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Episode 100: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Scale From $60k To Six-Figure Months

Episode 100: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Scale From $60k To Six-Figure Months

Welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise Podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. And today guys, we are pulling back the curtain. As you know I love going behind the scenes to talk about what it actually takes to scale up to 60 to 660 1000 to six-figure cash months, per month, every single month. 

The most important things that you need to ask yourself, specifically the most important five questions to think about, I have been getting a lot of questions for people in my audience who are at different stages of business. Cait, how is it possible that you have stabilized your income to the lowest minimum being $60,000 cash month all the way up to six-figure cash months, every single month, month after month? How the hell do you get to that level.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you know that I love me a good behind the scenes. And I really just wanted to show my process both from a mindset level and an energetic level and also a strategic level of what it really takes to get to that level in business. 

So today, I’m going to be breaking down the five most important questions to ask yourself in order to scale up to that place. And hopefully, this is relevant for you whether you are working up to your first multiple five-figure month or you’re scaling up to your first six-figure month or next six-figure month, right? Because there’s a difference between hitting a certain income level and then hitting that repeatedly, month after month. 

So my intention for this episode is that you really start to get into the brain and get into the thought pattern and the mindset of a seven-figure earner so that you can start to calibrate to that space for yourself. So without further ado, if you guys are not driving, or running or whatever, get out a pen, write this shit down. This is going to be really good and an exclusive training here for you on the pod. Let’s go ahead and dive in. 

What Do You Believe Is Possible For You?

The first question that you need to ask yourself, if you want to calibrate to $60,000 months all the way up to six-figure months is what do I actually believe is possible for me? It’s really interesting, when I am working with a client who, let’s say is earning $30,000 a month or $20,000 a month, there is something that can happen when we scale. As we rise, that is this self-inflicted upper limiting thing we tell ourselves Wow, I’m really happy with that number. That is you know, that is so much more than I was making in corporate or that’s so much more than I thought was possible for me to be bringing into the business or Wow, I’ve just blown my own mind. 

When we celebrate because there’s this jewel thing that I think is really, really important when we are creating and allowing in higher and higher levels of wealth, we want to both be super appreciative and grateful for the money that we’re making, and constantly expand our ability to receive more. Our ability to allow more money in, our ability to say this is so good and holy shit, it gets to even be better. And expand again, expand again, expand again.

When we believe that because we had a 20 or 30, even a $40,000 month like this is so good. I should just be able to find happiness or satisfaction inside of this. This is where I see multiple six-figure earners cap themselves. Because we talk ourselves into this settling that’s kind of cloaked it’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, right? It’s cloaked as well, I should just be grateful for what I have. Instead, we’re actually talking ourselves into feeling great about that number. 

The thing is, 20, 30, $40,000 months –I don’t know about you all, but I used to make $38,000 a year. So there’s no doubt about it. It’s an extraordinary accomplishment to stabilize to that multiple six figures per year level. But we don’t have to stay there. When we allow our thought process to open ourselves up to what do I actually believe is possible for me? Do I actually believe it’s possible to be bringing in $60,000 a month, $80,000 a month, 100k per month? 

That’s when we start to expand our capacity to both strategically open up revenue streams in the business to allow ourselves to receive at that level, but energetically be a match for that kind of cash coming into the business. So that first question really, really, really important, is like what do I actually believe is possible for me? What is that upper limit that I’m putting on myself? Super important to ask yourself. 

So a good place to examine that is, what would it be like? What would it look like for me to both be wildly appreciative and grateful for the money that I am generating and allow myself to go to that next level? Allow myself to desire more, allow myself to open up pathways for cash to come into the business at that level. What would it look like for me to open more and more? 

What Do I Fear By Going This Big?

The second question I want you guys to think about if you’re scaling up to $60,000 to $100,000 plus plus plus months is, Who do I fear disappointing, disrupting or otherwise being disapproved of by for going this big? I talked about this a little bit in my TED talk that I did. But one of the biggest fears I have seen in multiple six figure earners for really starting to go to that next level is like stepping in with this unapologetic bigness of what you are creating, what you’re earning, how you’re living, and that calibrating to that next level of income, that next level of wealth, that next level of impact is very disruptive for a lot of people. They feel like oh my god, well, if my family knew I was making this kind of money or if my friends saw me talking about money on social media this way like this is disruptive. I might get rejected by some people. Especially now in the pandemic, we hear Oh, but like XYZ person is really struggling, so is it really okay for me to shine this bright? 

