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Episode 5: Sales as Personal Development with Emily Utter

Episode 5: Sales as Personal Development with Emily Utter

In Episode 5 of the Born to Rise Podcast, Emily Utter joins us for a very interesting chat where she tells us the story of her journey to starting and growing her consulting business. Emily rose through the challenges and genuinely believed that “if we just keep going, everything is going to be okay.”

So here she is now, a business coach for adventurous entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers who want to scale their location-independent businesses and work from anywhere in the world. Her goal is to make people stop over-giving, get out of the hustle, and start growing sustainable, profitable income that supports a healthy, happy and freedom-filled lifestyle.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The story of what led her to start her consulting business, the challenges she went through and how she succeeded despite these.
  • Her evolution to becoming an expert in sales.
  • Emily’s valuable advice for people in sales and people who are struggling in sales.
  • A recent challenge she experienced, how she got through it, and her personal and most important takeaway from it.
  • How Emily weaves adventure, which is so much a part of her brand and business, into what she offers and how she lives.
  • She opens up about her biggest cash month and how she made it happen.
  • The outcome of what celebrating your victories and other peoples victories and changing your thinking to a positive mindset can do to you and your business.
  • Emily’s growing edge in her business and the services she’s offering right now.
  • What success means to Emily.

Quotes we love:

  • “If we just keep going, everything is going to be okay.”
  • “Sales is all about personal development and expanding as an individual.”

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