BTR Ep. 125 Ellie Swift

Episode 125: The Interwoven Threads Of Mindset & Marketing In Entrepreneurship with Ellie Swift

Episode 125: The Interwoven Threads Of Mindset & Marketing In Entrepreneurship with Ellie Swift

Cait: Hello and welcome to today’s episode of The Born To Rise Podcast. I am so freaking excited to introduce you guys to my amazing guest today, Ellie Swift, mindset and marketing coach and international speaker for high-performing women who are ready to build heart-driven, intentional and abundant online businesses using her signature Swift Marketing Method. Ellie helps service-based business owners connect with their customers, shine online, and create life-changing results, both for themselves and their clients. 

Ellie least spent the last decade working in marketing in London, Sydney, and Perth, achieving her goal of Head of Marketing Strategy by the age of 28. I mean, what a bad ass, before making the transition into her business. She has built a multi six-figure business and I actually think she just crossed seven figures in under two years and supported her clients as they’ve created five-plus figure launches, doubled their income, and completely transformed their businesses and lives through both mindset and marketing. Ellie is coming in hot from Perth, Australia, and I am so freaking excited to be having this conversation with you, Ellie, welcome to the show.

Ellie: Oh my god, I love you Cait. If everyone did interviews like that, the world would be a better place.

Cait: I really feel like I missed my calling. If I do leave this career, I’m going to be an MC or just a professional hype woman, because I love reading intros, and your intro got me so stoked. Head of Marketing at 28. What the actual.

Ellie: Thank you so much. Yeah, it feels like another lifetime ago, which I’m sure is the same for you probably being a school teacher for my life. So different, even though obviously, working in marketing, now it feels like a whole form of like the whole other world.

Cait: Totally. This is a perfect place to kick-off, I imagine that so many of those skills, it’s so interesting, I’ve been having different iterations of this conversation with so many people how, really the old paradigm of what we’re taught, the ladders that were even shown in school or in university, and how we’re taught to want to ascend up whatever ladder, whether it’s a corporate ladder, and academic ladder, professional ladder, they just don’t even exist anymore. 

And it’s so interesting that you quote, unquote, made it. You probably were in your prior vision board, maybe your parent’s prior vision board, you achieve this poster child image of success at 28. And then you’re like peace, I’m out. And now look at you! You are crushing it in your business and have been able to take all of those skills that you developed working in corporate now in your own business. 

Realizing Your Climbing The Wrong Ladder In Life

So talk us through that journey. What was that moment for you of both climbing that ladder and realizing Hang on, I don’t even want to be on this ladder at all.

Ellie: You really know that where you were talking about, like the old paradigm versus the new paradigm, because I think I’ve lived this one life in both paradigms. When I was a teenager, I always had this dream that I was going to be working in a corporate office tottering around in really high heels. And that was how I would know I’d made it, being in this fancy marketing role in a very corporate office. 

I really set out on this linear trajectory to reach that goal. So I studied marketing at uni. And then I left Perth, Western Australia where I grew up and moved to London and door knocked agencies until somebody gave me a job. Then I started working and climbing the ladder. I was really excited by every small promotion from trainee to come zigzag to all the things and thought that that was my world. And we’re so excited by that because it was everything I’d ever dreamed of. 

As I started climbing the ladder, there were little moments when I think back of like, is this really all they see? Is this what this is supposed to look like? I feel quite restricted. And I’ve always really valued freedom. So there were lots of those moments. And then as I got closer to that head of marketing strategy role, I felt like my vision board had come to life on paper, I had every single dream that I’d ever wanted actualized and I felt so incredibly unhappy, so incredibly unfulfilled. 

The goalpost had shifted in my mind. But I thought when I get that dream job, everything’s going to be great, because that’s just what happens. When you reach the goal, everything’s great. And I got that. My now-husband and I were back in Perth, we were with family, with friends, we were living this really great life, we had great jobs, let’s say quote, unquote, great corporate jobs, money and all those things. And I was like, this is just awful. Why do I feel really quite depressed? Inside it was. 

