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Episode 70: Surrender to the Process not the Plan

Episode 70: Surrender to the Process not the Plan

Unsure about what it looks like to balance being a momma and running a business?

In today’s episode, Taylor Lee joins us to talk about how she has owned her role as a Mom to her 4-month-old baby girl and a business owner! Taylor does not hold back and gives us a raw view into what it feels like to balance business as she moves into motherhood.

Taylor is a business coach who is on a mission to teach as many women as possible how to keep it simple while growing your business your way! Taylor was able to scale past 50k+ months with a newborn by embracing the idea of keeping it simple in her own business.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Meet Taylor Lee [2:11]

How Taylor “Prepared” for Motherhood [7:38]

Surrendering to the Flow [13:37]

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