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Episode 116. How To Plan & Set Up Your Business For Success Postpartum with Charlene Izere

Episode 116. How To Plan & Set Up Your Business For Success Postpartum with Charlene Izere

Cait: Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise Podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. And today I am so excited to bring you the amazing Charlene Izere for our conversation today about all things mom boss life, running a successful business and juggling all the things. Charlene, thank you so much for being here.

Charlene: Thank you for having me. This is the first podcast that I’ve recorded this year since having Laila. So it feels nice to be back in the swing of things and also connecting with other mompreneurs and bosses. This is a whole vibe. Thank you.

Cait: I’m so glad you’re here and I’m smiling. I remember thinking about the first podcast interview I did after having Ella. Am I gonna even be able to form a sentence?

Charlene: I’m low key nervous. But we’ll make it happen. Mom brain is real right now. But it’s fun. 

Cait: It’s so real. Well, first and foremost, a huge congratulations on your beautiful daughter Laila. I’m so excited to talk about all things on your transition into motherhood. For our audience members who haven’t heard of you before, what do you do/. What you’re all about? What a freaking Queen and boss you are. Tell us a little bit about you and your business and what you do in the online space.

Charlene: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I run three businesses. SoulSystems, which is my online business management agency, where we support six and seven-figure entrepreneurs with building out sustainable and scalable systems essentially. We’re the Dream Team, in terms of the back end. I also run Melanin and Money, which is a hub for entrepreneurial-minded black women who are currently raising funds for impact fund where we support entrepreneurs on a deeper business level. And then I have Wellness Delivery, which is my self-care brand, which will be making a comeback this year. And of course, as a mom, you have to prioritize what is important right now. So that’s something I’ve been learning. To just let go and trying to learn how to surrender.

Cait: My gosh, you are such a badass. As if running three companies weren’t enough to throw into the mix. How old is Laila right now? 

Charlene: Two and a half months. She’s still little but she’s also growing so fast. The whole process has gone incredibly fast. I feel like I just gave birth to her last week. And now she’s  holding her head up. It’s wild. 

Cait: So beautiful. It really does just go so fast. Someone said to me recently, the days are long, but the phases are short, or something like that. I was like, that is so beautifully said because it just goes so fast. And at the same time, I’m sure you’ve been there. There are days where you’re like, Am I ever going to get a good night’s sleep ever again?

Charleen: Luckily, I am very blessed with my husband. He’s a stay at home husband and dad. So he does a lot of the night shift with Laila so I can sleep and work the next day if needed. But definitely, there is a major lack of sleep in my household right now.

Cait: That’s the newborn life and so nice to have your partner support. Toby does that a lot with Ella as well. And it’s it just makes so much of a difference. 

How To Plan & Set Up Your Business For Success Post Baby

I’m so curious Charlene, we were talking about this a little bit today before we started recording, but one of the questions that a lot of moms who listened to the show, ask, how do you plan for setting your business up for success? I only have one business, but you have three businesses. I’m sure there was a huge part of you that wanted to plan and have all your ducks in a row. I would just love for you to shed some light on the expectation versus reality of –as a super organized, high-performing woman –how that translates when baby actually arrives?

Charlene: So prior to Laila arriving, I had a lot of plans. I had my lists. I’ve watched my YouTube videos on everything to expect within the first 24 hours, in the first month, two months. I thought I knew exactly what it would look like when she got here from a business standpoint. I really scaled down what I was doing so I could focus more so on what makes sense for me right now. 

Because I had an inkling that my identity would probably shift a little after I had Laila. Fast forward to right now, I literally am in a phase where I have to prioritize myself and my baby and my family. So business, of course, is still super important to me. The plans that I had previously before Laila got here, they’re still in place, but it just looks a little bit different. 

So now, the systems that I’ve set up, I set them up. So now it incorporates more flexibility, versus that rigid system by which, as a Virgo, I really don’t enjoy. Having a rigid system is step one. Step two, step three, now it’s more me. Step one through step twenty, there’s a lot of freedom and flexibility in between all of that. So my goals are different. And the goals are the same, actually. But the way that I’m going to achieve those goals, there’s a lot more flexibility there for me, and I have to give myself that grace.

Giving Yourself Grace & Flexibilities With Your Goals & Priorities

Cait: Totally. I love that you said that so much in it is just finding that grace and having a plan and being willing for it to go completely unexpected. I feel like that was my major download and journey and still is every day in a different way. There’s nothing like another human with their own patterns and needs and whatever to just put your priorities in check.