How A Life Coaching Hobby Turned Into Business Coaching

So I started coaching on the side. I studied life coaching and I thought that initially, I would be a life coach. I would just do that in the evenings and it would be a hobby and it would fulfill me on the side. I started doing that. And naturally, having worked in marketing for like a decade prior, gratefully, people like, cool, you’re good at this, but I want some business advice as well. 

So I started business coaching, and then my books started to fill quite quickly. I literally had a living room floor moment where I realized that I was doing way too much. I needed to make a transition. That was when I decided to take the leap out of corporate and it’s still to this day, one of the hardest things that I ever did, because my life, up to that point, had been following this story that I was playing out. So for me to break away from that into entrepreneurship and creating this essentially living that whole new paradigm. It was really big for me, even though nowadays, it’s my norm to take risks and start new things and all of those things that felt really, really challenging at the time. 

So I stepped into my business, gratefully, became fully booked quite quickly, which very much was related to the fact that I’d worked in marketing for the decade prior. And the rest is history. It really does feel like old-world, New World old, old paradigm, new paradigm. When I think about that line in the sand that I drew the day I left corporate and how different my life looks to how it once did.

Listening To The Nudge & Taking The Leap

Cait: Oh my god, it’s so freaking powerful. Thank you so much for sharing with us that whole trajectory. There’s so many nuggets that you’ve just shared that I want to underscore and circle back to: this idea of –because I think that this can happen even in our online businesses. But how true it is when we think oh, wearing the pointy heels is what’s going to make me successful when like, Who the fuck wants to wear heels all day anyway? But it feels right. Like, no. Not good for your back, not good for your toes. But it feels like that’s the thing, right? And then we get there. 

I just love the honesty of you sharing so candidly and openly with all of us, but also the honesty that you had with yourself and with your partner and just needing to be like, Yeah, actually babe like this isn’t it. I thought this was it and it’s not it. 

I think for so many of us, for a lot of women who haven’t yet made the leap into entrepreneurship, that moment is almost the hardest moment. Of quitting and taking the risk. That is super, super hard. But the honesty with ourselves of this actually isn’t what I want, is really challenging. Because we can think, am I being crazy? Am I being reckless? And is this wildly irresponsible, but I just love that you are sharing that part of your journey, because, Hello, look at where you are today. In not that long of a period of time. 

So much can happen when we fully trust that intuitive, deep knowing within and let that guide what wants to be unfolded in our lives and in your case, your career. It’s just such a powerful testament to listening to that little nudge that’s like, yeah, this isn’t it, but something else is. 

Changing The Narrative We’ve Been Told To Follow

Ellie: It’s so true. I felt guilt and shame. I remember the stories of, but my parents worked so hard to give me a good life for me to get to this point and I’m throwing that all away. So many of those stories and shame around it. But I’ve got everything I could ever want. I’m so privileged and I’m so fortunate. 

I do think that those stories are really common for so many of us that we have all those shame spirals and all those things come up. It’s really interesting that that conditioning comes up because it’s so akin to essentially telling ourselves that we are unable to live the life that we want and we should show up a certain way and that’s how we must show up. Because society’s told us that we have to or maybe our parents told us that we had to. My parents have always said, do whatever you want. No one in my family, no one in my community, had ever gone, Yeah, I’m quitting my corporate job to start this online gig, which, at the time –I’m sure it was the same for you Cait –people were like, what actually is that?

Cait: Right? What are you doing? It’s so true. Oh, my God. I’m just thinking about what you’re saying in that shame and guilt piece. I had a very similar, not exactly the same timeline, big moment of that in my life was when I was recruited to a very good university to play basketball. I was an athlete. I was having a bit of a chatter on that on Instagram, but I used to be a competitive athlete, and I was recruited to a very elite school for my athletic ability. 

