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Episode 153: She Who Desires to Fly Must First Be Willing to Leap

Episode 153: She Who Desires to Fly Must First Be Willing to Leap

So my love’s today is officially the day that we open the doors to the public to leap year, my one year container for women who are ready to quantum leap into their biggest year in business yet, I feel like I’ve been sitting on a freaking hot plate for the last I don’t even know how many weeks months, getting ready to launch this getting ready to share this with you. But I am just so excited. We ran an incredible event. Maybe some of you were there. Let me know if we have any decided fam in the house, we ran an amazing event for over 1000 entrepreneurs last week called decided, which was just such an energy amplifier, really dropping us all into that energy and frequency of what it means to be decided what it means to be committed, what it means to have a vision for what is happening for you. And to follow that through no matter what the internal decision that we make about what is possible for us about what is happening for us about what the trajectory of our story gets to be is so profound in determining the outcome that we get to experience. And so last weekend decided we got to dive deep into that work. We had some amazing women in 14 signed up for leap year, which is so exciting. We’re so proud. Oh no, I think it was 15 or 16. In the end anyway. Long story short, we are so freaking excited for this crowd. And this crew who’s going to be riding together biz besties doing the damn thing for an entire year. And I’m so pumped to share with you I’m like literally so pumped that I need to take off this blazer because I’m burning up hashtag pregnancy hormones. So I want to talk with you today about what this container is all about what you get to expect.

Where the name Leap Year came from

And frankly, to talk about the name honestly, like, why are we calling this leap year, this is not an actual leap year where February 29 is the thing. I think it’s the next one’s in 2024. That would have been great. It will be great when we launched this in 2024. However, this is not about 366 days of the year. This container is about providing a portal providing a container for you to step in. and experience something shifts with you on a chemical, cellular level, experience a new version of yourself come to life from the minute that you decide, and commit and get inside of that room. To feel yourself a completely different woman to feel yourself have a line in the sand and say this is the year that I get to be the next story that I read about this is the year that I get to be that expander that I keep reading about on other people’s Instagram stories. This is the year that I get to be the success story that I see out there. Inspiring others this is the year I claim that identity for myself, this is the year I choose to stop dabbling in a little bit of stuff here and a little bit of stuff there but like actually root and get committed and get invested and get held inside of a container that is going to hold me for the longevity for the duration of an entire year in the areas that I most need support on in my business, namely the structure, the strategy, the tactics, the back end, the operations, the operations, the launching the actual nitty gritty support that is required in order to scale and grow a company and the feminine, the magnetism the confidence, the way that you speak the way that you lead, the way that you communicate the way that you allow yourself to be felt in the online space.

How the industry has changed in the last 5 years

See, this industry I feel has just gotten more and more polarized like I feel like we started off when I entered this industry which was almost five years ago Can you believe that? I feel like we were in such a world of funnels bro marketing get the funnels on the back end Click Funnels this did it did like do all this stuff. And it was like if you didn’t have that you were not setting your business up for success. It was all about the you know automate autoresponder series and blah blah blah That was kind of the vibe. And I feel like the pendulum has really swung this other way to now where it’s like lean back lingerie photos. And I’m like teasing a little bit because I do those myself. But like lean back luxury photos, if you work at all, you’re doing it wrong, like magnetize magnetize, energy, energy vibes, journal, bathtub champagne, business, like, that’s what a business is. And I just think that both of those narratives are really destructive as singular narratives of what it means to grow a business to grow. And I’m sharing this as a multiple seven figure business owner, somebody who’s grown a multi million dollar company from the ground up, I will tell you that both are required. Being able to yes, master energetics Yes, understand magnetism, yes, be able to powerfully attract and call people into your space and into your programs and describe what you do in the magnetic way. But also have your back end setup. The problem with so many entrepreneurs who come into the space who are ready to like go big is that they don’t actually like it’s all grounded in this. It’s not grounded. It’s all this like ethereal kind of idea, without the infrastructure to be able to hold it like we want to set your business up, you want to set your business up to be able to sustain millions from the get go, it doesn’t mean you will be making millions on day one and not to set yourself up with that expectation. But to set yourself up from the place of like, Ken, my is my business available right now, this year is my business available to welcome in multiple six, seven, multiple, seven figures, am I thinking like a multiple millionaire business owner, am I thinking like somebody who is truly available for the quantum leap.