Charlene: The other day, my husband, he’s also a photographer and he does all my photos, we booked the studio to do a brand shoot and we brought Laila with us. We ended up just chilling with her for pretty much the entire session because she was a little fussy. She was hungry and then she had to be changed. It was a whole thing. We were just sitting there laughing because this is our reality now even though we had a set plan, and it didn’t really go according to plan at all. It is what it is. She’s obviously the most important thing to us right now in our lives and will be forever. So it is what it is. That’s my motto right now as Michelle Obama says, it is what it is.

Cait: I love that so much. That is so relevant to both business and motherhood is accepting what is working from what is actually true and going on. As opposed to thinking you’re doing it wrong. I would love to go there and just get super real in this conversation. Because I feel like so many women, whether it’s in motherhood, especially in motherhood and in the postpartum phase. There’s just every opportunity to make ourselves wrong and to question the decisions we’re making. Whether it’s about feeding or sleeping or co-sleeping or which pacifier or no pacifier. There are just a million opportunities to doubt yourself. 

How To Cut Through The Noise Of Doubt To Find Your Edge

Just like when we’re running our businesses. Should I do it this way? Should my product suite look like this? Should I Live for a long time? Should I evergreen this course? There’s so many things. So I’m so curious how you cut out the noise and how you’re finding that journey? What your growth edge is right now and what’s really supporting you to trust yourself in both leading your three incredible companies and mothering your beautiful daughter?

Charlene: So before I commit to anything, even taking on new clients or even a new project, I always asked myself, do I have the capacity for this? And not just in time but the mental bandwidth. Because a lot of my mental space right now is taken up by putting Laila into daycare in August. Are we going to do that? Which we did end up deciding to do that, but making all these little decisions that are going to affect her throughout the rest of her life? No pressure, right? 

And then also building these businesses and creating generational wealth for her. I always have to ask myself is this realistic? Do I actually have capacity for this? Saying No has been something that has been very difficult for me throughout my entire entrepreneurial journey. I always say yes, especially when it comes to an opportunity to build more wealth or amass more wealth, I typically say yes, as a deficit of self. So moving forward, that is something that is completely impossible to do now. And it’s because I have Laila. I can’t serve at a deficit of self. I have to make sure that I’m centering myself in all of my decisions. 

Cait: It’s so powerful and I love the way that you put that. Not making decisions out of a deficit of self, both because energetically the tank is going to go to empty really fast but also she’s watching and that example that you’re setting for her? Who am I? I feel like especially both of us being girl mamas that it hits home in a different way.

The Freedom & Flexibility Of Working Online

Charlene: Yeah, I’m very close with my mom and she’s my best friend and I want to have that same relationship with Laila. So I have been making a more conscious effort to take more time during the day on a random Wednesday and just go hang out with her even though she probably has no idea what we’re doing at all. But we’ll go to the duck pond or whatever that may be so and I was also talking to Kevin the other day just saying we are so blessed. The fact that I don’t work at a nine to five, he doesn’t work a nine to five. We are able to create the life that we want and continue to build something for Laila and for our future children and for our future grandchildren if she decides to have children. So it’s wild what the online space can truly provide. Something I do really enjoy is that I have been able to have that flexibility and freedom because I work online. 

Cait: Totally 100%. I’ve been thinking the same thing and especially being inside of this country,   it is shocking that we have the power as a country that there is no paid family leave beyond six weeks for the traditional nine to five people. I remember bursting into tears, being so hormonal, all the hormones, all the fields, six weeks postpartum. I am not even healed. My body wasn’t even healed from the birth yet. And if I still am not healed, how am I supposed to go back and sit down in an office chair for eight hours a day a week? I don’t understand. My days are shorter than they were before I had labor. And the mental bandwidth I have a capacity for right now. Also it was hard labor, the actual delivery was difficult. I wanted to have a home birth. I did a whole thing on my birth story but just briefly, I didn’t have one. I was begging them for a C section and an epidural.

No all natural birth and that’s how I thought. Again that’s one of those things right where we had it all planned out. I want to do this a lot and as soon as I got there, they put me on Pitocin and I was an epidural. We’re gonna do it now because there’s no way I can handle this. It was just too painful for me.  So talking about the labor, I’m curious for you on the other side of that, holding Laila in your arm? 

Charlene: Yeah, I mean that just a beautiful moment of she’s here. 