I want you to really flip the script on this. Well, is it okay for me to be expanding at this level? Is it okay for me to be thriving this hard and generating at this level when other people are struggling? Frankly, the fear of rejection or judgment that you are afraid of other people having when they are seeing how much you’re thriving and how much you’re rising is so much more destructive than if that thing were to actually come in. 

Many of you know, if you’ve been following me for a little while, I’ve shared the story of falling out with literally eight of my best friends over starting to be out and proud on social media about making an impact in women’s lives, helping them up-level exponentially in their financial realities, stepping up and out in business boldly claiming strong opinions on topics ranging from how much women should be earning to how money gets to be earned, and what that gets to feel like. 

People had opinions. I got very disapproved of by core people in my inner circle. But you know what? The fear of what if this happens was so much greater than the actual result of being judged by people that knew me. Being judged for talking about money. Being judged for any of those things. What happens when you allow the fear of other people’s judgement and disapproval to throw you is that you inadvertently lessen the size of your own stage. You inadvertently quiet and dim your voice and therefore the impact that you can make with it. You shrink your capacity. 

Another really simple way to say it is you shrink your capacity. Because you’re afraid of being in that full unbridled expression, being too much for people in your life. And the thing that I have to say to you and it’s something I say to all multi six-figure business owners is –you are about to pop, you are about to blow shit up. Like the sky’s the limit, you have already done the hardest work. 

I always say it’s harder to scale to six figures than it is to scale to seven. When you are at the place of really starting to double down on your impact and on your income. You have to be willing to ruffle feathers, you have to be willing and it doesn’t mean being intentionally agitating for the sake of just being agitating. It means just how big are you willing to let yourself be? And just how much are you willing to stand in your own power available to be disapproved of by other people and be misunderstood and be misconstrued and label and projected on all of that happens when you start to make more of an impact? Making more of an income. 

But if you’re not willing to disrupt, you’re not willing to disappoint, you’re not willing to be disapproved of by other people in your circles, other people in the industry, your mom, your former coach, your parents in law, your sister in law, any of those things, we’ve got to be willing to go out on a limb if we truly want to elevate and rise into that household name, thought leadership, seven figure earner that you all were born to be. 

So really think about who are you even –if you’re not at this level exactly yet, but you’re going there –whose opinion of you is controlling how you’re showing up? Or at least altering how you’re showing up? Whose opinion of you do you still care about more than your opinion of yourself. That is the place to look because there in lies, your ability to impact. To generate money. People like to pay people who feel confident and solid in their worth. And if we have that unresolved inside of us, you better believe it is impacting the money that we’re bringing into the business. 

So really, really look at who you’re afraid to disappoint or disrupt or be disapproved of by and how can we start to shift that to bring the only and most important approval home to yourself. You are the only person who needs to be aligned in integrity, ruthless integrity, with your word with your offers with your creation with the thing that you put out there. That is what you need to approve of that nobody else and when you can stand in that you will magnetize people to you with so much power. 

How Can You Allow This To Be Easier?

Third question I want to ask you guys is how can I allow this to be easier? One of the things that is true and I say this a lot to my multiple six-figure clients, it’s like when you are scaling up to from multiple, six figures, it is so easy in the business to hustle your way to six. It’s not easy, but it’s doable to hustle your way to multiple six. 

But when you’re scaling up to seven guys, there has to be a paradigm shift. I decided really early on last year, the year that I was pregnant, that I needed to find a way to both exponentially increase my income and exponentially decrease my working hours. And I’m telling you, I would have never found the pathway to 20 hour weeks while generating this kind of money. I would have never ever ever found the pathway to getting there without asking the question, How can I allow this to be easier? 

So one of the things and again, this is why I’m talking about both energetic and strategic shifts last year, let’s just take this for an example I had several I’m talking at a given time seven, maybe eight VIP clients at the time. My private coaching was $24,000 for six months or 48 for the year. Now, my private coaching has doubled to $100,000 for the year. I remember when I was actually chatting with Toby and he was like you need to up your prices to six figures. I was like No freaking way You’re insane. Who would ever pay that? Like, blah, blah, blah, all this like self limiting belief narrative, right? 

And then I realized, you know what, actually, he’s right, I’m completely booked out at my current level, my clients are getting insane results. And I simply don’t have the time to keep serving at the degree of in depth. When I’m with my private clients and my mastermind clients guys, I am like sleeves up, particularly with private clients, that’s just my full you get access to me in my back pocket, I am there with you every step of the way. And I need to reserve that degree of energy for the people who are paying me the premium for my premium service. And so when I looked at how can I allow this to be simpler? How can I literally double, more than double, the amount that I’m generating? 