I mean, I was a really good student, but not to get into this college. Anyway, I got there in my freshman year, I decided to quit the team. It was laden with, I was just thinking about all the weekends that my parents had spent in gyms, how involved they were in the process of getting me to have my dream, and I got there and I was like, Yeah, I don’t want to be a college athlete. That does not feel good to me.  I want to study abroad. I want to expand my horizons. I want to grow out of this identity. It’s exactly as you’re saying, that moment of shame, of fear, of feeling like I owe it to my parents, to society, the version of me that I thought I was supposed to be and to suffer through it. 

Ellie: I think the real possibility happens when we, as you are sharing so beautifully in your story, realize, no, I’ve got one life and I owe it to myself to follow the truth of what is wanting to come through for me. 

The Organic Evolution Of Mindset & Marketing As A Signature Framework

Cait: 100% agree. Oh, so beautiful. I love that so much. Ellie, I know your jam in business is both mindset and marketing. Obviously, you’ve got such a strong background in the marketing side of things from the corporate career and you are just such a guru at all things mindset. 

Can you share with us a little bit about how those two pieces became such a pillar of your work. You have women seeking you out for business advice and how you’re like, yeah, let’s bring it all back to mindset and marketing. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re doing as business owners with brands. So talk us through the organic evolution of mindset and marketing as your signature framework.

Ellie: I’d love to because it was very organic, how that happens. So I was sharing before I was working in this marketing role. I thought that I was going to be a life coach as a hobby on the side. So I studied life coaching and I got really immersed in that. Because I was still working in corporate marketing at the time, I was really thinking about the two as separate, I hadn’t yet combined them in my mind. So I dove really deeply into life coaching. As I continued to evolve more in mindset work really, really fully, I was straddling these two worlds. 

Then when I started coaching around business and around marketing, I’d gone from working with multinationals and bigger enterprise businesses, where I was always working with marketing managers and people who were in that corporate hierarchy. Then I went to start working with women like you and I, who were small business owners. 

How Marketing & Mindset Go Hand In Hand

The thing that was so so obvious to me, having just made that shift, was that I couldn’t talk about marketing in the same way, because the biggest challenge that was impacting these small business owners was their mindset. 

Previously, I’d been talking to CEOs and marketing managers, where there was a whole structure that was supporting them to create the success that they wanted. Now I was suddenly talking to people where it was like, you have to wear your CEO hat one minute, and then you have to show up on live video and sell the thing in the next minute. And to be able to do that effectively and powerfully, you really need to understand how your mindset works, and really be able to connect to a CEO mindset to overcome things like fear of being sane, fear of putting yourself out there, fear of judgment. 

So I started naturally weaving the two together. Because we would create these marketing strategies, and I would notice that procrastination would come into play and all these things. It was when I started incorporating both that I started seeing really big changes in my clients. And so naturally being someone who’s very much strategy first, I was always like strategy and marketing, strategy and marketing. 

And then when I work in this mindset pillar, and I started to build my business, focusing on all three, that was when I really started to see amazing results in my clients. So it’s been really incredible. I think that in our industry, we see so much that people really value the personal development element of building your business. But just having that signature framework has been so supportive for me and building my business. Because clients, when they come towards me, it’s so clear that that’s how I support them. 

So we were talking before about my mastermind, the Swift Marketing Mastermind. They know still that they’re going to get that really strong mindset component, because it’s part of the way that I work and part of the way I teach. That’s why I think having, essentially, a framework can be so so supportive for you. Because it means that you’ve got this core way of teaching and core way of working that differentiates you from every single other person in the market. 

When I started, I remember thinking, wow, I was a marketing and mindset coach. I’ve never knew that as a thing before. I’m definitely the only one doing this. Nowadays, I see so many marketing and mindset coaches. But the thing that differentiates me is that method and that framework. 