Cait: What did that ignite in you both on a personal soul level, but also on a women’s empowerment level? Because you empower so many women Charlene and so many different things. Seriously. Black women and wealth and high-level business owners and systematization organization really scaling. You touched so many women’s lives in such powerful ways. I’m so curious in that behind-the-scenes, in your heart moment. What did that ignite in you in terms of understanding yourself as a powerful woman?

Igniting & Understanding As A Powerful Woman

Charlene: So the moment that Laila was born, Kevin was standing next to me and he’s like, she’s here. She’s here and he started crying and I looked at him and I hadn’t seen her yet. In that moment, I’m like this is why I’m doing everything. It just really happened in a full circle moment. 

Of course, I started my businesses before Laila was here. Before I was even pregnant. But in that moment, I realized everything that I do is for her. I am building this for her. If I can just inspire her then I’ve made it. That’s all I need to just keep going and keep doing what I’m doing. Because actually the next day I had a sales call. Yeah, girl I’m telling you I’m a little Cray Virgo. The next day, I was in that the delivery chair and everything. My makeup on and ready to go. I slayed the sales call and then we signed somebody and it was great and I’m doing this because of my baby.

Cait: I love that so much and so that’s such a perfect example of just blocking out the bullshit, blocking out the shoulds, blacking out what everyone else says of no you need a minimum of this amount of time or whatever. You just being actually I just birthed a freaking human number one, and a sales call, please. That’s fine. Your motivation and your why literally more alive than ever before. Really the next day,

How To Reframe Your Mom Guilt 

Charlene: I was just thinking about Laila and the world that she was born into. Sometimes even now I’ll have moments where  I’ll just cry. The world isn’t good enough for my daughter. I just want her to be here at home with me all the time. But I feel an incredible responsibility to create a world that is deserving of her. So hopping on that sales call the next day was not necessary, but securing the bag was. 

So Okay, let’s push this mission and vision forward a little bit more. I’ve taken a lot more time off to rest and heal since then. But I was so inspired the next day to have that sales call just and had nothing to do with the person or even nothing to do with the actual money. It had everything to do with her and being like, I am a bad ass and I am going to make sure that I create a world that deserves my baby.

Cait: That is just the most beautiful thing ever. And such a powerful reframe for women who are guilting on themselves, either for going back to work too soon or taking too much time off. If what you’re doing is creating a more beautiful world for your child. You’re winning. 

So it’s more listening to everybody and all the noise, I could have done that. But I would not be recovered in the way that I’d want to be. I would not be in a position to hop on a podcast with you or anything. I would not be in a position to really take care of myself, because there’s a lot of differing opinions. People have a lot to say about the way you mother, should you breastfeed? Should you bottle feed? We chose to bottle feed exclusively and that has worked very well for our family. However, we definitely have had people try and educate air quotes on why we should breastfeed instead of bottle feed. I can’t stay and live in that noise, or I can just continue to live my life the way I want to live it and it works perfectly for me, my family, and that’s all that matters. 

Charlene: That’s right. 100%. 

Cait: There is just so much so much wrapped up in that. I think that in motherhood and in business, if you get caught up in any of that it’s so easy to go down a spiral really fast. I’ve got into that a little bit. We started out trying to breastfeed and I really struggled with it. I got mastitis twice and, and it was pretty rough. So I’ve been exclusively pumping. I literally have my pump, you can’t make this podcast, but I just finished another coaching session. It was pumping on the thing. It’s so full on. She’s on the bottle. We supplement with formula as well and the most important thing is that they’re fed and that they’re loved. If they’re fed and they’re loved, you’re slaying the game, right? exactly. 

Give Yourself Permission To Pursue What Lights You Up

Charlene: And it’s 110% applicable to business too. You can do the Evergreen funnel, because everyone says you need to do the Evergreen funnel. But you hate doing the Evergreen funnel, then why do it? There’s so much noise out there. It’s easy to get drowned in that noise if you don’t sit for a minute. Because ask yourself, do you have the capacity for this? Do you actually want to do this? Because so many people are in this entrepreneurial space? Because they love the idea of it. But do you actually love doing this job? Do you like doing this every single day?

It’s something that I also had to think about throughout running my business this year since I’ve had Laila. The last couple of months, I have to always ask myself we’re going to continue to do this as long as we love it. And the moment that we don’t, we’re just going to figure something else out. Because I’m very adaptable. I’m resilient as and I can figure it out. At the end of the day, I’m not creating a life where I have to run away from. I want to create a life that my baby is thriving and that my relationship is thriving.

