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Episode 144: The 1% Doubt That Lives in Every F_ck Yes

Episode 144: The 1% Doubt That Lives in Every F_ck Yes

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of The Born Rise podcast. I’m your host, Cait Scudder. And today my love’s we are going to have a conversation about taking the leap, and what is actually required, I was having a really interesting conversation recently that sparked a post that sparked a whole bunch of flurry in the DMS. And I decided, you know, what, this is a chat we need to be having on the podcast as well, which is really dispelling this myth that we need to feel 100% Confident 100% certain 100% ready to go in order to take a step. And this is like, in any area, okay, not just in business. So, in this conversation, we are talking about not needing to be 100%. I wrote a post about this yesterday, I got so many DM responses, conversation about Yes, so much feminine energy coming through, it’s like wild. But so interesting, the response that this post generated, because I think it is a really, really important distinction that we need to make. So I was talking about this, the ancient Chinese symbol that we all probably saw and had on bumper stickers, when we were in like third grade of yin and yang, right, the white, the black, but there’s a little.of the other color in each one in the coaching industry. And I will just go ahead and say I talked about being all in about being decided about being committed all of the freaking time, I want to make a distinction though, being all in being committed, choosing your direction is not is something very, very different than being 100% certain that XYZ thing is going to work out for you are 100% confident that that is the the only invest thing for you.

Why there will always be that shred of doubt

I don’t believe that it is ever about getting to 100% with anything, okay, and you might be like, Wow, that’s pretty radical, especially for somebody who’s like very all in energy. Here’s what I mean by this. And I feel like this symbol is like the perfect visual for what I am describing. You can be 99%, white, and there’s going to be a data of black, you can be 99%, black, and there’s going to be a speck of white, you can be so invested energetically, you can be so aligned, you can feel so resonant, you can feel so drawn. And by the way, this is not just about your business decisions, business investments, this extends what we’re talking about today, you guys, this extends this is about leadership. This is about decision making. This is about self trust. This is about how we move through the world, through our lives through our relationships. So you can take what we are talking about today and apply it to the way that you’re thinking about who you’re dating, the way that you choose who you choose to marry the and how you come to that decision, if that’s something that you want to do. The decision to have kids or not like, this is not about getting to 100% and being so certain that that is the best choice that there’s nothing wrong with it that you’re 100% confident in it working out and knowing that it’s going to work out. This is about allowing yourself to get to 99% to feel embodied in your soul to feel resonant in your heart to feel like juiced up in your body and to be like this is what I want. This is what I desire. This is where I want to be and like fuck it maybe it’s not 99% Maybe it’s 95 Whatever the number doesn’t actually matter but what matters is that you don’t perceive whatever margin 1% 2% 5% You don’t perceive the margin okay the one speck on either side of that Yin Yang symbol you don’t perceive that speck as evidence for you not being ready evidence for you not being a fuck yes. Evidence for you not being all in. That is part of being all in having doubt having uncertainty having a what if entertaining The worst case scenario questions like all of that can co exist with your Fuck yes. Can I get an amen? Do you guys feel me on this? Are you getting the download? Are you getting the transmission, I think that we do ourselves so much damage when we perpetuate this belief that in order to move in order to say yes to anything, and again, this is so relevant to the decisions that we make in our business, but it is so much beyond our business.

Being able to move forward despite uncertainty

This is relevant to how you make decisions in your life, about place about where you choose to move about who you choose to be with, about whether or not like life things like having kids like, you can feel so resonant and so aligned and so alive and so expanded by this decision that you’re about to make and also feel shit, I’m scared or like, Oh, what if this doesn’t work out or who there’s some fear present, or there’s some pressure present, or I’m noticing that like, I’m feeling some contraction energy at the same time, as I’m speaking, I’m feeling a ton of expansion energy, we need to stop making that wrong. We need to stop making that mean that we are off the mark that we have done something wrong, that we are barking up the wrong tree, etc, etc. What if none of that was true? What if that what if the idea that we’ve been sold of needing to be 100% before we move is actually not what life expansion growth decision making any of it is actually about?

What if it’s actually about being able to move, being able to still move forward being able to allow the trust that we feel for that 99% resonance to carry us even in the face of a flicker of fear? A shard of worry a feeling of oh my god, can I really make this happen? What if it was never about being 100% but learning to lead ourselves learning to cultivate a sense of self trust even in the face of uncertainty even in the face of not having a guarantee? You know, I think about again, like so this is so much bigger than just business you guys like I think about any decision that really matters.

Like let’s just take your life partner for example. There could not be a more fuck yes decision for me than choosing to marry Toby. Like, all in is all in can get. And of course, there’s still fear there for me that 1% was totally for us about place. How are we going to do this? There is a massive elephant in the room, there is a massive problem in not in the relationship but in us being from totally different places when we got married when we said yes to each other that Fuck yes. All in I love you till the day I die and lifetimes more and beyond. There was still 1% probably bigger than 1%. Not because it wasn’t the right and isn’t the right decision. But because there was a part of me that was like, I love you so much. And there is part of this that really scares me that I can’t see how this is going to work out that I can’t crystal ball and predict this part of our future. I don’t have the answer yet. And I’m still moving forward. And I’m still leaning in. And I’m still saying yes.