By limiting. It’s classic economics 101 guys, it’s supply and demand. So when I minimize the supply, when I minimize the amount that I had to offer, and I put a price point on that, that reflected both the demand that was coming in and the supply. Now I don’t have eight private clients at a given time I have one or two. But my prices reflect that. And I’m able to generate the same amount of money in half the amount of time. I now have literally a quarter of the private clients that I used to serve, but I’m making the same amount of money. I have the same capacity, and I have more capacity to serve in other multiple five-figure offers. 

So the point is, that was down a little bit of a strategic pricing product suite break down rabbit hole, but you get my point. The question that you want to ask yourself is how can you make this easier? How can you amplify your ability to receive money and make it easier for money to flow in and be available for working less? How are you available to receive more and work less? How are you making yourself available for it to be easier and easier and easier? 

This is one of the things that I work on with private clients when we’re mapping out a pathway to those higher numbers into those minimum $60,000 months numbers is what revenue, what revenue streams do we have coming into the business? What are the price points? Where do we need to modify to truly reflect the caliber of earning that you want to have come in? 

Again, I just think this is so interesting when we look at Oh yeah, but I can’t really do this or Oh, but I can’t do that. That it’s both a strategy and an energy thing right where we’re blocking the ease of elevating to the numbers that we want. How can we start to make those strategic shifts in pricing and product suite in order to get us there? 

How Willing Are You To Work For What You Want?

So the fourth question, and this is one that I just love so much that I want you to ask yourself is, how willing are you to work for what you want for as long as it takes to get there to get that result?

So on this note, I was not the overnight made a million dollars in five months or something like that. It took me three years to make a million dollars, but I had my sights set on that goal, and I was not going to stop no matter what. And this is something that I see, especially with clients who are really rising up in their business and they hit an epic milestone and then there’s a regression, maybe they have a six-figure launch, and then they go back to a low five figure launch. And they might think, Oh, my God, like this is it I’ve maxed out, I’ve tapped out my capacity. I can’t keep rising any higher, it’s not possible for me to keep going, it’s not possible for things to just keep getting better and better. So I might as well just back off now. And to which I say, bull shit. To which I say, this is where you decide what gets to be possible and true for you. 

The only freaking way to fail in business is if you stop moving forward. The only freaking way to end up not getting the result that you want is to get too discouraged by it taking longer than you thought, longer than you expected, and decide, you know what, I must be doing it wrong. So let me just go ahead and stop. There have been more things that have unfolded in ways that I did not anticipate and did not frankly plan for or desire in this business and things that have gone perfectly to a tee and how I wanted them and yet I have been so freaking crystal clear about what I want. And I am so committed to the results that I want to happen. 

Being Committed, But Not Attached

I am detached from the timeline. And so while I —I feel like this should be a freaking paid thing right now. But I feel like honestly, the secret to hitting massive results and I say that kind of tongue in cheek –you guys know I’m not about like secrets, actual secrets. But the secret if I had to say there is one to getting the result that you want, to have the thing that you want happening is by being so committed to the thing happening, but detached, committed, but not attached. Detach from whether it happens in the timeline that you want. 

When I think back to my first six-figure launch. Which was in 2019. Fall of 2019. My first six-figure ledger, I remember thinking, I wanted that to happen and be true in 2018. I literally viscerally remember having a talk with one of my mentors when I was in Europe, in 2018, thinking this is going to be the year of my first six-figure launch. And guess what? It wasn’t. It was the year of the Forbes article, it was the year of all this stuff. And I thought I’m here I’ve made it this is what’s gonna happen now. And it didn’t happen in that year. 

If I was thinking, you know what, shit, I suck, I would have stopped moving forward. And I think that what happens in the online space, especially in the realm of flashy Instagram numbers, is we think that we put this like undue pressure on ourselves. Because we think, oh, if I haven’t had insert x result or number here, then I must be behind. I’m not moving forward as fast as these other people. If I don’t keep going, I’m going to be irrelevant. Have you ever felt that? Because I sure know that it is a thing in this space. 

If you’re telling those things to yourself, you are putting so much undue pressure on yourself. The question that I want you to come back to is like, am I willing to want this result so much that I am just so committed to it happening that I’m almost detached from the timeline? What’s gonna happen is when you take that pressure away, and I am definitely all for a little bit of pressure. Pressure makes the diamond I’m so there. But not so much pressure that we make ourselves collapse. And we tell ourselves that, because we didn’t hit what we wanted in a certain time period, that it’s just not going to happen for us, right? It’s just bullshit. It’s not true. It’s not real. It’s not even a thing. 