Cait: I love that so much. I think that’s so permission-giving to women. This theme has been in my field recently. So permission-giving is if it’s not lighting you up, if it’s not alive, you have permission to listen to that and reevaluate. So I love that reminder that you’re giving us of if it’s not lighting you up and you’re not having fun with it, that deserves your attention.

Charlene: Yes. I love what you said if it’s not alive, don’t even bother because that’s true. If it’s not alive, it’s not if it’s not a hell yes, then you really have to think about that because life is short. That’s also something that I really came, that I was not looking for. I started thinking a lot about is the moment that I got pregnant because the beginning of our pregnancy, the first month, the first trimester was hard. I had a few scares there. And so throughout the entire pregnancy, I was just thinking life is so short, and I can’t imagine my life without my baby. I can’t imagine my life without my husband. I want to make sure that I’m every single day was a great day spent with my family, it’s a great day spent working on the business, but because supporting my family, or creating or building something incredible so beautiful. It’s so important to have those checkpoints. To me, this is really tied into defining what success actually means for you. 

Yes, okay, making that money is, of course, awesome. But it’s so much bigger than that. As black women entrepreneurs, we lead very intersectional lives. Our lives are of compounding with dualities, right? So we’re more than one thing, but we can’t be all things, and that’s something that I definitely have come to terms with. And thinking through the goals that I wanted to set for myself, I realized that the first goal that I’m going to set is going to be to myself, everything else will fall into place. And that’s not because of anything magical, but by systems that actually reflect my current reality, right? So developing systems that allow me to dream big, but not sacrifice myself in the process. That is just my goal moving forward. 

Cait: That’s so amazing. I love that so much. I’m curious what some of those systems that are supporting you in achieving those goals right now?

What Systems Can Support You In Achieving Your Goals

Charlene: Yeah, so one of them, my husband. I love my husband, he’s probably gonna be listening to this soon. He’s the one who’s is with Laila in the evening, right. So we have a whole process and system in place for when it’s his shift, I’ll go downstairs, and I’ll be in my bed, or I’ll be on the couch and he’ll be in the nursery. But I get everything kind of all laid out for him. That way he’s supported and then also supported, right. So that just looks at a little system that we have built in into our day to day lives, just to ensure that we’re both feeling really supported as we raise our baby. 

Then from a business standpoint, one of the systems I really love is AI, and not necessarily a system. But what are the things I really love within my business is I do not respond to any messages until 10am. That’s only after I’ve had some time to smooch and cuddle my baby. After I’ve had some time to drink some tea or just something even if it’s brushing my teeth, honestly, that’s kind of where we’re at right now. 

It’s in the morning, I am so happy and I don’t do anything until I had the time to do that. So just  those little systems, you can kind of build in and processes they will have a compounding effect on you. I honestly didn’t even realize how important having that moment to just brush my teeth was until I started doing that regularly before getting into the work day. It really just helped me Give me a moment to just breathe. Everything is fine. Nothing in business is an emergency. 

So it’s just, it’s been an incredible, incredible experience. Again, since I am a Virgo, I do like creating systems. So now I’m just finessing and refining systems to actually reflect my current reality. So at first, I thought I could post every single day and that is never gonna happen. No, we’re gonna post three times a week. That’s a system that works well for me?

How Your Systems Are Ever-Evolving

Cait: Totally, yes, I love that so much. And I think that it’s so cool to hear in that detail those systems of you and your husband supporting each other you setting him up him setting you up,  to win in all of those different areas. I love what you described that if you don’t set the perfect system in place, and then never touch it again. You realize, hey, this is going to help me and then you implement it, and then you refine it.

Charlene: Exactly, yeah, it’s ever-evolving. And I’m 110% in a position in my life where I have to be okay with auditing and editing the systems that I have in my life because I have a baby. So my systems aren’t just these rigid things. The are flexible, they’re fluid, and that’s because there’s other people involved in those systems and processes and one of them has to happens to be only two months old. So she doesn’t really care about the systems or the processes I have in place. She just wants to be loved and eat and I’m 100% okay with that flexibility. I live and breathe by having flexible moments in my life. That’s one of the most important things to me right now.

Cait: It’s so beautiful and it’s beautiful to hear you say that the things that support your flexibility are the most valuable things that are supporting you right now. Especially as a Virgo who loves to be organized. I think that’s amazing and very normalizing for the women listening who are feeling  Oh my gosh I don’t have it together. I’m not whatever. I’m not organized enough blah, blah, blah. It’s flexibility and going with the flow is the name of the game.

