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Episode 111. A Spiritual Journey Of Success with Stephanie Bellinger

Episode 111. A Spiritual Journey Of Success with Stephanie Bellinger

Cait: Hello and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise podcast. Today my guest is Stephanie Bellinger, creator of Spiritual Boss Babes, the booming online community and podcast serving 10s of 1000s of spiritual entrepreneurial women from all around the world. 

Stephanie is a mindset and transformational coach helping healers, coaches and visionaries quantum leap into their next level of purpose, impact and abundance. Her mission is to help purpose-driven women completely transform their mindset, unlock their innate magic and create a life in business that sets their soul on fire. She believes that together, we can make a massive impact in the world and raise the vibration of the planet. Stephanie, it is so freakin Good to have you here. Welcome to the show, woman.

Stephanie: Thank you so much for having me, Cait. I’m so excited to be here.

Cait: Oh my god, I get tingly just reading your bio. So good. I know that before we pressed record and started chatting here today we were talking a little bit about this. Before we dive into all of the goodness that you bring to this online coaching space, this depth of spirituality where I feel it’s so interesting. 

We talk a lot about mindset and beliefs and stuff in this place, but not the deeper lens of spirituality and deep faith and trust. So I’d love to go there. But before we do, Stephanie share with us a little bit about how you got started in this whole journey of bringing your spiritual gifts into the world?

A Journey To Building A Spirituality Based Business

Stephanie: Yeah, well, it’s kind of a long story. So I’m trying to think of where to bring you first. I guess I’ll start with I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. For as long as I can remember wanting to do my own thing, live life on my own terms, and really create my dream life and do what I came to this planet to do. I always felt this, this internal calling, so to speak of something pulling me to do something. To do more to help others and, or to share my art. 

My motivation actually stemmed from before when I was a teenager, I was going through a really abusive relationship from the age of 14 to 20. I share about this a lot. But that time of my life was such a dark time, that really showed me how to love myself to step into my power to manifest my reality, to change my reality, even in the midst of chaos. It really sparked this motivation in me. 

So fast forward, as I was working on building my dream life and following my dreams and all that. I didn’t know how it all looked, I didn’t know what it was going to entail. The only thing I could do was follow the first step in front of me. It changed and evolved over my journey with many different things. I was a makeup artist, I was a personal trainer, I did a whole lot of things. But it wasn’t until I became a personal trainer and helped people with their health and fitness, since that was my first taste of personal development that I realized I, I really, really want to deeply help people feel good about themselves and really feel connected to themselves and build confidence and all of this stuff. I knew that my purpose involves helping others in some way, shape, or form. 

So I had my first venture to self-employment when I was a personal trainer. I was so excited because I was living in New York City at the time. It was a huge goal of mine to be self-employed, living my dream life in New York City. Then I realized that I had all of these doubts and fears and oh my god, what if I can’t keep it up and yada yada yada coming out of the Woodworks. It catapulted me into really not just understanding how to reprogram my unconscious mind, but also the energetics of it. 

I was very into energy and spirituality from a teenager up until then. So I ended up feeling everything crumbled beneath me after that first venture to self-employment. Clients moved and this happened and that happened. It was, I believe, a combination of me giving my power away to fear and doubt and just not feeling good enough, and also spirit, my soul guiding me to something bigger that I was meant to do. Because I was feeling pulled to helping people in a deeper way than just health and fitness. I didn’t know what it all looked but I just had to kind of just follow the journey. 

I ended up getting a job again and all this other stuff. Finally, I had this divine inspiration to create Spiritual Boss Babe to bring other spiritual entrepreneurial women together, because I knew there were women out there like me, who were into mysticism and energy and living their purpose. I wanted to just first bring them, bring us all together, and then just share whatever I felt called to share. I just kept taking these first steps and the next step in the next step. It just grew into what I’m doing now. The community that I’ve built and the impact that I’ve been making, helping others, really create a life and business that sets their soul on fire and teaching the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn along the way.