Why Mindset Is Key To Embodying Your Identity As A Small Business Owner

Cait: I love that so much. I definitely want to talk about signature frameworks and building like our signature method that is unique, it’s proprietary. It belongs to you and it’s something that you can really hang your hat on and be known for. But before we do that, I just want to circle back to something that you just said. I’ve never heard mindset spoken about this way before and I think this is such a powerful key. 

I really don’t want, those of you listening, to miss what Ellie just said here. Mindset is the key to skillfully embodying all of these different identities that as small online business owners. You are so right. Like in any one moment. 

I literally am just thinking about my day today. Let’s just take it right here today, it’s 8:30 am for me and I’m going from interview to coaching session to interview again. Later, I’m talking with my team, prepping for an in person retreat with my new full-time employee next week, then leading a retreat. So I’m moving between interview and conversation, creative direction for a project that we have coming up, coaching, being a CEO and leading my team members and doing more like high-level vision. 

You’re so right that without a mindset that can sustain you through all of these different roles that you play, all these different hats you wear. You’re not in a corporate structure where you have a boss and you have a whole group of people reflecting your business identity back to you all day long. We’ve got to have that central mindset pillar. So I just love how you spoke about mindset is the key to embodying all those different parts of your identity that your business requires of you. That’s so beautifully said. And I think that’s a really, really important nugget.

How Signature Methods Can Support Your Business

Love it. I think the way that you just said that back, I’m gonna clip it, use it, make a meme out of it. That baby, that’s so freakin good. I love that so much. So the Swift Marketing Method, first of all, such a sexy name, I love that it’s your last name and has this double entendre. It’s so good. 

Talk to us about number one, the swift marketing method. But number two, how even developing a signature method has supported you in your business? Because I get this question a lot in my DMs, from followers, even from clients of late and very established clients of like, Yo, what do I need a signature method or a signature framework? I always say, you don’t need one but it can be super helpful to have. 

So talk us through yours. I would love for you to guide us on some things to think about. For anyone who’s listening to this episode, how they can start to think about solidifying the work they’re already doing with clients into a signature method for a brand evolution?

Ellie: Amazing questions. So like I said before, the Swift Marketing Method came to life somewhat organically. It worked so well in that way because I was able to essentially join the dots backwards to create something where I was like, Oh, this is how I’ve been working with my clients and I can put a process to it. 

That’s always the way that I recommend to my clients that the way to create a signature framework is to consider, well, what’s the way that you teach and show up for your clients? What’s the transformation that you provide your clients? How do you get them to that transformation? Because guaranteed, if you’re a business coach, if you’re a self-love coach, if you’re a health coach, it’s going to be different to other people in your industry. You’re going to have your own way of doing things. 

I would recommend if you’re very new in business, coming in and starting to teach and starting to show up. I think crafting a signature framework, if you’ve never done work with your clients before, will be somewhat impossible because you really need to get in the game first and work out what your process essentially looks like. And then from there start to think about, well, what are the unique things that you do that get the biggest results for your clients? What are the steps you teach? What are the nuggets that you share over and over and over again that make the biggest difference and the biggest impact for your clients?

Finding Your Core Pillars & The Outcomes That Come From Them

Usually, when you’re creating that process, there will be some core pillars that will start to stand out for you. So in my case, it was mindset, strategy and marketing. They were essentially the core pillars. I was actually doing this process with another client today. And we were going through her core pillars, and I think they were strategy and mindset, I believe. 

So we were nerding out. Okay, what are the core things that you’re teaching all the time? Then within each of those, determining what the topics are within each of those pillars that you’re always referencing that provide the outcome for your client. So if you think about this in a really neat way, if you’re a visual learner listening to this podcast, you might think about, say, having your three pillars, and then having three points underneath each of those pillars that are the outcome that you provide. 

