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Episode 65: The Journey to Healthy with Talia Pollock

Episode 65: The Journey to Healthy with Talia Pollock

Who said health and comedy don’t mix? In this episode, I catch up with author, speaker, storyteller, plant-based chef, TV personality, health and empowerment coach AND my middle school bestie, Talia Pollock. We discuss how she created her own solution to a problem that she was having and showed the world how health didn’t have to feel so stuck up!

Talia’s health journey started with finding out she was lactose intolerant and evolved into her entrepreneurial journey. Her book, Party in Your Plants, showcases over 100 plant-based recipes but also helps you learn to eat healthier without absolutely hating it. Her brand is continuing to transform, so click play to learn more! 

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

How working at Coldstone Creamery started Talia on her health journey [4:10]

“The slowest explosion ever!” The truth about Party in My Plants’ Growth [17:21]

Party in Your Plants the book [29:07]

The redirection of Party in My Plants [38:21]

Links we mentioned:

Party in My Plants Website

Talia’s Instagram Page

The Party in My Plants Podcast

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