Every Entrepreneur Starts Somewhere

Cait: Oh, my gosh, I love that so much. There are so many gems there. I really appreciate how transparent you are about this. Okay, I started working for myself and doing this health and fitness thing. Then it all fell apart. It felt the super challenging and building up to what I have today has just been a step-by-step process. Because it’s very easy to look at somebody you, I’m thinking of our listeners and think wow, she’s built this huge community this massive following this huge business and we forget that everybody starts somewhere, starts small, starts figuring it out step by step. 

So there are just so many gems of what you just shared that I’d love to pick up on. Talk to us about what does it really means to reprogram your subconscious mind? Because a lot of it, especially in the coaching space, in the business space, we hear change your mindset change mindset, I talk about mindset and energy all the time. But tell us more about that part of your work. What you see, and how it relates to both your own journey and the work that you now do with your clients and community? Why is it important to address our beliefs on a subconscious level? And for someone who’s never done that before what’s the best place to start?

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Stephanie: Yeah, great, great questions. So for me, it was interesting because I was so driven, and so motivated, and I could do anything I put my mind to. I’ve had that in me that spark that fire within me. I could do whatever I put my mind to. I could manifest my dreams, anything’s possible. That’s what happened when I went out and did the personal training venture. I literally went from Couch Surfing to making five-figure months overnight pretty much. That got me there. 

But since there was a subconscious belief of I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not gonna be able to keep this up, bla bla bla, in the background that resurfaces as I was trying to expand it. It hit me like a roller coaster. It made me go back to square one. Or I allowed that to happen because I didn’t understand until I had to learn to go through the experience to reprogram these things. 

I realized and I learned that we’re all programmed from a very young age. I’m sure you talk about this a lot. We’re all programmed from a very young age, before we’re age seven or eight we are we’re basically a walking sponge in hypnosis throughout our childhood. So we’re taking in all of these experiences and things that have happened and things our parents have said and unfortunate things that may have happened growing up. Things that we saw, and we make all these meanings and beliefs and form habits and identity around all of those things that actually can affect you later on in life. 

When I realized that, I realized, well, shit, I want to live my own life and create my own fucking program. I don’t want to be living with this program that’s not even mine, that’s actually not aligned with what I really want to experience. Because it’s one thing to say I want to have and be and do something and to take action. But it’s another thing to really get your unconscious mind on board. So it’s automatic. 

For me, I witnessed a lot of things in my experience that I started connecting dots. I have so many experiences, I’ll just keep it to the personal training one since I already talked about that. But when I was taking that leap to going self-employed with the Personal Training, I really had to fill my mind with empowering things. I would listen religiously to personal development stuff on YouTube and read books and do different things. I realized that focusing on what I wanted and really becoming the version of me who was already in the end result is what makes a quantum leap. I also notice, on the flip side of that, what happens when our unconscious beliefs come up that are not in alignment. we don’t know how to shift them, because I didn’t know how to make lasting transformation at that time. so, because of that, I went into a spiral. I had to learn the tools to not just make the energetic shifts, but the unconscious mind shifts. That’s what led me to things hypnosis, EFT, tapping EMDR therapy, in addition to my spiritual practices. 

Cait: I love that you made the distinction between mindset and energy shifting, and then shifting at a subconscious level and doing that, deeper, more foundational stuff. As you said, layering in the spiritual work on the top of that. I would love to dive into that bit a bit more, because a lot of us come to the personal development world from yourself from fitness, or from yoga, or from some sort of a desire to better ourselves to feel the best versions of ourselves to be in this expansive place. 

How Spiritual Reconnection Can Support You In Your Business

A lot of personal development and self-development can feel very about me and my betterment. I’m really curious for you, how you’re the spiritual lens and the spiritual perspective of your work,  of spirituality, of being connected to the divine being, being part of something greater than myself, and also being part of a collective family of humanity that’s rising together. I would love to know a bit more stuff how that informs your work, how that informs your perspective, and how you see entrepreneurs being able to reconnect to their spirituality as such a huge gift and support to them in their businesses.