So for example, one of mine is teaching you how to sell soulfully. So understanding how to create soulful sales and heart-centered sales in your business. So what are the different outcomes that you provide? If you were to then look at that process, in its entirety, on the whole, you could go, Okay, this is the journey that I’m taken through. I can see how all of these are the outcomes that lead to this overarching result, which for me, is the part of the buyer that you read out before Cait, who creates a profitable, sustainable, abundant business. 

Having a framework that supports you in so many ways, and saves you time in so many ways. So I share this with my team, I use this as my content pillars. it is the thing that helps me create podcast topics or when I’m pitching myself out. It’s the thing that supports essentially my framework of content that we’re creating within my programs. It differentiates me because my clients know that process so well. And there are certain things that I say, and that I share that become really unique to me. 

Ultimately, there are so many ways that you can slice and dice. You can go a little bit more intense in creating that overarching structure and linking each of the pillars together. But for the most part, it really doesn’t need to be complex, it doesn’t need to be over complicated. It’s just about going, what are those core pillars? What’s the process and the outcome that I provide? And then what’s the overarching result that is achieved as a result of those things.

Cait: It’s so freaking helpful and I hope all of you listening to this are taking notes because that is just so succinctly put and so helpful as we think about it. It’s not inventing something to try to sound cool and keep up with the Joneses and have a framework, it’s literally what you’re saying, examining what you are already doing. Those areas that you were already helping your people in and putting some language around that really and it sounds like from what you’re sharing, framework building is as much about branding as it is about really just giving brand new language to something that you do, not invent something different to do. Is that right?

Ellie: 100% and so that’s a cool thing about it. I mean, you’re not having to brainstorm something super esoteric of like, what is this thing? What are all these fancy things that I can teach? What do I have to learn? You’re literally taking something that’s in your brain and just giving it a process. And maybe adding in some sexy words to it to make 

Cait: Yes, we love an acronym. Yes.

How Signature Frameworks Make You Timeless & Unique

Ellie: Right. Also, the other thing about it. And I think this is so important in the online space, and I’d love your thoughts on this. It makes you timeless. In an online world where there are so many things happening, there are so many trends happening all the time. I look at people, for example, Rachel Rogers does this so well. Her signature framework is so timeless. 

Everything that you’re sharing and the way in which you’re showing up, you can see the longevity in her brand because she’s so succinct in her messaging. She repeats things over and over again. We think that we have to be so different and buried in our messaging all the time. But actually, people keep coming back to us when we are sharing those same messages over and over and over again because it makes us so memorable.

Cait: Oh, my God, I love that you just said that, because it is so freaking true. When we think that we sound like a broken record, good. That is a sign you are on the right track. That is a sign that you are giving people something to remember you by and I’m in so much alignment with you on that. What are Rachel Rogers core pillars? 

Ellie: I don’t even know what they are. And you’re gonna ask me specifically. 

Cait: You’re like, I can’t remember. I love that you don’t actually even know it because what you are left with is more of a consumer or a follower or a client. The feeling that her branding marketing messaging puts out. And that is what people are attracted to. 

They’re not like, Oh, my gosh, Ellie’s core signature method is strategy, mindset and marketing. I’m sold. It’s like, oh, the way that she talks about shining online, oh, the way that she talks about having your mindset right from the get go, Oh, the way that she talks about having your strategy on, oh, the way that she talks about, marketing in a really powerful and magnetic way, like, that is what people remember. 

Finding Security & Confidence In Your Framework

So I love that you said that, and I completely agree with you on the timeless piece. And really just permission to do it your own way. I think in an industry and I know, you know this and see this probably all the time like that. There’s this is human nature, I don’t think it’s unique to the online coaching industry, but trend following is a real thing. One minute it was in 2019, it was all about the blush, pinks and the rose gold. Now it’s all about the black and the gold and when you have your own lane and are like cool trends, V trends, but I’m going to do me, that’s when people are like, Huh? What’s going on over there? Let me have a look at that. I am in so much agreement with you.

