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Episode 157: The Freedom of Commitment

Episode 157: The Freedom of Commitment

Welcome to the Born to Rise podcast, the show that celebrates the limitless power of women who say yes to their gifts and use them to build extraordinary lives and businesses.Each month, I’ll be interviewing world class women, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries to uncover their expert tools, tips and wisdom on what it takes to claim your vision, boldly go after it and elevate into your highest potential. I’m your host, Cait Scudder, reminding you gorgeous that you were Born to Rise.

I just got off of a call with one of my incredible long term clients who I’ve been coaching for well over a year and a half. And I’m just like, feeling this topic so much. I, this is gonna be just like a quick, powerful transmission, this conversation is relevant for so many different things. It’s relevant for relationships, it is relevant for business, it’s relevant for the way that we invest in the spaces that we invest in. And I want to share this insight with you.

Why commitment can feel restricting but how it actually gives us more freedom

After again, just having many conversations in the last several days of women that I’ve had the privilege and the blessing of supporting over the long haul and the fruits of commitment, the freedom that happens when you commit to any thing that scares you, right? Whether that is like a person that you’re going to be with for the rest of your life, or whether that is a container, a coaching container that you’re going to be in for six months or a year, something that’s not just like, ooh, three weeks in, and then I’m gone. I feel like this lesson is coming up in my life and in my business in so many different ways over and over and over again, friendships, right, and how friggin hard sometimes, especially as we get older, and we have kids and life gets busy. Are you committed to nurturing the relationships and it’s even relevant as I’m talking to you, Nikki about coming to South Africa, I’m gonna have to frickin kids, I’m gonna have one kid who’s like, four months old, but one of my very best friends in the whole world is getting married. And so we’re going to the great expense, and like logistical puzzle of getting ourselves over there. Because I am committed to that friendship. And I’m committed to that relationship. And there is a cost and there is an investment. And yet the return is so powerful. And it’s so profound. And I think about this i

How commitment to relationships in our lives translates to business

In terms of coaching relationships, and joining programs and having mentorship and support in your corner, right? It feels freakin scary, it feels edgy, it feels like we’re giving something up or we’re partying something to commit for a certain period of time to invest money without a guarantee of it’s it working out to say yes to a container for like six months, a year, a year and a half, two years. I mean, you guys have probably heard me share before I’ve been working with the coaches that I work with now, one of them for two years, one of them for four years, not to mention years on end investing in team members.

And like I have witnessed firsthand over and over again, the power of commitment in business and making a decision that limp seems like it could limit you in some way seems like it can constrict you seems like it could hinder your ability to be free and to grow when actually it is the commitment that sets you free. It is the depth of relationship it is the depth of support it is the depth of momentum that you are able to unlock when you commit for a longer period of time that quite frankly is just not available to you. If you try to get like invest the smallest amount again, whether this is in a friendship and you’re like cool, I’ll go out to dinner once or I’ll go to a girls date a couple of times but like I’m not really in it to like get on the phone when I’d rather just like zone out and scroll Instagram, let’s be honest, right? Like how many of us don’t want to talk to our girlfriends on the phone. We don’t really have anything else to do we just feel too tired like and again that’s not to say that all relationships have to be we have to be committed to everyone it no just like you shouldn’t commit to every single program like it’s about finding the right match. It’s about finding the right person but when you do go all in when you do don’t be afraid to double down on that investment because it is so critical to your growth and again whether you are looking at man this person has like such beautiful female friendships. I wish I had that.

The impact of committing to ourselves and the investments we make

Are you committing to the connections that have sparked in your life enough to grow that enough time and nurturance and water and soil and are you investing in that for it to yield that result? work that you want. If you see somebody who has a super successful business and you’re like stuck, I want that, are you committing in the same way that they are, in terms of their time in terms of their money in terms of their investment in growing that, in order to achieve that result? Are you expecting to have that result without any commitment. And if that’s the case, there’s a huge gap, there’s a huge gap in expectation, and it’s really easy to flit around and get distracted and think you’re missing something, when really what you’re missing is the commitment. What you’re missing is the decision that you will commit.