Stephanie: I believe that the entrepreneurial journey and the journey to of living your best life period is a spiritual journey. Because it requires you to shift whatever is not in alignment to your divine truth, which is the fact that you’re limitless. You can achieve anything that you put your mind to, and you can be whoever you choose to be. 

So when we’re stepping into that, and now, of course, there are people who can achieve success and all that stuff without being super connected to their spiritual self or without growing, but most of the time, they’re not super fulfilled. If you’re listening to this podcast, that means you’re obviously someone who wants to experience fulfillment, and freedom in doing and being yourself and living your life and all that. So it’s a spiritual journey of unlearning the things that are not you and learn and reconnecting to the Divinity within you.

Fr me, this looked like a lot of different things. When I was a teenager, I used to, I still do. I always do this, write letters to my higher self source spirit guides and I would ask for guidance and advice and I would really pay attention to signs and synchronicities and I would meditate and really connect to my multidimensional self. Because we exist and we are multidimensional beings, we don’t exist just in this reality. There are infinite versions of ourselves and infinite realities and infinite possibilities. So one big part of me and my spiritual practices also connecting to the multidimensionality of myself to bring pieces of that into this reality so I could experience more magic in my life. I have also was led to working with sacred plant medicine work on my spiritual journey as well, which has greatly impacted my work. It basically led me to create my whole business and honestly, psychedelics literally inspired me. 

Cait: That it’s so interesting I would love to talk more about this if you’re open to it.  It’s super interesting. I did Ayahuasca few times while living in Bali. Totally transformative mind-blowing experience. Literally met my daughter in an Ayahuasca journey years before she was born. I knew she was a girl the second that I found out I was pregnant. I had already seen her. I’d already connected with her. So I fully hear you that that shed is a magical idea to expand when it’s held in a powerful container. So yes, tell us about your experience and how that led you to birth your business. 

How Plant Medicine Has Inspired Her Business

Stephanie: Well, I’ve been working with plant medicine for about six and a half years now. It’s something that is a huge, huge part of my life and has completely transformed my life. It’s helped me heal from past experiences, from past life shit, from lineage. I can’t even put into words the amount of not just healing but expansion and stepping into who I truly am, that psychedelics and plant medicine have helped me with specifically. Ayahuasca, but specifically mushrooms. But I’ve done home, mostly all of it. I don’t share this all the time I do share about it, I don’t share about all the time, because it’s important that people know that number one, you have to be called to it. Number two, make sure that it’s in a safe container. If you’re going to do it, it needs to be done in a safe, sacred container, and all of that stuff. 

Also, for those who don’t feel called to it, I want to remind you, that is not the only way to grow and expand evolve. However, for me, it’s been a massive, massive, massive catalyst to growth and expansion and inspired me to create my business. I remember after I got back from Peru, I just had this clear, divine inspiration to create crystal pendants, I still create them, but it’s just for fun now. But I would create crystal pendants and I would channel them. When I did that it actually supported me in growing my coaching business at the time to make the transition because I started back from square one. So that happened and then I was inspired to create my community and bring people together. 

Everything that I basically teach and share mostly has come from learnings that I have learned or realized through connection with spirit through plant medicine. It’s always with me now anyway, because it just stays with you. If you tune into it just realigns you to who you are and your natural frequency. Most recently, what plant medicine has helped me open up is my channeling and light language. This is something very new that has opened actually, since it’s been about a year now almost, not even that has opened up for me. That is taking my business to a completely new level. 

Realizing Your Next Layer & Evolution Of Inner Gifts

Cait: That is so cool. Can you talk to us?  I know what channeling is. But can you talk to us a little bit more about light language? And for anyone who doesn’t know what that means? What is that? What does that look like? Talk to us about your process of realizing that you had this next layer and evolution of gifts inside of you. I’d love to know more about light language, but also hear about how you open yourself up to accept your gifts because a massive thing that happens for entrepreneurs of every kind, there’s sometimes this fear when we realize that we’ve niched or opened our business in one direction and then realize hang on something completely new. 

