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Episode 49: How to Skillfully Remove any Mindset Block

Episode 49: How to Skillfully Remove any Mindset Block

Sister, if you’ve been around for a minute you know I absolutely love mindset work! It’s the most powerful tool you’ve got in your arsenal. The way you think about things determines what moves you make (or don’t make) in your business and your life. 

On today’s episode, I’m breaking down my daily mindset process that I use to keep the positive vibes flowing in my business. If you struggle with mindset, this process will be gold for you! It can help get you through difficult times and empower yourself to achieve those Mount Everest sized dreams I know you have in the back of your mind. This episode is freakin’ powerful and it will open you up to your true desires. Tune in below!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about: 

How to notice a mindset block? [06:55]

How to identify the belief that’s causing your mindset block? [11:08]

What’s the fear behind your belief? [12:47]

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