Ellie: Because it builds so much trust, right? If you see somebody who is showing up and sharing, and they’re consistently sharing client results, you can see that their clients get exceptional results, that they’re always sharing messages over and over and over again. They’re really secure in their messaging and in their content. I think there’s so much safety in that. And therefore, so much trust that comes with that. 

Whereas if I see somebody who is wayward with the trends and shifting their branding and shifting their messaging all over the place, I tend to trust that person a little bit less, because it makes me go, do you really know what you’re teaching? Do you have a solid way of teaching? I’m so attracted to people online where it’s so clear what you’re talking about and have a way of speaking to it that’s so distinct. Having that framework really allows you to do that.

Cait: This is so permission-giving and really, really important for underscoring having a brand framework is not just about making your content creation easier, although it will do that also. It’s about building that sense of trust and thought leadership, trusted authority, in the best sense of the word and that feeling of like this is someone who’s not only solid in what they teach, but it’s solid in themselves and is not like changing every day of the week. 

I just think that’s such an important little nugget for anybody who’s listening and has been feeling like how do I really establish myself in a space? How do I differentiate myself? Double down on what you’re already doing. Make that a core message of your brand and freakin do it all the time. And you’re gonna have people reaching out to you. 

Ellie: 100% couldn’t agree more. 

Cait: Oh my god, I love that. Okay, did I just read this? I feel like I might be making this up. But I’m so sorry if I did, we can edit it out. But I really feel like I just saw somewhere that you just crossed seven figures in sales. Is that right?

Ellie: I’m so close, I think I’m at like 970. 

Cait: Oh my god. It’s so friggin exciting. So probably in the next month, that’s gonna happen. I’m so freaking stoked for you. So let’s just pause for a hot freaking Second. You started your business two years ago, three years ago. 

Ellie: Do you know what? I really need to work out the exact date.

Cait: I know, I always do that I always forget the exact dates of mine as well. But three! I mean, scaling up to a million-dollar business in three years. I know that there are so many people who compare themselves to timelines and think, holy freaking smokes. She went from zero to a million in three years. 

Number one, how? What do you say to somebody who asks you that? Because I know this is a little bit of like a misleading question because there’s no one thing. But I would love to hear you speak to that. Because I know whether our listeners are starting out the middle of their journey, already crushing seven figures like that feeling of, when am I going to get there? That can be president with us every stage of the journey if we don’t learn to keep that in check. 

Why Detaching From A Timeline Will Grow Your Business Faster

So what would you say to somebody who has their sights set on hitting a target, hitting a number, from you, who’s been so consistent and diligent and reaping the fruits of such a beautifully successful business? What would you say to that person?

Ellie: I think the first thing that I would say is let go of the timeline. Trust that if it’s meant for you, it won’t miss you. If you really, really desire that goal, it’s going to happen. I’ve never been attached to a timeline around when this happened. Actually, this year, I said, I’d really like to do a million in sales. But even still, I wasn’t super attached to the timeline. I was like, if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay. I’m just not attached to that. 

What I would say is, first of all, remove the timeline. Because I definitely wasn’t an overnight success in that. I obviously came into my business with so much expertise already from having worked in marketing previously. Do I believe you can create really quick success? Absolutely. So many of my clients have. So many of my clients do things as well, where maybe it takes a little bit longer as well, there’s no right or wrong with that. And I really believe that everyone, one’s journey is so different. Trust the goal that is meant for you, but just remove the attachment to the timeline, because attaching to that timeline is actually just going to slow you down. 

Create A Solid Business Model & Stay Your Course

In terms of what I’ve done to get there, I think the biggest thing I’ve done is I’ve avoided shiny object syndrome in such a big way. I’ve just stayed my course again and again and again. And I’ve just focused really diligently on what my business model looks like. So when I first started out, I worked one to one and I got my business to six figures just working one to one with clients, literally did nothing else. That was such an amazing foundation. 