Stephanie: You’re getting goosebumps, because I literally feel that. I’m going through that right now. I’m literally going through this place of oh my gosh, how do I incorporate this? What am I meant to create or share next?

Cait: I love that. Yes. Well, talk us through your process. I’d love to hear that. 

Stephanie: Well, for those who don’t know what light language is, essentially it is the language of your heart and soul. It’s a galactic language as well. It’s basically frequency. It’s not words. It can come from your higher self or spirit guides or cosmic beings of light. They communicate through frequencies that come from obviously your voice, but it bypasses the conscious mind, and it’s spoken straight from the heart. So when you receive light language, when you hear someone speak it, it again bypasses your unconscious or your conscious mind and goes straight into your cells. Also when you transmit it, it does the same thing. 

So for me for about a year before it opened up, I knew for a while that I was channeling. I knew that something was either it was wanting to speak through me. You can call it higher self spirit guides. It’s a multitude of things. It’s not just other spirits. It’s my higher self and also spirit guides. I particularly felt it coming in a little bit stronger after a trip to Guatemala that I took a couple of years ago, where I really felt the need to teach more about the quantum field. All this stuff. There’s this part of me, I don’t really know how I know all this stuff. I was connecting all these dots and getting all this stuff. When I would go on live videos, I can tell when I felt totally in flow, and more was coming through in a really potent way. It felt different. So I wanted to open up my channel, and I knew that I was meant to, and I believe everyone can. Everyone. 

First of all, everyone is a channel. We are literally spiritual beings channeling through a physical vessel. So if we’re all channels, and we all have the ability to open up the channels to channeling in a multitude of ways. So I knew I wanted to open up more, and I set that intention. last summer. After Sedona, it was always after a really crazy, life-changing trip and some vortex of a place that she opened up for me. So after Sedona last summer, I started micro dosing. Mushroom micro-dosing psilocybin a couple of times a week. 

It’s a really great thing to do to rewire your neurology in the background, and not actually feel anything from it, and be able to go about your day. So I started doing that. I noticed that when I was dancing in front of my mirror, I started doing these, mudras and things with my hands. It just felt natural, and it felt really good. So I started actually then speaking to myself and commanding things to myself and my energy and my belief systems while I would do these mudras, which is also a form of light language. It can be speaking it, you could do it with hand mudras, you could do it with writing or artwork, the symbols, it’s just expressing frequencies. That’s the best way that I can explain it. Again, I’m also still even learning about my own journey with it. I did a couple of plant medicine journeys, and I noticed that I felt compelled to make sounds. This never happened to me before so I kind of leaned into it a little bit. 

But it wasn’t until November when I was asking my guides, I would love to open up my channel. I started working with a vocal transformation coach to support me in this too. So I did a lot of things to open it up. Intention and just being ready and available. When it fully activated, I was in an Ayahuasca journey. My intention was to let go. I wanted to lift all of the grief from my being all of it, I want to get it out. I knew that there was and I was really having a really rough day and I was feeling in my stuff. It felt really old. The grief that I was feeling the sadness, that was just coming up out of nowhere, and I was like, this is old, and I really am ready to just lift it out. So in that journey in the experience, I started crying and belting and wailing and the facilitator came up to me and was holding space and my cries turned into literal guttural excruciating cries you would think that everyone I knew in my life just died. tThe depth of these cries. I didn’t even know that I could sound that crying. There wasn’t even a cry. It was a guttural belting excruciating sound of grief. It felt so blissful simultaneously. It was almost it was being forced out of me. It felt like I was throwing up but I was crying if that makes sense. 