Why you need to know how to magnetically market and have your backend systems set up

The problem with with not having that infrastructure without with not setting yourself up from that way is that you end up inadvertently setting smaller targets playing smaller than you need to feeling like you don’t actually have what it takes when really, you’re just not setting yourself up to scale into quantum leap. And so leap here is all about providing you both with the masculine structures, the backend support the technical support for your team, the true like nitty gritty operating procedures, like what you need. And I will tell you this, as somebody who works with clients privately for a year, at a six figure investment, many clients at this level, they constantly tell me, Kate, the backend support that you provide in your teams provides is like one of the most valuable things about working with you, because there’s not a lot of business owners who share this. And I’m like, Yeah, I know. I’m so glad this is helpful. And I am passionate about like putting all the cards on the table. Because I want you to know it is not running a seven figure company, a multiple seven figure company is not just about, like how much you can do the song and dance how magnetizing you are on video that matters so much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so important. And we’re gonna go into depth.

Creating the infrastructure to support the influx

Our next marketing program is all about creating compelling marketing that moves people that lands in an impactful way. But if you don’t have the infrastructure to sustain the influx, that’s where your nervous system goes out of whack. That’s where you start to feel heavy. That’s where your feminine, where you magnetize and you’re in that energetic frequency starts to get depleted, because it doesn’t have the infrastructure in the masculine to support you. So leap here is a container that is focused on providing you with both for the duration of a year. And let’s talk real quick about this. Why is this container a year? Why is this program designed to not just be quick in quick out, leap here is designed to be a full year to give you a place to arrive to give you a place to hang up your hat and not do the like Tinder for coaches like swipe left, swipe right join your short two week program, join this join that join a master class. And like flitting around, you know how much energy and time we waste from doing that. I believe so much in the value of longevity and the value of long term commitment not only to our businesses but to the people that we choose to be in relationship with. I have so many clients that have been with me for over a year multiple years. For myself, the mentors that I have in my corner I have been with and have been paying consistently for two to four years. I believe four years I’ve been in business five. I’ve consistently invested in mentorship and coaching since before I started my business five years ago and the people that I have chosen to go deep with I’ve cultivated that Relationship with over a long time, because the value of being known of being seen or being held of being supported by somebody who intimately understands your business is just a non negotiable. So if you are a business owner, who is wanting support and a place to arrive, who’s wanting a place to plug in and develop this skill set and leap here is not a place where you have to be making like minimum x k months or minimum, you know, whatever or maximum this, this is a place that will benefit you, the programs inside of Leap Year will benefit you whether you are working up to make your first six figures in a year, whether you are scaling to a multiple six figure year, my clients who are already doing like I said, like seven figures, they get access to this program. And they’re going to benefit tremendously from the work that we teach inside of this because it every single level, these essentials that we cover inside of leap year, are so crucial to being able to continue to grow and scale your business. So let’s walk through it. Leap. What is it leap here is a 12 month container that gives you access to every single live program offering masterclass that I run for an entire year, wait for 60% off. So if you bought everything I did in a year, and wanted to jump in and have that coaching support have that consistency, but you wanted to do it for an entire year you would pay 60% more. If you just bought it all ala carte, we created this container to give a place for you, like I said to arrive to make one decision. Last week we talked all about being decided to make one decision that is going to shift the trajectory of your business for an entire year. To make one decision to say I’m in I am ready to leap and I shared this on disk in decided last week she who desires to fly must first be willing to leap there is intentionally something activating something catalyzing something almost like tension building in the most like polarity, lifeforce dynamic kind of a way, when we make a leap, there is something required of us a leap is not the same as to run. A leap isn’t the same thing as a jump, a leap requires your full energetic buy in it requires your full body’s commitment and decision to that thing, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t be scared. I mean, if any of us have ever like jumped from like over a stream, or you know any like physical leap, you know that you can still be like shit, I hope I will stick the landing on the other side. I hope I make it I hope I don’t fall. We that is the risk that we have to be willing to make any time we want to catapult ourselves into a new level. Anytime we want to reach a new horizon that we have not been to. Any time we want to fly, to take off to finally see the business start to do the things that we read about it happening for other people, we have got to be willing to leap in the leap, you have like think about an image of a woman leaping. There is a space between when we push ourselves off the ground. Again, with that full energetic bind with our muscles strong and activated. There is a moment between that commitment decision propelling us upward. Bringing us forward there’s a moment between and sometimes many moments between when we jump when we leave when we take off. And when we arrive. And it’s in that moment that we define who we are becoming I want leap year to activate something in you that says this is the room I need to be in because this room represents the woman I am leaping into the Me on the other side of that riverbank the woman I am becoming the version of me that I am saying yes to this yes is not just about stepping inside of a container that is going to hold you so tightly for an entire year. This program is about saying yes to you. Yes to that version of yourself that you know is possible. And that with like little dabeli commitments here and there. Yeah, like I’m getting coached. I’m doing this little thing here and there. It’s not the same as being held for a whole year.