I know different people teach different things about one to one I’m personally such a big fan of working with private clients. I think that it gives you so many great skills and expertise to then go on and build your business in different ways. From there, I started introducing courses. It was only the year before last that I first launched my mastermind, which really then created the business model that I’ve got now of my Swift Marketing Mastermind and my Swift Inner Circle. 

It’s really having that desire to know what my business model looks like and what my scalable business model looks like and exactly how I’ve been planning to reach seven figures has been really essential for me. I just want to clarify as well, because I always like to, when we’re doing this that this won’t be a seven-figure cash year for me. It’ll be a seven-figure sales. The cash year will probably come next year but detached from the timeline. 

Cait: Oh my god so good. I appreciate that clarification. I think that’s so important. What are we talking about? Revenue? Are we talking about profit cash sales? Lifetime? Annual? So important. But yes, so much yes to this detaching from the timeline. It’s so true. I love that you gave us this. So perfect. It’s very Swift Marketing Method, a little mindset nugget but also the strategy piece of like, yo, what’s your scalable business model? How are you going to get there? It’s such a beautiful testament to that we both need to release the how and have a really fucking clear picture of the how. We need both at the same time.

Ellie: Yes. 100% It’s so funny. When you release the timeline, you actually get to enjoy the process so much more as well because you’re like, oh, okay, this just feels really good now.

Cait: Yes. And you’re focusing on how it feels, not how it looks, not what you can brag about on Instagram. Yes, it’s so so true. You’re focused on serving your people. It will always, always, always come around to support you. 

Oh, Ellie, this is such an amazing conversation. One thing that I always love to ask at the end of every interview is just if you had a piece of advice to give our listeners today who are in the process of rising in their own businesses, what would you tell them?

Ellie: Oh, I would say trust yourself over anything you say on the internet. Trust us and foremost. I just think there are so many ways I could answer that. But that was the first thing that intuitively came. 

Cait: I love that go with the intuitive. 

Ellie: Always. I just think that that advice is more important right now than maybe it’s ever been in a time where there’s just so much going on online. Just come back to trusting yourself because your inner compass is really going to steer you towards the business and the life that you most want. It might look so different to what you’re seeing online. It might look different to the people that you’re following, but just really, really come back to that first and foremost. 

Cait: So freaking important. Oh my god, Ellie, this is such a great conversation. Thank you so much for your time for your spirit, for your wisdom. It’s just so helpful. How can our people stay connected with you and follow along to get more golden nuggets of your wisdom?

Ellie: Well, come on over DM me if you love this episode. I’m on Instagram elliehswift, so there’s a sneaky H in the middle there. I love to chat. DM me and say hi. If you’re listening to podcasts, you probably are an audio listener. So come on over and check out my podcast. Check out your girl Cait, who was on a few weeks or a few months ago, depending on the timeline, Shine Online With Ellie Swift and I’m also at

Cait: So beautiful. Okay, we’re gonna put all those links in the show notes. Absolutely DM Ellie and get to know about all the things I know she mentioned. She’s got a couple of incredible masterminds and programs. Her podcast is literally one of my favorites. And yes, I did do an appearance. It was so fun. I may or may not have talked about some stuff you don’t know about me maybe, not maybe pooping in the middle of a client called during pregnancy. You’re just gonna have to go listen and find out. It’s great. Just to clarify, not actually on video on the call, but you’re just gonna have to listen to that episode to find out some more context now that we have you on the edge of your seats. 

Ellie, thank you so much for being a guest. We will pop all your links in and thank you for just being such a beacon for other women to shine online. To do it their own way and to trust themselves with such beautiful, timeless advice. Thank you so much.

Ellie: You’re an angel. Okay, thank you so much for this interview. And just for being the ultimate podcast host and hype gal. I don’t know how I’m the guest and I come out of this just feeling so great.

Cait: Yay good. I’m so glad that’s how it should be. I’m so glad

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