Why focusing on the 1% means you’re missing the point

Same thing for every time that we have, you know, any anytime that I’ve made an investment in my business, anytime that I’ve invested in, you know, property or made any kind of commitment, there was always an energy of I am a full Fuck yes for this. And also, there is a part of me that doesn’t know, there’s a part of me that knows. And then there’s a part of me that’s like, Hmm, I’m out of my life. And it’s probably the control freak, right? The 1% That’s like, hold on, like, I want to be white knuckling every single step of the way here I want to know predict, be able to feel 100% safe before I move. I want the guarantee. Before I say yes. And it’s like you guys, we are missing the point. We are missing the point if we are waiting for the guarantee, before we move, you are the guarantee your faith. What you activate the inner sense of safety you cultivate is what makes your decision safe, not having the answer beforehand, not having the perfect pathway for the next 10 years laid out not knowing if that investment is going to give you the more ROI than you could possibly imagine the introductions the opportunities yes the cash but so much more. Like if you had that written down on a piece of paper, would you actually still do it or Would you still hem and haw, we need to wake up to the realization that it is never about having a 100% guarantee before we move forward, what it is about is what we activate in our cells, what we activate in our body, what we cultivate internally, in order to move forward even when there is 1% Fear present, even when there is doubt.

What it means to decide and commit

And I really want to make this distinction in this industry about what this means. Deciding committing being all in is not equivalent to getting to 100%. Deciding and committing is about getting to 9596 97 99%. And saying, You know what, I know how to lead myself through one to 5% wobbliness. I know how to move forward even in the face of uncertainty, I know how to find and create safety inside of my nervous system, to regulate and to trust, that this investment is safe, that this decision is safe, that this relationship is safe, that this move is safe, that this person is safe, that I am safe. If we can’t do that, with a margin of uncertainty, because everything like we are on a moving planet that could get friggin hit by a comment at any time like we are in a universe of uncertainty. And that is so beautiful because that means we’re in a universe of infinite possibility. It is not about getting to 100%. So if you and I want you to really use this video, use this training, use this episode as an invitation to take stock of your own life. Take stock of your own decision making process take stock of the way in which you are requiring certainty before you act requiring a guarantee before you move forward requiring feeling 100% ready before you invest before you leap before you take any risk. If you’re waiting for all risk to be eliminated, if you’re waiting for the guarantee, before you take action, you can bet that you’re waited too long, you can bet that you have let a golden opportunity pass you by.

Why you should find yourself despite that 1% fear

Because it’s not about 100% it’s about finding who you are, even in that 1% fear. It’s about letting yourself cultivate a trust that is bigger than the wobbliness about residing in a knowing. And it’s not even just knowing in yourself because it is deeply about self trust and self knowing. But it’s also more spiritual than that. I believe it’s about do I believe that I’m in a benevolent universe? Do I believe that God’s Spirit universe creator, whatever is always like, has got my back and that there are miracles and magic at play here that I can’t possibly predict or control? Do I truly believe that if this opportunity, this person, this house, this coaching opportunity, this anything is being presented in front of me and is so resonant for me feels so true? Can I trust that that has happened for a reason? Can I allow myself to lean into the support and the divine appearance of this thing in my life? I have to be able to meet it halfway. If I am sitting here cross I’m demanding Nope, I need a promissory note, I need a guarantee from the universe, I need 100% certainty. Before I move, we’re going to miss all of the juice, you guys, we’re going to miss all of the good stuff.

Where are you demanding certainty and how to shift your narrative

So I want this to be your reminder, I want this to be your opportunity. I want this to be a moment of true introspection and reflection for you to ask yourself, Where are you demanding or requiring 100% Certainty before you act and being 100% Confident? And how can you shift that narrative to deeply trust yourself even in the face of that 1% fear even in the face of what is still yet uncertain, even in the face of what you do not yet know because that is where leadership is made. It’s where growth is made. It’s where hard opening expensive love happens. It’s where quantum leaps in income happen is when we are willing to go first without the guarantee without the promissory note when we become the promissory note when we embody the trust that is bigger than the fear. That is when all the doors open for us. I love you guys. I want you to remember how powerful you are, how freaking capable you are.

What happens when you find safety within yourself

And if there is a decision in your world right now about where you are just resonant you’re vibing you know that’s the direction you want to go and you want to grow into in your business, a coach a mentor and experience something mastermind something that you are feeling so resonant with. And you’re just like, I want to do it but I’m scared. Can you find that safety inside of yourself and let yourself move forward. Let yourself lean in, let yourself be held, be guided and expand because that is where everything is waiting for you on the other side. If you have listened to this and you want to know more about opportunities that I have upcoming, which are so friggin excited, we’re going to be sharing more explicitly in the next couple of weeks. But if you are curious what is cooking away behind the scenes, and how you can get my support in your corner to grow your business, I highly recommend reaching out on Instagram here send me a DM and you can tell me that you watch this video and that you’re curious about coaching opportunities. I’m so freakin excited to share with you. I love you all. Thank you so much for being here. I hope this live impacted you I would love to hear from you send me it you can send me a DM you can share it in your stories. I would love to hear from you how this impacted you if you watched it today. Thank you so much, guys, and I will chat with you soon.

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