So inside of leap year, guys have talked a lot about the dual focus on masculine structure tactics back in operations, the bones, the systems that you need to grow your company and the feminine mastery, the energetic piece, the leadership piece, the way that you speak, the way that you communicate, the way that you show up the way that you move an audience. These both of these pieces are essential because it is not Not about leaning just on one at the expense of the other, we really require both. So whether you are somebody who is more like systemy and masculine and your growth edge is like activating more of your voice stepping into deeper leadership, refining your sales process to have more magnetism and more ease more traction amplifying that the radiance, the frequency, this is the room for you. And if you’re somebody who’s like God, that magnetism juicy juice embodiment down, but you’re like, my back end feels like my room is a teenager like it is a whirlwind, it is hectic, things are all over the place, onboarding who never heard of her, I don’t have a team yet. But if I did, it would be a shit show. Or I have a couple team members, but I’m not using them or I’m reinventing the wheel. And like I have no idea how to set stuff up, let alone repeat processes, let alone make lunches feel easy and be able to like, take time off, the back end piece is so critical. And leave your is your space. So I’m going to walk through now what you get inside of the program. But I want you to if you are hearing this, if you are resonating, I want you to send me a DM and say Leap Year details please. And I will send them to you right after this. I don’t even think we’ve changed the link in our bio yet. This is like a super hot and fresh announcement. So we’re going to be changing that after unless my team did it this morning. I didn’t even check. But you could send me a DM for the details for leap year. And I’m going to walk you through all the programs we cover.

