apply and you are accepted, you get $5,000 off of the entire program, plus four plus additional months of the rise resource library we reward early action we don’t like take it away. So yes, there are time sensitive bonuses that you only get when you apply from the waitlist. And the specific reason for that is I love working with decisive action taking women who invest in the woman, the version of themselves that they are becoming, they are willing to go there and commit because they know they are worth it. They are motivated by desire and the full expressed expansion of where they are going not FOMO and I don’t want to miss out. So you can apply when we open the doors again. In a couple of months in the end of October that’s when we’re door official doors are going to be open. But if you know you resonate deeply with this, you are here to be part of this new wave of what it means to market and lead and be a business owner earning insane amounts of money in the online space. Your invitation stands now to apply for the waitlist to get on the waitlist and then submit an early application that’s how it works. So you get your name on the waitlist which instantly unlocks your $5,000 savings. You have the opportunity to apply early and unlock all of those bonuses. You have a call with me I’m going to do a little like post about why I do my own sales calls. I find it personally very weird to and I know there’s a lot of like high end business coaches that have their team run their sales calls and I don’t understand that I like to personally speak to the people that I’m going to be in container with because here’s the thing. Rhys is not just a way for me to make a shit ton of Honey rise is a sisterhood. It’s a container. It’s a community. It’s lovingly been called over the years a rocket ship. And in a rocket ship, guess what? You got to know who you’re flying with. You got to know who you’re rising with. So I am so I’m like a protective mama hen. I’m so selective.

I have already lovingly turned people down for 2022 who’ve applied beautiful souls who are just not the right fit for this container. So I am so looking forward to having a conversation with you. If you feel resonance here, there’s nothing to lose. There’s nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to run from All there is is for you to decide who you are stepping into who you are becoming and how you choose to rise. If this resonates with you, send me a DM where you can go directly to the link in my bio to submit your application for the rise mastermind.

I love you guys so much. I can’t wait to speak with you. And I will see you on here again really soon. I’m wishing you all a beautiful weekend. And some juicy marinating and reflecting on what your definition of value is in this space how you want to market lead and generate insane amounts while staying grounded and connected to what matters most.

That is how we rise we rise connected to who we are connected to our deeper purpose connected to the ethos and the values of what we want to bring forward. That is what unlocks next level ease simplicity, momentum and a shit ton of money. I love you guys so much. I will see you on here next week. Send you all so much love and send me a DM once you’ve submitted your application to the rise mastermind and I can’t wait to speak with you. Bye everyone.

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