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Episode 8: A Sneak Peak Inside Nail Your Niche

Episode 8: A Sneak Peak Inside Nail Your Niche

Episode 8 of the Born to Rise Podcast is a very special one as I am going to walk you through all the modules of my most favourite group coaching program that I run, Nail Your Niche. I am super committed to showing you and making you understand the value of this work in this 10-week program.

If you are struggling to communicate with and grow your audience, create a standout brand for yourself to make you top of mind, get people to buy from you, or figure out why people aren’t seeing you, and many more – this program will be your answer to those questions. If you need deeper support for these, join now by clicking on this link. The program starts on May 6, and we are so excited to welcome you there!

We’ll be covering the following topics in the 5 modules of the program:

  • Module 1: The Problem – You need to be crystal clear about the problem you are trying to solve for our clients and why you are passionate about solving it. We also make a distinction between what your market needs and what they want.
  • Module 2: The Promise – Knowing your unique brand promise and making sure it is consistent and coherent.
  • Module 3: Your Point of Difference – I will help you create and understand your brand story, brand sub-stories and your unique selling proposition to stand out in your niche and become a go-to brand. I will also discuss the 3 key components you need to master your message to make sure that your promise is evident in every single post you do.
  • Module 4: The Pathway – This is a really important piece if you are struggling to grow your audience traction. In this module, I will help you establish signature frameworks for your courses, programs, coaching, and more. This is also where I show you how to overcome objections from your clients.
  • Module 5: The Profit – In here, we will take action and map out your 3-month business plan, your content in marketing calendars, identify your marketing strategy and messaging tactics and leveraging that to ultimately grow your profit.
  • Other benefits included in the program.
  • Is this program for you?

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