What you get when you join and what to expect inside of Leap Year

So like I said, all access to everything I teach and coach on live in the year you get access to for free. That means every live program, every master paid master class, every pop up training that I do, you get in the room for you also get instant access. So the minute you sign up whether you do the payment plan or painful, you get access to a vault of our whole course content resource library. This is content that is valued at more than again, the cost of the program by itself is more than covered in just the vault alone, you get access to my signature niching course my my sales course again, these are not just like two modules here and there. These are like 1012 modules with guest expert trainings, super in depth tactical takeaways, templates, spreadsheets, plug and play like pieces for you to be able to plug in inside of sales mastery. So are we do we have so many templates like email launch templates, so much for you to just be able to, again, instantly access and plug into there’s a program in there called pivot with grace, again, that you get instant access to for anybody who is at a pivot point in their business, whether that and I created this program during the pandemic, whether that means that you are pivoting from like one niche or one area of your business to another, whether that means that stuff has shifted for you at home and your hours have changed. Again, I had a lot of mamas who went from, you know, full time breadwinner to full time breadwinner and full time parent, and their capacity shifted. And we needed to pivot the business to be able to still bring in a lot of revenue, while also adjusting for lifestyle shifts. So there’s so much juicy value that you get instant access to straightaway. The next live program that we are running, that you’re going to get access to again straight away. Soon as the program starts at the end of this month is called compel. compel is all about creating marketing that moves. So we are diving so deep, oh, the sales page I think is going to be done either today or tomorrow. It is literally it is so powerful. I think there are not 10 modules. It is all about marketing that moves people. So if you are somebody who’s like I’m so fucking good at what I do, I know I’m phenomenal as a coach, a mentor, a facilitator, but like getting people get number one growing an audience that is like big enough to be able to have people enter. Number two, being able to communicate the value of what I provide and what I offer in a way that compels people not to just be like, you’re so inspiring, but to be like, Sign me up. And to have them do that before you even launch all the details like that is what compel is all about there is a reason that we have been able to have like half 1,700,000 plus dollar launches is because of everything I’m going to teach you inside of compel how to grow and nurture an audience in a community to be able to move them and feel connected to your deeper movement, how to be able to market in both a very again like the calendar, the launch timeline and sequence being able to map out a way of marketing teasing, launching, selling, that feels organic, that feels natural, and it feels like a living breathing conversation between you and your audience. If This is something that has felt so clunky or you’re like, I guess I just like say the thing and expect a bunch of people to sign up like, this program is going to demystify that and really support you. Part of compelling. And the essence, the core essence of the program is about being able to activate your vision, the vision of every single offering container that you sell. So we’re going to be doing a module on like, sold out offer creation, being able to communicate the vision for what it is you’re selling and offering, being able to have energetic buy in from your people to that vision to make sure that you are connecting people to that vision, through your voice through your verbal expression. So the way that you communicate and lead the way that you post the way that you story, we’re going in like again, nitty gritty AF marketing modules on leveraging the power of Instagram and all of the different stories. So how we’ve been able to grow an audience to 24,000 people here, how we’ve been able to grow the podcast to the level that it’s at how we’ve been able to, like build up all these platforms where people actually want to plug in and listen to what we’re talking about and what I’m saying. And then what we’re selling to be able to support them in a more in depth way. So by connecting the vision for what you have, to the voice, and the verbal expression that you emit, to the visuals that you use, this is what compel is all about is the marriage of these three things, the marriage of the way that you are able to bridge the gap between the vision that you have the verbal expression that you put out in the visual expression that you communicate. So there’s a module in there and so many of you guys have been commenting on the recent branding photos. If you’ve worked with me before, you know that like if I didn’t have this job, I would be a full time hype woman for photoshoots I am like obsessed with the creative direction process and the visual process. visual branding matters and I don’t just mean like your fonts and filters. I mean the way that you express the way what you communicate with your face I’m going to be teaching this to you inside of compel and you do not need to book a multi $1,000 photoshoot. You can literally do this with your iPhone and a selfie stick. But how you choose to present yourself? Is it nice is it a nice to have is it wow she looks so pretty or is it like Holy smokes, this woman is a leader and I need to get in the room with her. This woman has medicine that I am here for that is what you’re going to learn how to do inside of compel I am so freakin excited for that. We kick off end of this month very beginning of May. So when you join leap year again, you don’t just get access to one thing you get access to everything. The next program we’re running is this summer, June called Baby Got Back in. Remember that Sir Mix A Lot song that we all like dance awkwardly too in middle school. I certainly did. With like boys that were like this tall.

This name came to me. When I was in the shower, I was like that is what we’re calling it. I knew like I said I was saying this at the beginning Baby Got Back end is the program that I have been needing to create honestly, for years. So many of the clients that work with me privately at the highest level, who pay me six figures a year, tell me that one of the most valuable pieces of working with me that intimately is access to my team access to like fully being able to see how we operate the company, what our processes and procedures are behind the scenes, they see that the back end of our company is like tight as fuck like it is so built out. And it has been again, the process of over five years of building that out and finding the right team members. So if you are somebody who is operating as a solopreneur, and your systems are like system, don’t know where they feel all over the place, you are going to want to be in this room, if you are somebody who has team members, but it’s like feeling messy, and roles aren’t clear. And you don’t have clear processes for things and you’re burning cash every month on team members that you’re not really utilizing to the full capacity. You don’t have any standard operating procedures. This is a room you want to be in my team and I are co creating this curriculum because they are the ones that execute all of this back end. So everything from like, techy systems and like funnels and sales pages and all email marketing, all of the nitty gritty like a coupon code like that kind of backend stuff, to Client Onboarding, seamless management, scheduling. I have somebody on my team who manages my schedule full times, you know, like we have clients literally, I’ve had a client in Antarctica as we have had clients on seven continents, which is just like freaking insane and cool. That is complicated when you run a coaching business and there are people from also how our team manages calendar booking scheduling, client communication, onboarding, gifting off boarding, you know, testimonial feedback requests, like all of the things that we as visionaries, as CEOs often don’t want to think about, again, so necessary to be able to scale and grow your infrastructure. So you get access to all of that inside of Baby Got Back in. And the coolest thing is if you have a team already, if you don’t, that’s fine. Once you do, they can rewatch that content cuz you get this content for life, for life.