In same thing in relationships and love, if you’re looking at somebody’s relationship and thinking, Man, what a gorgeous, sexy polarized like yummy love, Sunday morning kind of love and Friday night kind of love like I want that are you committed to like exploring the depths of your own shit in the way that that pushes makes you not available for the connection and makes you want to leave a relationship when it gets hard. In a moment like, again, you get the point, this is so relevant. And again, I am just coming off of such a beautiful call with one of my long term soulmate clients who I have worked with since she was a multiple six figure business owner is now a multiple seven figure business owner. And I see the power of that commitment. And that result is her and it’s showing up and is being available and being willing to do the work and to stay, to stay committed to herself to stay committed to the business to stay committed to mentorship, consistently for over a year and a half. Like, there’s something so powerful that gets unlocked when we do that. So I want to encourage you, and to remind you that if you are expecting exponential growth, if you are desiring a quantum leap, if you’re wanting to really grow, but you’re not in any area, okay? And apply this to your friendships, your relationships to your romantic life, to your business, but you are not making that commitment.

Finding safety in investments and commitments that feel like a stretch

And you’re saying, Well, you know, once this thing settles and solidifies, then I’ll commit or once everything is like clear, then I’ll commit like, that is not how commitment works. We don’t get the guarantee and then commit because if we did, nothing would move forward through the commitment is how you solidify the result through the commitment is how you create the safety in the container in order to get the momentum that you desire. So if you have been doing the thing of like, oh, well, I want to commit and I like what you’re saying, okay, but like, it’s just not a great time. Like, I actually really challenge you in that narrative. Because it’s never a good time to commit, because it’s always in any time going to challenge your feeling of Is this safe. Always, no matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter how much things settle down at home, no matter how many more kids you have, like, there’s always going to be a reason why it would be better to delay a commitment. And yet, the fruits of the commitment are so profound. And I don’t want you to delay that for yourself. I don’t want you to delay what is available to you through the power of commitment. So I hope this has sparked something for you. I’d love to hear how this lands what you’re taking. It’s gonna be short one today, guys, but I’m feeling this message super hard. On this note, if you are somebody who is desiring to commit to a higher level of support at to grow your business, I highly recommend that you join us inside of LEAP here. If you know that you want to work together in a more intimate way you can send me a DM especially if you are a multiple six figure business owner we are currently enrolling on the waitlist for seven sisters, my inner circle container. Seven Sisters is six months. Leap Year is a year, you get both of them incredible value for what you unlock and receive inside of them. But the point is you guys and if you don’t know which container is right for you send me a DM I’m happy to chat with you about it. The point is this like don’t delay on getting yourself in the room and in the support that is going to catalyze you to the next level. You get to keep telling yourself why it’s not a good time and why it would be better later but like deep down this is about actually asking what am I really committing to what am I ready to commit to what am I ready to experience and being the woman who shows up for that for herself? First. I desire that for you. I desire you to know what it feels like and as some But he who has had a lot of like hesitation around committing, and has worked through that in multiple areas, friendships, romantic relationships business. I have just seen it blossom and explode my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I’ve seen it blossom and explode by clients lives in more ways than they could have imagined and the fruit that comes from commitment. So if if investing in your business, having support and mentorship in your corner in a consistent way is something you are craving, you know, is part of your next growth journey. Like this is your invitation to not say I’ll do it when I’ll do it. Someday I’ll do it when the stars align when the timing is divine, like you are the divine timing. You are the person that decides the divinity of the timing in this moment. So there’s that. I love you guys. I hope this has resonated. If you if this is activated something send me a DM I’d love to explore what container is right for you. And I’ll talk to you soon. Bye guys.

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