That was about 20 minutes. As soon as the rest of it got out, all of a sudden, boom, all this light language came in. It was a total Clear Channel and I just started speaking this ancient language and moving my body and everything was vibrating. You could hear how when you talk in front of a fan, that’s what it sounded like. You can’t even make this shit up. I couldn’t do that on my own. If I tried to in that moment, and I just for hours this went on. I was speaking things I was doing these movements, my whole body was being moved around and it felt amazing because there were parts of my muscles, even in between my shoulders that when they wiggled, I felt stuff came out of my tissues, just from the vibration of my voice and the vibration of my body that was happening in that activation. 

It literally felt like I healed. Everything from every lifetime and every dimension. Everyone in the room as well. I knew what was happening. It was crazy, because the speakers that were in the room started getting feedback. There was one point where I told everyone that was happening is there as a blueprint of perfect health and healing coming through these frequencies. After I said that, I was told that the song they just put on was called blueprint you can’t even make this shit up.

So that was the full main activation of it ever since then. There’s a lot of information encoded into the frequencies. It’s happened now if I can do it when I get myself into the state of doing it. It happens uncontrollably in certain instances where my vibrational frequency is out of place to be able to, easily hold all of it. If that makes sense. So ever since is opened up, it’s completely changed my life and the way that I feel and who I am, I literally feel oh, wow, now I’m even more me, this new things just started happening. I’m connecting some more of the multidimensionality of me and my cosmic family. 

What does this all mean? How do I show up now? So I’m in this period of gradually showing and sharing that with the world. Also really understanding what is this next phase of purpose for me and how I’m feeling called to serve people. It has a lot to do with going back to your soul frequency, the true essence of who you are so that you can fully express yourself and be all of who you are. So that you can be doing have the things that you want in life, because when it comes to manifesting your dreams and being, doing, and having everything that you want, it really all comes down to you, being all of you and connecting to the multidimensional aspects of you, and letting go and shedding any identities and old stories that are not actually supporting you. That are keeping you boxed into who you should be or how you always were. This is about breaking the mold and breaking out of it and reconnecting to who you are.

Cait: I love that so much. Your story is so inspiring. I can imagine for people who are listening to this, I hear this all the time from clients and students, this feeling that we can sometimes have as entrepreneurs. I’ve built an identity for myself, in your case Steph, you’ve built such a successful platform in such a big business and you’re known for the things you’ve always done. 

How To Self Source Power In Vulnerable Moments

Then when you have an experience like this where you literally get cosmically slapped in the face with all of these new gifts, and you’re asked to expand, it can feel scary. I’m curious for you, in your own energy and mindset practice and in your own internal kind of self-trust practice, how do you self source certainty and power at a time at that really vulnerable moment that all of us as entrepreneurs go through. The download of what wants to come next, or the inkling of what wants to come next and the certainty of how exactly it’s going to look and the certainty of it’s going to be successful? How do you sustain yourself and regulate your nervous system and keep opening yourself spiritually to trust that what’s being percolated in your mind now is leading you to the success that you’re made for?

Stephanie: Well, I don’t always have it all figured out for one. So it’s definitely a practice for me. It’s easy to choose stories and frames that I would like to live by. Right now, the more I feel at ease and peace and inflow in my everyday life, everything is going to fall into place. Right now, it’s also been a lot more about when I do what absolutely lights me up in my life and in my business, I’m going to experience an overflow of abundance in all ways. 

So I don’t always know what it’s gonna look like. Even now I’m going through this transitional phase. But it’s kind of been a choice of what stories do I want to live by? For me, also, it’s been breaking out of the mold of the way that I used to do things isn’t the way that I want to do them right now.  I don’t want to be working 24 seven or show it, I have actually been a little bit more internal, and haven’t been showing up on Live every day. I still do, just not as much as I used to, because I’m kind of honoring my own energy lately and letting this marinate within me. Sharing as I feel called to share, knowing that I’m being divinely guided by my higher self and source God, whatever you want to call higher power and being divinely guided. As long as I listened to that, and I trust that, and I get out of the way and be the conduit. That’s really what it is. I’ve been being asked to get out of the way and be the conduit. 