But they get to come to these they get to come to the trainings, you get to skill up your team and have your team feel supported, how my team manages our social media, how we process stuff behind the scenes, so much value in all of that. We also have a program called allow, which is 100%. And that’s one thing that we’re going to be running in the fall focused on the mindset, the energetics, the frequency work, if you are somebody who is like, Oh, I felt like my uplevel is here, but there’s a black, there’s some part of me that’s like, making it harder than it needs to be that feels afraid of holding bigger and bigger amounts of money that feels resistant to being seen on a bigger and bigger scale allow is the place where we get to literally just like remove all of those blocks so that you are able to receive in such a bigger way at such a bigger magnitude, which leads us into our next program minted which we just ran Live, which was a freakin vibe. If you have not been if you miss minted this round, you don’t have to worry because you get access to it. When you join leap year you get access to the content immediately you get access to the live round when we run it in q1 of 2023. minute is the money program. It is the money program. And it’s the space again where we’re not just doing money mindset and like journaling to like abundance hertz frequencies, we are also talking about asset classes, diversifying your income streams being able to smartly and intelligently plan for your taxes, manage your cash flow like a boss like this is the program that sets you up with the financial foundations to grow to millions and beyond. This is how and I am like literally sharing content inside of minted that I’ve never shared anywhere else in any other container. We go deep into money practices, what does it look like to have a money date with yourself? What does it look like to keep your books in an intelligent way? What’s the difference between revenue profit cash sales like this is where we go into all of that so that you can truly feel literate, feel so empowered and feel clear AF on your pathway to millions, not just like having millions in sales, but having a million plus dollar net worth like that is my goal for you, each of you inside of minted. And like I said, there’s other pop up programs or some secret programs that we’re going to be launching later this year. All of the paid master classes, everything I do live you get access to. So all of that is included plus quarterly q&a coaching calls with me, a private Facebook group where you get to ask me questions personally, have you ever felt like, Gee, I would love to be able to ask Kate that leap year is the room the one room that you get to do that to for like, the lowest investment, you get me in your corner for an entire year, you get a support coach or support coach Anna inside of leap year is freakin phenomenal. She leads her own quarterly coaching call once a year or once a quarter rather for per year, you also get access. And again, your team can come to those two q&a calls with my team. So there are so many touch points, there’s so much nurturance that this is the room to get into. So again, if you are somebody who has been ready to activate your quantum leap in business, you’ve been telling yourself I’m going to do it soon when life gets listed like decide, decide that now is the time because she who desires to fly must first be willing to leap. This is the space for you to plug in, this is the space for you to get into. This is like the support that truly every entrepreneur in this industry should be surrounding herself with. And if you’re like I just want to speak to this because some people are like, Okay, I really want to you know, I know I want to do this with you, I 100% want to do this but I also like I might want to do a mastermind or coach with you at a higher level you can always upgrade from there and all of your you know, all the investment that you’ve put into Leap Year will apply to that. But like why would you wait, why would you sit out saying oh, I want to just like save up for that higher level when number one you can apply everything to to expanding if you want to but number two, like get yourself in the room at a bare minimum let yourself have that support to catalyze you. So that when you decide if you decide that you want to upgrade to something else, cool, you’ve already supported yourself so much with what you need to be able to do that. I truly believe in this program so much because it is the thing my team and I have worked so carefully behind the scenes constructing program by program module by Module everything together to give entrepreneurs the thing that they need to really move the needle. It’s not just like a one off four week thing. It’s a whole year experience because that depth, that longevity, that momentum is what is required. So if you are somebody who is truly ready to activate that quantum leap, now is the time DME leap your details, we’re doing a flash bonus for the first 24 hours. If you sign up, there’s a secret bonus I will share you with you when you send me a DM about it. But there is a flash bonus available for the first 24 hours of this week, starting from right now. So if you hear this, if you’re interested if you’re curious if you want to connect and know if this is right for you. Send me a DM and let’s freakin go if you have heard this and you resonate and you know in your bones that this is the place for you to be. Don’t wait. Leap. Trust yourself. Know that she who desires to fly must first be willing to leap in everything is waiting for you on the other side. I will hear you and see you in my DMs and I cannot wait to connect with you there. Today is the day that you decide that this is your Leap Year.

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