Not Being Afraid To Outsource Postpartum

Charlene: 100%. We outsourced a lot since we’ve had Laila. I’ve just recently hired a YouTube editor. Kevin used to do video editing for us. But we are so focused on Laila. There’s no time for him to do that. We’ve also outsourced having someone come to the house and clean because baby clothes. There’s so much laundry. It’s crazy. One little laundry, I know how to do that. What she has so much clothes, it’s insane. So we’ve outsourced a lot of different things. 

We’re super blessed that we have the opportunity to do that. But at first we were thinking we were going to try and do it all. That was part of our original planning system that I created. I was  like what? This is so not it. We’re outsourcing everything. So when Laila was born, and my sister came to visit, we pulled up thumbtack and we just figured out what can we outsource, we’re just gonna hire as many people as possible to come help us create the life that we want. 

Cait: I love that so much. And such a good reminder of all the help, all the support. There’s literally no such thing as too much support in postpartum.

Charlene: Not at all. Honestly, the first three weeks, those were the hardest weeks ever. I definitely had a lot of postpartum anxiety. I randomly cried for no reason. But I was also in excruciating pain because I had a third-degree tear. 

Cait: I had a third-degree tear as well. 

Charlene: My God, sister. I didn’t know that you have that. It’s full on. It’s so so so incredibly painful, having the third-degree tear. We’re coming from that and then having mastitis. I can’t believe you had the same. We had similar journeys. It’s insane. Because for me with the mastitis, and also the 30 feet here, I couldn’t hold Laila for a whole full week. I couldn’t hold her by myself. I had to have help because my boobs were just so ingorged, so painful and sitting was uncomfortable, I couldn’t find a perfect way to lay down a bed. Everything was so uncomfortable for the first three weeks. I was struggling. I didn’t really know what to expect.  

Cait: I know. It’s so intense. I felt at that moment, there was just so much emotion, I was very similar. I had postpartum anxiety. I had a little bit of PTSD from the actual birth. Because that tear though, in that moment,  I had been taking so many hypnobirthing classes and learning about orgasmic birth, and I’m like, show me somebody who has had an orgasm while birthing because I had the opposite. It was so painful. I was the same walking around the house. I could barely sit down or stand up by myself. Going to the bathroom. All of it was just so hard. There’s that moment of, Is it ever going to get better? Then it’s just day by day thing by thing, and then it does. 

Charlene: Yeah, it does. I’m on the other side of it now. I was telling Kevin, we’re excited to have our next baby. However, I definitely have to think through what those first three weeks of postpartum are going to look like. How can I incorporate a lot more self-care and make it as painless as possible? Because that those first three weeks, it was only that time ever did I think I can never do this again. Because I was just incredible pain. And it’s also a mental thing as well. I can’t even hold my baby. So I was like, Okay, I feel like a terrible Mom. It was just a wild three weeks, but being on the other side of that I’m like, Oh my goodness, I am a bad bitch. I am. Look at me.

Cait: I love it. Oh my god, it’s so beautiful. And so wild. I was talking to another person recently about there is totally some hormonal thing that we go through that experience. It’s so hard and then our bodies recover. And we’re like can’t wait to have another one. It’s like what? It’s so amazing. I guess that’s why we’re all here and why humans still procreate.

Charlene: Teah, we completely forget all that today. You just look at your little one. You’re like, yeah, I could do this again.

Cait: I love it so much, Charlene. I’m so curious, as an incredible boss, Mama, founder of three companies this whole show is really dedicated to featuring empowering and inspiring stories of other women who’ve had to rise up. Rising up means you don’t start at the top. You start from somewhere and you start with a dream and you show up for that, and you fall down and you eat dirt. And it’s hard and you get up and you keep going. 

My business very dedicated to dismantling this notion that everything’s just picture perfect. And  you are someone whose story is just, it’s so inspiring, it’s so empowering. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for you every step of the way. There’s been moments that you’ve doubted yourself in moments of falling down. And I’m curious if there’s any particular story or parts of your story in your journey that were those non Instagram highlight moments, the moments that were really hard for you, and how you rose up from that, and what helped you to do that?

Embracing Evolution In Your Business & In Life

Charlene: Once I got pregnant, I think, a few weeks later, or about a month later, or so when I was talking to clients about it, because I figured, okay, I’m going to let them know, because  I’m feeling sick on calls, and whatever. I had a couple of clients who decided they wanted to part ways at the time.