Part of that is me doing my part and enjoying my life. Moving my body. Movement is a huge thing for me, I got to move every day, if I don’t, then I feel frustrated or bogged down or whatever. So me doing my part and moving my body, meditating, being around people that I love, and living my life, and enjoying my life. Trusting that when the divine guidance comes in, or when the download comes in, or when the inspiration comes in, to share something or to create something or to go on a Live. Then that’s the perfect fucking time to do it and no other time. 

So it’s been this, what story do I want to live by? Am I doing my part in getting out of the way and being the conduit and living my life and having fun, and practicing and trusting myself and also being aware of what comes up? Because I have stuff come up at times. Lately, it’s been Oh my god I need to let go of everything who I thought I was. It’s more, I need to just integrate these new gifts and this new way of being and whatever is not me can fall away. I can look at it. But I’m still me? Yes. How do I choose to be? 

Cait: Yes, I love that so much. It’s such a beautiful expansive lens to put on this because we are dynamic beings who are evolving and growing. I love what you just said it’s not about letting it go. It’s about integrating and trusting that old versions of yourself will shed off of you a snake skin, they’ll shed but you are still you. I love that radical self trust and permission that you give to yourself. Tthat’s such a good reminder for everybody who’s listening. I love that so much. 

Rising Up Out Of Hardship

One of the questions that I really love to ask on this show, which is all about rising up and what it really takes to rise. If you’d be willing to share one of your moments at any point along this entrepreneurial journey, that you had a roadblock or that you experienced or a hardship. There are a million for most of us, but anyone that really stands out for you. If you’d share that story with us and share with us how you rose up from that and how that helped you emerge stronger than the person that you were before.

Stephanie: Yeah, I love this question. This is a recent experience, actually, in the midst of all of this, about a year ago. Literally, just over a year ago, I couldn’t even get out of bed, I was crying every day, I could barely eat or workout. I was actually scared. I felt I lost my spark. I didn’t even know if I was ever going to get it back. I didn’t even know how I got into that place. I felt I couldn’t show up online for anyone because I could barely show up for myself. 

I was going through a really bad breakup.I was in a very toxic relationship that I didn’t even realize was toxic until after the fact where I was slapped in the face with all of this realization of the level of betrayal and mind games and stuff and it rocked me to the fucking core. I was like, how am I ever gonna get out of this? I just had a huge opening right before that in Guatemala and I felt on top of the world. Oh my god. Everything’s amazing. then boom. It wasn’t really. I was like, how am I going to get out of this? And I really, really didn’t know. 

But there was still a spark. We all have that spark in our soul. There’s a spark that was like, I know it’s really hard right now, but you’re going to get through this, it might take a minute. So just be gentle with yourself, but you’re going to get through this. So I called on people I can trust and who supported me, I allowed myself to fully express the anger and the rage and disgust that I was feeling with people who were able to hold space for me. I went to acupuncture and EMDR therapy because I knew Okay, EMDR therapy will help me process what I’m going through in a way that is really fast and easy. It actually is very supportive with PTSD and things that. 

So I went to EMDR therapy every week for a little while, then I went to acupuncture to support my body and move whatever energy is stuck or whatever is happening because of the emotional anguish that I was feeling. I started going up to the mirror. I started using my own tools, obviously, as well EFT, tapping, hypnosis, moving my body, even working out even when I didn’t feel it. I started going up to the mirror, something I always do is go up to the mirror and say things to myself. But I didn’t do it for a hot minute when I was in that mode. 

I needed to show up for myself now more than ever. So I started going up to the mirror, even when I was crying and telling myself, I love you anyway, even when you’re crying. I know you’re feeling hurt, you’re so beautiful and I would just tell myself everything I needed to hear. Eventually, I came out of it. It didn’t seem to take all that long, with the combination of all of those things, it would go in spurts, but the first couple of weeks was really rough. I just knew that with time it will get easier just to be around people that support you do things that support you, and you support you me talking to me, if I have to support myself, and if I’m gonna be mean to myself, while I’m feeling all these things, that’s not very supportive.