So ask yourself, how can you be willing to work for the thing as long as it takes? How can you just be so in love with the result that you want, so connected to that desire, that you are absolutely unstoppable in your pursuit to getting it? Here’s the clincher: that you enjoy the ride and the rise as you go there. Because that is that is the name of the game. If you can enjoy yourself as you are getting there. If you can just be in love with that result that you’re creating. Then you’re going to move to it so much freaking faster. 

Who Are You Surrounding Yourself With?

Number five, that I want you to ask yourself, who are you surrounding yourself with? And this might seem like oh, I’ve heard this. Tony Robbins said, you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with. But actually though, when I started surrounding myself with millionaires well before I was generating seven figures.

When I started surrounding myself and getting in the room with a mentor who’d made seven figures already, who I’ve been working with for years, with other women who are operating in this, like having it all landscape of being very successful in business, being moms having beautiful, sustainable relationships, that was the thing that I was looking at who I was wanting to surround myself with. 

Because I’ve had mentors in the past who have made millions and whatever, and who don’t necessarily have lives that I was particularly attracted to, or wanting to replicate for myself. They were smashing in business, but lacking it in these other areas. And the thing for me, and I think, for everybody, and it’s kind of ironic, because this podcast, like has you at the title, right? How do I make $60,000 in six-figure months, but at the end of the day, and I’m gonna give all of you guys a little bit of hard time. 

I am about making big money in the context of a big life, in the context of a life that feels radiant, in the context of a life that feels you as your most wildly radiant, rich, abundant self. And whatever it means to you, great. You go create that. I know for me, I know being at the seven figure level means not only generating bulk money, but it means having time to spend with my family. It means having a beautiful sexy on fire relationship with my husband, even after having a baby. It means having a beautiful family that I can create memories with and spend time with. It means not dropping huge cash on luxury goods all the time, because we’re saving up for like a huge piece of land. It just means putting your priorities in place again, and those are my priorities right now. It doesn’t mean those have to be yours. 

But I want you to ask yourself, are you surrounding yourself with people who have modeled the success that you’re going after and have values that really connect and resonate with yours? I know for me, when I started putting myself into those rooms and normalizing calibrating to those levels of success across every area of life, that’s when I could truly not only see for my strategy brain, but feel for my energy body, feel the pathway to hitting those levels. And that I cannot say enough about the importance of doing that to get to where you want to be in business. 

So who are you putting yourself in a room with? Who are you choosing to learn from? What circles are you choosing to run in? That is something that I just think cannot be underestimated. If you look at any woman who you admire who has gotten to a high place in business, she has not done that shit by herself. Even if she is quote unquote, self made. Sure, maybe she hasn’t received outside funding from another source. And she uses self made to indicate that, but you better believe there are other women championing her. Mentors in her corner, support systems in her corner. 

We do not rise in isolation. I’m the first person to say this over and over again. So I want you to ask yourself, what circles are you putting yourself in? What support are you exposing yourself to? What other models from mentors who shared the same values that you hold are you choosing to surround yourself with because that is going to give you both the visual like left-brained strategic pathway to getting there but also this energy body permission to have a big ass life and a big ass business and know it’s safe to hold both? So ask yourself what those circles look like. 

5 Questions To Ask Yourself 

So to recap these questions that I want you to ask yourself, if you’re scaling up to $60,000 to six-figure months is Number one, what do you believe is possible for you? Number two, who are you afraid of disappointing, disrupting or otherwise being disapproved of by? How can you bring that permission and that approval back to yourself? Number three, how can you allow this to be easier? Number four, how are you willing to work for it as long as it takes to get the result you want? And number five, who are you surrounding yourself with? 

I hope this episode has sparked some big thinking for you guys and is an expander episode for you to think about as you rise up into those bigger months in business. If you are at the end, this is an invitation for you guys. If you are a listener, you are already generating multiple six figures and you are looking for a crew to elevate to seven figures with I want to invite you right now to send me a private message on Instagram there is no sales page to send you to this is a super tight container. And we are already nearly sold out with for this you guys we may actually be sold out by the time we’re airing this episode. But please send me a DM on Instagram. If you are at this level, the multiple six figure level and you are wanting to scale up to seven. I would love, love love to invite you to send me a message and have a conversation with me about applying for the Seven Sisters mastermind the inner circle, which is my highest level mastermind container for women who are at that multi six-figure level scaling up to seven. It’s called the Seven Sisters. I am so freaking excited about it. It is so intimate. So high touch and I just cannot believe the caliber of women that we have inside of this group. So if that is you and you are interested in learning more, please send me a DM on Instagram. And that’s it you guys, thank you so much for tuning in. And I will see you all next week on another episode of The Born To Rise podcast. So much love

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