I really, really, really struggled mentally with that. I truly didn’t like myself and my character to the reason as to why they wanted to part ways, right. People always talk about signing on clients, but we don’t really talk about losing clients and how that can be really a mental mess us up. It was so hard. So to get pregnant, and then let my clients know, hey, by the way, we’re having a baby, and this is what it’s gonna look like. And then two of them being like, well, we’re gonna look for someone else. That was very hard for me. 

But I realized that one, I didn’t need them. It’s a fine lesson to realize but I am more than my clients, I am more than my business, I am more than one decision. One thing in my business one mistake, or things of that nature, as entrepreneurs, we get super, super tied down to the results that we provide our clients. We get super tied down to who we work with, and working with the baddest people in the game, right? But we have to also remember that we’re more than that. And it’s okay. If you lose clients, it’s okay to evolve, right? So it took me some time to kind of come to terms with the fact that I’m not always going to be the best fit for specific clients. I’ll also evolve or they will also evolve, and it doesn’t have to be this negative experience. 

Cait: I love that. I so appreciate you saying that. And it’s so true. We talked about getting the clients but not about what happens when you lose the client, the emotional and mental toll that that takes and also how you separate that out. I love how you said that separating out your sense of self-worth, right? Working with x person.

Charlene: Yeah, exactly. You’re more than who you work with, or even what you do at the end of the day. It’s easier said than done. 

Supporting Yourself & Your Business Internally As You Transition Into Postpartum

Cait: Totally. It’s so so true. I love that so much. I’m so curious if you had to distill down a nugget that has really served you in this postpartum period in this epic transition from badass boss to badass boss mama. Something that’s really supported you both internally and in your business, what would that be?

Charlene: Yeah, so this is actually something that I’ve said to myself, throughout entrepreneurship and throughout my entire life journey. Things don’t necessarily become easier, you just become stronger, you become more resilient. That’s also something I’ve been working through, resiliency. Because you can be resilient to the detriment of self. 

I fall into that a lot of times, but it has definitely been helpful to just remind myself that I have gone through a lot in my 27 years of being on this earth. Anything that is put in my way, I’ll figure it out. I know that I will, I don’t think that there’s anything in my life that I won’t be able to figure out and that’s something I always remind myself every day. Okay, let’s do today. Whatever is gonna happen, it’s gonna happen and we’re gonna figure it out.

Cait: I love that so, so much and that resiliency is such an important message. So beautiful. tell our listeners a bit more about where they can stay connected with you. Tell us a bit more about soulful systems and what you offer what do you got going on over there?

Charlene: You can definitely just connect with me on Instagram. I love being in the DMs. I don’t post a lot but I’m typically on stories and I am having conversations in the DM so feel free to slide into my DMS, they are open for conversation. 

My agency is my baby, my first born, I always say. I love Soho Systems. It has given me the freedom of choice. The ability to do what I want to be able to reinvest into my social impact business, Melanin Money. It just has given me a lot. It also gave me purpose after coming out of a really dark three month depression a few years ago. So Soulful Systems means so much to me, which is why I put so much love and care into the people that I work with, as well as our packages. 

A few ways that you can kind of work with us as we have our VIP days and whatnot. But one thing I really love is supporting launches. So we have the seven-day launch package called the Soulful Launch Package where it’s honestly the most incredible launch support program out there. We’ll take care of your entire launch from start to finish, including  marketing support, building up the funnel, copy, creating the sales page, all the tech everything so the entrepreneur can really stay focused on just showing up in promoting their program and just showing up and being their bad self without having to worry about the back end. 

Cait: I feel like that is what everyone doesn’t want to do is the back end the tech the all the little pieces, because for anyone who’s done even one launch before, there are about 7000 things more than you think there are to do to execute a launch.

Charlene: And that’s something. I find so much purpose in doing that. I love finessing backend systems. I love it. Just figuring out where this automation goes. What’s gonna happen with this trigger. All of it. It’s just the way that my mind is wired. I’m obsessed with it. It’s not for everybody, but definitely for me.

Cait: I love that so much and that is just so needed by so many people. So we will definitely link Soulful Systems CO in the show notes. For people who want to connect with you on Instagram. That’s just at Charlene is there.

Charlene: Yes. Perfect.

Cait: Thank you so much for coming on the show today, love. It’s been such an honor to have you and you are such a badass paving the way for so many women.

Charlene: Thank you. I can’t wait to do this again. This was so fun. I want to thank you because this has been a nice way to kind of just get back into my video and audio thing and just really embrace that mom boss life having another conversation with another mom boss so

Cait: I appreciate you. Love and you haven’t missed a beat your freakin you’re on it. It’s so beautiful.

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