Finding Support From Your Community

Cait: Totally, it’s so beautiful. I really appreciate you sharing vulnerably about that experience for you and how, when you were in the thick of it, it was really hard to hold yourself. It was really hard to be that best self employing all those tools. You dug in and you did it anyway. When you hold in love yourself that really gives you the footing that you need to rise up. That’s such a powerful reminder, I feel for so many of us. 

Stephanie: Yeah. I also shared with my community, which was so scary for me. So scary, because I was like how am I going to share this when I’m in it? I could, barely. I was just like, Hey, everyone this is what I’m going through. I don’t often do this, but I really could use some love and support and words of encouragement, and inspiration. Because I always have shown up for other people when they really needed it. It was so beautiful to see everyone in my audience, just pouring their love and sharing all these things. I almost feel really emotional now just thinking about that, because that meant so much to me. It showed me, wow there’s so many people out there who care and who support me. I created this support for myself as well for even creating what I’ve created in my business. This is awesome and that really helped a lot.

Cait: Wow, that is so powerful. I feel such a powerful reminder and a very big edge. I feel for a lot of people. It’s one thing to share your scars, not your wounds. It’s another thing to say, hey, my wounds are really sore right now. I could use some love. Did that shift anything for you internally about what it means to be a leader or how you perceive vulnerability and strength? I’m curious what your sort of internal takeaways from that experience where. 

Stephanie: I was really scared to post it honestly. I had a couple of my friends read it. I was so nervous. But it felt so good after I did because I was allowing myself to be seen for who I am and for in the midst of the muck of what I was going through/ Allowing yourself to be seen authentically is the highest act of self-love. So for me, it was also giving other people permission to do the same. It was a big shift knowing that I can just show up and be myself and people can take it or leave it. There are tons of people who would want to support me. It’s okay to be vulnerable. I don’t need to be perfect and have it all together. That’s not always relatable anyway. Everyone goes through things. So when I shared that it was definitely a growth moment and freeing. It felt so freeing when you’re just authentic, and you’re just like this is it? You don’t have to put on a fucking mask or facade. It just felt so freeing that I could let everything out. I did. Your audience is still here, and they still love you. Stronger than ever.

Cait: I love that so much. Thank you so much for sharing that. The last question, this is something that I asked everybody who comes on the show. If you had one piece of advice for any of the entrepreneurs who are listening, building their businesses at all stages of putting their good work out into the world, what would it be?

Do What Lights You Up

Stephanie: It would be to keep going, stay consistent, and continue doing what lights you up, it doesn’t all need to make sense. Even if you’ve been doing it for a while, you’re gonna things are gonna shift and evolve probably as you shift and evolve and grow. Just stay in your heart and do what is lighting you up and what’s bringing you the most joy, because that’s what’s gonna bring you the most amount of abundance in all ways. That’s what’s going to make the biggest impact for the people that you’re you’re serving, doing what you love, staying in your zone of genius, and allowing it to be okay when things shift and evolve as you grow.

Cait: Such wise words, Stephanie. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your wisdom. It’s been so beautiful to have you on the show. Where can our listeners stay connected with you and follow along for all the things Spiritual Boss Babe?

Stephanie: Yeah, thank you so much for having me. This is awesome. I feel we dove into so many things. I shared so many stories. For those listening, you can find me on I’m mostly on Instagram, if you want to connect on social media at the Spiritual Boss Babes. I do have a Facebook group, Virtual Boss Babes, a lot of women in there. But primarily I’m on Instagram these days. On my website, if you just go to spiritual boss you can check out everything is on there. My podcast, the group, my programs, all the things. It’s super easy to find. I would love to hear when you listened to this episode. If you can tag us on Instagram, that will be awesome.

Cait: Amazing. So good. Well, we will put all of those amazing links into the show notes. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and your work in this world woman. I cannot wait to follow along.

Stephanie: Thank you so much.

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